Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Alexander Hays Rd., 11804-Lisa Ann Porillo and Joe Clarence Birkhead IV to Paul N. and Breck L. Taylor, $470,000.

Bedder Stone Pl., 9712-Matt and Charla Tompkins to Yaravan Saeed, $350,000.

Broadsword Dr., 10201-Anthony James and Phyllis K. Lavallais to Eyber Cruz and Geydy Fuentes, $599,900.

Cold Stream Guard Ct., 12342-Ernest C. Spitler III to Jilali Khalil and Khadda Bounsar, $485,000.

Crowning Pl., 13351-Todd C. and Kristi O. Comer to Abrara Ayub, $475,000.

Dunstable Loop, 8802-Andrew K. and Colleen B. Hube to Lisa A. Conrad, $356,000.

Falling Water Dr., 9405-Bedros Z. and Jody M. Marashlian to Abdul M. Edmondson and Tamara N. Bibby, $555,000.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11827-Jacqueline Coleman to Abdul Matin Sufizada, $399,999.

Moat Crossing Pl., 8846-Natalie and Deniz Luft to Brett and Leah Cowell, $320,000.

Orland Stone Dr., 10037-Louise V. Wernig to Philip A. Moore and Camha Nguyen, $430,000.

Poagues Battery Dr., 10589-Jocelyn D. and Joshua D. Lovett to Curtis and Lauren McGehee, $500,000.

Shenvale Cir., 13020-Mohammed Tofiquel H. Chowdhury to Selcen Minet Pirge, $365,000.

Wishing Well Way, 12851-Linda Dinga to Chibuye Kafubula and Marlon J. Ortega, $370,000.


Altomare Trace Way, 15613-Michael W. and Shayne M. Roberts to Ryan Rodriguez-Montanez, $511,000.

Bakersfield St., 14400-Shujun Ding to Hugo E. Moreno Fentes and Edis J. Moreno, $300,000.

Beaumont Rd., 3326-Daniel Schirmann to Candido A. Fuentes, $266,000.

Brandon Ct., 14409-Kenneth A. Beckwitt to Margaret M. Motherway, $240,000.

Cardin Pl., 15088-Justin K. McLain to Isaiah Ames Owens and Kimberly Ann Diaz, $255,000.

Chico Ct., 3700-John G. and Jacquelyn F. Thomas to Julio A. Ayala Hernandez, $283,500.

Concord Dr., 15019-Michelle D. Bennett to George Williams, $315,000.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4890, No. 117-Vaughan Aniesha Jones to Nikkia H. Griffin, $293,000.

Dyer Dr., 14755-Lesly Erika Ramirez to Jorge Alberto Alas, $399,000.

Edinburg Dr., 4512-James V. Corker Jr. to Seferino O. Portillo Rivas, $299,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4618-Charles A. L. Mahaney II to Jorge E. and Lesly Y. Reyes, $300,000.

Filarete St., 14452-Jennifer Hall to Caleb Gartner, $270,000.

Forsythia Terr., 14658-Terry L. Evans to Christopher Bowman, $278,500.

Golden Ct., 14010-Raymond William Bouford to Yitbarek Getachew Leteke and Netsanet Moges Adugna, $260,000.

Hetten Lane, 3733-Luis Burgos to Ivan and Shatiera Amankrah, $492,000.

Honey Locust Ct., 14921-Calvin J. and Nicole L. Densmore to Joshua D. and Tara R. Pruden, $495,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13412-Manolo Duque Regalado to Albert and Marianita Rivera, $299,000.

Langtree Lane, 13601-Specialized IRA Services to Zachary and Colleen O’Brien, $358,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14200-Debra Ann North to Ibrahim Tarawally and Haja Toure, $305,000.

Muddy Creek Ct., 15205-John W. and Carrie Q. Kilareski to Abubakarr Kanu and Mary Sesay, $507,500.

Park Ct. S., 4727-Pross Sam and Kimly Chan to Arnaldo Ignacio and Angela Maria Grazia Del Pielago, $245,000.

