Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Benchmark Lane, 8986-Peter J. and Jamison A. Manternach to Nadege Haygood, $345,000.

Broadsword Dr., 10143-Moinuddin Hassan and Sharmina Afroz to Rebecca Davies and David James Fry, $465,000.

Claret Way, 8939-Doug S. and Bangon Lowder to Wallace M. and Teresa Carter, $446,000.

Dunbarton Dr., 12893-Bettye H. Fitts to James P. and Berta V. O’Mara, $433,000.

Falcon Glen Ct., 9078-Carrie J. Reardon to Elizabeth Wolfe Price, $330,000.

Hawkeye Run Ct., 14068-Kenneth Oporto to Richard and Simone Njei, $378,000.

Martingale Ct., 12898-Ryan Glenn and Brook D. Nogart to Dustin and Kara Powell, $492,500.

Penzance Lane, 12310-David M. Askwith to Natalie K. Baker, $338,000.

Restina Rd., 13766-Robert J. and Julie L. Beal to Michele L. and Troy A. Duff, $475,000.

Sapphire Ridge Pl., 13166-Bill and Diane Lemaster to Ryan G. and Brook D. Norgart, $592,000.


Cavendish Run Ct., 13030-Pilar Elise Goicoechea to Myung San Park and Sunny Yunjoo Seo, $697,900.


Anderson Ct., 14842-Yeon S. Nam to Faissal Aouyoun, $250,000.

Athey Loop, 15116-Carlos E. and Jennifer E. Lecca to Ezell and Amal Adams, $649,900.

Birchdale Ave., 14209-Juan Sempertegui to Adriana Hernandez and Yeny B. Juarez, $295,000.

Bonneville Lane, 4679-Jenee E. Saunders to Haidee Ferrer Lavina, $410,000.

Brentwood Ct., 14490-Andrew Scott Turk to Esteban Rodriguez, $227,000.

Buttonwood Ct., 14859-Kimberly D. and Douglas E. Schlereth to David and Jacquelyn Pinion, $429,000.

Christy Lane, 3548-David Haas and Hwa-Lun Liu to Ryan Azar, $300,000.

Concord Dr., 15113-Leaman E. Lewis to Efren Martinez Flores and Yanira E. Gutierrez Hernandez, $264,100.

Earlham Ct., 14586-Eliseo S. Rodriguez to Lesly Patricia Cruz Mejia and Dulce Cristina Barahona Cruz, $216,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4503-Nicholas Robert Mastronardi to Adalberto Campos, $325,000.

Gardensen Dr., 4106-Nelson Afanador Zayas and Monica Vega Morales to Autumn Ewald, $277,900.

Grassy Knoll Ct., 15000-Daniel Lynn and Carlton Warren Brown to Julio A. Hernandez, $415,000.

Hendricks Dr., 4313-Michael Thornton to Arlan E. and Evelyn J. Cortez, $289,000.

Kentmore Dr., 4406-Estate of Ann M. Drury to Juan Salomon Zalaya and Martha Chanta De Romero, $310,000.

Ladino Ct., 3334-John J. Morgan III to Colleen N. Welsh, $249,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14054-Max Perez to Naheed Saadat, $330,000.

Manet Ct., 6559-Richard E. and Carlene A. Casten to Jose Luis Juarez Garcia and Maria O. Juarez, $634,900.

Moccasin Ct., 13731-Daniel and Laura Crawford to Emma M. Cruz, $305,000.

Park Ct. S., 4702-Boris Vainer to Hieu Trinh and Mai-Huong Tran, $253,130.

Princedale Dr., 13545-Oscar Osaomi and Amy Enomoto to Ahmad and Khadija Rasikh, $330,000.

Quixote Ct., 4932-Thomas Mill Corp. to Abdullah A. Mian and Mahwish Burney, $532,464.

Rockcliff Lane, 5782-Sarah Lee Willey to Dianne B. and William P. Laramie, $390,000.

Spotted Turtle Ct., 15212-Suk Yi Lee Owens to Ahmed and Amal Bawezir, $535,000.

Wertz Dr., 3873-William L. and Heather C.D. Marshall to Mathew and Emily C. Pastroe, $444,000.


Antrim Cir., 3170-Jennifer S. Stieler to John Velarde, $258,000.

Harmsworth Dr., 2300-Warren J. Lopez and Mary Lou Ojeda to Daniel Lee and Heidi Michelle Hulst, $547,500.

