Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Alvyn Lake Cir., 9285-Timothy and Amanda Wallace to Renee Strickland, $365,000.

Boreland Ct., 10040-John A. and Megan P. Pomfret to Susan Lee Tantau, $425,000.

Daldownie Ct., 13241-James G. and Alison L. Fredericks to Raza Razai and Marianna Mykhaylyuk, $405,000.

Elgin Way, 10164-Howard A. and Annette F. Lee to Maryruth Williams, $346,000.

Farnham Way, 8710-Marla Nicole Bibbs to Joseph Troy and Natasha M. Ruiz, $345,000.

Horncastle Ct., 8641-Jesse and Kristin Trail to Joshua and Krystal Atkinson, $509,900.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11815-Matthew Christopher and Kristen Marie Coyne to Michael E. and Pamela L. Rish, $409,000.

Moat Crossing Pl., 8869-Aracely J. Contreras to Yeon Ok Kim, $339,000.

Restina Rd., 13771-Cyrus H. McCormick to Gary J. and Robin M. Frost, $565,000.

Shortbread Way, 9964-Raman Preet Singh and Jaspreet Kaur to and Xiao Liu, $346,000.

Stainsby Ct., 11100-Gerald Cay and Jerri Smith to Adrian M. Palamarchuk and Gabriela M. Roure, $620,000.

Twin Leaf Dr., 10376-Brookfield Vint Hill Corp. to Robert C. and Carrie I. Jordan, $615,000.

Wansteadt Pl., 13512-Glen A. Hoyer to Eduardo S. Ore Jimenez and Flavin I. Hugo Yola, $430,000.


Thornton Dr., 13012-Richard C. Moraski and Carla M. Spinelli-Moraski to Jason C. and Michelle L. Goldsberry, $782,900.


Beaumont Rd., 3323-Elaine M. Stewart to Janet Carbajal, $280,000.

Blair Ct., 14702-Zeng Zhu Xu to Joseph Eugene Waysome and Carmel E. Grose, $270,000.

Brentwood Ct., 14496-Stephen J. Brown to Abulh Bhutyan and Mariam A. Pashaei, $190,000.

Catalpa Ct., 15116-Christopher R. Brown to Deanne Marie Faxon, $263,151.

Chrysler Ct., 14849, No. 31-Beazer Homes Corp. to Robert J. Harris, $324,285.

Coxcomb Mews., 3505-John A. and Terri H. Dreswick to Shamsa Kanwal, $247,000.

Eldorado Dr., 4204-Leroy and Annette Good to Christopher Jones, $310,000.

Feeder Lane, 14903-Daniel P. Stewart to Evandro De Azeredo Borba and Claire Thomsen Swayze, $240,000.

Hanover Ct., 4503-Francisco and Reina Turcios to Taj Muhammad and Shumaila Rehman, $340,000.

Kelley Farm Ct., 15547-Sharif Shafik and Richard Salas to Mateen Rasuli, $599,000.

Koester Dr., 4703-MZK Investments Corp. and Zuna Real Estate Corp. to Shaikh M. and Rizwana Jawaid, $379,900.

Mapledale Ave., 13744-Deborah L. Jenkins to Joseph Edward Collins and Entesare K. Abdo, $335,000.

Nationville Lane, 13371-Edward and Michelle Figueira to Joshua C. and Angelique Gomez Weatherby, $330,000.

Qualey Pl., 5312-Charles W. and Gisela Sturzenegger to Kwasi Kuragu, $240,000.

Rehfield Ct., 14327-Nicholas James Anderson to William and Suzanne Hepler, $379,000.

Ruskin Row Pl., 6390-Steven William and Maria Auxiliadora Shea to Michael D. and Megan R. Dake, $656,500.

Statler Dr., 14763-Jeffrey and Ashley Rosado to Joseph Cordell, $428,000.

Torrence Pl., 4413-Debra A. Hall to Nancy B. Sarpey and Mavis Awotwe, $308,000.


Alder Lane, 2027-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Kevin D. and Crystall W. Pinkston, $499,990.