Quinn Lane, 5424-Kevin Karl and Denise Marie Kane to David Van Nguyen, $478,000.

Rowser Dr., 5570-Jerrold M. and Vickie L. Colbert to Chase Logan and Deidre L. White, $339,000.

Tenor Ct., 6258-Omar A.I. Beshir to Nga T. and Thieu Ky V. Nguyen, $375,000.

Woodway Pl., 4620-Abu B. Kanu to Daniel E. Mayen, $270,000.


Deweys Run Lane, 17556-Xin Li and Mangmang Cai to Farheen Zaman and Sadia Afrin, $460,000.

Hickory Creek Ct., 2953-Francis and Angela W. Roth to William S. Barrios, $350,000.

Passionflower Ct., 2568-NVR Inc. to Javkhlant Dorjsuren and Bulganchimeg Tsogtsaikhan, $529,990.

Takeaway Lane, 16944-James F. and Mary A. Tripiano to Robert A. and Kelly S. Dietrick, $599,950.


Abernethy Lane, 6012-Vincent P. and Sarika Vella to Robert G. and Ashley Dittrich, $449,900.

Brunson Cir., 7426, No. D-Daniel and Abby C. Diaz to Freddy A. Andino and Evelyn J. Escalante, $334,900.

Cannondale Way, 14102, No. 36-Jamie R. Oliver to Joanne M. Miller, $288,000.

Chucks Pl., 4805-Maggie J. Jenkins and Allison R. Chappell to Christian Richard and Amy J. Jensen, $570,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14145-Sherry Lynn Namyak to Scott A. and Jennifer Zechman, $593,000.

Conley Pl., 6921-Brian W. and Malina L. Coulter to Roberto A. and Tiffany D. Coba, $430,000.

Culverhouse Ct., 6285-Willard J. Scott to Marilyn F. Lamb, $397,000.

Fenestra Pl., 8967-Michael and Megin Hopke to Michael C. and Amy B. Jensik, $559,900.

Hancock Ct., 8309-Bank of New York Mellon to Stephane Baldi, $643,000.

Holly Ridge Lane, 13635-Seun Hee and Yoo Chan Yang to Gurtej Singh and Jaswinder Kaur, $910,000.

Kona Dr., 6970, No. 90-John Mackness to Nasir Naimee, $348,000.

Little Thames Dr., 7125, No. 201-Erica Thomas to Vanessa and Andrea Tewilliager, $259,900.

Murphy Terr., 14142-Gregory B. and Mai Figgins to Neek and Liza Sahely, $550,000.

Red Rock Ct., 14104-Timothy J. and Kelly Jaszczuk to Jason Michael and Emily H. Robinson, $360,000.

Screech Owl Ct., 8907-Dean E. Mathews to Harshpreet and Sarlochan Kaur, $405,000.

Shire Pl., 13667-Maria Elisabeth Nittel and Urfan Choudhry to Bennett E. and Sarah M. Salmon, $360,000.

Triple Crown Loop, 13205-Brittany King and Krista Cooper Forcier to Laurence Hilmond Chalip, $450,000.

Walnut Hill Dr., 7020-Douglas and Christine Baker to Jeffrey S. and Sandra C. Holland, $391,990.

Yellow Hammer Dr., 8809-Stephen G. French to Jason Todd Dunlap, $439,900.


Ashby Grove Loop, 6425-George R. and Angelina M. Alves to Dennis R. and Felicia Hamilton, $600,000.

Bryson Cir., 6800-Richmond American Homes to Jammeh Saidy, $559,999.

Courtyard Way, 7017-Minyoung Song and Sang Gil Lee to Justin and Caitlin C. Clapp, $385,000.

Foleys Mill Pl., 15721-Jatinder and Sonia Sharma to Muhammad Sajid Vayalil Koroth and Asmabi Vellekkat, $655,000.

Greenhill Crossing Dr., 14794-James C. Kelley to Jackie W. and Shelby Lofton, $453,000.

