Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Bedder Stone Pl., 9628-Ramon Santiesteban-Flores and Nanette Marie Galinanes Giraldez to Elmer A. Ramos and Clarissa M. Gonzalez, $319,900.

Bristow Station Dr., 10572-Lee E. and Amy L. Russell to Justin and Evangeline Field, $495,000.

Drum Salute Pl., 12159-April Dao to Peter Dach, $365,000.

Grouserun Lane, 13522-Afshin Amiri to Zachary E. and Amy L. Bell, $312,900.

Mossy Rock Ct., 9101-Josh and Christina Brink to Joseph Rekich and Amanda Fernandez, $515,000.

Poagues Battery Dr., 10615-David and Sandra Calderon to Jamie and Jennifer Schultz, $484,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9154-Emily Zaino to Heidi Denecke Jerakis, $400,000.

Stable Forest Pl., 8895-Javier R. Dussan to Stephen Chu, $356,150.

Wishing Well Way, 12886-Aimee L. Harris to Gerald Allen Mazur, $365,000.


Addison Lane, 15063-Nykea Janel Perry to Leonel O. and Conchita T. Brito, $620,000.

Berkshire Dr., 14380-Adele Marie Williams to Adriana A. Agyeman, $223,000.

Blue Jay Ct., 4516-Tracie Chaconas to Marcus Glenn Smith Sr., $275,000.

Brazil Cir., 15248-Pablo E. Llanos Rodriguez and Petronila Llanos to Phillip L. Henry and Claudia K. Torres-Rodriguez, $322,000.

Cloyd Way, 14709-Ray C. and Gina L. Bearden to Aziz El Rhouti, $416,000.

Dillon Ave., 14732-Jorge Sandoval and Alba Duran to Daniel W. Giron De Leon and Edilma Eleuteria Giron, $325,000.

Ensor Ct., 14852-Edith Wilson to Aruna Sesay, $242,500.

Granby Rd., 4326-Victoria L. Bard to David Scott, $287,000.

Kingsman Rd., 13643-Robert Lee and Alfreda B. Davis to Hewan Tesfamichael, $341,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14011-Brian P. and Susan M. Hughes to Brian and Mary H. Kee, $349,900.

Madrigal Dr., 14401-Kelley A. Luciano to Steven M. Lewis, $283,500.

Oxbridge Inn Ct., 14072-Amanda R. Hernandez to Andre Marcel and Nadirah Gladney, $270,000.

Princedale Dr., 13402-Mark and Morgan McCall Vanhorn to Shankar P. Roudel and Saraswati Acharya Poudel, $325,000.

Quick Pl., 13106-Norma and Donald P. Thomas Jr. to Justin K. and Lorinda L. Risley, $540,000.

Southgate Ct., 14327-Thaihuong Nguyen to Niesha and Andrew Anderson, $331,000.

Surrydale Dr., 14409-Alejandro and Vanessa U. Palma to Sayne Cuello Granados and Hemmy Granados Rojas, $367,000.

Weldin Dr., 15408-Adrian V. and Annabel V. Escudero to Juan C. and Darianella Alexandra Baret, $435,000.


Alder Lane, 2033-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Amanda L. and Derrick Warren Dew, $512,442.

Chogburn Lane, 3034-Gil and Linda C. Rios to Tung N. Bui and My-Van Thi Pham, $434,500.

Glennville Dr., 17490-Nicholas and Karen A. Svegel Maravich to Michael R. and Jennifer L. Nakonieczny, $475,000.

Kilkenny Way, 2984-Robert A. and Michelle M. Ewan to Fanny Conteh, $300,000.

Monmouth Ct., 16941-Jason Corsa and Deanna Kingsley to Carlos Monroe and Kesha McLucas, $278,000.

Sigel Ct., 3039-Konrad Hsu Aschenbach to Muhammad and Benish Irfan, $200,000.