Beveridge Dr., 17030, No. 25-Dior T. and Denielle N. Lassiter to Melissa Suzanne Mansoor and Kevin Joseph Wishard, $268,000.

Fort Donelson Ct., 2103-Marion A. and Debora D. Royal to Mariela and Sonia Mira, $239,000.

Gilder Way, 2941, No. 72-Lasbrey A. Akamike to Cheri A. Copeland, $295,000.

Holly Creek Ct., 17308-Karen Y. Turner to Gina M. Parker, $440,000.

Point Pleasant Lane, 17020-Cosmic Investments Inc. to Maris Owusu Amaniampong, $270,000.

Swans Creek Lane, 17929-Brian A. and Christine M. Frost to James Ryan Perry and Lindsay D. Gunter Perry, $545,000.


Amsterdam Ct., 8100-Mark R. and Lori A. Chait to Francis J. and Jennifer F. Swekosky, $650,000.

Brunson Cir., 7414, No. 5Q-Kristen M. Winter to Jacob Eric and Briana P. Hammond, $314,000.

Cornwall Station Ct., 13808-Robert and Amber Kroll to Maurie McKinnley and Maria Kakissis Clark, $610,000.

Cumberstone Pl., 6936-Victor and Janet Hedman to Adrianne C. Kirland, $407,500.

Landseer Dr., 6982-Laurentina N. Atherley to Jagdev S. and Paramjit K. Batth, $340,000.

Long Ridge Dr., 13727-Toll VA VIII Partnership to Karen L. Eissner, $684,603.

Newbern Loop, 14392-Mark A. and Michelle M. Felderman to David E. Stewart and Yobolan Zhang, $415,000.

Rathbone Pl., 6809-Properties of Loudoun Corp. to Chad J. and Jennifer L. Baer, $569,000.

Saddle Run Way, 6872-Robert J. and Kathleen R. Schimoler to Robert L. and Athalia D. Donaldson, $462,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15671-Susan I. Lucas to Alango Jackson Otieno and Ronnivashti Whitehead, $665,000.

Tall Timber Dr., 8141-Ronald E. and Marcia A. Escherich to Bryan Felder, $350,000.


Admiral Baker Cir., 15321-Baokang Yan and Ru Huan to Andres Camilo Jimenez and Maria Felipa Cabezas, $540,000.

Blossom Hill Dr., 5214-Brian L. Miller and Angelica Del C. Miller to Shawn P. and Courtney McLain, $639,000.

Courtyard Way, 7072-Octavio and Megan E. Granados to George E. Hubac, $390,000.

Crusade Ct., 16203-Robert W. and Toni A. Martin to Hao A. Tran and Fern M. Ireland-Tran, $585,000.

Erinblair Loop, 6075-Alan G. and Leia M. Santos to George D. and Ashley Harper, $588,000.

Gravely Meadow Ct., 4383-Toll L and X Partnership to John W. and Vivian R. Cullen, $626,472.

Heather Mill Lane, 15140, No. 403-Regency at Dominion Valley Corp. to Linda A. and Gregorio C. Martin, $383,375.

Linville Creek Dr., 15311, No. 193-SM Haymarket Chang E. and Kyonghui Lee, $392,660.

Parchment Ct., 6154-Kenneth R. and Glorimar Shappee to Yasser and Rafle A. Alrawi, $600,000.

Pinchot Lane, 6733-Winchester Homes Inc. to Mark and Thuy Espiritu, $429,423.

Rainer Heights Ct., 14504-Dackyu Lee to Walid Mohammed Bin Jabr, $599,000.

Sky Valley Dr., 15255-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Eric and Jennifer Callahan Robinson, $604,164.

Thousand Oaks Dr., 17031-Pro Europa to Jesus A. Perez, $1 million.

Waterloo Bridge Cir., 5883-Dominion Country Club Partnership to James J. and Tamara L. Vanliet, $657,141.


Ambrose Ct., 8639-Elizabeth Fontaine to John and Donna Beere, $374,500.

Berry Orchard Ct., 10642-US Bank and SW Reo Trust 2014-1 to Omar Said Baccouche and Hajer Ben Moussas, $484,000.

