Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Acadia Park Dr., 9092-Mark T. and Hanna Dejene Phillips to Jagjeet Singh, $657,000.

Battalion Sq., 11815-John A. Percherke to Sherry L. Namyak, $500,000.

Bittersweet Lane, 10546-Raymund Osborn to Samnang and Mary Som, $461,900.

Chorley Way, 8709-James A. and Emily A. Megenhardt to Christopher and Amy Bilbee, $339,000.

Correen Hills Dr., 12912-Suzanne Ballard to Matthew Joseph and Nancimarie Christina Ranghelli-Bohlke, $350,000.

Dragoon Guards Ct., 10059-Aaron M. Bork to Chase Backus and Rachel Klondar, $400,000.

Eredine Way, 9562-Yon Hui De Lucia to Frank D. and Nancy C. Cummings, $405,000.

Innerwick Pl., 9632-Edith P. Van Weezendonk to Moses Opare and Audrey Opare Akurang, $340,000.

Maitland Loop, 9840-Wilmington Savings Found Society to Cristhian Ruben Amengual Reyna and Marija Amengual, $285,000.

Open Meadow Lane, 12172-Derek and Joy Wouden to Stephen and Carissa Brady, $450,000.

Pentland Hills Way, 10052-Ryan K. and Anna Crosser to Kian Paul and Natalie M. Tomas, $419,999.

Rising Ridge Ct., 8611-Gianni and Elin Burburan to Urfan Choudhry and Maria Elisabeth Nittel, $550,000.

Sedge St., 12240-Brookfield Vint Hill Corp. to Robert D. and Toni T. Robertson, $589,990.

Wishing Well Way, 12807-Virginia B. Lane to Daryl Palumbo, $350,000.


Bacons Castle Ct., 15716-Bunthoen and Torn Chea to Craig Matthews and Natasha J. Kenner, $445,000.

Beau Ridge Dr., 15764-Oliver F. and Bonnie G. Braxton to Vanessa Lynn and Michael R. Sachon, $402,500.

Braddock Dr., 3426-Jerome N. Doumaux to Catheryn J. Cueva and Roxana B. Lopez, $225,000.

Cardin Pl., 15086-Adedamola Adejuwon to Rolando E. Suazo, $221,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 14847-Mohammed Mia and Fouzia Sultana to Wajma Sataryar, $225,000.

Colony Creek Ct., 14440-Caroline Heintz and Michael Berk to Shaun P. Dean, $508,000.

Cranmer Mews., 3516-Thuan A. Nguyen and Trung-Kien N. Trinh to Mohammad Sarwar, $260,000.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4880, No. 124-George O. Diabene and Crystal A. Amoah to Winfred L. Kelley, $319,000.

Dillon Ave., 14815-Suong Tran to Samuel Andrade, $320,000.

Earlham Ct., 14624-Blanca M. and Candelaria Carabante to Melkam Belay and Gizachew Tariku, $235,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4379-Manuel De Jesus Pineda Lopez to Rutilio Del Cid, $310,000.

Felmore Ct., 3616-Latoya Wilborn to Rafael Ramirez, $248,000.

Forge Dr., 4000-Alma P. Best-Johnson and Irving C. Best Jr. to Leonard A. and Jacquelyn White, $330,000.

Glendale Rd., 4209-Metro Fine Properties Corp. to Charles Conway and Jeanne Tchuenbou, $379,000.

Haddock Rd., 13116-Salvador and Isolina Salguero to Rudis S. Hernandez Escobar, $280,000.

Hersand Ct., 4735-Benjamin Stafford to Skarleth Heredia, $250,000.

Hoffman Dr., 4226-Betty W. Jarboe to Jose Lara Rivas, $285,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13407-Sarah S. Robertson to John L. Gough, $300,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14158-Nicholas E. Rodak to Kelly Richmond, $325,000.

Medwick Ct., 5256-Estate of Wendy McAlister and Elisabeth Anne Turner to Christina Visagie, $305,000.

Oaklawn Lane, 6037-Daniel J. Wilburn to Elizabeth A.G. and Charles B. Marlowe Jr., $352,000.

Pamela Ct., 13508-Michael A. and Mary E. Warwick to Vinod Jayara, $375,000.

