Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Bowers Brook Pl., 9234-Steven J. Webster to Paul David and Prossie Blessed Reeder, $510,000.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13461-Robert S. and Jeannette H. Habashi to Delaila S. and Celia S. Ponce, $300,000.

Merrimont Trace Cir., 9410-Scott E. and Marian R. Kuhn to Mark A. and Michelle F. Freeman, $457,000.

Snare Drum Ct., 9711-Gregory Paul Coughlin and Maria Del Carmen Coughlin to Stuart T. and Christine B. Bond, $479,900.

Tummel Falls Dr., 10103-Jerry J. and Alice Y. Cuffee to Joseph Louis and Meghan Nicole Akos, $515,000.


Aetna Springs Rd., 5205-Mohammed R. and Soraya R. Sulayman to Ricky Dean and Marilyn Jean Whitley, $645,000.

Beau Ridge Dr., 15748-Luther and Eddie M. Allen to Francis and Rachael Owusu, $405,000.

Bowes Lane, 2885-Kris A. Voit to Christopher J. Redden and Cristina Torres Fuentes, $258,600.

Cardin Pl., 15035-Claudette Armstrong to Syed N. Ali, $257,000.

Corona Lane, 3804-Charlene D. Gilmore to Maria G. Guzman-Rosas and Mario A. Rosas, $304,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4518-Jerome M. Harig Jr. to Aaron J. Grabow, $299,999.

Fontana Ct., 14290-Armando D. and Ruth Eileen Velasco to Samantha Mien-Thuy Ho, $300,000.

Fox Glove Ct., 14638-Hector Bonilla to Dany Eliezer Fundes and Julie Odlly Gomez, $220,000.

Hendricks Dr., 4513-David J. Griffin to Pedro Antonio Rivas Cruz, $290,000.

Keating Dr., 13424-Annette Nicole Robinson to Joan Catherine Seamans and Robert Bryan, $270,000.

Keytone Rd., 13498-Michael Tornero to Carl N. Gravette Sr., $330,000.

Kingswell Dr., 12904-Christopher and Heidi L. Eickstadt to Gary Ma and Kim Ngoc T. Tran, $295,000.

Ladino Ct., 3318-Nicholas and Lana Killik to Candace Lewis, $264,500.

Madrigal Dr., 14336-Elavie Ndura to Lattany Helen Lamons, $264,000.

Oscar Ct., 6224-Darren W. Hill to Jose Antonio Amurrio Barron and Griselda Rocha Cespedes, $450,000.

Queensdale Dr., 13264-Lotus Homes Corp. to Iveth M. and Victor R. Ludena, $477,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5570-Debora Aboubacar to Dinesh and Srijana Silwal Raut, $306,000.

Silverdale Dr., 14454-Charles Michael and Pamela S. Taylor to Austin E. and Katie Lynn Sharp, $325,000.

Trident Lane, 6172-D’mekka Coffie Thompson to Jeffrey Whitlock, $290,000.


Birch Creek Ct., 2969-Martha Woolsey to Mark J. Kuhn and Elizabeth Ann Shannon Kuhn, $375,000.

Crossvine Dr., 2616-NVR Inc. to Brandon Bucce, $636,100.

Holly St., 3985-Gerald Leslie Stanley to Winston Nolan and Alice Stanley, $119,000.

McClellan Ct., 2343-Elliott H. Diamond to Gary Jifeng Wu and Julie Quiang Zhu, $143,000.

Rose Hill Cir., 17583-Stephen Arthur Beakes and Heather Wolfe to Sean Patrick Gray, $255,000.


Bold Venture Way, 6358-Brian P. Quirk and Mary Ellen Quirk to Roy and Sharon Page, $600,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 13890, No. B305-Judith Elwin Wright and Glen D. Bottoms to Jasper T. Augustine, $249,900.

Crescent Park Dr., 7805-Patrick K. and Charlene N. Pendleton to Tan N. Nguyen and Trinh M. Pham, $412,000.

Danehurst Cir., 15102-Timothy Timmermans and Karey Erickson to Misuk Kong and Hee Seok Park, $355,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15137-Minh Tam Do to Hany Ashamalla and Silvana Gebril, $399,900.