Swans Creek Lane, 17979-William Conrad and Maureen Elizabeth Wellman to Saul Manuel Vasquez Rosalino, $580,000.

Tripoli Blvd., 17367-U.S. Bank National Association and Lehman XS Trust Mortgage to Phuong Dinh-Khau Phun and Tuyen Thi-Thang Nguyen, $202,125.


Anchor Mill Pl., 15021-Rodney D. and Traci S. Gary to Christopher S. and Carrie A. Bradshaw, $565,000.

Brightview Way, 13452-Douglas K. and Elizabeth N. Woodard to Jeffrey L. and Linda B. Grant, $591,900.

Brunson Cir., 7484, No. 9A-Rui Fandinga to Mario Jose Rodriguez and Maria Rocha, $317,900.

Cannondale Way, 14152, No. 13-Chad and Lindsey Cavender to Michael W. and Judith R. Feciura, $284,500.

Chelmsford Dr., 13890, No. B201-Ray and LaTosca Brown to John J. Papp, $303,975.

Collingham Pl., 14583-Terron D. and Angela D. Sims to Jamieson L. and Krystal Campbell, $515,000.

Culloden Crest Lane, 7873, No. 85L-Kenneth Prohoniak to Michael W. and Chia-En J. Woo, $360,500.

Dewars Way, 6802-Scott W. and Darlene L. MacDonald to Sushav Mani Dixit, $420,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13500-Sandra J. Iasiello to Kathy A. Orr and Dorothea J. Lineberry, $514,900.

Galena Ct., 13059-Estate of Heather J. Neubauer and John Christopher Neubauer to Patricia Heininge, $499,500.

Kona Dr., 7071, No. 16-ALG Trustee Corp. and Cody Michael Hogeboom to Sherri L. Lee, $345,000.

Legend Glen Ct., 14291-Patricia Ann Scarlett to Eric Markle, $362,500.

Little Thames Dr., 7186, No. 172-Christopher and Caroline Knox to Matthew W. and Melissa L. Stitt, $280,000.

Maidenhair Dr., 12146-Andrew J. and Gina M. Kalberer to Brian Christopher and Erica Robitaille, $520,000.

Morgan Island Way, 7110-Wilson B. and Lindsay C. Caspari to Robert and Mariea Kovsky, $475,000.

Red House Rd., 14668-Leon and Crystal A. Hernandez to Sharon L. Hall and Brian Bouchard, $455,000.

Rogue Forest Lane, 7019-Scott Gerow to Charlie Beyer, $330,000.

Sauvage Lane, 7004-Polly A. Welch to Liping Tang, $315,000.

Sheringham Way, 16074-Robert Aaron and Kimberly M. Lee to Thomas Paige Jr. and Kelle Lyn Scott, $429,000.

Sterling Point Dr., 14069-Nancy M. Perrin to Alex and Erika Lamb, $510,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 8142-Albert W. and Maureen M. Marino to Ahmad Raza Qadri, $493,025.

Tysons Oaks Ct., 8110-Nigel D. Nageer and Cindy M. Law to Young Chul Yoon and Joo Hea Shim, $640,000.

Winnipeg Ct., 7236-Ronald D. and Kimberly A. Thomas to Hadi Khadher and Nazanin Kareem, $525,000.


Alderbrook Dr., 15605-Gloria M. Weiss to James A. and Grisela Z. Graves, $540,000.

Aster Haven Cir., 6263, No. 17-Debra McDonald and Lauren Gardner to Demetrios Robert Mitchell, $275,000.

Chamberry Cir., 14540-George and Frances K. Barberoglou to Jinky Ebarle and Donald Wayne Tweedie Jr., $813,000.

Cullen Pl., 6314-Hang Min Cho and Weina Yao to Derrick M. and Vanessa Evans, $365,000.

Fishers Hill Way, 5396-Vincent J. and Sherry C. Cipriano to Anita E. and Ronald A. Harmon, $715,000.

Grinnel Lane, 6818-David William and Stacey Nicole Lambour to Amy Terese and Michael S. Bouchery, $673,000.

Jackson Dr., 2718-Cavan R. Westlund and Jacqueline C. Byrd to Timothy J. and Emily E. Horn, $390,000.

Londons Bridge Rd., 15194-Robert M. and Susan R. Ruiz to Arthur H. Gomez III, $551,000.