Toms River Loop, 16944-Ollie L. Johnson to Marcia Blanco and Jonathan Guillermo Blanco-Rios, $287,000.


Bitterroot Ct., 6914-Matthew Scott and Danielle Cook to Timothy Daniel and Amanda Carpenter Butler, $495,000.

Cannondale Way, 14080, No. 54-Sharon A. Tunstall to Vidur and Krishna Shah, $334,999.

Charismatic Way, 13801-Jean Johnson Wimberly to Dean A. and Cecilia Graham, $640,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14158-Thomas G. and Peggy L. Franklin to Christopher R. and Marcelina M. Quale, $605,000.

Culloden Crest Lane, 7826, No. 21C-David and Monica Clark to Travis L. Zimmerman and Paris J. Murray, $353,000.

Derby Run Way, 6853-Lawrence J. and Patricia G. Ledoux to Walter L. and Tina Z. Kelch, $580,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13388-William F. Pierce and Elizabeth J. Rocklin to David William Vos, $510,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15131-Maria D. Velez De Villa and Federico M. Sole-Beninca to Moises A. and Carmen L. Maldonado, $352,470.

Kona Dr., 7047, No. 8-Ahmar and Rashida Raqeeb to Byron C. Jenkins, $377,000.

Lee Carter Rd., 15892-William J. and Martha A. Keys to Naeem Ahmed, $499,900.

Little Thames Dr., 7123, No. 204-Sharon L. Hall to Leanard C. Faulkner, $286,000.

Lukes Lodge Pl., 7944-William and Diane Watts to Felicity L. and Charles D. Coe, $600,000.

Morgan Island Way, 7105-Cynthia D. Lawson to Stephen N. and Kathy Ababio, $465,000.

Plantation Mill Ct., 14019-Vivian R. Sobolewski to Dave J. and Beverly E. Gustafson, $485,000.

Santander Dr., 15181-Lloyd Eric and Julijana Pinnock to Aaron Williams and Erica H. Comer-Smith, $540,000.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14444-Brandon M. and Angie M. Wytovich to Steven T. and Tatiana P. Hermansen, $420,500.

Stanwick Sq., 6933-Pampas Investments Corp. to Lkhagvajav Batdorj, $409,900.

Tall Timber Dr., 8240-Robert A. and Mary B. Magrogan to Frank J. and Michelle M. Curcio, $515,000.

Waverley Mill Ct., 7822-Kathleen A. Terrell to Betty B. Dameron, $185,000.


Adriatic Ct., 14825-Jason C. and Erin K. Green to Michael and Kathryn H. Stone, $605,000.

Aster Haven Cir., 6132, No. 109-Beverly A. Jalango to Hong Shan Cheng, $273,000.

Blossom Hill Dr., 5231-Phillip A. and Solinda E. Phillips to Katherine R. and Eric L. Doggett, $570,000.

Chalfont Dr., 14376-Alfredo Revilak and Tayde A. Fonseca to Tabatha Maria and Marcus Leon Walton, $599,000.

Cox Creek Ct., 14840-Nancy Ellis Shablom to Navneet K. and Ravikant J. Prasad, $635,000.

Erin Dr., 4505-Robert J. and Irma A. Getty to William Jay Burwick Jr., $374,900.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15916-Howard W. Johnson Jr. to Jidon and Sandy L. Choi, $390,000.

Iris Meadow Lane, 6313, No. 143-Estate of Evan Snead and Joan Elizabeth Snead to Alexander J. Goga, $275,000.

Mountain Rd., 4106-Carl L. and Susan J. Schanzenbaker to Steven B. and Lauren S. Brigida, $425,000.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13838-Clarence Richard and Sara L. Husband to Marie Prentiss, $535,000.

Shoal Creek Dr., 5619-George W. and Robyn T. Banning to Donald C. and Michelle E. Morrison, $629,900.

Stormy Dr., 17075-Jerry R. Curry to James F. and Margaret C. Hesse, $825,000.

