Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Broadsword Dr., 10175-Andy Nguyen and Nur International Inc. to Moeen Arif and Khalida Muhammad Siddique, $485,500.

Darton Woods Loop, 12312-Amber C. Keyser to Khadija Ouaazzi and Mohammed Aribi, $320,000.

Laurencekirk Pl., 9547-Home Base Investments Corp. to Myisha T. Marks, $445,000.

Noltland Castle Dr., 12853-Michael J. and Vicki R. Thompson to Edwin Alberto Zayas Cruz and Pamela Zayas, $480,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9177-Federal National Mortgage Association to Noah and Estela Barton, $357,000.

Solitary Pl., 9814-Truealty Corp. to Kate Laraine Case, $490,000.


Bridle Lane, 12515-William E. Woodside III to Jose A. Alvarez Pina and Carlos A. Alvarez Pina, $510,000.


Arkendale St., 3006-Stephen M. Pfister to Richard Parada Castro, $278,000.

Birdsong Ct., 15725-Powell’s Neighborhoods II Corp. to Fatmata and Foday Sesay, $610,000.

Brentwood Ct., 14483-Higher Standard Property Solutions Corp. to Robert A. and Victoria J. Lee, $265,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 14670-Eduardo E. and Jenifer Macias to Marisa Pero, $227,500.

Dutch Elm Ct., 3894-Connie and Josie P. Williams to Trudy A. Singh, $535,000.

Filarete St., 14441-Maria E. Arevalo to Dinora Elizabeth and Vicitacion Rivera, $250,000.

Forge Dr., 4020-Puthea Chan to Hugo Waldemar De Leon Silbidanio, $313,000.

Fullerton Rd., 14319-Jerry W. and Barbara K. Eller to Elmer A. Gomez, $269,500.

Gum Lane, 13907-Hie C. and Hea J. Kim to Elmer B. Cornejo-Barahona, $220,000.

Hillendale Dr., 13201-Rosa E. Pineda De Granados to Eder M. De Leon and Ofelia Paz, $280,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13406-Robert M. and Dorothy M. Delorme to Grant McLeod Fisher, $315,000.

Lindendale Rd., 13812-Sonia and Rosario E. Mejia to Exaltacion Bustillos Contreras and Belinda M. Lagos, $299,000.

Mapledale Ave., 13744-Lawrence W. and Anita M. Olson to Deborah L. Jenkins, $227,000.

Morrison Ct., 14136-William D. and Stephanie C. Fowler to Tony Negrete and Valentine Tentokolo, $257,000.

Pace Ct., 13537-Ronald E. and Sherry M. Demeter to Tamela Harrison, $495,000.

Rabson Ct., 14320-Brandon F. and Deleslie M. Lowenthal to Henri Manolo Ramirez, $339,000.

Rowser Dr., 5700-Hilary Connor and Katrena Burns to Jeremy Barnett, $285,000.

Whittier Loop, 14965-Andrew E. and Maureen Okolo to Wazhma Zalmai, $340,000.


Buell Ct., 2948-Harry B. and Fiorella M. Dinch to Sayed Youssef Hussein and Mirona Mohamed Diaaeldin Hussein, $180,000.

Fort Pulaski Ct., 1808-Victor Raul Camacuari to Kayem S. Ali, $179,900.

Kildare Lane, 17366-Ruth C. Lhines to Shaquana I. Dunn, $309,900.

Medford Dr., 2903-Dionyeus O. and Janeen A. Britt to Taiba Bano, $435,000.

Sigel Ct., 3019-American Investor’s Solution Corp. to Mohamed Brahimi and Ilham Nassiri, $205,000.


Canterbury Lane, 4400-Ruben A. and Candice J. Burgos to Timothy C. and Sumire Takuma Stifler, $490,000.

Clatterbuck Loop, 14021-Michael D. and Iva M. Phillips to Ryan J. and Stacey N. Philpot, $515,000.

Crown Hollow Ct., 14582-Mickey Goodridge and Yvonne Leonguerrero to Daniel A. Laryea and Monica S. Adu-Gyamfi, $455,000.

Eagle Island Ct., 14425-Ryan C. and Shannon K. Lamb to Michael and Camille Bruhn, $765,000.