Holshire Way, 14505-Steve and Genevieve Findlay to Robert and Wendy M. Ambach, $865,000.

Jockey Club Lane, 6933-Laural D. Findley to Michael Brett Barr, $449,900.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13691-Daniel C. and Mairgreg Mahoney to Joseph B. and Kelsey Alzola, $640,000.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15250, No. 68-Gene T. and Kelly C. Petty to Stephen Byron and Latanya Adrienne White, $307,000.

Silica St., 15151, No. 108-William Frances and Ingrid Agnes Malone to Mallory L. Lichwa, $300,000.

Woodruff Springs Way, 6269, No. 37-Catherine E. Lovett to Jill Ellen Handford, $230,000.


Assateague Pl., 5562-David A. and Elena S. Monti to Robert J. and Laura F. Barnes, $505,000.

Basilwood Dr., 9571-Nathan D. Franklin to Jean Aanenson, $340,000.

Bonair Dr., 9502-Andrew D. Irons and Judith C. Langenberg to Justin Lee and Catrina D. Hardegree, $362,950.

Brechin Way, 10542-Joyce Mills Blair to Victor Vicente Funes Machado and Ronald Emmanuel Funes Arevalo, $286,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 13436-Daniel G. and Susan E. Lowery to Eric M. and Kathleen R. Bombick, $475,000.

Colonial Village Loop, 6414-David D. Venne and Tracy D. Stueve to Alejandro A. Lopez and Marcela Diaz Hernandez, $475,000.

Doolittle St., 8209-Kathryn S. Masson to Jay K. Mergler, $230,600.

Englewood Farms Dr., 8905-Kadeem E. Reynolds to Rui Qin Chen, $385,000.

Gateshead Lane, 7826-Zaheer Abbas and Yusufali R. Bhayani to Marlon David Blake and Joanne Creary, $269,000.

Greenway Ct., 6077-Mary Zambrano to Glenn P. Arnold, $415,000.

Highland St., 8305-Marvia A. Acosta Jr. and Ledia J. Ayala Grande to Joel A. Carrera Samayon and Edis M. Zuniga, $367,000.

Kahns Rd., 12055-Robert W. and Cory J. Shaulis to Eduardo B. and Arlene S. Robielos, $369,900.

Koman Cir., 11010, No. 204-Ruslan Melnikov to Timothy Daniel Christiansen, $214,900.

Luxberry Ct., 11101-Michael D. Roberts to Joseph and Andrea Autrey, $350,000.

Meadow Grove Ct., 10678-James W. and Elizabeth A. Imel to Salim S. and Razia Islamzada, $342,500.

Norfolk St., 9619-Anthony Beale to Jose Rodas Velasco, $327,500.

Peak Ct., 12656-Thomas M. and Judith A. Chandler to Felipe A. and Lourdes Georgina Tamaya, $340,000.

Provincial Dr., 10626, No. 21-Timothy McLaughlin to Delbert Lee Bright Jr., $155,000.

Sentry Ridge Rd., 11036, No. 133-Jennifer L. Bowman to Caitlin C. Sullivan, $214,900.

Toddsbury Lane, 15531-Michael William and Susan Tate Schneider to Ji Young and Monica Merritt Kwon, $508,750.

Winstead Pl., 8226, No. 201-Teresa B. Orlando to Kate H. Cesarski, $180,000.


Blandsford Dr., 8102-David B. and Jennifer Moorhouse Pereira to Dexter B. Pate and Natasha Diamond, $620,000.

Cobble Pond Way, 8156-Tamara Pearman to Kendall and Carlos Pesantez, $365,000.

Jeremiah Ct., 6962-Daniel M. and Anne E. Taylor to Daniel A. and Patricia M. Albisu, $970,000.

McLean St., 8029-Justin and Erin M. Salerno to Rebecca Joann Stickler, $435,000.


Avon Dr., 4225-Kyle and Katrina Faulkner to Stuart B. and Maria Theresa C. Bailey, $401,900.