Trevino Dr., 5324-Deborah K. Ferris to William R. and Patricia G. Sutton, $499,900.

Wheelwright Way, 5707-Sabrina McIntyre to Marvin A. and Karen R. Stern, $464,900.


Allegro Dr., 9569-John S. and Maria T. Bosack to Benson Brady Bunnell, $470,000.

Basilwood Dr., 9529-Nancy J. Daniels to Issa and Nawal Hammad, $440,000.

Blue Gray Cir., 7887-Samuel and Eva G. Onugha to Shiva and Achyut Lamichhane, $315,000.

Campbell Ct., 7536-Javier A. Moreno to Nusrat Raja and Bushra Shaheen, $294,000.

Clemson Ct., 7509, No. 71-Shahram Rashidi to Doris V. Haick, $195,000.

Crestbrook Dr., 13101-Robert E. and Joyce E. Paysour to Brian and Amanda Foster, $532,500.

Elsinore Dr., 7861-Alfred M. and Georgia M. Gaibrois to Mihail Radu and Camelia Maria Kantor, $514,500.

Fenwood Ct., 7406-BMCS Misty Ridge Corp. to Hooshang Farzi and Nahid Nasseri, $305,000.

Greenview Lane, 9815-Andrew J. and Stephanie A. Shevitz to Megan E. and Robert L. Yockey, $380,000.

Highland St., 8246-David E. and Margaret P. Jordan to Jason A. and Mary T. O’Gray, $428,000.

Howell Run Ct., 7408-Anthony M. and Helen M. Blair to David L. and Tracy S. Morgan, $585,000.

Kahns Rd., 12715-Barry Eugene Pitkin and Teal L. Smith to Tonia Y. Bock, $420,000.

Lacy Dr., 8079, No. 5-Rajendra Singh-Narendra and Vyjayanthi Mahabeer to Jorge and Rebecca Gutierrez, $215,450.

Lodi Ct., 13122-Annemarie Landry to James R. and Kristin Marie Neagle, $510,000.

Marie Dr., 13400-Seyed A. Shobeiri to Jon Lee Camp, $495,000.

Monitor Ct., 7628-Rosario B. and Nicole T. Scuderi to Fernando Pulinario, $337,000.

Old Farm Lane, 5555-Diane D. and Lewis F. Taynton to Joshua A. and Maria L. Rabinowitz, $1.25 million.

Quayle Ct., 10109-Jorge A. Bruno to Florante and Amalia P. Jimeno, $385,000.

River Forest Dr., 6123-John C. and Nancy N. Stremple to Jeffrey and Teresa Sciscilo, $442,000.

Scotland Loop, 8312, No. 34-Tristan Nicholas Moonsammy and Yei Jin Hu to Nicolas Osorto and Yolanda Patricia Majano, $300,000.

Toddsbury Lane, 15566-Elizabeth and Scott A. Johnson to Nicholas and Elizabeth E. Robinson, $535,000.

Vicksburg Ct., 8801-Thomas J. Brichetti to Robert Abdallah and Dolly Georges Boustani, $232,000.

Westside Rd., 12811-Simone and Leslie Genna to David Braidich, $525,000.


Alleghany Rd., 7582-Edgar Santiago to Shawn C. Walker, $410,000.

Cregger Lane, 7589-Abby Foster Hayes to Brooklyn M. Deeds, $415,000.

Mineola Ct., 9138-Derrick Henley to Lacy Thomas Lusk Jr. and Abigail Elizabeth Foerster, $420,500.

Rugby Rd., 8005-Oh Bong Kim to Leonel A. Espinoza, $280,000.

Tendring Trail, 7517-Tri Thanh and Theresa Q. Le to Shing C. Truong and Cam Hong Thi Vo, $300,000.


Beachview Dr., 15437-Maury R. and Maria J. Paslick to Christopher and Sheila Hamula, $442,500.

Edgewood Dr., 16110-Sacha Khan and Linda Cheng to Harry E. Baker Jr., $389,000.