Haro Trail, 14206, No. 108-Joseph L. and Sarah L. Gosselin to Nathan R. McDonald and Madeleine M. Tombolillo, $350,000.

Hunters Run Way, 14224-Jennifer Zhenwan Xu and Lingyi Albert Zheng to Osama Ashamalla Sr. and Jacqueline Ibrahim, $345,000.

Links Pond Cir., 14760-Lisa Lynn and Douglas James to Unchalee Geyer, $410,900.

Sabbarton Pl., 6813, No. 122-Koprulu Investments Corp. to Jacob Rorick, $215,000.

Street Cry Ct., 6820-Eugene E. Storey to Misty M. Harper, $415,000.

Tuxedo Lane, 15510-John G. and Heidi D. Jerakis to Jin Kwon and Hae Sook Kim, $595,000.

Yellowthroat Ct., 8800-Kesha Harris to Ryan M. and Kathleen R. Mathews, $442,000.


Aster Haven Cir., 6054, No. 126-Michael Donnelly to Christina S. and Mark D. Shafer, $299,000.

Chamberry Cir., 14541-Argent Development Corp. to Gregory C. and Gozde Bainum, $808,000.

Fog Mountain Cir., 15309-James R. and Judy W. Creech to Leonard Pham, $710,000.

Logmill Rd., 3451-Applewood Farms Corp. to Fenot Berhane and Ekube Tekle Araya, $400,000.

Michener Dr., 6132-David A. Fraser to Christopher Richard and Erika Lynn Renehan, $510,000.

Sherman Oaks Ct., 5456-Wells Fargo Bank to James and Valerie Burton, $451,000.

Troon Ct., 15109-Franz X. and Anothip P. Zimmerman to Justin N. and Robin Marie Cain, $637,500.

Woodruff Springs Way, 6273, No. 36-Nikki C. Taylor to Ruben M. Marlang, $295,000.


Belle Grae Dr., 7530, No. 2-5-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Heath O. Terry and Holly L. Livingston, $172,000.

Bren Forest Way, 12755-Joan M. Yaros to Mohammad Safi and Cristina Ines Trejo Ortega, $465,000.

Caraway Cir., 10860-Robert S. and Dawn M. Nelson to Abioseh Christina Lewis, $314,000.

Community Dr., 8210-Helmi H. and Joy M. Banegas to Jose R. Guerra Rivas, $215,000.

Farragut Ct., 10235-Y&D Investments Corp. to Leo Shue and Jing Zhang, $232,000.

Hamowell St., 14515-Anne Mari and Karen A. Monger to Sunsoon Nam, $211,000.

Highland St., 8317-Steven P. Zimmerman to Coltin L. Schweitzer and Jenny M. Moore, $309,000.

Independent Lane, 14760-Jimmie Dene Jones and Jimmie D. Jones Jr. to Benjamin M. Dyer and Katherine L. Aucott, $300,000.

Lafayette Ave., 9405-Dean Allen Reuter to Carlos E. Garcia, $353,000.

Mayfield Trace Pl., 10881-Henry R. Lazcano to David and Antonet Zwach, $509,000.

Normanton Way, 9605-Elizabeth Hope Woodward to Henry Sirola, $295,000.

Roxbury Ave., 7389-Louise M. Frederick and Kathleen R. Denneler to Ana J. Machado, $335,000.

Simmons Ridge Ct., 7205-Brint Alan and Summer Woodruff to Elizabeth Hope Woodward, $557,500.

Stone Hill Lane, 10856-Roland Chang and Kam Lee Yap to Imran Majeed and P. Pervaiz, $286,000.

Websters Way, 5615-Phan Tien Nguyen and Kim Thuy Huynh to Malik Usman and Samia Sheikh, $560,000.


Albemarle Dr., 7602-Benjamin and Paula Daniels to Jessica Martinez, $279,000.

Duck Pond Terr., 8016-John Wetherill to Margaret Leigh Horn, $315,000.

Leland Rd., 7821-Julie Ann Brunelle to Asghar M. Naz, $399,000.


Buena Vista Dr., 4945-Trevor A. and Heather N. Kotlyn to Michael A. Sera and Kaylee E. Wojcicki, $300,000.