Heritage Hunt Dr., 7065, No. 211-William L. and Fearn L. Richards to Vincent R. and Marlean P. Agnelli, $288,000.

Lakeview Dr., 14205-John W. and Diana Gough to Riaz Jan, $350,000.

Old Linton Hall Rd., 7616-Shannon Callahan to Lindsey Helseth, $302,500.

Senea Dr., 13749-Robert and Catherine Willuweit to Bigyan Chalise and Clancy Mercedes Chan, $470,000.

Trek Way, 7027, No. 145-Woodrow Gibson and Sean W. Scott to Stephanie A. Robey and David Z. Morton, $330,000.

Witton Cir., 6802-KFK Investments Corp. to Akafete Fite and Gashaw Tessema, $360,000.


Armour Ct., 5250-Sharon R. Morris to Richard M. Blevins, $390,000.

Brown Deer Ct., 15558-Andrew J. and Vanessa J. Sien to Taylor Montgomery and Mary Ambrose Carlson, $599,900.

Erinblair Loop, 6028-Susan A. Atkinson to Robert A. and Elizabeth R. Saccone, $655,000.

Hartzell Hill Lane, 6819-Bryan K. and Benaisha Poole Watson to Christopher Michael and Courtney Knowles Allen, $397,400.

Jefferson St., 6776-Warren Scott and Amy McCauley Alonge to Paul T. and Anita E. Burdick, $440,000.

Plain Tree Way, 5240-Dale and Patti Gerdts to Anthony M. and Linda K. Dinga, $625,000.

Trevino Dr., 5417-Patrick Centolazi and Gwendolyn Wooley to Richard John and Karen Jean Puhl, $505,000.

Waterloo Bridge Cir., 5711-Robin H. and Laura A. McVey to Michael G. and Dineen Nemeyer, $552,500.


Ambrose Ct., 8649-Herbert A. and Constance L. Tax to Jason Baggarly, $330,000.

Barbados Lane, 7406-Daniel J. and Veronica Farr to Sutton P. and Brittany Rowley, $294,500.

Bowmans Folly Dr., 15229-Margaret R. Patton to Daniel and Eileen Vega, $587,000.

Bristow Rd., 14704-Home Flip Financial Group Corp. to Richard and Michelle Chandler, $417,000.

Colonial Village Loop, 6376-John F. Schrader and Anmy D. Torres to Solomon Zegeye and Etnate Bayleyegn, $489,000.

Fancy Farm Ct., 15522-Christopher T. and Elinor D. Cord to Kent Arnold, $480,000.

Hersch Farm Lane, 9396-Richard and Michelle Chandler to Eric and Jessica Z. Hertsch, $438,000.

Hinton Way, 10792-NVR Inc. to Ranierre Serrano and Jo Mae Obina, $364,990.

Kinship Ct., 11009, No. 263-Karen L. Downs to Ivy James-Joyner, $205,000.

Natick Dr., 13482-Brian Dirk and Erika Fillpot to Nicole Ann Petrazzuolo, $475,000.

Ordway Ct., 7605-Mark Jones and Hilliard J. Jones to Adam Russo, $520,000.

Rolling Rd., 8512-Francis School to Kenneth and Gale Carpenter, $329,900.

Scenic Pointe Pl., 6901-Nancy M. and Peggy McKelvey to David Pierpont Lee Sr. and Margaret L. Lamm, $485,000.

Spruance Ct., 8205-Ingrid O’Dell to Susan E. McGowen, $333,500.

Teakwood Ct., 8855-John Edyvane to Sandra and Valentin Bonilla, $206,620.

Winchester Ct., 10204-Ethan Properties Corp. to Samuel T. Kent, $229,000.


Brightstar Dr., 9458-MS Signal Hill Corp. to Hang and Xiaozheng Zhou, $580,000.

Lake Occoquan Dr., 10011-Alexandre N. and Victoria N. Mai to Ashley Ferry and Alexander Munn, $412,500.

Sharpshooters Ct., 7738-Michael Fagnant and Jamie Davidson to Samantha and Wesley Lay, $487,900.


Ashmere Cir., 4104-Phillip Brian Eller to Amy C. Stoffregen, $275,000.