Bruce Ct., 9652-Sirous Najafinia and Babak Taghavi to Tameka and Casey Robbins, $389,900.

Cannon Ball Ct., 10172-Big T Properties Corp. to Leo Shue and Jing Zhang, $231,000.

Community Dr., 7994-Halm Enterprises Corp. to Segundo Espinal Rios, $230,000.

Crooked Creek Dr., 5912-Harpreet K. Singh to Teslime and Murat Dogan, $550,000.

Duneiden Lane, 7696-Joshua W. and Heather F. Glasgow to Maria Cristina Bartolome Coroton and Henry B. Policarpio, $283,500.

Flagtree Pl., 14012-Amy Joyce Martin to Michael S. and Donna R. Feinberg, $555,000.

Hanson Grove Ct., 8975-Estate of Walter and June Ann Gant to Fiseha Kebede and Meron Atnafu, $440,000.

Hilltop Dr., 11970-Elissa Webster to Joseph Anthony and Ashley Louise Pollard, $80,000.

Hinton Way, 10730-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Carl Henri and Ashley Matthews, $395,175.

Lacy Dr., 8111, No. 144-Casey Ray Davis to Timothy M. and Caitlin S. Rooney, $220,000.

Loudoun Ave., 9903-Ana C. Navarro De Ramirez and Ada L. Ramirez Navarro to Walther Espinoza and Marylena Rodriguez, $330,000.

Michelle Ct., 7629-Orbil U. and Olga L. Iraheta to Faustino C. Viera and Blanca Castro Hernandez, $399,900.

Provincial Dr., 10627-Arlene B. McCarty to Donald E. and Joan Cook, $118,500.

Scotland Loop, 8349, No. 54-Tyral Hodge to Nedher S. Alhareeri, $286,000.

Stagestone Way, 11205-Estate of Harold Robert Mitchell and Dale D. Henderson to Sheliese M. Hall, $210,000.

Trundle Pl., 10321-Hector M. Posada to Ulises W. Cruz and Eva M. Villatoro, $262,500.


Amelia Ct., 9208-Jeffrey L. Walters to Victor M. Cortez Fores and Christye M. Cortez, $290,000.

Chadds Landing Way, 7615-Andrew Benjamin Sage and Britt Colleen Winchester to Shane T. Austin and Amanda L. Dehaven, $305,000.

Glade Bank Dr., 8291-Scott Y. Cho to Xiao Xia Jin, $360,000.

Leland Rd., 7806-Wei Yi Sun and Yong Chen to Luis David Cruz-Villeda and Marlen Patricia Villeda Matute, $338,900.

Station Rd., 8068-Patricia S. and William L. Purser to Patricia J. and Shanan V. Conlan, $485,000.

Yorkshire Lane, 8735-Jose Torres to Linda E. Reynolds, $414,999.


Beachland Way, 15425-Pamela Hinken to Seth Cameron, $315,000.

Dalebrook Dr., 3700-Jeffrey D. and Heather L. Maday to Brent R. and Brittni L. Monroe, $411,500.

Henderson Lane, 16211-Teresa M. Woodson and Thomas Martin to Emily Michelle Wilson, $264,000.

Larkspur Lane, 15250-Ammro S. Hussein and Noran Abraham to Lucas and Hannah Lawrenz, $352,000.

Northgate Dr., 15632-Ryan S. Ballard to Stephen M. and Sara George, $362,500.

Royal Crescent Ct., 15512-Stephen L. and Angela S. Tabone to Brian A. and Elizabeth Adams, $470,000.

Timber Ridge Dr., 4744-Melissa Stearn to Edward and Patricia Norris Slaughter, $474,500.


Aden Rd., 14335-Errol A. Allen and Jocelyn Clarke to Frank and Jennifer Andreani, $315,000.

Compton Lane, 7335-Brian T. and Laurie A. Landers to Scott and Ivy N. Gordon, $585,000.

Trotters Ridge Pl., 14330-MTGLQ Investors to Efren Castro Escobar and Elizabeth Alvarez Castro, $860,000.


Washington St., 86-Todd I. Ebron to Manpreet and Manjot K. Singh, $435,000.