Ebb Tide Ct., 4847-Victor M. Umana to Emily Anafi-Acquah, $289,500.

Great Harvest Ct., 3988-Mahadev G. and Deepa M. Laungani to Seyed A. and Susan V. Tadayon, $460,000.

Kagera Dr., 17404-Yogesh Gajanan Sapre to Patrick M. and Yuna L. Bradley, $289,900.

Montview Dr., 15646-William O. Brenek to William E. and Jodie L. Kavanah, $290,000.

Streamside Ct., 15239-Derek Pettaway to Sonia Myrna Pettaway, $295,000.


Fleetwood Dr., 12900-Hilsy Strick and to Kevin K. and Denise M. Kane, $725,000.

RJ Way, 12257-NVR Inc. to William and Kristen Schaffer, $747,867.

Spittle Lane, 15100-Deborah B. and Robert A. Shuping to Matthew P. and Deborah Lynn Freivald, $769,000.


Fuller Heights Rd., 19117-Angel C. and Christine V. Arroyo to Joey L. Simon, $290,000.

Tavern Way, 3671-Edward G. Dawson Jr. to Gerardo R. Muro and Gemma Aranzazu Aleman, $200,000.


Ann Scarlet Ct., 1774-Christopher Allen and Kathleen Anne Royse to Talal Yousaf, $383,100.

Ashmont Ct., 12309-Marcia Gutierrez to Stuart R. Sean II, $180,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 830, No. 206-Zero Zero to David E. and Susan D. Parisi, $290,000.

Bombay Way, 12755-James and Miriam L. Ferguson to Stephany N. Choudhury, $342,000.

Brooke Farm Ct., 1987-Geoffrey E. and Barbara Narh-Korli to Nicole C. and Joel D. Kegler, $475,000.

Callao Ct., 2134-Earl S. and Kim C. Takeguchi to Obioma C. and Nneka C. Iwuanyanwu, $375,000.

Chablis Cir., 2824, No. 7-Geneview M. Daly to Alan Donald Wishart and James Lee Wooten, $147,000.

Colonnade Ct., 4812-David W. and Barbara C. Weddel to Lam D. Nguyen, $735,000.

Eagle Rock Ct., 3606-Khanh Duong and Trang T. Pham to Messay Zerga and Tigist Y. Mare, $335,000.

Evansport Pl., 12844-James and Jocelyn R. Varady to Ricardo and Blanca D. Majano, $284,900.

Forest Grove Dr., 15277, No. 19-1-Joyce S. and Megan M. Day to Travis J. Dillman, $135,000.

Gloucester Ct., 2873-Iftikhar Rasul to Melvin Blanco, $205,000.

Halifax Rd., 1816-1816 Road Corp. to Ramon Garcia and Armando Garcia Castro, $289,999.

Horseshoe Lane, 15500, No. 500-Insource East Properties Inc. to Constance M. Kniesler, $150,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15618, No. 172-Kisung Jeong to Thomas Lee and Veronica Yasmin Jackson, $283,500.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2277, No. 192-Michael S. Vreeland to Teodor Minev and Viktor Kolev, $319,725.

Lock Loop, 13510-Department of Veterans Affairs to Aldrin Noces, $242,950.

Madelyn Ct., 3492-David G. and Laura A. Bridges to Herbert S. Pollard and Wanda R. Griffin, $575,000.

Marquis Pl., 4291-Abhimanyu Singh and Anna Lynn Custer-Singh to Craig John and Takami Agena, $550,000.

Mathews Dr., 14013-Victor Duong to Pedro J. Marroquin, $232,000.

Meridian Dr., 14445-MZK Investments Corp. and Zuna Real Estate Corp. to Cameron and Ashley McIntrye, $333,900.

Monarch Ct., 12614-Mirza Javed Iqbal Baig to Jenan B. and Ammar B. Marwada, $107,000.

Newbold Ct., 4291-Pamela M. and Angela P. Behbahani to James Patrick Geib and Candra Sue Symonds, $735,000.

Old Post Terr., 1939-Rosario Albina Fields and Fiorella Sara Quesada to Mohammed Shaded Sarwar, $238,000.