Quick Pl., 13100-Russell S. and Deborah Elise Kanardy Matos Lowe to Jesse C. and Victoria R. Waite, $530,000.

Sloop Ct., 15259-Matthew William and Lisa Michelle Waterman to Kristina and Morris Parson, $510,000.

Torrence Pl., 4420-Yosief Kiflemariam to Awura A. Opoku-Reeves, $330,000.

Wits End Dr., 15350-Daniel P. Hydro and Barbie A. Goodman to Travis and Katherine Winstead, $640,000.


Crystal Downs Terr., 18054-Heidi L. Flick to Mark A. Manke, $422,900.

Heth Ct., 2610-Lemlem Aklilu to Jose Alfonso A. Ochoa, $200,000.

Nicely Ct., 2909-Mark S. Williams to Kevin F. and Becky T. Ciocca, $542,500.

Rose Hill Cir., 17694-Henry E. Tarbell to Ryan M. and Amanda B. Sylvester-Williams, $279,000.

Wexford Loop, 17295-Mohammed Zahir Uddin and Shamima Nargis to Dwayne Edwards, $309,900.


Bladen Pl., 7213-Brenda D. Cannon to Sangdo Choi and Seungyoon Yoo, $495,000.

Cannondale Way, 13950, No. 105-Troy and Ellen Forbes to Mohammad S. Ahmadi, $299,000.

Cedar Branch Dr., 7792, No. 101-Shirley A. Slaughter to Jason J. and Anita N. Vettickal, $259,900.

Clatterbuck Loop, 14189-Tamera L. Sistrunk to Kolin J. and Patricia A. Galinao, $527,000.

Collingham Pl., 14554-Robert and Stacey Smallfield to John David and Holly Schumann, $505,000.

Gallant Fox Ct., 6068-Mansell B. Rainbolt to Taik Chae and Young Ju Kim, $505,000.

Heritage Valley Way, 13627-Steven Francis Tvardek Jr. and estate of Montez Rita Tvardek to William T. and Olivia W. Alsbrooks, $499,900.

Kentish Fire St., 14540-Marisa Marra and Ethan M. Wealand to Sayed A. Sarwary, $345,000.

Lick River Lane, 5499-Manuel C. and Maria T. Villena to Nickolas J. and Ashley N. Harris, $700,000.

Montour Heights Dr., 8062-Robert John C. and Esther O. Barnachea Limjoco to Shang Ho and Sun Young Joo, $361,900.

Red House Rd., 14627-Nerene M. and Nicholas M. Merlino to Jennifer Lara and Jeffrey Richard Willard, $455,000.

Screech Owl Ct., 8857-Kangying and Wei Wang to Ahmet S. and Deniz Yazak, $427,000.

Sheringham Way, 16078-A. Lulu Jackson to Joseph C. Okafor and Chimezie Nnoruka, $472,000.

Tred Avon Pl., 6828-Estate of Sue P. Rowell and Debra Lynn Frank to Robert J. Spoone, $497,450.

Walnut Hill Dr., 6920-Patricia and Robert Geluz to Stella G. and Jose L. Franco, $325,000.


Arrowfield Terr., 5570-Raymond and Janette Nash to Christopher M. and Katie M. Kellogg, $404,000.

Brave Ct., 6608-Jade-Kathryn Wells to Uchenna N. Onyeuka, $259,000.

Conklin Way, 6236-Stewart M. and Kelly M. Feather LeBlanc to Kamala Williams, $360,000.

Fog Mountain Cir., 15474-Wade M. and Courtney L. Gault to Charles Scaperotto, $559,000.

Golf View Dr., 15246-B & G Homes Corp. to Michael Poole and Eunsil Lee, $684,700.

Heather Mill Lane, 15100, No. 203-Steven B. and Sarah G. Singer to Michael and Kimberlee Farrell, $334,000.

Jennifer Lane, 4517-Maureen and William Tickle to Ashraf Shalaby, $435,000.

Martin Terr., 2914-James R. Walker to Zachary R. Knight, $419,000.

Noyes Ave., 6851-Kenneth J. and Rileigh M. Knight to Michael J. and Mary S. Gouzie, $634,000.