Golf Club Dr., 15519-Emily R. Hess and Charles E. Eckholdt to Cynthia M. Phillips, $430,000.

Mulberry Point Ct., 3812-Larry L. and Carol A. Kalbfleisch to Stanley B. and Carol A. Rediger, $414,000.

Purcival Ct., 16659-Robert L. and Jacqueline B. Bridge to Christopher R. and Natasha L. Caulder, $505,150.

Trisail Ct., 15576-Jefferson M. and Marla S. Dowdy to Benny and Diana Rhodes, $475,000.

Willow Oak Pl., 5101-Tommy T. and Karla R. Scott to Robert and Devon Stonaker, $484,900.


Amy Lane, 13888-Susan Marilou Handy and Christopher Allen Sollers to James C. and Miriam L. Ferguson, $440,000.

Puddle Pl., 12151-Gerald A. Mazur to Kathryn and Christopher Messier, $480,000.


Myrtle Pl., 384-Rodney Fujio and Karen Ann Matsushima to Christopher Miles and Riina Mettas Wilsey, $511,000.


Elm Ct., 3173-Diane M. Latvala to Albert L. and Tammie Woodong Ware, $489,000.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4210, No. 19-Victoria Evans to Clifton D. Broughton, $260,000.

Tralee Lane, 18509-Helen J. Lester to Aimee Susan and Richard James Sullivan, $245,000.


Appaloosa Dr., 3844-Lester G. and Nancy J. Cummins to Kelley Luciano, $399,900.

Augustus Ct., 12988-Gavin Toth to Lisa Malhotra, $303,000.

Barkham Dr., 14535, No. 285A-Diane K. Robarge to William Hernandez and Katherine Rosemary Moore, $277,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2437, No. 495A-Myra D. Mitchell to Fallon and Kimberly Williams, $360,000.

Capon Tree Lane, 16800-Ivan and Shatiera Amankrah to Philippe Meade, $312,000.

Castile Ct., 12644-Dana M. Laster to Mohammad Nasir Amir and Taramatti N. Persaud, $283,500.

Chamberlain Pl., 14404-William A. and Beverly J. Roosa to Jorge A. and Carmen E. Molina, $340,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2815, No. 222-Torrey E. Hubred to Ashley M. Burrell, $265,000.

Colby Dr., 12307-Renee M. Rosenberg to Jason E. Jenkins, $389,900.

Dara Dr., 12705, No. 203-11-Estate of Gene Trujillo and Deborah Ann Turner to Erick De Jesus Lopez, $100,000.

Eagle Flight Cir., 16256-Nathan M. and Michelle W. Hubbard to Miguel Sanchez Ramirez and Cristina E. Castro, $515,000.

Elizabeth Burbage Loop, 15406-Larry C. and Michelle E. Shriner to Shamim Tokhi, $329,000.

Flint Hill Pl., 3428-David Allen and Bonita S. Leary to Almaz Haile, $445,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1037, No. 302-5A-Astiaj Afshar to Lillian Seoyon Kwon, $199,000.

Granada Way, 12294-Lisa A. Hill and Joshua P. Kegg to Mohamed Asaadi, $285,000.

Greendale Dr., 13868, No. 46-Jerrold and Denise Smith to Michael Martin and Emily E. Moignard, $375,000.

Inverness Way, 12704-Copper Village Investments Corp. to Rafael A. Lopez and Blanca Roxana Lopez Avendano, $330,000.

Jed Forest Lane, 16933-Havard and Glynis Capehart to Marisol Rios De Zambrana, $305,000.

Kentshire Dr., 15112, No. 447-Nick Anthony Denardi Jr. to Saul Alba, $269,000.

Lolly Post Lane, 12509-James D. Howe to Brett A. and Ashley M. Steinbrink, $425,000.

Louisville Pl., 16529-Edgardo O. Caparas to Rashad and Judee P. Rivera, $500,000.

