Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Benchmark Lane, 8935-William A. Rumbaugh to Jose Morante and Shadoe Loutzenhiser, $330,000.

Caithness Cir., 12155-David C. Burrows to Tyler K. Brandenburg, $265,000.

Drum Salute Pl., 12198-Larry Caruthers to Pierre Jean-Baptiste Audiffred and Jessica Paige Saunders, $338,000.

Izaak Walton Dr., 12625-Stephen W. and Jessica Arron Davis to Karen Rose Demarais, $659,000.

Orland Stone Dr., 10032-Stephen Eugene and Allyson B. Davis to Patrick and Andreana May, $430,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9011-Tiffany and Alvin Parker to Melanie and Franklin Shere, $376,000.

Spring Iris Dr., 10291-Paul and Sunamis Gutierrez to Edgardo Gonzalez, $505,000.

Weathersfield Dr., 9440-Derek D. and Brooke D. Nankivell to Ryan Lee Waple and Sarah Kellam Walpe, $469,900.


Sudley Rd., 5008-John R. and Jean C. Poague to Jose I. Espinal, $540,000.


Belvedere Dr., 14448-Bobby Earl Danzie Jr. to Roy and Adiran Rodriguez, $219,000.

Braddock Dr., 3404-Hamza Group Corp. to Ashley Moore, $240,000.

Burbank Lane, 3202-Gordon C. and Jean P. Charlton to Carlos A. Avila-Mora, $257,500.

Cloverdale Rd., 15113-Luis O. Canedo to Emilio Menjivar Rodriguez, $299,900.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4754, No. 26-Fatima Parker to Andrew Kolodziejczak, $325,000.

Delaney Rd., 13508-Robert A. Cheever to Richmond and Malomeni L. Asante, $350,000.

Emory Lane, 3512-Eduardo G. and Ana F. Flores to Thomas and Latricia Skaar, $457,000.

Forsythia Terr., 14659-Cynthia M. Sowah to Aurangzeb Arif and Basmina Bibi Kharam, $246,000.

Haddock Rd., 13105-Von E. Barron and Joanne C. Mills Barron to Jancarlo Matos, $150,000.

Hedrick Lane, 4731-Sabir Hussain to Sadiq Hussain and Saiqa Sadiq, $225,000.

Kilbane Rd., 4712-Abdullah M. Al-Ahmari to Jose Alexander Marquez Campos, $309,300.

Lomax Way, 5442-Structured Asset Securities Corp. to Ana R. Romero and Vital H. Lizama, $395,000.

Mansfield Ct., 5289-Luis Alberto and Irma Bonilla to Ana Rosa and Marcia Bonilla, $305,000.

Photo Dr., 13496-Ana Parada to Phillip H. and Rachelle Valentine, $411,000.

Reagon Ct., 5557-Anthony G. Hagan to Anjum Latif and Shahida Anjum, $410,000.

Swallow Ct., 14854-Stephanie McCoy to Joshua Magee, $275,000.


Birch Creek Ct., 2990-Mathew J. Webb to Hawanatu Koroma, $385,000.

Pony Ridge Turn, 3089-Najla Abbas Tahir to Joel Migliaccio and Grace Ting Chao, $350,000.

Vineland Pl., 3382-Justice Owusu-Ameyaw to Nana Adoma Owusu-Nyamekye, $20,000.


Box Elder Loop, 6528-David W. and Debbie Lim Jenkins to Sally C. Peterson, $329,000.

Cedar Branch Dr., 7718, No. 68-Erik T. Nelson to Kayla Hutson and Chase A. Preston, $297,900.

Culloden Crest Lane, 7912-David and Joan Crandall to Lasonya Irene Anderson and Mia Lynn Booker, $488,840.

Enochs Ct., 9032-Brett A. and Katrina S. Sigmund to Jiajun Yu, $613,000.

Hampton Bay Lane, 6796, No. 461-Diana M. Kelly to Thomas Tyner, $228,000.