Quarters Lane, 16013-Laura Clark and H. Robert Leuthy to Peter John and Jennifer Lynn Alcantara, $554,000.

Signature Ct., 5041-R. Scott and Jacqueline R. Crabtree to Donald E. and Tracy L. Eakins, $620,000.

Swift Creek Ct., 5607-Denis and Sonia Mendieta to Joseph R. and Judith M. Eulbert, $470,000.

Warwick Hills Ct., 5008-Michael and Monica Ferguson to Giuseppe Rovo and Katia Di Maco, $749,900.


Ashland Ave., 7903-GTX Holdings Corp. to Lesly Andrade, $299,000.

Barbados Lane, 7458-Elias Gomez to Mayra V. Rodriguez and Elsa L. Leiva Flores, $300,500.

Blue Gray Cir., 7897-Chibuye Kafubula and Marlon J. Ortega to Nirmalan Raviraj, $329,900.

Bowmans Folly Dr., 15286-Stephen K. and Carrie M. Webb to Ryan Matthew and Amber Sue Bonham, $520,000.

Caraway Cir., 10820-Kelly M. Classen to Arash Beyzadeh, $330,000.

Colonial Village Loop, 6371-Douglas B. and Kelly L. Carney to Alyssa Winston and Matthew D. Lester, $540,350.

Deer Path Ct., 6195-Mark E. and Lola Ann Gilliam to Paul Attilio and Rosalyn Angela Curato, $410,000.

Englewood Farms Dr., 8834-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Darryl K. and Rosalind D. Knox, $457,990.

Fancy Farm Ct., 15553-Kerry and Cynthia F. Fiscko to Alan Michael and Robin Christine Bairley, $500,000.

Gordon Dr., 13519-Dorothy B. Jones to Maria C. and Ana Cristina Salazar, $350,000.

Jessica Ridge Way, 12904-James and Janice McMillan to Jafar Mojumder and Alaya Ferdausy, $535,000.

Lucasville Rd., 11615-Robert C. Elrod to Victor Hugo Ruiz Padilla and Thelma Villegas, $362,000.

Mountwood Dr., 9598-Oscar D. Tobar to Thomas Mendoza and Hugo Rolando Monge, $435,000.

Ordway Ct., 7600-Susan K. and Maurice E. Crosbie to Nathan James and Marina Cuvelier, $590,000.

Provincial Dr., 10625, No. 80-6-John P. Strange Jr. to Nahida Sultana, $153,600.

Rayborn Creek Dr., 11955-Stephanie M. Sutton to Joseph Lucas Rodriguez, $439,950.

Scotland Loop, 8343, No. 51-Kendra R. Gantt to Ashley D. Thomas, $296,000.

Tattersall Dr., 10627-Robert E. and Lisa B. Finley to Jawan Derek and Malika Diamond Brown, $499,900.

Winstead Pl., 8218, No. 101-Richard L. White to Leona Sue Jurjevic, $211,000.


Bear Creek Dr., 10351-Rick M. and Deborah S. Gallagher to Andrew Douglas Irons and Judith Christine Langenberg, $587,000.

Chardon Ct., 7341-William A. and Kristin N. Morgan to Michael G. and Rachel M. Sausville, $369,000.

Greystone Rd., 10275-Thaddeus R. and Christine J. Baker to Elbert Harrison and Anne M. Jeneski, $419,000.

McLean St., 7817-Betty Ann Taylor to Orlando Lara Calles and Berta Alicia Rocha De Calles, $325,000.

Roseberry Farm Dr., 7803-Gary and Mary Denham to Shiba R. Dhakal and Sunita C. Khadka, $480,000.

Waller Dr., 7835-David George Wilkinson and Magda Pastro Schrage to Liam Harkin and Michelle Lyal Farmer Kane, $485,000.


Avon Dr., 4223-David and Melanie Sutherland to Inam Ur Rehman, $375,000.

Benson Ct., 3803-Carolyn W. Strong and Allison Guinn to John D. Ruby and Bethany S. Stanton, $442,500.

Fallstone Pl., 4320-Clark I. and Siriluk J. Casas to Michael Jason and Danielle Real, $419,900.

Great Harvest Ct., 3963-Jerry and Valerie Muck to Nancy L. Bertocci, $445,000.