Madeira Ct., 2884, No. 17-2-Hannelore Adams to Nicole and Bradford Townsend, $178,000.

Marquis Pl., 4303-Richard W. Berger and Cynthia Sanders to James W. and Elizabeth A. Imel, $548,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2220, No. 75-Ruben and Esther Rios to Sheena Crowder, $310,000.

Monarch Ct., 12610-Derrick M. Bagley to Tahmina N. and Sandra K. Parvez, $292,500.

Nevada St., 15311-Toyo Consultants USA Corp. to Jose A. Cruz Ortiz and Manuel A. Lobato Bonilla, $278,000.

Oberlin Dr., 2170, No. 144A-Heidi M. Hulst to Jason W. Ryker, $348,000.

Omisol Rd., 2635-Brian R. and Eve D. Mann to Jason C. and Catherine M. Hayes, $479,900.

Pohick Creek Ct., 1921-Colleen Adair Lovelace to Sean C. Felix and Jessica M. Hing, $275,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14904, No. 325A-Christopher L. Brown to Sherrice M. and Riverro D. Burns, $300,000.

Radburn St., 16246-Daniel M. Mleziva to Jose and Deborah Mercado, $459,000.

Rush Dr., 13607-Mi Young Kim to Juliana Tecse Huaillas and Sophia L. Chavez, $410,000.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3580, No. 8-103-Linda M. Zaldivar to Michelle Elizabeth Ogden, $180,000.

Spinnaker Ct., 2266-Susan L. Jess to Juan Pereira, $405,000.

Stone Lined Cir., 12640-Elliott F. Ammons to Chrystopher M. Scott, $377,000.

Taverner Loop, 13001-Everell R. and Liza Y. Gustave to Ha Daiand Thuhang Thi Pham, $490,000.

Tilletson Pl., 1833-Richard Celestine to Adam Brooks, $250,000.

Turnbuckle Lane, 2204-Sabrina Jacobs to Kristen D. Hitt, $450,000.

Watermill Terr., 15330-Anthony J. and Kathy L. Lopresto to Rugiatu Mansaray, $310,000.

Wigeon Way, 15529-Kerry L. Johnson to Ariful M. and Tasnim Karim, $560,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Artillery Rd., 8525-Matthew S. and Charlotte L. Petty to Elmer F. Argote and Keny Magali Hernandez, $315,000.

Bens Way, 10213-Christopher and Amanda Sellers to Jamieson Howland and Melissa Kirby Jewett, $436,500.

Butternut Cir., 10298-Lawrence M. Schwab Jr. to Marissa D. Turner, $314,900.

Carlton Dr., 8691-Robert Francis and Nichole C. Nay to Jacob Abosbitan and Catherine Jane Demonti, $250,000.

Center St., 9581-David M. and Anne Wetmore to Douglas R. Ansick and Elicia E. Lint, $300,000.

Clark Pl. S., 9846-Aimee Vinyard to James P. and Adrienne Deily, $485,000.

Georgian Ct., 8306-Kalpesh and Komal N. Shah to John E. McLaughlin, $250,000.

Hollowbrook Way, 8624-Lionel Percival Smith to Kadeem A. and Caitlin O’Neill Purrier, $415,000.

Mckenzie Cir., 8423-Concord Property Corp. to Chi George Zhao and Lewei Dai, $249,900.

New Britain Cir., 9030-Amy C. Casper to Yissela Rosibel Chirinos and Dunia M. Chirinos Jimenez, $250,000.

Ratcliffe Trail, 10525-PWC Neighborhoods II Corp. to Anthony M. and Helen N. Blair, $448,540.

Signal Hill Rd., 8593-John Eric and Angela R. Freitag to Adam and Katherine McCune, $435,000.

Sudley Rd., 9042-NVP Inc. to Devendra P. and Shiksha Khanal, $590,000.

Thornwood Lane, 9284-Sarah P. Schuller to Jose I. Viera, $386,000.