Cajun Ct., 17507-Thomas J. and Tremakia N. Summerlin to Refugio J. and Anna M. Martinez, $345,000.

Fallstone Pl., 4332-Dean F. and Leisha P. Shaver to Philip A. and Mary Rosaleen Turner, $470,000.

Holleyside Dr., 15035-Edward Stuart and Sherrill D. Pusey to Monica L. Jordan and Sean O’Mara, $447,000.

Kagera Dr., 17445-Morris Parsons to Mohammed Mia and Fouzia Sultana, $305,000.

Port Washington Ct., 15513-Sonoell B. and Christina Clark to Heather R. Poisik, $309,990.

Taconic Cir., 16250-Chase L. and Deidre L. White to Austin L. Gordon, $196,000.

Victoria Falls Dr., 17514-Jerome Johnson to Jean D. Hairston, $325,000.

Windsong Lane, 15437-Harry P. and Sue Ellen Stickley to Stephanie Dunn, $275,000.


Deepwood Lane, 14900-Abbas and Sharon Ruth Toosarvandani to Edward and Helen Jordan, $560,000.

Windy Hill Dr., 9425-Jon Eric and Timothy R. Fritsch to Burns K. and Lauren P. Moore, $520,000.


Bradys Hill Rd., 3995-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Kevin A. Brantley, $396,350.

Kerill Rd., 18621-Eric Jennings to Peter Nartey, $550,000.

Old Triangle Rd., 18504-Henry Lopez to Esmelin A. Sura-Claros, $216,000.

Red Oak Lane, 18902-Jordan M. and Meagan J. Paniagua to Jennifer Ruiz, $300,000.


Abbey Knoll Ct., 12422-John B. Gepkens to Yixin Li, $305,000.

Altus Ct., 14003-Estate of Dorothy J. O’Berry and Charles E. McWilliams Jr. to Maria C. Gonzalez Rodriguez and Yessica Y. Soriano Romero, $310,000.

Ashby Ct., 3520-Joyce Harrell to Kevin E. Alleyne and Paige K. Richie, $296,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 403-Scott A. and Teresa Broadbent to Edmea F. Cettina, $470,000.

Bethel Church Dr., 3264-Robert E. and Elizabeth J. Easterday to Sujal Kanti Das and Lipi R. Waddader, $400,000.

Brussels Way, 3994-Michael H. and Elsa I. Shiner to Lawrence Agyei and Kirkpatrick Asante, $340,000.

Caledonia Cir., 3432-Sudha Khanal to Neida Ximena Carrasco De Foronda, $320,000.

Cast Off Loop, 2660-Mark F. and Patricia L. Kormos to Lee R. and Vasheka Oliveras, $499,900.

Chaparral Dr., 12901-Jonathan Scott Deen to Faith Altun, $477,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 3012, No. 148-Jacqueline A. Cardona to Tammy S. Frye, $260,000.

Condor Lane, 3482-House Buyers of America Inc. to Chalachew Hunegn and Melesech Siya, $269,000.

Crossfield Way, 14591, No. 76A-Mona G. Thomas to Wilbert Blake Johnson, $378,000.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12203-Patricia A. Williams to James A. Harrison, $350,000.

Dulcinea Pl., 12618-Thomas H. Tsang to Sandra L. Williams, $247,999.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3120-Andrew A. and Tessa M. Damon to Wullaymatu Lye Koroma, $499,900.

Flint Hill Pl., 3408-Hariklia K. Kapaniris to Eric and Ashley Colton, $405,000.

Fort Lyon Dr., 3389-Beth Ann and Sage Stephen Slagle-Saliba to Bradley and Nora Alger, $458,000.

Gazebo Ct., 12758-Alexa A. French to Tania S. Espinoza Lafuente, $325,000.

Greendale Dr., 13846, No. 53-Christian and Kasey Iovino Hill to Susana De Armas, $393,000.

Gullane Dr., 13907, No. 106-M.M. H. H. Investment Corp. to Linda Cohen, $359,900.