Newhope Dr., 15634-Stojan and Aleksandra Fazlovic to Max J. and Leslie A. Browngold, $600,000.

Shoal Creek Dr., 5624-Alexa R. and Megan D. Wagoner to Luke M. and Rebecca J. Tolbert, $575,000.

Tanning House Pl., 15704-Howard Monroe and Deborah Sue Schloss to Matthew T. and Allison Koons, $674,900.

Trevino Dr., 5448-Gloria Jean Smith to Roy Wayburn and Carol A. Mace, $390,000.

Woodruff Springs Way, 6252, No. 20-Erica Lynn Brandon to Jasmine N. Jackson, $300,000.


Allegro Dr., 9709-Timothy E. Bisaillon and Malia Pack to Rachel Smith, $429,000.

Belle Grae Dr., 7521, No. 11-8-David and Daniel Armando Calderon Riglin to Larry A. Bolanos Sr. and Martha Isabel Kocvara, $225,000.

Brewer Creek Pl., 9025-Breyana Heck to Melony Nicole Wallace, $390,000.

Caraway Cir., 10864-Brendan and Isma Z. Coleman to Brenton W. and Carlin A. Crow, $326,000.

Community Dr., 7984-Ramin Vafaei Saadi to Leo Shue and Jing Zhang, $228,000.

Damascus Dr., 9547-Luis E. Nolasco Martinez and Paola Rea to Monette and Frederick Alegre, $275,600.

Eppes Island Pl., 5601-Dustin Charles and Courtney W. Knapp to Nathan P. Nofziger, $465,000.

Flager Cir., 7804-Richard and Elsa I. Quiles to Laura and Cory Patterson, $324,999.

Halterpath Trail, 11117-Gouranga D. and Rita Bose to John Edward Kosak, $231,000.

Hinton Way, 10525-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Maya and Gira Tanna, $386,035.

Hugh Mullen Dr., 7947, No. 70-Linda Furnari to Tracy L. Thompson and Idi K. Destine, $185,000.

Ivakota Ct., 12151-William E. and Joyce E. Lloyd to Dionna M. and Nicholas P. Kiernan, $587,500.

Kessler Pl., 11253-Michael E. and Katherine Plona Jones to Diem Thi Tran and Giao Thanh Luu, $305,000.

Lakeway Dr., 11603-Kevin W. and Lisa Smith to Jeremy and April Dickson, $652,000.

Lucasville Rd., 11807-Maryann Nanocchio to Clinton and Jerry Arnett, $305,000.

Millpond Ct., 11912-Jack H. Siegel to Jaime N. Lopez, $430,000.

Old Settle Ct., 9406-Delvin O. Hawkins to Mohammad and Farah Tauqeer, $553,000.

Rapidan Lane, 10426, No. 27-7-Ronald Hager to Ronal Villatoro and Maritzol Ortiz Perez, $175,000.

River Run Dr., 10746-Barry W. and Doris E. Rice to David F. Fuller and Lindsey A. Winter, $365,000.

Tasker Dr., 10111-Joel P. and Shielita L. Hope to Hugo Vargas Elias, $265,000.

Tommy Ct., 8551-Donald A. Miller to Dustin R. and Karen J. Sanchez, $665,000.

Winfield Loop, 10698-Marsha Celistan to Kevin Webb, $299,000.


Amherst Dr., 7806-Joshua D. and Erica M. Fowler to Rodney A. Almaraz Sanchez, $278,500.

Dickinson Ct., 8162-Robert C. and Suzanne Juba to Huilin Chang, $449,000.

Newton Pl., 8641-Shawn Carezad to Rosa I. Padilla Mendoza and Brenda Merino, $249,900.

Sawtooth Ct., 6975-Mark and Shayla Michadu to Matthew S. and Charlotte L. Petty, $608,000.

Well St., 7699-Virginia Home Buyers Corp. to Jose M. and Ana Y. Orellana Ruiz, $350,000.


Bridgeport Dr., 15021-Michael and Corie Murphy to Jeffrey Ryan and Marcia Cook, $284,900.

Deer Park Dr., 16075-Margaret J. Czapiewski to Jeffrey Allen and Latarcia Danae Steinlage, $490,000.

Fairway Dr., 15921-Bradley V. and Jennifer J. Smith to William and Megan Morrison, $430,000.

Grant Cottage Dr., 17401-Paul William and Danielle Kennedy to Tron Lamar Poole, $352,000.