Kerill Rd., 18568-Sandro Di Lollo to Armando Castro Escobar and Yesenia Castro, $460,000.

Sapling Way, 4028-Betty Harris to Tito Agyeman, $470,000.

Tavern Way, 3675-Thomas and Ivy Bishop-St. Ange to Youssef Benalla and Siham Bouita, $194,000.


Anchorstone Dr., 5015, No. 110-Janine Ann Chuday to Samantha Griffiths-Campbell, $225,000.

Augustus Ct., 12923-Deutsche Bank and Gsaa Home Equity Trust to Namita Mankad, $249,000.

Bacon Race Rd., 11417-Clyde W. Fisk to Chad R. Ferkel, $540,000.

Belfry Lane, 3457-Charlena Reeves to Jose A. Coreas, $220,000.

Bertram St., 11543-Angela and Jeff Jefferson Ahn to Jason S. and Neenah M. Harbison, $366,000.

Brier Pond Cir., 2756-JJS Investment Corp. to Cheramlake F. Nida, $305,500.

Cambridge Dr., 2939-Capitol Home Buyers Corp. to Samuel A. Benitez Machado and Isai Manases Benitez, $274,900.

Clarke Farm Pl., 3834-NVP Inc. to Osbaldo A. and Maria E. Sanchez, $669,000.

Condor Lane, 3454-Jose Lopez and Jocelyn Ponce-Lopez to Allyson H. and Michael R. Matthews, $307,000.

Dara Dr., 12654, No. 201-Sultan Aziz Nouri to Mir Zarif and Nillab Waez, $125,000.

Enterprise Lane, 14957-Tirtha and Shobha Kharel Adhikari to Rudra and Gopal Budhathoki, $275,000.

Flint Hill Pl., 3377-Sang W. Bae and Jaime Jung Lee to Javier Oscar Castilla Lopez and Clara Judith Zevallos Asenjo, $435,000.

Greendale Dr., 13950, No. 20-David V. and Susan Diane Beckerdite to Lisa Acie, $340,000.

Harbor Side St., 485, No. 901-Jimmie V. and Judy T. Adams to David E. and Kathie S. McCracken, $465,000.

Hunterbrook Dr., 12857-Kimberly A. Lebutt to Yalda Tavafi, $310,000.

Inglebrook Dr., 1937-Daniel and Countney Leigh Hileman to Yahya El Amrani, $295,000.

Kennedy St., 16106-Richard R. and Mailelei L. Pollington to Jamey T. Rumph, $465,000.

Lockleven Lane, 12930-Joan M. Finn to Jose Lopez Dieguez and Jocelyn Ponce-Lopez, $325,000.

Manchester Way, 12391-A&V Real Estate Investment Corp. to Fanny Hason and Kristin Darmawan, $338,200.

Marsh Overlook Dr., 15404-Latisha P. and Antonio K. Mapp to Keith A. and Erica Manry, $544,000.

Merrywood Ct., 2585, No. 14-Blanca I. Lopez to Jarwo Emmanuel Yarngo, $169,000.

Mojave Lane, 11994-Mark W. and Barbara M. Yow to Derek Wayne and Tara Lee Mehrtens, $465,000.

Nellings Pl., 11593-Mark A. and Alicia Aguirre to Deborah V. Muckle, $360,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14809, No. 96A-Antonio Enrique and Denielle Denise Velasquez to Carlton C. and Sharon Evans, $372,700.

Rainbow Ct., 1951-Robert J. Lawton Jr. to Danica and Michael Owczar, $320,000.

Renate Dr., 1550, No. 203-David C. Grohoski to William Oblea Moscoso and Carmen Del Rosario Reyes Marroquin, $129,000.

Rockledge Terr., 1704-John C. and Jessica L. Goodwyn to Karen S. Lawrence and Lawrence S. Stern, $430,000.

Seminole Rd., 2924-Estate of Edmond L. Campbell to Candice B. and Terrence E. Gray, $295,000.

Soffit Pl., 3513-Kristen Marie Mitchell and Michael Raymond Meister to Ryan W. and Denise Mammen Kirkpatrick, $417,000.

