Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Benton Lake Rd., 11904-James Jenkins to David Scott and Stacey Lee Waite, $344,900.

Darnaway Ct., 10037-Edward P. Estelle and Christina K. Wallace-Estelle to Kira Nicole Ekins and Joshua A. Plum, $434,000.

Falling Water Dr., 9375-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Edward P. Estelle and Christina K. Wallace-Estelle, $550,000.

Indigo Springs Ct., 12325-James C. and Lisa Rogers to Jennifer L. Wood, $505,000.

Lord Lovat Way, 10044-William B. and Evangeline R. Pete to Henry L. Graves, $260,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9149-Jessica Bates to Nicholas Whiteside, $353,000.

Tulane Falls Dr., 12273-Justin and Jessica Byrd to Jeffrey B. and Laura L. Mahoney, $505,000.


Robin Dr., 12008-Brian M. and Helen C. Corin to Shin Jeong and Seong Joon Kang, $710,000.


Athey Loop, 15132-Spriggs Neighborhoods Corp. to Monica Marie McGrath, $645,000.

Brahms Dr., 3404-Sandra L. Weeks to Helen G. Abriha and Tsegazeab G. Gobezay, $310,000.

Concord Dr., 15117-Robert and Kimberly Nuckols to Kenny B. Ishibashi, $268,500.

Eldorado Dr., 4302-Samian Souvannaphah and Bouaban Vongprachanh to German Hernandez Jr. and Josseline Sanchez, $324,900.

Evansdale Rd., 4411-Kenny and Gilda Encinas to Jose Luis Pena Flores and Kenia L. Alvarenga Fuentes, $270,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3912-Danilo and Belinda Iguico to Michael J. Cornuet and Jacqueline T. Fowler, $322,500.

Kentland Dr., 4315-Tommy E. and Tae M. Jacques to Jose R. Urias Rivas and Carmen C. Tacuri Sarmaniego, $310,000.

Macwood Dr., 5302-Eric Baptist to Reina Milagro Vasquez, $271,900.

Rutherford Dr., 5425-Brian and Jaylyn Cadger to Kurtis R. and Geraldine S. Roth, $430,000.

Savannah Dr., 14226-Morland J. and Romelia Rafael Gonzaga to Azad Muhamad Waise, $470,000.

Statler Dr., 14777-Delmi Aracely and Leandro E. Pena to Daniel R. and Tiffany R. Sharon, $409,900.

Wheatfield Rd., 15571-Lajuana M. Davis to Rocky Baudillo Rosales Miranda and Emy Emlisa Rosales, $415,000.


Gibson Mill Rd., 17061, No. 18-Lisa L. Johnson to Baba Alimou Barry and Nene Oumou Wann, $340,500.

Point Pleasant Lane, 17030-Cynthia Bishop to Ashley E. Bishop, $250,000.


Breeders Cup Dr., 14008-Trula E. Duane and Jami Lynn Duane-Brady to Robert S. and Linda G. Gawrelski, $592,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 13890, No. B304-Barbara W. McInnis to Herman and Geraldine C. Nelson, $271,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15040-Roya Sarbaz to Rowes Hanna, $313,400.

Heritage Valley Way, 13622-Alexander R. and Geraldine M. Stephen to Steven and Paula Goldberg, $525,000.

Kylewood Way, 14570, No. 34-Jason and Kelley P. Dever to James Harman, $225,000.

Legend Glen Ct., 14349-Bradley L. Ross and Brenna Cerrato to Meghan Wertz, $290,000.

Montour Heights Dr., 8027-Charles E. Westerman Jr. and Charles J. Hinkle Jr. to Melanie J. Clark, $366,000.

Piney Grove Way, 5976-Bonnie F. Timperley and Althea H. Foerch to Linda L. Schaller, $545,000.

Sovereign Way, 13673-Julia and Keith Pry to Vitaliy Hurtovenko and Iryna Didenko, $499,900.

Village Stream Pl., 6962-Pamela Sam Johnson to Maria F. Madrid Recinos and Jose Madrid Leiva, $310,000.