Kensington Pl., 15952-Frederick P. Thornton Jr. to Paul C. and Christy H. Teachey, $480,000.

Loganberry Lane, 4400-John K. and Tori L. Place to Ifechide and Anita R. Monyei, $432,000.

Moncure Dr., 15901-James E. and Marjorie J. Sykes to Brian E. and Kristen M. Southard, $372,000.

Oak Crest Ct., 15016-Forrest Woodward to Allison M. Cimperman, $245,000.

Saltwater Dr., 4879-Kimberly S. Stephens to Sarah Maroney, $271,000.

Sugar Maple Lane, 4894-Jacqueline Soriano to Destiny Coles, $239,000.

Vals Way, 4247-Refugio Jose and Anna M. Martinez to Theodore J. and Camille Shand Fabis, $284,900.

Windsong Lane, 15465-Katherine Elizabeth Clark to Justin A. and Faith A. Arminiak, $315,000.


Kennedy Rd., 7638-Randall S. and Amy J. Munda to Ken G. and Betty J. Fox, $490,000.

Silas Dr., 9517-Kenneth L. and Alexandra N. Haines to Angela Moselle McKinney and Steven Jeffrey Klein, $405,000.


Overlook Dr., 319, No. 4-Thomas Andrew and Nance Kathleen Mazzola to Mildred Earnestine Williams, $310,000.


Fuller Heights Rd., 19235-Gary L. Michael to Jose F. Campos Garcia and Gilma Chavez Quinteros, $205,000.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4805, No. 149-Michael B. and Natalie J. Jensen to Anita D. Akwetey, $329,310.

Wharf Lane, 3644-Holmes J. Lewis to Wanza E. Lewis, $6,000.


Alabama Ave., 14807-Rito De Lao Hernandez to Jeffrey Gonzalez and Sharon P. Martinez, $290,000.

Appaloosa Dr., 3862-James E. Collins Jr. and Erica Alemdar to Thaddeus R. Reid, $438,000.

Augustus Ct., 12996-Brian W. Palmer to Alemseged Alemneh and Metasebia Woldemariam, $300,000.

Battery Hill Cir., 2361-Michael and Melissa Bloomrose to John D. Lauland and Michelle Virginia Sanchez, $410,000.

Bobolink Dr., 15835-Kevin Knesley to Mark Luersen, $400,909.

Bridgeton Ct., 3082-Matthew R. Zoller to Patrick J. Altieri and Natalie Maloney, $315,000.

Burgundy Pl., 2887, No. 1-6-Phillip G. and Cinda Key Wilkins to Galeraye M. and Michael L. Collins, $175,000.

Catoctin Dr., 11885-Preston and Katherine Hendricks to Beth C. and Joshua D. Greer, $455,000.

Chanceford Dr., 11647-Victor and Linda Stella to Carlos and Theresa Lopez, $1.24 million.

Congress St., 1307-Edwin E. Garcia and Blanca L. Huete Alvarado to Michael T. Hanson, $285,000.

Culbreth Ct., 3201-Thomas A. and Betty P. Story to Patrick H. and Amy R. Murray, $559,000.

Darden Dr., 3214-Saskia K. Majchrowitz to Patrick B. and Katherine Devore, $518,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3245-Gamaliel and Yadira Rosa to Quartez L. James and Keeta Daves, $495,000.

Evansport Pl., 12810-Said Bouziane and Amal Mourak to Sara N. Elliott, $315,000.

Flint Hill Pl., 3435-Daniel Heywood to Thomas and Giovanna Wilent, $425,000.

Georgetown Rd., 16700-John F. Grilli II to Lu P. Le, $215,000.

Granada Way, 12338-Anthony E. Jones to Messelech Zeleke Abera and Tekuamwork Mengistu Adamu, $303,000.

Greenhall Dr., 12688-Esmeralda A. Burbano to Sulaiman Konteh, $349,950.

Gunsmith Terr., 15404-Paramount Investments Corp. to Scotty D. and Patricia Chin Brennan, $232,360.

Hatchway Ct., 12415-Chapin F. Hanna to Angela F. and Alastair D. McPherson, $346,000.

Kentshire Dr., 15147, No. 479-Daniel E. Shriver to Dennis Tran, $304,900.

Longview Dr. E., 1214-Francisco J. Diaz to Mohammed S. Ahmed, $300,000.