Legend Glen Ct., 14303-Seong Il Kwon to Kylenn D. Criste and Amanda L. Murray, $360,000.

Montour Heights Dr., 8079-Mark E. Hessler to Yilikar A. Shiferaw and Tenaye Kassa, $365,000.

Sabbarton Pl., 6806, No. 101-John M. Dominick to Nihil Chand and Nija Theodore, $226,000.

Tallyrand Way, 13517-David J. Carlini to Mura Williams, $359,900.

Witton Cir., 6870-Thomas F. McManus Jr. to Hanna B. Altanbagana, $400,000.


Aster Haven Cir., 6181, No. 65-Brian Russell and Christina Maria Ammerman to John and Sandra Bailey, $299,000.

Chamberry Cir., 14512-Mark Stephen Honkus to Arthur L. and Shelly T. Grace, $780,000.

Jockey Club Lane, 6900-Ashraf Shalaby and Katherine Sherrill to Jonathan W. Perez and Alexia Reyes-Perez, $457,000.

Lone Eagle Ct., 5555-Walter W. and Christine M. Johnson to George D. and Deborah A. Morgenthaler, $519,900.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15369, No. 50-Sean Michael and Kasey M. Jennings to Jacqueline Ann Thomas, $295,000.

Southern Crossing St., 14929-In Chung and Chong C. Kim to Christopher T. and Wesley D. Kane, $465,000.


Ansley Ct., 6067-James W. and Diane M. Simons to Christopher P. Lockard and Maria C. Hufnagel, $430,000.

Belle Grae Dr., 7558, No. 1-8-Eduardo C. Guerrero to Jorge L. and Ana Alejandra Solomon, $190,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 13440-John J. and Ellen C. Windley to Solomon Burka and Rahel Ketema, $465,000.

Concerto Ct., 10690-Michael and Heather Younce to Neftali N. Valladares, $429,000.

Dublin Dr., 7705-Edna M. King to Silvia L. Chicas De Alvarenga, $282,500.

Falling Creek Dr., 11933-Lorna Vanessa and Gamaliel P. Feliciano to Jack Willis and Claire Hutchens, $455,000.

Goshen Ct., 7434-Paul and Kimberly Trapp to Matthew W. Hartley and Amy Sue Blankinship, $659,000.

Kessler Pl., 11283-Christopher Todd and Wesley Dawn Kane to Jenna Rea Arndt and Leon Tilghman, $320,000.

Meadow Ct., 7873-Amilcar De Jesus Guzman Parada to Leo Shue and Jing Zhang, $214,000.

Provincial Dr., 10630, No. 9-Estate of Clay D. Barnwell and Jacqueline Ashley Barnwell to Solmaz Eskandarinezhad, $179,000.

Scenic Pointe Pl., 6916-Tina M. and Peter W. Easley to Amir K. and Crystal R. Edwards, $615,000.

Spotsylvania St., 9517-Garland Godfrey Garrett to Elias Zarkadoulas, $200,000.

Van Doren Rd., 13700-Patrick J. Reidy Jr. to Juan B. Flores Villatoro and Feliciano Flores, $435,000.

Westchester Dr., 9015-Edwin A. and Michael S. Griffith to Teresa Lee Peterson and Edan Peters, $293,000.


Birmingham Dr., 9515-Navneet Dhillon and Rupinderjit Sidhu to Katrina K. and Bryan W. Taylor, $370,000.

Chestnut St., 7609-Nam Tu Nguyen and My-Ngoc Ho Pham to Kaisheng Huang and Meiying Wang, $575,000.

Shelley Lane, 7606-Kurt B. Gordon to Onan Canales Santos, $238,500.


Ashmere Cir., 4100-Wagar Bajwa and Mariam Waqar to Luisa Violeta Morante and Juan Jose Morante Barreda, $270,000.

Deer Park Dr., 16067-Michael R. and Michele C. Olmstead to Thomas P. and Melanie B. Murphy, $435,000.