Port Potomac Ave., 2200-Clifton L. and Tiffany Maxwell to Michael L. and Holly Alesha Marshall, $505,000.

Revillo Loop, 13253-Terry L. Warren to David S. Stroube and Lisa R. Toombs, $270,500.

Rush Dr., 13617-North Star Properties Corp. to Franki J. Palacios Rodriguez, $379,000.

Shingle Oak Dr., 16755, No. 267-Renee C. Russell to Heather Christian, $280,000.

Stockholm Way, 2964-William A. Skundrich and William J. Warthen to Marquita Dilligard, $325,000.

Tiger Lily Cir., 1770, No. 101-Nazir H. and Shehnaz B. Arshad to Carlos Velasco II, $224,000.

Vestal St., 700-Samuel P. Smith Jr. to Richard Dee Bean, $476,000.

Wetherburn Ct., 2938-Cristhian Castro to Erick Rivera, $188,500.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Artillery Rd., 8605-MZK Investment Corp. to Jorge A. Martinez and Maria M. Flores, $330,000.

Battlefield Dr., 10208-Charles F. and Jacqueline W. Herr to Phillip Douglas Fife and Louise Conte, $372,000.

Center St., 8948-Barden Northington McDaniel to Amber L. Duncan and Michael T. Connor, $375,000.

Farmington Ct., 10252-Christopher H. and Leone M. Dilucca to Satesh Pawaroo, $360,000.

Forest Hill Cir., 10159-James M. and Eliza G. Ledwell to Sumit Kaul, $345,000.

Foxborough Ct., 10221-Vicki J. McDermott to Rebecca Miller and Grace U. Thoman, $329,900.

George St., 9261-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Fernando D. Pena Chilan, $190,000.

Haag St., 8600-Leigh E. Gurke to George Herbert and Katheryn Williamson, $399,000.

Mckenzie Cir., 8460-Mansha Investment Corp. to Dolman A. Perez Baltazar, $225,000.

Miles Pl., 9004-Lee Anne Heintz to William Patrick Carroll and Daniela R. Venancio Carroll, $242,000.

Nantucket Ct., 10269-Equity Trustees Corp. and Dolores J. Porter to Randy and Len Nguyen, $292,000.

Poe Dr., 10320-Vito T. Mastrangelo and Evelyn L. Flynn to Henry Lee Willis and Katherine Ann Cargill-Willis, $317,000.

Sandalwood Dr., 9011, No. B-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Yelena Grigoryevna Enriquez, $172,000.

Stonewall Rd., 8456-William O. Mussey to Ana Paula Nunes and Joao Paulo Guerreiro, $229,000.

Sumner Lake Blvd., 9285-Silvia Krizanski and Ryan Frederick Hannah to Jason Mark Buttenshaw, $510,000.

Tarragon Ct., 8935-Daniel F. Murphy to Mohamad Reza and Sharareh Ruyan, $343,000.

Weir St., 8660-John R. Arrowsmith to Masoud Hassanzadeh and Manizheh Fatahinia, $325,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Cabbel Dr., 193-John and Norma J. Gensheimer to Elmer R. Martinez and Juan Jose Fuentes Reyes, $255,000.

Holmes Pl., 9722, No. 307-Carolyn A. Schoenecker to Lee Hyun Nam and An Yang Kim, $219,500.

Saint Steven Ct., 9014-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Victor Cordova-Mejia, $217,000.

Zachary Ct., 9216-Homer A. and Tammy L. Gaouette to Patrick and Deborah Grant, $487,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Atina Dr., 16-JG Wentworth Home Lending Inc. to Jana Rajeswari Simhadri, $276,000.

Ballantrae Ct., 27-Mark K. Marshall and Amy E.H. Marshall to Breithner A. and Elva L. Lagos, $376,500.

Brent Point Rd., 52-Henry Pacas to Adam R. and Michaela Carter, $349,000.

Cabin Ct., 104-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sean M. Demory, $180,025.

Cathedral Lane, 4-John Morris to Raul A. Zurita Flores, $390,000.

Coal Landing Rd., 122-Coeur De Lion Corp. to Blake Wesley and Diane Michelle Bonar, $285,000.