Luckland Way, 2515-Rosemary S. and Donald Hood to Fatmata Kamara, $260,000.

Madeira Ct., 2897, No. 10-3-Dennis E. and Valeta E. Kelley to Kevin and Bailey D. Knesley, $190,000.

Mathews Dr., 13923-Antonio F. and Nicole Machado to Meredith Kayley Cosier and Alan Edward Moeller, $292,500.

Merseyside Dr., 2289, No. 20-John F. and Leidy L. Santa to Thomas and Jill Gibler, $354,900.

Monarch Ct., 12626-Alexander L. and Elizabeth S. Dunn to Sisomphong Simmavong, $285,000.

Noble Fir Ct., 2773-Samir and Vipra Shah to Chase and Melinda Thompson, $470,000.

Oberlin Dr., 2172, No. 145A-Joyce-Abigail O. Otchere to Loveland Asante and Comfort Adarkwah, $341,000.

Ospreys View Pl., 13548-Sabina J. Kelly to Nicole Tate, $637,000.

Pohick Creek Ct., 1946-Dyanna I. Zelaya to Nancy C. and Nathalie C. Fuentes, $295,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14907, No. 201A-Jolene C. Marshall to Indalecio and Adamaris Guzman, $374,000.

Putnam Cir., 13176-James J. and Kimberly A. Ebel to Marilou R. and Steve Alberto Lacayo, $270,000.

Rainbow Ct., 1943-Norman Woods to Yankaday and Mohamed Kamara, $295,000.

Scotch Ct., 2220-William I. and Maria D. Hummel to Florence F. Georges, $390,000.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3585-Kenneth D. Welch to Eric Scott Cunningham, $260,000.

Stallion Ct., 12062-Stephen C. Allen to Zaki and Wahida Ghiasi, $300,000.

Sturbridge Rd., 12917-Angela Flowers to Rahitosh Mondol, $345,000.

Teasel Ct., 1973-Marisol Sanchez to Hardik Patel, $281,000.

Tolson Pl., 11732, No. 11-3-Kathleen T. Walsh to Ali H. Mohammed, $195,000.

Valleyhill St., 12827-Natalie and Bryan Sposato to Dyanna I. Zelaya, $418,000.

Wimbley Lane, 12676-Meteor Investment Inc. to Irene I. Contreras-Sorto, $360,000.

Winona Dr., 12079-Anthony J. Carchietta and Lorraine A. Giovinazzo to Marvin B. Valle, $315,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Barnett St., 8806-Travis J. Collins to Lorencia Valencia Samano, $379,900.

Bernard Ct., 10312-Henry Olp to Kevin R. and Hannah L. Briggs, $400,000.

Butternut Cir., 10326-DS Houses Corp. to Jamil and Hannan Abdel-Jalil, $275,000.

Caspian Way, 9310, No. 301-James Michael Green and Steven Douglas Urry to Kaitlin M. Overstreet and Victor M. Souza, $190,000.

Center St., 9595-Tyler Riddelle and Lauren Unkhouser Jenkins to Patrick K. Ro, $270,000.

Clover Hill Rd., 9425-Gerald J. and Cathy M. Pendley to Ricardo Martins and Abigail Catherine McLaughlin, $415,000.

Georgian Ct., 8482-Muhammad Haroon to Manouchehr Pordel, $227,500.

Jackson Ave., 8612-Sidney J. Pollock and Candace L. Gale to Danial Boushra, $396,000.

McRae Ct., 9072-Estate of Ernest W.E. Schumacher and Kathleen M. Schumacher to Oscar Alfonso Diaz, $235,000.

Pettus Pl., 10218-Theresa A. Goble to Matthew M. and Rachel L. McClure, $400,000.

Robin Lynn Ct., 9214-Moulay S. and Rocio B. Alaoui to Elsa E. Gonzalez, $385,000.

Taney Rd., 9420-Laura M. Baez Santana and Ana M. Alvarado Hernandez to Antony Austin Ball, $195,000.

Tillett Loop, 8321-Andrew J. and Shelley B. Donnelly to Tomas L. and Christina L. Primeau, $495,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Black Hawk Ct., 9400-Todd Steinberger to Alaina D. Samuels, $299,000.

Colfax Ct., 222-Emma Maribel Alvarenga and Alejandro J. Cruz to Kenneth Struble, $275,000.