Jonathan Ct., 4330-James C. and Deborah O. Pugliese to Kiersten J. Baldwin, $300,000.

London Pl., 15711-Christopher D. and Keri L. Reams to Brady A. Orem, $308,000.

Outlook Pl., 15554-Mona K. Ferrell to Alain R. Escobar, $459,900.

Spillway Lane, 4393-Thomas C. and Karin Beane to Ramon Armando Portorreal and Sugey H. Caceda, $417,000.

Streamside Ct., 15263-Demetrio L. and Rose M. Javier to Maria Lorenzo Keady, $306,900.

Victoria Falls Dr., 17503-Muhammad W. and Afroza Hasin Naeem to Denise Miles, $352,500.


Dave Dr., 13893-Roselee C. Bielec to Brian Thomas McNeary, $450,000.

Sowder Pl., 9009-Troy R. and Jennifer E. Payne to Allison Hewlett and William Clay J. Shoemake, $437,000.


Beech Lane, 18401-Mark W. Burns to James B. and Paula J. Murphy, $370,000.

Graham Park Rd., 3857, No. 1-Wilma L. Spinney to Uzair M. and Syed A. Zaidi, $310,000.

Oakdale Cir., 3930-John Brantley to Julio C. Cardona Martinez, $225,000.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4120, No. 12-Elizabeth R. Anthony to Matthew A. and Erika L. Hebert, $265,000.

Wharf Lane, 3602-Donald B. and Song U. Weaver to Shalea Steele, $214,900.


Alexis Rd., 917-Martin B. Jarvis Jr. to Sourina and Martina Sandara, $275,000.

Belfry Lane, 3437-Carroll Fay Jordan to Ramon and Mahrukh Tariq, $250,000.

Bentley Cir., 13590-Devonia Singleton to Ofelia M. Salgado Arias, $290,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2327, No. 353A-Beau Michael Bergner to Aleta Copeland, $275,000.

Caleb Ct., 12546-Adam and Sarah Calhoun to David M. and Patricia S. Jordan, $549,900.

Chanceford Dr., 11663-Shawn A. and Cheryl E. Phillips to Carl Michael and Susan Szczebak Magnell, $895,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2825, No. 225-Stephen P. Digiambattista to Joseph Wilson, $277,000.

Colchester Rd., 1509-Anthony Miller Jr. to Milton Rojas, $274,900.

Cromwell Ct., 11372-Charles H. and Marie D. Luedke to Michael H. Yankaskas and Jeanette Nicewinter, $324,900.

Danridge Manor Dr., 16652-Mabel A. Witmere to Edward J. and Vinita L. Sinclair, $412,000.

Dorothy Lane, 1718-Mohammad A. Tahir to Engliz Lemma Shewareged, $395,000.

Eagle Flight Cir., 16328-Seth Keller and Lona Danette Leeson to Bir Bahadur Tamang and Bishnu Kumari Lama, $515,000.

Fleet St., 13765-Jeffrey and Peggy Theresa Rush to Shafaq Sami and Qazi Hanif Ur Rehman, $529,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1043, No. 404-5B-Benyamin Famili to Keisha Simmons, $224,000.

Granada Way, 12328-Donald and Natalie Bradner to Octavia Haughton and Marcia Rattigan-Richards, $295,000.

Hampstead Lane, 4124-Lori Burke to Kevin and Aislynn A. Collier, $340,000.

Hayes Lane, 16451-Erum Siddiqui to Pedro M. De Matos Pereira and Elvia Ochoa, $479,900.

Horseshoe Lane, 15591, No. 591-Ashley and Rudy Shaw to Lariza D. Mercado, $192,000.

Ivy Stone Pl., 2108, No. 176A-Ravinder Nagra to Andrew A. and Tessa M. Damon, $335,000.

Kew Gardens Dr., 2253, No. 182-Paul R. Cruz to Christy K. Camacho, $325,000.

Kramer Estate Dr., 16478-Richard Grant and Elizabeth Ann Berlin to Havard and Glynis Capehart, $490,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2249-Edward A. and Erin L. Huffman to Maria Eny Areco, $320,000.

Madeira Ct., 2845, No. 14-2-Jonathan Butler to Liliana Joie Byrd, $191,000.