Crocus Lane, 15792-John R. Chase to Steven Gregory and Marjorie King Schmitt, $414,000.

Equinox Way, 3714-Doris Helen McKee and Paul Edward Busick to Nancy Landry and Richard James Boak, $437,500.

Iris Lane, 15312-Bruce Russell and Lois E. Alexander to Richard Eugene and Katherine Brightman Loveless, $414,900.

Larkspur Lane, 15268-Megan E. Wilder to Stacey W. Moore, $359,800.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5231-Kristen C. Thompson to Leonel G. Mejia, $252,000.

Willow Oak Pl., 5097-James W. Huro to Christopher James Murphy, $475,000.


Carriage Ford Rd., 14011-Mark F. Smith and Porter B. Leggett to Forrest K. Smith, $264,750.

Owls Nest Rd., 14913-Wendy Ashworth-Wieber and Michael Brandon Cook to Richard Lewis Ashworth Dec, $360,000.

Rj Way, 12421-NVR Inc. to Daniel and Deanna Kuhns, $785,757.


Candice Dr., 18315-James Vincent Curry to Steven H. and Aenan Y. Juring, $280,000.

Old Triangle Rd., 18571-Malu Investments Corp. to Michael P. and Kimberly A. Pruner, $405,000.

Stonewall Manor Dr., 3731-Yoon O. and Matthew Sangwook Kim to Wayne C. and Montez B. Johnson, $421,500.


Alison St., 13205-Foyzul I. Chowdhury to Reynaldo Rocha Hinojosa and Neysa Ferrufino Fernandez, $310,000.

Armstead St., 13311-Metro Fine Properties Corp. to Bladimir J. and Silvia J. Chambi-Lucero, $329,000.

Beechtree Lane, 2781-Karina M. Bejarano to Rafiq Ahmed and Seema Rafiq, $228,500.

Boatswain Cir., 16512-David P. and Buffie C. Sheehan to Luz Hugo Sanchez, $430,000.

Brickert Pl., 3939-Philip and Yukako Beal to Ivan Salinas-Lewis and Ross Lewis, $349,900.

Brookmoor Lane, 2359, No. 368A-Kevin Cammie and Ngozi A. Ebo-Cammie to Robert L. Radam, $306,250.

Cara Dr., 12822, No. 4-C-Kerry Hilliard and Fred J. Friedman to Edmond Eugene and Barbara Phillips Menoche, $150,000.

Creel Ct., 3009-National Residential Nominee Services in to Khalid Belkiss, $285,000.

E St., 1400-Thomas W. and Mary Ellen Harrison to Janet J. Torrico, $265,000.

Fireside Ct., 13208-Zayda L. McCorkle to Harvinder Kaur and Lucky Singh, $303,500.

Geddy Ct., 16611-Commonwealth Corp. and Ever Rivera to Saira Farooq and Farhan Azeem Ali, $176,237.

Imperial Eagle Ct., 16033-Quinton Keith to Lavar Smith, $435,000.

Kentshire Dr., 15114, No. 448-Sharif A. Sokkary to Sandra M. and Robert L. Castle, $302,000.

Ladue Ct., 1601, No. 304-Mark Andrew Urbanski to Greg B. Deguzman, $335,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2279-Joshua Moxon and Hilary Hardy to Jose A. Rivera, $285,000.

Margraf Cir., 2272, No. 378-Eastfield Holdings Corp. to Andrew Cristwell, $280,000.

Mason Creek Cir., 14770, No. 41-Kenneth M. Lewis to Alexis Patillo, $278,100.

McGuffeys Ct., 2740-Aaron Anthony and Megan Balli Ackerr to Angel Daniel Sanchez De Leon, $294,900.

Mintwood Ct., 2802-M.Z.K. Investment Corp. and Zuna Real Estates Corp. to Brian and Christine Caplin, $501,000.

Nautilus Pl., 4940-Paul R. and Susan P. Smith to Jeramy W. and Lissette P. Smith, $525,000.

Observer Lane, 5027-John C. and Julieanne M. Loth to Rafiq Saljuki, $695,000.

Pomander Loop, 13411-Genet Desta to Ngoc K. Thai, $270,000.