Lambert Dr., 172-Michael Jenkins to Jose M. Campos Molina, $288,900.

Moseby Ct., 317-F-Laura and Robert Monaghan to Ying Zhang, $164,900.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Affirmed Dr., 118-Victor L. and Annie H. Green to Earl Smith and Sarah Olo, $665,000.

Aly Sheba Lane, 6-Tracey L. Barker to Shaan M. and Amy L. Herrmann, $630,000.

Aspen Hill Dr., 30-Charles Chilton Marks to Sharon Crusenberry, $259,900.

Barrett Heights Rd., 163-Katherine Gavino-Monroe to Corie Roeder and Phillip A. Hester, $296,000.

Beau Ridge Dr., 39-Enzo P. and Megan E. Simoni to Jonathan Porter Hornauer, $395,000.

Boundary Dr., 27-Brittany N. and Trevor N. Thacker to Amanda N. Padgett and George S. Mothershead Jr., $255,000.

Braemar Pl., 302-Tim and Christina Shires to Richard Delaney Hill II, $236,000.

Brooke Point Ct., 116-Atlantic Builders LTD to Wayne H. Golwitzer Jr., $598,445.

Camden Dr., 308-Robert F. and Marlene P. Saikowski to Joseph N. and Jean M. Moore, $324,900.

Castle Hill Dr., 118-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Clinton and Carolyn Gripper, $301,718.

Cherry Tree Lane, 7-Rolling Creek Properties Corp. to Brad Matthew and Kaitlyn E. Atkins, $271,500.

Coastal Ave., 991-Atlantic Builders LTD to Ziemowit M. and Katherine Gozdawa-Golebiowski, $426,215.

Confederate Way, 65-Jordan R. and Raquel D. Beasley to Tatek A. Yemer and Tigist A. Legesse, $330,000.

Cropp Rd., 420-Stephanie G. Stockham to Laurance A. and Katherine M. Weeks, $435,000.

Daffodil Lane, 45-Stephen A. and Vickie R. Kelly to Lynda Techie-Menson and Thomas Awuku, $485,000.

Denison St., 176-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Barry and Cynthia Blakley, $396,217.

Dorothy Lane, 71-Keith A. and Michelle L. Washington to Candyce Leigh Graham and Deshawn Patrick White, $390,000.

Edgewater Dr., 28-Drees Homes of DC Inc. to Jose L. and Stephanie Sanchez, $853,456.

Equestrian Dr., 54-Joanne M. Anderson to James and Nathalie Freeman, $530,000.

Fathom Cv., 214-Kerry J. and Tammy Ann Block to Anthony A. and Crystal Arriaga, $425,000.

Ficklen Rd., 1015-Kenneth J. and Marion E. Kaus to Annemarie Landry, $288,000.

Flint Ct., 9-La’Monica Harrison to Darren L. and Lisa Anderson, $358,000.

Gallery Rd., 41-Michael D. Tanguay and Angelina Montecalvo to David and Carrie Edwards, $499,900.

Glendale Dr., 6-Michael E. and Jacqueline Lehr to Mercedes Mayorga, $345,000.

Grassland St., 26-Phyllis Y. and Daniel N.T. Green Jr. to Mariah Anne Eller, $370,000.

Hamlin Dr., 173-Emily Ann Seidel to Daniel Gentry, $267,000.

Hartlake Dr., 12-Mark and Lou Ella Kaskey to Paul A. and Amy Vance, $290,000.

Holly Brooke Ct., 32-Floyd L. and Lana F. Jones to William A. Anderson II, $450,000.

Huntington Dr., 31-Roger M. and Kayla D. Knutson to Timothy Michael and Tricia Renae Pula, $296,000.

Joplin Ct., 23-Stephen C. and Amara Jumonville to Ilse M. and Carlos R. Branez, $340,000.

Kelly Way, 38-Dee D. and Rebecca A. Dipardo to Jose Israel and Marjolein Colunga, $395,000.

Landing Dr., 311-NVR Inc. to Marvin Crenshaw, $272,262.

Legend Dr., 83-Susan K. Silvers to Thomas J. and Katherine M. Nitz, $195,000.

Little Oak Rd., 49-Matthew D. and Amanda Kay Oberlin to Dirk D. Miller, $311,500.

Long Point Dr., 117-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Nancy Carolyn Deibler, $307,377.