Manchester Way, 12459-Mark Pertuit and Angela Di Stante to Geoffrey Evans and Danielle Ashley Openshaw, $332,000.

Misty Lane, 12845-Guido Miranda Vasquez and Helen Pamela Oviedo to Young Ah Kim and Dae Kyun Chong, $309,900.

Mountain Ash Ct., 13218-Billy F. Davidson to Carla J. Augustine, $490,000.

Ogilvie Ct., 3822-John David Ruby and Bethany Sina Stanton to Elias M. Martinez, $315,000.

Pfitzner Ct., 12505-Douglas B. and Michelle M. Collier to Rusty G. and Amy L. Rhoads, $497,500.

Potomac Club Pkwy., 2175, No. 11-Gerardo E. Lopez and Zahilys M. Hernandez to Kimberly M. McLemore, $350,000.

Rochelle Ct., 1788-Karen Villegas to Allah Y. Khan and Laila Rida, $270,000.

Salemway Ct., 3805-Nicole M. Black to Hassen Debbech, $228,000.

Shadwell Ct., 13000-John Heber and Erin Boden to Brian and Tracy Chapman, $575,000.

Simpson Mill Way, 4415-Marcellus L. Jackson to David P. Roganti, $379,900.

Stargrass Ct., 2016-Evelyn Rodriguez to Antonio J. Guerra and Andres Silva, $270,000.

Strickland Ct., 1848-Lillian A. Thompson to Oliver and Bonnie Braxton, $550,000.

Tendril Ct., 3404-Delia Nancy Beltran to Engracia Quinonez Arriola De Bran and Brenda L. Deras, $266,000.

Transom Pl., 2551-Jaspaul Narang and Edith Deandrade to Maryam and Amna Shafique, $519,500.

Wakewater Way, 2730-Valerie Frances Hubbard and James David Tuchscherer to Beverly Anne Zwayer and Martin Lee Bremer, $425,000.

Wetherburn Ct., 2954-Seddik Anibar to James Lee and Elizabeth Broadnax, $249,900.

Wren Ct., 2903-Thomas R. and Lisa M. Glidwell to Jamie N. Randall and Derek A. Toland, $249,900.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Acer Lane, 9224-Wendi Banther to Meinan Goto, $319,000.

Bernard Ct., 10310-Sue Grigsby and George Markos to Francisco Valencia Samano, $385,000.

Caspian Way, 9350, No. 202-Barbara L. Griffith to Nancy Willt, $170,000.

Crozier Ct., 8465, No. 303-Jereme J. Donnelly to Miranda Nicole Deffenbaugh, $139,000.

Jackson Ave., 8807-Jean N. Aanenson to Alexander Konstantinos and Ashley E. Soulos, $365,000.

Laurelwood Ct., 9166-Jose E. Carranza to Carlos Alfredo and Ana R. Larios, $265,100.

Merrimack Dr., 9020-Yascara S. Tudor Gil to Walter A. Orrego Rodriguez, $180,000.

New Britain Cir., 9131-Scott and Stacy Hawks to Victor M. Martinez Orta, $250,000.

Saddle Ct., 8496-Robert Steven and Dale Lynn Fisher to Hermes and Francisca Argueta, $245,000.

Stonewall Rd., 8618-Lisa K. Rau to Dublas O. Morales and Kalla J. Lopez, $373,272.

Windsor Ave., 9510-Andrew and Mary Wyckoff to Daniel Lee Killigrew, $315,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Baker St., 138-Robert E. and Darcy A. Ostrander Damon to Benjamin Flores, $258,200.

Corbett Pl., 9799-Linda Kaye Welch to Aaron M. Mincey, $326,000.

Holden Dr., 137-Alfredo V. and Susana M. Lopez to Santos and Noemy D. Hernandez, $330,000.

Jan St., 9309-Randy R. and Maria R. Stoughton to Michael E. and Monica F. Ferguson, $439,700.

Pierce St., 126-German H. Flores to Elieser S. Ramirez Menendez, $258,000.

William St., 9205-Donta L. Wilson to Martin and Victoria Rose, $455,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Adelaide Ct., 115-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Joseph A. and Amy Lynn Cisneros, $610,901.