Harbor Side St., 485, No. 413-Coco Cheng and Andre Verguyse to Robert Richard and Gina Chong Frace, $315,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15687, No. 128-Cheryl Houde to Syed Ali Raza Amjad, $287,000.

Laconia Cir., 16042-Leslie W. Touart to Roman Gamez Elmore, $385,000.

Limoux Pl., 11828-Thomas L. and Carin L. Sands to Alexis M. Shaffer and Austin J. Achenbach, $370,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2300-Donald F. King and Jose Miguel Garcia Ferrufino to William A. Gutierrez, $320,000.

Madeira Ct., 2873, No. 12-3-Sanaa Bouallaga to Kendall Elizabeth Reayes, $199,500.

Marsh Overlook Dr., 15409-David and Marybeth Bradley to Mohammad and Aisha Ajmal, $465,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2207, No. 70-Latosha Charleus to Parween and Shabana Nooruddin, $367,500.

Ogilvie Ct., 3850-Miwa M. Patton to Aninze Awanna, $327,000.

Port Potomac Ave., 2500-Jeffrey C. and Angela R. Owens to Melissa A. Sargent and Jaime Alvarez-Castro, $465,000.

Powells Landing Cir., 2005-David Ashford and Robin Marie Honabach to Benjamin B. and Hollie Wolf, $575,000.

Rock Ridge Lane, 13114-Kevin S. Duncan to Ruben Hugo Zegarra and Leslie Nohely Fuentes, $285,000.

Seaford Ct., 12181-Michele A. Maier to Charlotte R. Peterson, $405,000.

Sheffield Hill Way, 2659, No. 172-Christopher Alan Morris and Amanda Danielle Stone to Daniel L. Scheeler, $277,990.

Simpson Mill Way, 4429-William R. DeShazer to Eric Martinez and Lara Wade, $379,950.

Stevenson Ct., 12224-Sheila D. and Steven L. Holt to Craig C. Fawsett, $155,000.

Sugar Pine Ct., 2786-Alfonso Torres to David Sean Older, $475,000.

Terranova Lane, 12607-Duong T. Nguyen and Vinh N. Kieu to Edward Lauth, $383,000.

Trimaran Way, 2409-Daniel S. and Kimberly J. Roman to Jermaine McKinney, $449,900.

Wakewater Way, 2824-Ryan D. Brune to Francine Fan, $419,900.

Weymouth Ct., 3298-Edward and Carol Connolly to Mohamed Ouramdane Berrefas, $333,000.

Wyndale Ct., 3322-Ali Hooshmandnia and Farideh Moayedi Isfahani to Khalid Haydari, $260,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Azalea Grove Dr., 10082-Daniel T. Corcoran Jr. and Miriam L. Van Scott to Nathan C. Kramer and Jennifer Madden, $475,000.

Cavalry Lane, 8513-Raymundo A. Rivas to Israel E. Melgar and Ana M. Garcia, $325,000.

Confederate Trail, 9967-Sherry Ann Day to Donald F. and Gloria J. LeClaire, $370,000.

Deckert Pl., 8626-Kevin M. and Rebeckah S. Schorr to Briggs and Julie Ann Sadler, $434,900.

Kershaw Ct., 9148-Kim T. and Ronald L. Humphrey to Kirk Russell and Phyllis Parks, $224,000.

Lavender Flower Ct., 10113-Kevin and Jennifer Morris to Richard and Zenaida Torres, $420,000.

Mine Gap Way, 9542-Jon Douglas Lastra to Alexandrya N. Repp, $270,000.

Patterson Pl., 9009-Ignacio Tepo Tomax to Osmin Salmeron, $259,000.

Shady Grove Cir., 8326-Cathleen Jervay and Terence L. Hagans to Stephen Lesnick, $275,000.

Stonewall Rd., 8619-Estate of Sharon D. Delaney and Michael Keith Delaney to Desiree Baltimore, $335,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Black Hawk Ct., 9438-Erica M. Dellinger to Joseph and Rachel Clem, $310,000.