Coach Way, 6813-Eddy G. Pleytez to Cynthia Randall James, $460,000.

Golf View Dr., 15291-Nancy Schulte Sprenger to Steve and Rahab Haidar, $520,000.

Lawson Dr., 6216-Matthew Blair and Susanne Renee Donnelly to Gokhan Boltakke, $442,000.

Popes Creek Pl., 6115-Balajit Singh to Jennice and Michelle Hyatt, $382,500.

Sycamore Park Dr., 6750-Sook Kelley to Kashi Ram and Sunita Bhandari, $446,000.


Barbados Lane, 7402-Thomas J. Pearson to Balbir and Harpreet Singh, $257,000.

Campaign Ct., 10881-Phylis V. Byrom to Miriam Galeski, $270,000.

Damascus Dr., 9554-Bryan D. Beckett to Daniel Cervantes Gomez, $288,000.

Englewood Farms Dr., 8920-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Simon and Kim Chu, $503,983.

Goldenberry Hill Lane, 9805-Claudia B. Cuevas to James H. Burton III, $850,000.

Jordon Hollow Ct., 7611-Ricky L. and Pamela K. Allison to Paula F. Dorman, $255,000.

Margate Ct., 7583, No. 3B-Daniel McKinney to Jose L. Mora Jr., $132,000.

Mountwood Dr., 9553-Nicole Rene Scroggins to Mathew and Kari Lohrman, $485,000.

Republic Ct., 10960-Prakash K. and Nainakala Rai to Quang Philo Tran and Cynthia M. Agloro, $240,000.

Stonebrook Dr., 11162-Roberta L. Vickery to Pamela C. and Lloyd Johnson, $421,000.

Westchester Dr., 8959-Gordon E. and Margaret A. Jones to Rosa A. and Hipolito Recinos, $316,000.


Falls Grove Dr., 8170, No. 19-Lashanda T. Lindsey to Andrea E. Randolph, $320,000.


Benecia Lane, 4875-Jessica Dawsin to Michael and Benjamin O. Adusei, $285,000.

Oriole Ct., 3871-Robert A. Kaminski to Brian S. and Alyssa R. Lapiska, $395,000.

Tintagel Ct., 16747-Naseer A. and Tasneem Naeem to Farooq A. Mughal, $390,000.


Fitzwater Dr., 14620-Jonathan Robert Morris and Sharon Morris Deppe to Jose S. and Heather M. Dias, $285,000.

Schaeffer Lane, 10651-Jason L. and Gina Kim to Antonnio Wright, $630,000.


Oakdale Cir., 3908-Michael A. Diaz to Jose Elias Reyes, $219,500.

Thomasson Crossing Dr., 3716-Paul P. Battista to Frederick Thomas, $385,000.


Aldrich Pl., 908-Michael W. and Kim M. Hicks to Saadat Ali Rana, $250,000.

Beechtree Lane, 2828-Andrea Henson and Alfred H. Armstrong to Leyder P. Escobar and Ramiro G. Almeida, $205,000.

Bertram St., 11571-Andrea Alleyne Hoard and Raymond Frederick Hazel to Mervat Mousa Alwan, $335,000.

Brice House Ct., 11998-Charisma M. Boomer to Giorgina T. Stucchi-Costas and Jorge Costas, $299,900.

Cardamom Dr., 11970-Efrosa Martinos to Maharaj and Priti Raina, $125,000.

Chicacoan Dr., 15510-Kristine and Michael Seeley to Chirag Y. Bhatt, $402,000.

Covered Bridge Lane, 3541-Riaz Siddiqui to Ahmed K. Hasan and Hossain M. Alamgir, $309,000.

Crossfield Way, 14563, No. 62A-Leland E. Price to Eishan Arzu Bayramov, $405,000.

Darden Dr., 3226-Raymond A. and Brenda A. Cuccherini to Stephen Nierengarten, $539,999.

Eagle Feather Dr., 15917-Robert Ward and Minda Pico Majors to Matthew R. Nowlin, $524,900.

Fennegan Ct., 3106-Yevgeniy M. and Kate E. Dovgalyuk to Nia Imani and Philip Chikwado Ikpeiwunna, $345,000.