Troutman Ct., 8515-Frederick F. and Sherrie L. Koch to Russell E. and Becky L. Hott, $529,000.

Zebedee St., 9415-Juan F. Perez to Lauren Cassis and Andrew Jacques, $375,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Baker St., 145-Alba A. Sanchez to Edis Carolina Fuentes and Blanca Lara, $250,000.

Fairway Ct., 9207-Marie A. Johnson to Tracy Michelle Zingg, $504,900.

Polk Dr., 115-Rupert Peter Prinz to Thi Hue Nguyen and Paul A. Martin, $325,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Acadia St., 70-Elmo Joseph English to Daniel Fialor, $347,000.

Almond Dr., 326-Candice G. Bautista to Steven D. and Jamie Michelle Lane, $384,900.

Aquia Dr., 3217-Donald F. and Ann M. Hoar to Ira Terrence Levins, $315,000.

Aurelie Dr., 36-James T. and Cynthia D. Matthews to Enoch A. Patterson, $375,000.

Baldwin Dr., 54-Mark A. and Dana L. Hilts to James W. and Catherine M. Muskett, $382,000.

Beagle Rd., 97-Robert Vance Withers to Gregory T. Ward, $400,000.

Bells Ridge Dr., 15-Pamela K. and Timothy I. Kraemer to Kellen P. and Ilaria Bianco McKinney-Forbes, $300,000.

Booth Ct., 8-Nathaniel and Phuong Powell to Phillip Butler, $429,900.

Braddock Dr., 19-Jose and Ana Diaz to John and Amanda Felhofer, $320,000.

Brooke Point Ct., 105-Atlantic Builders to Cathryn Germosen, $514,310.

Castle Hill Dr., 114-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Ann Hill, $338,164.

Charlie Coakley Lane, 45-Michael P. and Emily R. Cavanaugh to Stephen A. and Heather R. Marsh, $256,000.

Coastal Ave., 961-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Byron and Laura Hoover, $405,370.

Compass Cove, 128-Matthew and Meredith Peterson to Philip Samuel Morgan, $289,500.

Cranes Corner Rd., 218-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and the Soundview Home Loan Trust to Arash Mansouri, $400,010.

Cutter Cove, 317-Juan C. and Carolyn A. Juarez to April L. McCarthy and Adam R. Neubauer, $349,900.

Denison St., 49-Darren P. and Dorothy A. Costine to James Edward and Carol Leigh Fitzgerald, $365,000.

Doria Hill Dr., 50-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Parrish Romon and Gail L. Booker, $438,362.

Echols Lane, 17-SM Stafford Corp. to David E. and Shirley A. Goldsmith, $523,335.

Egret Ct., 31-Gerard and Janice Truglio to Robert Patrick and Taka N. Perry, $454,900.

Embrey Mill Rd., 502-IHMW Embrey Mill II Corp. to Antonio T. and Teakora M. Stewart, $538,615.

Fife St., 39-Charles T. and Crystal L. Berry to Timothy P. and Stacy L. Timmins, $440,000.

Franklin St., 9-Justin G. and Johnna M. Fields to Joseph and Laura Niesen, $345,000.

Hamlin Dr., 152-Robin C. Blough to Kevin James Ellis, $346,500.

Harbour Dr., 1101-Richard M. and Regina M. Coyle to Jock and Brittney Bryant, $302,000.

Harrell Rd., 136-Homer Lee and Debbie K. Cherrix to Brian Robinson, $210,000.

Hunting Creek Lane, 24-Adam and Jessica Bartels to Stanley G. and Jennifer L. Hukkeri, $315,000.

James Lane, 111-James Thomas Zink to David Daniel Bishop, $219,990.

Kinross Dr., 73-John R. Stewart Jr. to Connie M. King, $482,500.

Landing Dr., 309-NVR Inc. to Marlain Qourah, $254,675.