Courtney Dr., 107-Deborah L. and Bobby Ray Swindall to Jose Hermecias Pereira Reyes, $275,000.

Katelyn Ct., 9423-Roy J. and Ann Marie Wren to Kimberly Jane Garcia, $450,000.

Manassas Dr., 284-Sean and Leona Jurjevic to Jorge Abdon Arce Guizada, $290,000.

Sandra Pl., 9076-Glendon Percel and Christina Jones to Jorge Jose Perez, $360,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Apricot St., 207-Katherine Ann Phillips Walker to Mark A. and Tonniele T. Reid, $347,900.

Arden Lane, 24-Department of Veterans Affairs to Barry and Ann M. Hopwood, $419,900.

Austin Dr., 205-Sarah Ray Pickard to Mercy Vanessa Dheming and Douglas Marcello Molina-Martinez, $303,000.

Barrett Ct., 112-Sulma and Anton D. Keith to David Richard and Arlene Schmidt, $294,000.

Battery Point Dr., 63-John R. and Julianne M. Darrow to Monty and Michele Williamson, $441,400.

Birds Nest Way, 600-US Home Corp. to Sara Saundercock, $298,990.

Birds Nest Way, 610-US Home Corp. to Dawn Karp, $304,000.

Blossom Wood Ct., 32-Joseph A. and Kimberly J. Matos to Marva L. Askew, $400,000.

Brenwick Ct., 101-Lethia M. Minor to Jerald and Fama Bell, $250,000.

Brooke Point Ct., 120-Atlantic Builders to Levi W. Wells and Lisa M. Surette, $630,257.

Camp Geary Lane, 3451-SYG Associates Inc. to Ronald W. and Sheryl L. Tipton, $513,827.

Capri Ct., 14-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Jarrod L. and Shatoya O. Glover, $554,552.

Castings Lane, 5-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Dawn Marie Anderson, $370,000.

Chadwick Dr., 79-Rosa E. and David F. Allen to Thao D. and Matt Melendez, $393,300.

Coastal Ave., 817-IHMW Embrey Mill II Corp. to Carl and Anne Johnson, $475,550.

Coastal Ave., 981-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Matthew and Lindsay Sutton, $469,070.

Compass Cove, 100-Teresa F. Terry to Iqbal and Shamim Javaid, $285,000.

Cruiser Dr., 3009-Jeffrey Custis and Jennifer Irene McCleary to Marshall Edward Evans and Taylor Paige Nash, $290,000.

Denison St., 124-Stefan Erik King to Genevieve Major, $364,000.

Doria Hill Dr., 2-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Teresa D. Wu, $460,896.

Echols Lane, 3-SM Stafford Corp. to Megan A. and Leonard A. Struder, $587,255.

Fair Oaks Ave., 210-Pamela M. Dowdell to Collins S. Owusu, $274,000.

Fenwick Dr., 109-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Jerome M. and Cheryl A. Taylor, $404,545.

Forsythia Lane, 930-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Edward Wynn, $460,330.

Garrisonville Rd., 1503-Jennifer J. Vito to Pepe Prado and Mayra G. Sorto, $285,000.

Glacier Way, 87-Lawrence J. Castellino to Danny Barton, $341,900.

Greenhaven Ct., 10-Scot C. and Rebecca L. Jaworski to Jose V. Hernandez, $290,000.

Harper Lane, 120-NVR Inc. to Thomas and Mirtha Dorival, $334,850.

Harper Lane, 128-NVR Inc. to Wilfredo Laboy, $306,855.

Hatchers Run Ct., 101-Philip E. Graham and Margaret Boyce to Kenneth B. Tinsley, $275,000.

Heirloom Way, 201-Miller and Smith at Stafford Corp. to Carlarease S. Hunter, $405,920.

Hillside Ct., 104-Julie A. Pyktel to Danielle Marie Johnson, $284,900.

Hope Rd., 56-Waterview Enterprises Inc. to Diana K. Jacobs, $375,000.