Higgins Dr., 5099-Gregory W. and April D. Scott to Matthew W. and Erica A. Paul, $447,500.

Saltwater Dr., 4884-Anthony D. and Kimberly A. Clark to Kristin N. and Michael F. Weber, $250,000.

Silvan Glen Dr., 15438-Eric V. and Cassandra A. Hansen to Anthony Afsari, $460,000.

Taconic Cir., 16312-Aubrianna Hatchett-Legree to Kevin Safreed, $180,000.

Windward Ct., 15532-Jennifer L. and Mark T. Napper to Anthony G. Hagan and Ally C. Perez, $449,900.


Fitzwater Dr., 14605-MMC Contracting Corp. to Scott and Amy Kerns, $430,000.

Par Dr., 9950-John William and Cynthia Louise Denny to Kenneth V. Ossenfort and Maria Desimoni, $790,000.


Olde Port Lane, 18040-Citigroup Inc. to Jose G. Esparza Lopez, $165,000.


Aegean Terr., 11381, No. 126-Daniel Southard to Dion Edon, $272,000.

Bacon Race Rd., 11740-Paul C. and T.A. Magnusson to Robert T. and Alison E. King, $599,900.

Bethel Church Dr., 3227-Carmen S. Ferriol to Carolina L. Canas Palacios and Lenin Fernando Chuga, $397,000.

Bobolink Dr., 15844-Terry Ray and Johanna Maria Lowery to Chad M. and Alison A. Nowak, $400,000.

Burgundy Pl., 2853, No. 3-5-Houghton B. Albaugh to Jennifer R. Ehlinger, $160,000.

Cardamom Dr., 12026-Karen L. Dean and estate of Ruth E. Meier to Nancy J. Sauders, $180,000.

Chattanooga Lane, 16425-Omar S. and Monica M. Gutierrez to Mackenzie Goff and Thomas J. Blevins, $484,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2982, No. 159-Frank Andrews to Maxwell Karikari, $275,000.

Cressida Pl., 4018-Valerie C. Dix to Miriam I. Vargas, $245,000.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12281-Jason M. West to Manuel V. Tirado and Maria E. Ramirez Lopez, $236,000.

Dulcinea Pl., 12604-Sandra L. Kendig to Theresa Polizzi, $245,000.

Fallen Leaf Ct., 13266-Sadaqat Jan to Michael Deandre and April Jamere Brown, $459,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 13428-Phuong Tran to Huong and Nhu Khanh Nguyen, $225,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1031-Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Mohamed Johnson, $185,000.

Harbor Side St., 721-Joel L. Spoon Jr. and Yuyu Ly to Chun Chuan Chou, $420,000.

Jamestown Ct., 2991-Navy Federal Credit Union to Sokheng and Choeun Tun, $320,000.

Kentshire Dr., 15145, No. 480-Sara Michelle Moe to Shellie Durden Redmon, $275,000.

Kramer Estate Dr., 16447-Bank of New York Mellon and Cwalt Inc. to Ghulam and Elham Rabani, $470,000.

Linden St., 1109-Elise R. Rosenthal and Arthur W. Thompson to James Roy Meade IV, $327,500.

Lotte Dr., 12805, No. 3-Jerry Myers and Martine Kroge to Rinell D. Comas and Tamara Gonzalez, $375,000.

Mandolin Lane, 12950-Christy Tolbert to Pujan R. Gurung and Banita Badal, $383,000.

Mayflower Dr., 1979-Anil and Pammy Nigam to Dawit Tewolde and Ergibe Gebrehiwot, $310,000.

Mount Pleasant Dr., 14111-Jagdeep K. Sehmi and Kelly Stanley to David C. Wong, $330,000.

Occoquan Club Dr., 4901-Charles A. and Gabrielle C. Mella to Jared M. and Edda L. Cox, $525,000.

Park Shore Ct., 12107-Harold W. and Lucinda R. Pine to Matthew Guy and Heather Fawn Pittman, $415,000.