Quate Lane, 13064-Paul W. and Melanie O. Novy to Mickyas T. Abebe, $465,000.

Rollingwood Dr., 3303-Keith L. Cooper to Mauricio Granados and Rosa E. Pineda De Granados, $484,000.

Sharp Dr., 1700-Archie Roberts Bassett and Donna J. Lehmann to Yenoukoume Serge Boko Dagoun and Sezounde Aidonougbo, $270,000.

Staggs Ct., 13211-Tu Nguyen to Ricardo Alvarez and Carmen M. Aguirre Zeballos, $325,000.

Tamarack Pl., 14751-Gabriela Montes and German Omar Rivas Valladares to Mercedes R. Rodriguez-Sorto and Victor M. Jovel-Rodriguez, $236,900.

Tuscany Ct., 4456-Christie and Gregory Thiele to Christopher Allen and Claudia Colbow, $603,000.

Wakewater Way, 2800-Nathan R. Kwiatek to Steven A. Conroy, $409,900.

Williamsburg Ct., 2900-DSR McLean Corp. and Liaqat Ali to Kuldeep Singh and Kamlesh Kaur, $229,900.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Acer Lane, 9219-Alexandrea and Wayne Blankenship to Tianita Ashton, $305,000.

Bankhead Dr., 9493-Bellorh M. Byrom to Michael P. Dami, $460,000.

Bonham Cir., 9072-Sokna and Hul Kauv to Noel A. Bonilla, $212,000.

Fairfax St., 8581-Parviz Kamali to Djavad Molladjafar and Vida Kamali, $265,000.

Flanagan Ct., 9316-Brian A. Mottl to Scott A. and Sadaf Sealock, $285,000.

Fountain Cir., 10227-Kevin Richard and Tina Marie Freeman to Roy and Brenda Pretlow, $405,000.

Garst Dr., 9305-Andrew P. and Karen A. Barton to Miguel A. Pichardo Salas, $307,000.

Georgian Ct., 8309-Mohammed Jarabah and Maha Kayed to Paula Malone, $225,000.

Jackson Ave., 8809-Theodore F. and Linda J. Zajdel to Linda Ann Pezdirtz, $389,000.

Miles Pl., 8986-Dawood Hatami to Hector E. Villatoro Perez and Ligia D. Salguero-Maradiaga, $252,500.

Miles Pl., 9014-Daniel P. O’Connor to Reina N. Aguilar Ramirez and Jose R. Ramirez, $243,000.

Pickett Lane, 9728-Esperanza Gomez Arciniegas to Elvira D. Bacigalupo, $150,000.

Robnel Ave., 9408-Kathryn L. Orsini and Barbara Erica Orsini to John William Cabrera, $320,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9452-Helen A. Montgomery to Edgar A. and Luz Marina Rodriguez, $140,000.

Taney Rd., 9271-Betsy L. Hall to Ivy J. Rice, $195,000.

Weems Rd., 8613-Blas Alberto Castro to Joaquim A. Pires and Ana Maria Gomez, $330,000.

Willow Glen Ct., 8436-Ronnie Thomas and Delilah A. Powell to Jose B. Benitez, $220,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Black Hawk Ct., 9466-Herlinda G. Sanchez to Orlando A. and Vima H. Gamarra, $267,900.

Forrest St., 112-Rahimi Investment Corp. to Oscar A. Hernandez and Roxana M. Torres Fuentes, $285,000.

Maria Way, 9062-Cortez Edward and Noelle Marie Watson to Sun Hee Kim, $358,000.

White Pine Dr., 8505-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Mario A. Paulino Torres and Claudia G. Mena Amaya, $223,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Anvil Rd., 932-Imagine Contracting Inc. to Jason B. King and Sarah Emily Koh King, $132,500.

Arla Ct., 131-David L. and Audrey C. Clarke to Felix Adu Gyamfi, $285,000.

Austin Run Blvd., 2-Carla L. Thomas to Michelle Stephanie Walz, $149,900.

Blossom Wood Ct., 58-Stephen W. and Wanda L. Casey to Gregory Jones, $395,000.