Iron Master Dr., 59-Christopher P. and Sherry L. Meidt to Rodney N. and Faith A. O’Hara, $470,000.

Knightsbridge Way, 12-Eric C. and Sherry L. Schaarschmidt to Aaron and Erika Jacobs, $384,000.

Lafayette St., 51-Yolanda Lucille Henderson to Donald T. and Monica T. Quinn, $399,000.

Landing Dr., 210-NVR Inc. to William Trimble, $317,630.

Leeland Rd., 41-Boyd Keith and Chelsea R. Lewis to Amanda and Michael Corrigan, $228,000.

Marlborough Point Rd., 348-Benjamin Edward and Pamela Claudette Worrell to David Warren and Jene Gordon Parrotte, $765,100.

McCormick Ct., 2-Wayne M. and Sherrie L. Baker to Jenny Carballo Pena, $330,000.

Mediterranean Dr., 3018-George A. and Andrea E. Ghrist to Richard Joseph Dunn and Svetlana Marian, $330,000.

Montpelier Dr., 602-Hour Homes Inc. to Erica L. and Timothy S. Quinley, $709,537.

Olympic Dr., 181-Chad T. and Laura J. Neubarth to Yome B. Kamara, $345,000.

Park Dr. W., 414-Latoya Gassaway and Gilbert L. White III to Evangeline Raymundo and Candice Adrienne Rae Johnson, $259,900.

Pear Blossom Rd., 368-SM Stafford Corp. to Gail Yvette Jeter, $535,215.

Pickett Lane, 26-David and Jennifer A. Pylar to Philip Bryan and Ashley Walker, $445,000.

Prospect Dr., 9-Jennifer Parrish Walker to Christopher R. and Amy L. Beattie, $550,000.

Regents Lane, 129-Miller and Smith at Stafford Corp. to Kwame Korankye and Amma Korankye Tsiboe, $120,000.

Ruby Dr., 12-James M. Lavallee to Bradley and Rebekah McDowell, $274,900.

Saint Sebastian Ct., 3-Nadiah Fatimah to Younus Sameera, $375,000.

Scotland Cir., 15-Shadelah Capers to Edsel Basco Jr. and Charity Tabuno, $399,000.

Shermans Ridge Rd., 9-US Home Corp. to Stephen Simpson, $589,900.

Silver Comet Ct., 117-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Robbin Ewing, $451,773.

Snow Meadow Lane, 12-David Couse to Adam and Taliyah Westermann, $362,000.

Spartan Dr., 90-Atlantic Builders LTD to Vashon and Dorothy J. Woolfolk, $484,430.

Stafford Glen Ct., 308-Alina Ionita to Eno K. Utuk, $285,000.

Streamview Dr., 205-Leah Nicole and Jesse Lee Nelson to Brandon H. Savoy, $263,890.

Tacketts Mill Rd., 155-Jayme Wayne and Elisha Marie Rhoades to Justin M. and Ashley M. Klein, $366,000.

Tavern Rd., 46-Neil Gaudreau and Tracey Cove to Daniel Lynn and Joanna Whittacre, $395,000.

Titanic Dr., 3241-Michael A. and Patricia A. Borders to David R. and Melisa Serife Lewandowski, $335,000.

Varone Dr., 36-Daniel W. and Laura A. Licht to Joseph Emil Larubbio Jr. and Jennifer Merel, $315,500.

Wagoneers Lane, 73-Baron Z. Rickenbaker to Amy Siegel, $469,900.

Wave Dr., 2010-Robert T. and Monica V. Womack to Rashetta and Morris E. Brown, $420,000.

Wellspring Dr., 68-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Tracy E. Petty, $402,687.

Wildwood Pl., 15-Terrill Leroy Allen to Timothy W. Hathaway, $315,000.

Windsor Cir., 107-John Pearce and Melody Zimmerman Cann to Katrina Surprenant, $460,000.

Woodstream Blvd., 259-Samuel and Megan Schmitz to Cory Russell Herman, $313,000.