Potomac Club Pkwy., 2235, No. 35-Edsel A. and E. Dale Wilkinson to Archie L. Turner, $330,000.

Quate Lane, 13047-Danish A. Baig and Sobia Ali to Joseph D. and Musa Nazary, $497,500.

Seminole Rd., 2936-Apple Federal Credit Union to Christine Rios, $293,000.

Smoketown Rd., 12995-Yasmin R. Williams to Juan C. Orellana and Yahaira Carrillo, $402,000.

Stoneford Dr., 12124-David Lyle Brinton to Tasha Logan, $290,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12830-Peter A. and Diane Sartori to Brian Quoc and Naomi Rose Dao, $479,900.

Waterwheel Terr., 15265-Farhan Ahmad to Elsa Tafesse, $285,000.

Winding Loop, 14736-Landilino Manzano Dela Rosa and Annalene Dizon Galang to Tiffany Monique Starks, $286,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Antonia Ave., 8750-Deborah and John Harkness to Judd E. and Katharine J. Spencer, $300,000.

Camphor Ct., 9326-Gregory A. and Mary L. Freeze to Manuel De Jesus Pacheco and Roberto A. Melendez-Nunez, $385,900.

Coriander Cir., 9039-Juan Carlos Hernandez to Robert Simpson, $292,000.

Fendall St., 9944-Mark Hartman and Aomjai Hartman-Chachumporn to Adolfo Vargas, $365,000.

Gooseberry Dr., 9303-Michael Welch and Morgan Campbell to Bobbie and Beverly Pryce, $239,900.

Kirby St., 8610-Zuna Real Estate Corp. to Oscar O. Guzman Martinez and Marta Y. Duran, $325,000.

Mcclellan Cmn., 9067-Katharine Benzio to Richard Mahoney, $235,000.

Oakenshaw Dr., 9526-Robert A. and Donna M. Fogle to David B. Watson and Tracy I. Dorminy, $393,000.

Point Of Woods Dr., 8681-Fairchild Investments Corp. to Danielle and Jordan Simpson, $310,000.

Silver Maple Ct., 9050-9050 Silver Maple Corp. to Andrew Martin Joyner and Karen O’Connor Joyner, $275,000.

Timberwood Ct., 9207-Amir Kamal Omowale Edwards Sr. to Mariano D. Rosa, $390,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Baker St., 136-Kristofer B. Clayborne to Akida Tyner and Gary Green, $334,000.

Kirby St., 333-Christopher L. and Adelynn O’Brien Burgbacher to Bimal and Sarita Adhikari Subedi, $261,000.

Silver Meteor Ct., 9442-Marriette E. Anglin to Carey and Jerald Minnis, $340,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Adrian Way, 40-Armando and Sara N. Flores to William and Karen Buckingham, $564,900.

Antietam Loop, 28-Brougham Reo Owner Partnership II to Veronica Blanco Ferrufino, $285,310.

Aquia Dr., 1429-Timothy E. and Beth L. Collins to Joseph W. and Patricia A. Hoyt, $495,000.

Barley Mill Ct., 11-James E. and Megumi Clark to Eric and Melizabeth Padron, $452,500.

Bayside Dr., 26-Aaron J. and Erin E. Morrissette to Jeffrey T. and Heather L. Luders, $480,000.

Blair Rd., 10-Thrive Investments Corp. to Christina C. Van Tassel, $214,000.

Boston Ct., 20-Gary Michael and Caridad McQuown to Ann M. Smith, $625,000.

Bristol Ct., 37-Coder Kaila Corp. to Charles and Kristen Jankowski, $175,000.

Camp Geary Lane, 2267-Syg Associates Inc. to Liana M. Orsolini, $514,129.

Chantilly Pl., 30-Danielle B. Schneider to Roberto Cianflone, $239,900.

Chet Atkins Ct., 19-Dale W. and Joann M. McKim to Danny David and Jacqueline Pantaleo, $415,000.