Terranova Lane, 12611-Xuan Wen to Tammy E. Call, $390,000.

Tree House Dr., 2591-Valerija Amato to David and Rachelle White, $399,999.

Wetherburn Ct., 2907-Kibsaim E. Jimenez-Arias to Jose O. Rovira, $227,000.

Winslow Ct., 1934-Centennial CT Corp. to Caitlin Green, $277,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Amberleigh Ct., 10324-John M. and Laura M. Williams to Samantha and Joshua Bookwalter, $369,900.

Brigantine Lane, 9510-Larry G. Morris to Manuel Larrain, $320,000.

Deblanc Pl., 8772-Castro Viera and Blanca H. Castro Hernandez to Julio Avila, $285,000.

Gaither St., 8366-Richard K. and Maria-Christina S. Bright to Samy A. Musa and Eman A. Elkholy, $470,000.

Grapewood Ct., 9943-Kelly J. Forde to Crus Israel Navarro, $160,000.

Laws Dr., 8603-Carolyn King Cornett to Phil J. and Hee J. Lee, $334,900.

Main St., 9522-George E. and Karen L. Marlette to Sarah Sullivan and Sozeen Mondlin, $463,900.

Park Ave., 9092-Paule Debs to Gerald D. and Nohad N. Curren, $551,000.

River Crest Rd., 9355-Oscar S. and Remedios L. Deleon to Liberty B. and Stephen R. Ondrus, $395,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9362-Heather Elizabeth Raiti to Fatima R. Gilbert, $165,000.

Tanglewood Lane, 8838-Patrick E. and Mary C. Finnigan to Thomas Stephen Hadginikitas, $200,000.

Willow Glen Ct., 8446-Margie Taylor McCall to Juana R. Calvillo, $260,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Black Hawk Ct., 9448-Ravinder Kaur and Harnek Singh to Gurpreet and Jagpreet Pantleay, $325,000.

Holmes Pl., 9720, No. 4-Brandon L. Goldberg to Anthony Stevenson, $220,000.

Lambert Dr., 155-Jerry W. Davis to Silvestre C. Escamilla Lopez and Francisca I. Rivera, $345,000.

Phita Lane, 9030-Miguel and Grecia Yanez to David Chartier, $396,000.

Walker Way, 9510-Adnan Luzunic to Derek Bruce Velez and V.R. Liz Cruz, $247,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Affirmed Dr., 82-Jeffrey S. and Mary A. Arvai to Martin D. and Roberta T. Hare, $659,000.

Apricot St., 535-SM Stafford Corp. to Robert K. and Melissa A. Novak, $545,850.

Arden Lane, 58-Darren L. and Lisa K. Anderson to Mario Roberts, $629,000.

Austin Ct., 116-Robert and Erica Keller Rastelli to Namboon and Min Jeong Kim, $152,000.

Basalt Dr., 5-Scott Gannon and Stefanie Ashcraft Miles to David and Heidi Goodwin, $352,318.

Basswood Dr., 808-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Theresa Adusei, $333,720.

Basswood Dr., 828-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Derrick and Maria Johnson, $390,030.

Battery Ridge Dr., 27-Elizabeth and Robert Gunter to Samantha C. and John E. Lemp, $419,900.

Blackgum Ct., 104-Ronald M. and Betsy Y. Ulibarri to Alberto and Natasha Carpio, $360,000.

Braxton Lane, 11-James L. and Thomas Yates Savage to Michelle R. Noch, $220,000.

Bulkhead Cv., 203-Bruce M. and Deborah L. Polansky to Nadia Daley, $389,900.

Clear Spring Lane, 33-DR Horton Inc. to Donald R. and Janina M. McClester, $410,490.

Coast Guard Dr., 2028-Susanne C. Prowald-Blackledge and Richard Vincent Blackledge to Heather R. Benson, $362,000.

Colonel Colin Ct., 4-Stephen R. Nowell II to Raymond Foreman Sr., $455,000.

Crowncrest Rd., 74-James A. Ford Jr. and Helen Flores-Ford to Larry W. and Michelle Benton, $423,000.

Denison St., 181-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Cynthia S. Hudson, $333,424.