MacGregor Ridge Rd., 228-Paul T. Pichurko to Sheryl Didyk, $202,000.

Maple Leaf Ct., 1-David E. and Christine L. Olmstead to Tatiana and Kamo Petrosyan, $311,480.

Martin St., 4-Jeffrey D. and Alisa G. Garrett to Barry Craig Mister and Magdalena Piwko, $335,000.

Melchers Dr., 527-Jackie L. Highlander Jr. to Tatiana M. Morton, $325,000.

Montauk Ave., 12-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Nathaniel and Durussia Jenkins, $271,686.

Morton Rd., 200-Thomas R. and Patricia Ann Boulware to Bradley S. Hickey and Christina Monique M. Andrews, $267,000.

Muster Dr., 31-Stephen A. and Heidi K. Simpson to Bernard and Laura Hess, $600,000.

New Brunswick Ct., 2-Jack V. and Lynda G. Compton to Erik P. and Lynn Maria McDowell, $437,050.

Old Truslow Rd., 910-Lee D. and Lauren Elizabeth Verhine to Justin A. Snyder and Rachel L. Mountjoy, $564,000.

Onville Rd., 42-Luis O. Mejia and Aida Sonia Perez to Charly Vega, $360,000.

Partridge Lane, 78-Ashok Talreja and Anita Banerjee to Oleg and Antonina Smolenkov, $925,000.

Pointe Lane S., 26-James W. Bush and Danielle M. Sandford to Elliott Ferguson, $305,000.

Raft Cv., 313-Fred O. and Marcia L. Starkey to John R. and Jessica L. Chapman, $475,000.

Reserve Way, 55-Atlantic Builders LTD to Elmer E. and Selena Shaw Mote, $520,800.

Richwood Cv., 112-Atlantic Builders LTD to Javana C. Mosley and Antisus D. Dawson, $664,319.

Ridgecrest Ct., 308-Wesley A. and Jennifer L. Tucker to Montina C. Peoples, $232,500.

Riggs Rd., 1-Michael D. and Laurie McMullen Weinstein to Andres and Laura Rubio Blanco, $412,500.

Rippling Water Ct., 3-Joyce F. Boucher to Dennis and Alissa Swafford, $524,900.

Roseville Ct., 2-Brett and Barbara J. Parvin to Sohail M. Yousaf, $320,000.

Saginaw Dr., 108-Clark K. Smith to Russell Di Lisi, $265,000.

Saint Roberts Dr., 71-Thomas S. and Cynthia S. Phelan to Jeremy William and Carrieann D. Barone, $369,000.

Scotland Cir., 12-Robert A. Kayne to Nadia and Aftab Waqi Khan, $365,000.

Shamrock Dr., 200-Omar Gonzalez-Oliveras and Mayra Perez to Joshua Diaz, $290,000.

Snowy Egret Way, 109-Atlantic Builders LTD to David L. and Carla L. Dengler, $637,015.

State Room Dr., 2006-Nouman Javed Mirza to Ivan Nazario Laboy and Elisa Velzquez Diaz, $350,000.

Sturbridge Lane, 11-Maryanne Peightel to Hevert Moreno, $355,250.

Sydney Lane, 9-Robert C. and Mollye A. Hoffman to Brad A. and Tiffany C. Beck Ortner, $392,900.

Titanic Dr., 3237-Chad E. and Jennifer S. Carter to Douglas and Michelle R. Downey, $424,000.

Tree Line Dr., 105-US Home Corp. to Patrick and Matthew Lilly, $230,000.

Turner Dr., 12-Tracey Lee Latham to Marc B. and J. Echo Allred, $285,000.

Vista Woods Rd., 52-Jenny F. Williams to Jorge Luis Malpartida Ampudia and Hilda Lizana Flores, $309,000.

Warrenton Rd., 2736-Hazel May and J.W. Jenkins to Andrew Roland and Anitra Denise Kitfield, $167,500.

Wet Rock Lane, 77-Nancy and Timothy Tran to Mary Katherine and Jessica Anne Weise, $230,000.

Widewater Rd., 510-Benjamin Scott and Leah Rebecca Hurley to Miguel A. Romero-Arana, $255,000.

Winterberry Dr., 514-Robert William and Jennifer Rebecca Major to William E. and Barbara Sue Francis, $389,900.

Woodstream Blvd., 170-Ross A. and Angela J. Anderson to Elizabeth C. Onyejekwe, $390,000.