Flint Tavern Pl., 3436-Scott R. Grant to Keith and Rym Omniewski, $442,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1037, No. 201-Omer Islam to Alka and Yashna Sikka, $175,000.

Kingsbury Lane, 2302-Zuna Real Estate Corp. to Michelle D. Kendall, $329,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2314, No. 116-Michael A. Meads to Iva R. Heflin, $270,000.

Partree Ct., 1981-Abdul-Azziz Bazzak Jr. to Obaidullah Futuri, $150,000.

Powell Dr., 2813-Janice L. Harlow to Avan A. Rashid, $287,000.

Rock Ridge Lane, 13142-Donald B. and Bonnie S. Morris to Ivan Alberto Guerra and Rita Patricia Rey Casas, $270,000.

Stevenson Ct., 12223-Marina Saidi to Khadisay Mukhni, $163,000.

Sylvan Moor Lane, 2586-Lear E. Dutton to Cynthia M. and George A. Perez, $305,000.

Tumbling Brook Lane, 12834-Elmer Ramirez and Ana Daza De Ramirez to Biruk Firde and Rahel Tekle, $310,000.

Wakewater Way, 2832-Baljit Kaur to Sarbjeet Singh, $390,000.

Woodhaven Ct., 3610-Byron Crenshaw to Rebecca Ellen Williams and Susan Tufts, $265,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Allwood Ct., 10157-Keith A. and Valerie L. Paouin to Jason Evan Carpenter, $387,500.

Bond Ct., 8901-C&C Properties of Virginia Corp. to William J. and Mary Waldron, $475,000.

Caladium Dr., 9296-Jeffrey C. Barnes to Rae Richardson, $300,000.

Center St., 9559-Gregroy Richard Schelske Jr. to Lev and Margarita Makutonin, $280,000.

Falcon Point Way, 10362-Room By Room Makeovers Inc. to Muhammad Aslam Khan Tanoli and Nadia Tanoli, $535,000.

Garst Dr., 9323-Bradley L. Wilson to Julian Valdez Lozano and Marelyn L. De Paz Atau, $295,000.

Grant Ave., 9646-Terry D. Mauck and William Benton Mauck Jr. to Omadath Maharaj, $154,500.

Janja Ct., 10386-Margaret R. Warren to William S. and Amanda N. Taft, $329,000.

Lee Manor Dr., 10303-Luis Aliaga to Kevin A. Arevalo and Jessica Henriquez, $410,000.

Nash Dr., 9394-Cynthia R. Vanderschaaf to Dean and Michelle Luman, $405,000.

Oakgrove Ct., 8389-Benjamin and Brooke Mason to Mauricio Segovia Mosquera and Maria M. Godoy Chavarria, $263,800.

Sandalwood Dr., 9017, No. C-Neil Patrick O’Brien to Duyen M. Nugyne and Carlos M. Perez Guisao, $198,500.

Stonewall Rd., 8906-Carin and Brent Elliott to Timothy and Andrea Sabin, $390,000.

Tall Oaks Ct., 9109-Ratnaker L. and Rekha R. Lawande to Raul Zepeda Monterroza and Evelyn L. Gonzalez Zuleta, $620,000.

Whitworth Lane, 10240-Brandon N. and Jessica A. Perdue to Alec R. and Jessica L. Millar, $335,000.

Wimbledon Ct., 10108-Jennifer L. Etherington to Eliott G. and Tiara L. Nelson, $383,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Forrest St., 103-Scott Heuser to Dimas Osvaldo Castro Suriano, $239,900.

Inyo Pl., 8668-Demetrio Hernandez-Diaz and Maria Rosa Hernandez to Nancy and Edward Lezama, $165,000.

Lanae Lane, 9453-Cesar M. and Kathleen J. Sanchez to Nelson Hernandez, $292,000.

Walker Way, 9577-Casey M. Dunn to Mary M. Brown, $239,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Apricot St., 516-HHMW Embrey Mill II Corp. to Andrew and Clorice Pendo Fernandez, $487,171.