Doria Hill Dr., 47-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Zin M. Lin and Khin Mar Win, $447,909.

Edwards Dr., 800-Charles A. Kozloski to Janine M. Taylor, $255,900.

Embrey Mill Rd., 507-Embrey Mill II Corp. to Heather and Gabriel Capeles, $464,130.

Fence Post Rd., 114-Cody and Cara Barker to Todd and Brandi Denton, $278,000.

Foresail Cv., 206-Scott D. and Carolyn S. Quintana to Adina S. Weston and Morris B. Segal, $489,900.

Foundry Lane, 107-Douglas and Jessica S. Barbee to Nicole M. Rudolph, $289,900.

Hamlin Dr., 151-Brian M. Green to Christopher Cody and Menisa K. Ream, $419,000.

Hayes St., 50-Felecia Ford to Randolph W. and Patrick D. Bartlett, $300,000.

Jib Dr., 106-Peter J. Nelson to Amy D. Waters, $315,000.

Kelley Rd., 175-Westbrooke Homes Corp. to Michael N. and Janis J. Jones, $340,000.

Landing Dr., 209-NVR Inc. to Fakhruddin and Madina Hamid, $276,900.

Lorenzo Dr., 7-Matthew A. and Courtney Phillips to Emma R. Paterson, $199,900.

Maroochy Ct., 5-Dustin R. and Lauren A. Baker to Benjamin Asirifi and Lisa Nageline Keiler-Asirifi, $438,000.

Mews Ct., 403-Frederick R. Hokamp and Mamie L. Gilbert-Hokamp to Gustavo S. Quintanilla Bonilla, $232,000.

Montgomery Dr., 16-Kimberly Kyle and Richard K. Morris to Evelyn Grace and Paul Raymond Marie Jr., $414,900.

Mt Hope Church Rd., 100-Michael D. and Trudi E. Phillips to Sergio and Katelyn Rangel, $452,000.

Oakbrook Ct., 1-William and Karolina L. Wignall to Michael Joseph Couveau and Marisol Lopez, $371,000.

Park Brook Ct., 310-Ahmad Farid and Sharifa Omari to Jacob C. Hall, $257,640.

Pebble Beach Dr., 8-M&T Bank to Eric Dadzie and Joyce Mensah, $382,000.

Pinkerton Ct., 21-Todd S. Desgrosseilliers to George A. and Kathy Abbott, $515,000.

Quartz Cir., 2-Stone Financing Corp. to Marija and Brandon Bateman, $369,000.

Reserve Way, 38-Atlantic Builders to David D. and Tonyette D. Boyd, $479,875.

Ridgemore St., 447-Gina M. Ballard to Jean Elizabeth Barnes, $173,500.

Rock Raymond Dr., 227-Drees Homes to Bert Rakdham and Beverly Miramontes, $644,900.

Saddle Ridge Lane, 230-Westbrooke Homes Corp. to Harold Scott and Charla Marie Pauley, $447,976.

Sarrington Ct., 11-Rodney W. Nichols and Lisa A. Galvin-Nichols to Devon James Keister, $400,000.

Sharpsburg Lane, 24-Joseph M. Johnson Jr. to Ryan D. and Caryn Thompson, $320,000.

Short Branch Rd., 98-Brittany S. and Jason A. Lockley to Naveed Ahmed Tahir, $285,000.

Smithfield Way, 32-Traci Boley-Mason to Cynthia M. Davis, $319,900.

Spartan Dr., 30-Atlantic Builders to Jason E. and Michelle S. Allen, $489,900.

Tacketts Mill Rd., 240-Federal National Mortgage Association to John K. Cowman, $281,650.

Victoria Dr., 2034-Kevin L. and Brittany L. Hoggman to Victoria Ann Stegle, $335,000.

Warrenton Rd., 2376-Sigfried R. Hostad to Adrian Harris, $189,900.

Wentworth Dr., 12-Matthew J. and Lori Ann Lascell to Susan K. and Brian P. Morris, $525,000.

Woodstream Blvd., 333-Keith R. and Robert S. Young to Ryan T. Morris and Iris Dedja, $359,000.