Lawhorn Rd., 17-Alex D. and Eusebia C. Howell to Peter Brett and Nidia Gerringer, $394,000.

Little Creek Lane, 15-Wayne R. and Wanda J. Cushing to Francis and Luisa Pozzuto, $340,000.

Lucketts Ct., 21-John D. and Huntly S. Hashagen to Ruth L. Price, $244,900.

Marsh Rd., 64-Kaylee M. Wichert to Jeremy and Cheryl O’Kelly, $379,900.

Melbourne Dr., 18-DR Horton Inc. to Nathan D. Knight and Martha Winesette, $453,100.

Morton Rd., 173-Michael A. Pipoly to Deborah L. Johnson, $225,000.

Mt Hope Church Rd., 379-Sona Inc. to Roger and Marcia Angela Williams, $515,000.

Neabsco Dr., 45-Christopher S. and Cheryl W. Hannah to Wen Shen and Dan Bao, $410,000.

Ocala Way, 19-Cheryl Brunk to Trevor Carl Kuchman, $305,000.

Olympic Dr., 228-Thomas M. and Karina V. Romero to Florence Appiah and Nana Agyei-Twum, $339,000.

Park Cove Dr., 407-Jamel L. and Trishette D. Neville to Joice Marvina Council, $255,990.

Pinto Lane, 33-Holmes Homes Inc. to Nexi V. Cervantes Magana, $508,000.

Quarry Oaks Rd., 12-Melinda K. Shirley to Allison and Steven Dabu, $271,500.

Reserve Way, 26-Atlantic Builders to Andrea Ordonez Atuesta and Pablo M. Bentos Pereira, $491,400.

Richwood Cv., 100-Atlantic Builders to Gerald S. and Christina Bradford, $559,570.

Ridgecrest Ct., 204-Michael N. Baker Jr. to Ruben H. Hernandez and Julia J. Coreas Flores, $230,900.

Rolling Valley Dr., 329-NVR Inc. to Liesl and Shane Yeskey, $252,207.

Ruby Dr., 4-Donald R. and Katie S. Wildasin to David Matthew and Allison Marie Moody, $314,500.

Saint Roberts Dr., 38-Philip A. and Kimberly A. Werle to Adam David and Ramona B. Smith, $458,000.

Shale Ct., 10-Steven Lee Barnes to Sarah Kathleen Weatherford, $408,200.

Smithfield Way, 28-Albert Crawford Sr. to Patricia A. Glover, $245,000.

Stafford Indians Lane, 59-Timothy A. and Joanna M. Curling to Bradley D. and Julie I. Edmonds, $389,000.

Streamview Dr., 129-Geoffrey and Naomi Ramos Acosta to Shuvonne W. Berry, $219,000.

Surry Lane, 305-Joelle Gilbert to Megan Humbles, $160,000.

Timothy Lane, 10-G. Deward and Dorothy M. Douglas to Kevin Joseph and Ana M. Prada, $420,000.

Tree Line Dr., 103-US Home Corp. to Claire Heider, $249,990.

Tree Line Dr., 113-US Home Corp. to Paul Hughes and Sakeana Wooten, $240,990.

Victoria Dr., 2000-Larry E. and Patricia P. Herman to Ashlee Taylor, $375,000.

Walter Cir., 2-Gregory P. and Christina E. Mellors to Robert I. Davis, $448,000.

Webb Ct., 4-Lee A. Wilkinson to Thomas M. and Karina V. Romero, $400,000.

Wellspring Dr., 74-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Tawania Michelle Harvey, $407,000.

Whitsons Run, 257-Dwayne Bailey to Fredis Bonilla, $334,900.

Wind Ridge Dr., 906-Thao D. Melendez to Michele L. House, $205,000.

Woods Edge Ct., 32-David L. and Carrie A. Edwards to Kristi E. Phelps, $339,500.

Woodstream Blvd., 348-Julian Enriquez to Sherrette Funn, $339,500.