Brittany Lane, 25-Michael L. and Morgan K. Goodman to Stephen and Valerie Franchak, $385,000.

Castlebury Ct., 100-Lynda R. Williams to Wilfredo Romero and Leonardo Campos, $230,000.

Charter Gate Dr., 64-Ashley Vang to Lamar J. and Judith R. Olivier, $330,000.

Collen Rd., 2-Douglass K. and Lauren J. Hooks to Bismillah Afzali and Abdullah Rahmani, $286,943.

Cranes Bluff Ct., 14-Atlantic Builders to Joseph S. and Shirley M. Brooks, $547,144.

Crosswood Pl., 4-Joshua L. and Sandra L. Magura to Victor E. Candelario Lopezlario and Mayra C. Arias Roca, $335,000.

Denison St., 183-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Matthew and Wendy Cassidy, $364,708.

Devonshire Lane, 8-Surrey House Corp. to Christopher Scott, $380,000.

Ferry Rd., 241-Virginia L. Curtis to Raoul Lopez Sr., $199,000.

Forest Lane Rd., 347-Francis Edward Todd III to Robert Allen Gilbert, $175,000.

Geddy Way, 2-Sancha D. Sudbrock to Gabrielle L. Carder and Madeline L. Morre, $199,800.

Grapevine Lane, 2-Paula D. Traywick to Jorge Armando Alvarez, $280,000.

Harwill Dr., 82-William C. and Erica D. King to Ryan Neal and Christiane Welcher Hilt, $435,000.

Hillcrest Dr., 3-Federal National Mortgage Association to Erin Z. and Robert D. Minter, $189,000.

Jan Dr., 1709-Nancy Sullivan Combs to Kelly L. Combs, $220,000.

Kelley Rd., 169-Westbrooke Homes Corp. to Edwin Ortega, $354,900.

Knoxville Ct., 6-Michael A. and Bernicce Washington to Dylan Thomas and Regi G. Daniels, $360,000.

Lilac Ct., 8-Richmond American Homes to Christopher Myers and Melanie Nicole Russey, $490,550.

Mendota Way, 68-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Robert D. and Sherri A. Tavel, $367,000.

Mountain View Rd., 2461-Floyd Theodore Tolson to Craig A. and Nannette H. Roberts, $7,800.

Peacock Station Dr., 112-Benjamin C. and Catherine D. Brann to Richard E. and Susan B. Eggen, $559,500.

Pennsbury Ct., 18-Mark R. and Laura A. Trail to Quinton Keith, $350,000.

Richards Ferry Rd., 144-Phyllis Dabney-Clark to Vincent Wayne and Jennifer Paige Collier, $379,900.

Roger Wayne Dr., 14-Jaclyn Elsberg to Darrin Wells, $180,000.

St. Richards Ct., 32-Barry E. and Sarah M. Peters to Kermit Elwood and Kari A. Jones, $460,550.

Shale Ct., 10-Wells Fargo Bank to Steven Lee Barnes, $278,000.

Snow Meadow Lane, 6-Holmes Homes Inc. to Jeremy and Erica Bradshaw, $335,750.

Stafford Glen Ct., 503-Brian S. and Maria T. Massey to Brian Adkins, $259,000.

Sturgeon Dr., 6-Elizabeth J. Prins to Joanne Bales, $265,000.

Sweet William Rd., 26-Augustine Homes Corp. to Edward and Shannon E. Foley, $775,840.

Tolbelt Ct., 402-Teresa M. Stewart to Karsta Toscano, $237,000.

Twain Ct., 10-John R. and Sarah L. Vanderhoof to Anthony William Palomino, $375,000.

Walker Way, 20-Larry and Judith Lee to Howard and Jerelyn Wright, $226,250.

Wellspring Dr., 37-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Adam Zanders and Theresa Doyle McGhee, $283,430.

Whirlaway Dr., 34-Brandon and Sylvia Bentley to Luz E. Quintero, $599,900.

Widewater Rd., 422-Susanne E. Knalus to Jose C. Portillo Bonilla and Maria Vallejo, $370,000.

Winterberry Dr., 620-Monty J. and Anne Elizabeth Fontenot to Alan P. and Jennifer K. Catelli, $380,000.