Autumn Dr., 114-John William and Cynthia Lynn Vollmer to John A. and Natalie R. Alen, $400,000.

Barrett Heights Rd., 162-Amanda Eppard and Kara Smith to Debra Lynn Hammond, $220,000.

Beau Ridge Dr., 14-Roberto M. and Graciela Zafra to Carmen M. Ramos, $420,000.

Braemar Pl., 304-Jorge M. Navarro to Christy Woods, $222,000.

Bristol Ct., 47-Legacy Real Estate Acquistions Corp. to Danielle R. Chambers, $210,000.

Carnaby St., 400-Bradley C. and Elizabeth Mayo to Carson Henry and Bianca Spatafora, $169,500.

Courthouse Rd., 119-Miller and Smith at Stafford Corp. to Brian and Kimberly H. Stallings, $491,780.

Cresthill Rd., 816-Patrick J. Geary to Audrey Lynn McKenzie, $242,000.

Cupola Lane, 11-NVR Inc. to Ricardo Norales and Zulime Morales, $638,505.

Denison St., 66-Mary H. Artrip to Joseph J. and Judith E. Bodi, $278,630.

Ebenezer Church Rd., 76-Robert Bradley Jones to Markus and Tiffany Dunn, $275,000.

Embrey Mill Rd., 506-Ihmw Embrey Mill Corp. to Shirley A. Scott, $470,000.

Everglades Lane, 31-Richard Waller to Nelson Fabian and Juana Vilma Perez, $365,000.

Fenwick Dr., 104-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Lawrence M. and Julie A. Root, $622,927.

Hidden Brook Dr., 209-U.S. Home Corp. to Justin J. Green, $293,000.

Jack Ellington Rd., 17-Katie Kyong Nelson to Ronald Arthur Roberts, $309,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 104-Jonathan C. Gouse to Judy Joyce, $210,000.

Lafayette St., 5-Wendy Nadine Seay and John T. Atkinson to Edgar M. Cruz Salvador and Nancy Zurita Flores, $365,000.

Lilac Ct., 12-Richmond American Homes to Derek D. and Whitney D. Wiley, $516,748.

Martha Ct., 6-Carolyn L. Benner to Luis A. Hernandez Guardado, $245,000.

Melanie Hollow Lane, 79-Michael E. and Amanda R. Corrigan to Christopher Maine, $325,000.

Myers Dr., 7-Casey D. and Dale E. Graham to Gabriel and Misty D. Ortiz, $274,900.

Oakridge Dr., 230-Waterview Enterprises Inc. to Dagoberto Posada, $297,500.

Park Dr. W., 402-Raul A. Zurita Flores to Abraham Opoku Mensah, $270,500.

Phillips St., 335-JGH Building and Consulting II Corp. to Peter F. Laseau and Cathy L. Sides, $385,000.

Ripley Rd., 59-Nicholas and Amber Freeman to Guadalupe D. Canales and Michael Bladimir Arriaza, $340,000.

Rosa Ct., 8-Robert M. and W. Frances Burt to Leonor D. Castillo, $249,900.

St. Albans Blvd., 29-Angel and Denise Parissi to Denver Preston and Derice Steele, $345,000.

Shannon Ct., 103-Tiffonie N. Jones to Asif and Zara Khan, $252,580.

Short Branch Rd., 53-Karmenid Medina-Zayas to Mbalu and Sallieu Cole, $342,000.

Stafford Mews Lane, 108-Jason Andrew Starbuck and Slaly Anne Lair to Simon Anthappan and Siby Simon, $220,000.

Summerwood Dr., 13-George W. and Sharon L. Irlbacher to Richard Lyle and Kimberly Darlene Burke, $367,000.

Tacketts Mill Rd., 363-Mark A. and Vivian C. McLeod to Samuel L. and Danielle R. Benson, $448,400.

Walnut Dr., 100-Donald F. and Emily K. Spratlin to Sandra Faith Hammer and Brandon K. Edgell, $180,000.

Woodlawn Terr., 15-Darren S. Wisdom and Mickella R. Morotti to Alec Michael and Elizabeth L. Forde, $310,000.