Anvil Rd., 922-Morris and Poinsetta Cowles Oliver to Carleigh James Ely, $140,000.

Aquia Bay Ave., 222-Sharon J. Wilson to Andres Garcilazo Ambriz, $315,000.

Aspen Rd., 990-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Stephen J. Amweg, $455,230.

Baldwin Dr., 11-Mark L. and Karen Pierce to William Calvin Washington Jr., $325,000.

Barrett Ct., 100-Matthew P. and Cyndie L. Teofrio to Randa K. and Peter A. Tabri, $300,000.

Basswood Dr., 933-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Brian and Virginia Shrift, $393,370.

Beech Dr., 31-Steven Seib to Nelson C. Cava Rojas and Dayana J. Robledo Baldiviezo, $285,000.

Betty Lewis Dr., 208-Kirk Gerritt Horton to Joshua D. Moss, $309,000.

Birds Nest Way, 608-US Home Corp. to Lucinda Bennett, $278,990.

Blossom Tree Ct., 18-Bryan and Megan Koehler to Dakenah and Izetta W. Johnson, $430,000.

Brannigan Dr., 41-Robert M. and Marcia E. Gauvin to James D. and Jessica A. Polley, $525,000.

Brooke Point Ct., 113-Atlantic Builders LTD to Herbert and Rochelle M. Edwards, $527,680.

Camp Geary Lane, 2230-G & H Homes Corp. to Cameron L. Patterson, $450,635.

Cannon Ridge Dr., 34-Darry W. and Nancy A. Grossnickle to Lowell T. and Latrice S. Knight, $329,900.

Cary Pl., 6-Joseph and Joanna L. Harley to Dwight Douglas Hazelwood and Sara Suzanne Stowell, $299,900.

Chadwick Dr., 10-Jose C. and D. Lorena Lopez to Juan Carlos Alvarado-Castro and Maria Del Carmen Alvarado, $425,000.

Clark Lane, 65-Bernetta R. Burton to Sudanne Bailey, $335,000.

Clover Hill Dr., 9-Michael Grass to Joshua R. Driegert, $355,000.

Coastal Ave., 971-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Fallon Hutcherson, $460,140.

Columbus Dr., 1136-Kenneth B. and Carmen L. Galbraith to Kristen Nicole Brant, $299,500.

Country Manor Dr., 59-Richard Alan and Anne Cary Muegge to Keithan L. and Deanna Eiland Smith, $364,900.

Crossing Rd., 300-Melissa Marx to Tamara Myers, $218,000.

Decoy Lane, 20-Raymond A. and Ellen M. Leone to Christopher Paul Mazur and Heather Marie Hopkins, $525,000.

Donovan Lane, 137-Joshua H. and Henryetta F. Lang to Rowena San Jose and Michael A. Gentile Jr., $559,900.

Eagle Ct., 2-Summerfield Investments Corp. and Coeur De Lion Corp. to Dale R. and Carol I. Weaver, $360,000.

Executive Cir., 115-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kevin and Nicholas Ngu, $298,000.

Fenwick Dr., 105-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Lauranne C. Nash, $453,354.

Garrison Woods Dr., 503, No. 314-Fern Oak Corp. to Michael Moeller, $129,500.

Glacier Way, 32-Curtis E. and Felicia F. Proshe Cox to Asia Levean Phillips, $345,000.

Greenbank Rd., 254-Andrew B. and Pennie L. Long to Samire A. Radman, $345,000.

Hanover Dr., 3-Janina Cwalinski and Beata A. Vieira to Vanessa Anne and Michael William Watson, $248,000.

Harper Lane, 126-NVR Inc. to James Wilcox, $329,260.

Hastings Dr., 108-Christian M. Braiwick to Isaac C. Uchefuna, $233,750.

Heather Pl., 3-David S. and Lindsay H. McCormick to Bryan T. and Brittany H. Reddan, $369,900.

High Water Pl., 19-Bronskin and Ayele Gilman to Brannon A. and Stephanie M. Niesent, $535,000.

Hollycrest Pl., 3-DR Horton Inc. to Clifford C. and Linda M. Wakeman, $499,900.

Indigo Way, 438-Telly and Sanita Simons to Alexandra C. Morales and Yerko V. Rojas, $392,000.