Compass Cove, 108-Christopher J.J. Reed and Carrie A. Reed to Andrew Rodgers, $274,900.

Cropp Rd., 356-Richard L. and Theresa L. Boutchyard to Carson and Monica Kraus, $255,000.

Daffan Ct., 5-Michael J. and Melanie C. Sutherland to Jaime A. Betancourt-Castano and Lina M. Betancourt, $383,000.

Denison St., 210-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to James McKenney and Mary Rosetta Washington, $333,232.

Donelson Loop, 305-Daniel A. and Sherry W. Lewton to Efrain Castro Gonzalez, $241,500.

Fleetwood Farm Lane, 15-Andrew D. and Christina M. Turlington to David Malcolm and Tammi Williams, $389,000.

Francis Ct., 24-Terry Francis and Debra Finken Kidwell to Kevin E. and Lisa M. Murphy, $375,000.

Glacier Way, 117-Wells Fargo Bank to Miguel A. and Jennifer E. Chavez, $275,000.

Harbour Dr., 1006-Steve A. and Meghan Duran to Michael T. Wright Young, $245,000.

Haven Ct., 2-Jeremy Parks to Milton Landaverde and Jackelin M. Diaz, $280,000.

Hoovler Lane, 37-Jennifer L. Spina to Michael T. and Mollie J. Cramer, $490,000.

Kimberly Dr., 29-Frank I. and Jennifer McDonald to Maria and Brian Sentel Massey, $350,000.

Landmark Dr., 94-Lawrence J. and Edith R. Sherman to Theophilus Quarmon, $404,000.

Little Field Dr., 32-Conrad Estates Holding Corp. to Gregory R. and Stephanie N. Montgomery, $365,500.

Manorwood Dr., 28-Michael J. and Suzanne L. Madden to Lewis K. and Mercy Fordjour, $355,000.

Meadow Dr., 1501-Brian Robey to Mai Chi Nguyen and Sang Minh Van, $160,000.

Monticello Dr., 612-Hour Homes Inc. to Rosemary and Reginald D. Davis, $508,792.

Newton Rd., 89-James W. and Amy J. Canty to Esther A. Mensh, $347,000.

Old English Way, 3-Paramount Investments Corp. to Hector and Ivonne Moya, $382,000.

Park Dr. W., 212-Tamika S. Barrett to Gail Marsha Brandt, $180,000.

Pear Blossom Rd., 328-U.S. Home Corp. to Kevin and Sarah Grooms, $540,170.

Puri Lane, 18-Linda Gradel to Michael and Omoladum A. Schultz, $330,000.

Ridgemore Cir., 17-Jack M. Perry and Andrea Yoak to Jose Roberto Carranza, $210,000.

Rosewood St., 5-Charles A. Espinoza and Erica Lee Quinley to Dallas Marie and Preston Robert Morris, $270,000.

Smelters Trace Rd., 16-John P. and Natalie L. Kearns to Stacie Prenet and Samuel Edward Johnson, $469,900.

Snowy Egret Way, 105-Atlantic Builders to Jason A. Reed, $593,665.

Stafford Mews Lane, 307-Jeremy J. and Amy N. Filizetti to Russell C. and Samantha D. Harper, $220,800.

Streamview Dr., 310-NVR Inc. to Vanessa Hall, $289,490.

Sunstone Dr., 9-Larry R. and Brenda L. Freetage to Jeremy W. and Maribeth Crist, $340,000.

Theodore St., 9-Joseph A. and Madeline Crespo to Anna T. Czajka, $340,000.

Tree Line Dr., 134-U.S. Home Corp. to Mirza Zafar Aftab, $279,990.

Warwick Way, 2-Thomas A. and Marilyn C. Deluca to Ernest Gulfton and Andrea June Spence, $415,000.

Wellspring Dr., 45-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Jon C. Gerhardt, $335,594.

White Chapel Lane, 22-NVR Inc. to Dedrick and Nakeshia Lewis, $737,000.

Willow Branch Pl., 28-Eddie Victor and Eddie V. Para to Evelyn White, $239,990.

Woodstream Blvd., 344-George and Ashley Norway to Leanne R. Mason, $329,000.