Clear Spring Lane, 23-Brandon G. and Victoria A. Smith to Mario and Josefina Mayorga, $490,000.

Countryside Dr., 22-Zachary Daniels to Donna D. Rogers, $360,000.

Edgecliff Lane, 17-Andrew and Robyn Uglow to Daniel Morales-Montenegro, $299,000.

Farragut Dr., 2052-Michael and Laurie Karr to Latoya Spires, $325,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 300, No. 1-Kelly Everett Williams to Shymyra Stephens, $138,000.

Hartwood Rd., 421-Michael R. and Susan H. McFeeley to Amie Goldfarb, $273,000.

Hidden Lake Dr., 7-Scott Christopher and Rachel Lynn Blorstad to Kristen Nichole Funk and Huy Dinh Ngo, $258,990.

Holly Corner Rd., 559-Harold C. and Jennifer M. Folts to Andrew and Robyn Uglow, $469,900.

Ivywood Dr., 103-Kevin P. and Emily R. Garlock to Paul M. Puletz II, $341,000.

Kellogg Mill Rd., 454-Travis L. and Misty S. Codding to Daniel Charles Koch, $580,000.

Kinross Dr., 6-Michael W. and Sarah Ling to Shanyu Li and Meijiao Huang, $465,000.

Larkwood Ct., 12-Laura M. Sychowski to Christopher Cavanaugh and Ashley L. Ferment, $375,000.

Maple Dr., 26-Josue Raul and Krissia K. Aguilar to Adam M. Osborn, $170,000.

Meadows Rd., 108-Nathan Wayne and Irene Johnson to Justin Ray Morgan, $409,900.

Morton Rd., 147-Justin Fielding to David Joseph Ganey, $254,900.

New Hope Church Rd., 126-Carol M. and Patricia Ann Shelton to Melvin L. Garrison III, $550,000.

Pasture Lane, 12-House Buyers of America Inc. to Charles S. Beaumont, $219,000.

Phillips St., 330-Atfd Corp. to Thomas and Patricia A. Boulware, $385,000.

Pinto Lane, 5-Deutsche Bank and Gsaa Home Equity Trust to Daniel and Megan Whitmer, $373,800.

Puri Lane, 19-Keith and Lisa King to Michael and Elizabeth H. Robens, $362,000.

Ridgecrest Ct., 100-Scott Gonzales to Alfred B. Cave, $240,000.

Royal Crescent Way, 96-Robert J. and Jennifer L. Rice to Preston Charles and Karen Korsberg Lowe, $400,000.

Scarsdale Dr., 100-Ronald F. and Gail M. Baczkowski to William J. Pineda Amaya and Nathaly R. Orellana Henriquez, $275,000.

Shady Creek Lane, 139-Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Beach, $200,000.

Smokewood Ct., 41, No. 200-Esther B. Peters to Jacobi Nicolas, $123,000.

Spring Valley Dr., 702-Dorothy G. Blake to Kenneth D. May, $150,000.

Still Water Lane, 233-Department of Veterans Affairs to James and Rebecca Sites, $415,000.

Sunnybrooke Lane, 3-Christopher E. and Jill Willingham to Joe and Martha Esther Agyemang, $340,000.

Tacketts Mill Rd., 150-John A. Caton to Kimberly M. Nelsen, $319,000.

Truslow Rd., 83-Onofrio L. Castiglia to Jose F. Quinteros, $142,000.

Vine Pl., 230-Jared R. Blackway to Patsy Lee Craig, $280,000.

Washington And Lee Blvd., 16-Donald R. and Terry G. Ryalls to Kellen M. and Ashley D. Maddox, $365,000.

Whitsons Run, 220-James Robert Brown to Paige H. Blount, $155,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 205-Stephanie K. Kinney to Eder I. Valdez, $165,900.

Woodmont Ct., 14-Britton Properties Corp. to Damaris Lovo Bonilla and Flor Maria Vilche, $278,000.