Iron Master Dr., 52-Augustine Homes Corp. to Carl R. and Melissa A. Long, $479,060.

Jenny Lynn Rd., 6-Carol A. Dunaway to Gordon H. Mackay Jr., $329,900.

Juggins Rd., 60-Andre and Carla Hill to Nicholas C. Bureau and Sarah M. Kassis, $432,999.

Kings Crest Dr., 1204-William A. and Danielle E. Hochrine to Erika Michele Magnuson, $239,500.

Lafayette St., 35-William L. and Teresa F. Fouch to Tallulah McDaniel, $405,000.

Landing Dr., 206-NVR Inc. to Brandon Carson, $318,025.

Lawhorn Rd., 27-Jerry Gene and Terri K. Heaton to Monica J. Salazar, $407,000.

Little Oak Rd., 16-Joseph E. Zitzelberger to Scott P. Henryson and Jessica R. Vorakoummane, $359,900.

Ludington Lane, 10-Patricia and Timothy S. Sutherland to Nelson H. and Donna M. Burns Stewart, $365,000.

Mayfair Pl., 201-Moon Hye Seuk to Kevin and Amber Jennings, $225,750.

Mediterranean Dr., 3008-Michael Jody and Angela Lundy to Ramon D. Najera and Luis Javier Delgado, $343,900.

Montauk Ave., 36-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Robert Lee Crandall, $442,210.

Newbury Dr., 19-Eunice Patxot to Matthew and Kate Sergent, $414,900.

Nugent Dr., 29-Nicoleta Rotaru to Irvin and Karla Nufio, $484,900.

Oleander Dr., 15-Janet C. Kowall to Yvonne Devore, $369,000.

Park Dr. W., 401-Joey M. and Edith A. Davis to Michelle Hanenburg, $269,000.

Pear Blossom Rd., 344-SM Stafford Corp. to Joseph E.B. and Kylie J. Cross, $458,665.

Pickett Lane, 25-Matthew Cooper and Elizabeth Southern to Jacqueline Amber Lipp, $425,000.

Prestige Way, 200-Miller and Smith at Stafford Corp. to Jeffrey W. Butzin, $455,850.

Randolph Rd., 3-Jesse A. and Carrie P. Blackburn to Robert Raymond Camilleri, $275,000.

Ringgold Rd., 115-Sean M. Loveless to Derek McKoy, $305,000.

Rolling Valley Dr., 337-NVR Inc. to Lisa R. Freeman, $269,990.

Saint Roberts Dr., 50-Michael F. and Cynthia D. Denas to Justin D. Hall and Claire H. Nester, $385,000.

Scarborough Ct., 10-Gerald R. and Barbara D. Witzman to Jairo Guillen, $340,000.

Shepherds Hook Way, 10-Emer Sanabria Cardenas to Katrina Braden-Elliott, $385,000.

Silver Comet Ct., 115-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to John Francis and Rita Louise Feet, $547,852.

Snow Meadow Lane, 2-Patrick J. and Eileen S. Heiny to John and Nicole Seifert, $340,000.

Sorrel Lane, 14-SM Stafford Corp. to Robert A. and Tammy T. Vannorden, $528,783.

Spyglass Lane, 172-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Andre Slonopas, $580,000.

Stony Hill Rd., 265-William D. Graves to Christopher R. Franklin, $315,000.

Switchyard Ct., 225-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Richard and Christina Freeman, $420,742.

Tara Lane, 30-Foundation Homes Inc. to Justin Allen and Sydney M. King, $383,150.

Thresher Lane, 103-CF Land Investments Corp. to James A. and Mari S. Meak, $359,630.

Varone Dr., 11-Rod F. and Faye L. Brown to Marion L. Floode-Kamara and Joseph Kayonga, $355,000.

Vista Woods Rd., 32-Timothy S. and Maria Linda Smith to Noah J. Brletich, $250,000.

Wellspring Dr., 63-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Angela Derrick, $343,547.

Windsong Way, 17-Lisa A. Layton-Mehr to Joseph Edward Zitzelberger, $780,000.

Woodstream Blvd., 234-Johnny Castellon-Torres and Michelle N. Castellon to Valerie D. Bates, $349,500.