Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


America Dr., 13600-Marc S. Wiltshire and Khunteang Pa to Amrinder Singh and Anoopender K. Sandhu, $618,000.

Benchmark Lane, 8858-Kevin D. Berkheiser to Rachel A. and Justin A. Johnson, $335,000.

Canmore Way, 9801-Kenneth O. and Patricia P. Casey to Carmin and Amy M. DeRose, $486,000.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13513-Carl and Elena Hocking to John E. Hickey, $298,000.

Crowning Pl., 13360-Kevin G. and Kim R. Feely to Deniz and Natalie Luft, $495,000.

Earls Ferry Cir., 9826-Dale K. and Joanne R. Marvin to John F. and Karla Vargas Pollard, $355,000.

Glen Meadow Lane, 9235-Marvin L. Stockwell Jr. to Jaime M. and John R. Sellers, $505,000.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 12021-Sedrick and Dana Grandberry to Rachel L. Fathing, $400,000.

Orland Stone Dr., 10039-Derek Patrick Smith to Kelly Burg, $430,000.

Rannoch Forest Cir., 12818-Julie A. Craiger to Daniel J. and Katie L. Powell, $307,000.

Rustic Breeze Ct., 9333-Robel and Kristin Michiel to Rhonda Michelle Hayes, $585,000.

Sidlaw Hills Lane, 13050-Poh Kheng Tang to Wei Deng and Leny Navarro, $330,000.

Worthington Dr., 9301-Tracy R. and Joseph M. Kidd to Ashraf Abdelhak, $510,000.


Amaranth Ct., 14936-Ralph and Susan McGill to Raffi Kesici, $425,000.

Barksdale St., 14776-Maricela D. Ascencio to Alexander Alberto Chavez and Esther Zamora Rengifo, $229,000.

Bremerton Dr., 14301-Victorino and Ester Marina Hernandez Alvarez to Edgar A. Castellanos, $267,000.

Carlsbad Rd., 14983-Abdelgader Dawad to Daniel Erick Perez Mejia, $245,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 14664-Phan Huynh to Michael A. Alvarado and Sonia Andrade-Garay, $359,999.

Cuddy Loop, 14158, No. 55-Deborah G. Leslie to Victor Condori, $196,900.

Darbydale Ave., 14756-Glecenia Criselda Varralaga Villatoro and Luis Miguel Perez Orellana to Yenis Machado, $300,000.

Dyer Dr., 14805-Jasim Mahmood and Khairul Khan to Andres Canales, $355,000.

Embassy Dr., 4244-Estate of Carl Edward Clark and Bruce Hogan Bleasdale to Jose Garay Andrade, $210,000.

Evergreen Dr., 4417-Dinora I. Rivas to Jose Gaspar and Zulma Yamileth Diaz Sorto, $399,000.

Filarete St., 14490-Patrick D. Bartlett to Jose Gregorio Rodriguez Guzman and Genessie Aurinis Oropeza Diaz, $237,000.

Frisco Ct., 14615-Jose Roberto Castellon and Lucia Alicia Soto to Damon Chatt Blanton, $274,000.

Hamilton Dr., 4613-Roxana B. Melendez and Carlos R. Melendez-Lopez to Napoleon Soriano Gonzalez, $270,000.

Hetten Lane, 3749-John M. and Carrie A. Walls to Robert Lowell and Amanda Nicole Coons, $466,900.

Kelly Rd., 4785-Charles W. Wilson to Antonie Calderon and Jorge A. Castro, $350,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13719-Christopher T. Slusser and Yudith Z. Saldana to Angela Renee Flowers, $390,000.

Lebourget Ct., 15573-James E. Tyree III to Carly Nicole O. Neal and Tyler John Emerson, $304,900.

Mapledale Ave., 13702-Silvestre Diaz Resendiz to Manuel Alarcon-Guia and Ruth Malpica Gutierrez, $360,000.

Nationville Lane, 13390-Josue and Jennifer Ruiz to Kasev R. and Kelly M. Sundar, $419,900.

Olive Ct., 6382-Yang and Helen Kim to Dolan and Sarmila Barua, $437,000.

Persian Ct., 13526-Ana C. and Juan Manuel Vela to Juan M. and Christine Vela, $309,021.

Redstone Dr., 13827-Denise Y. Stroter to Ashadujjaman and Riya Abedin, $390,000.

Saint Charles Dr., 5595-Nancy Martinez Valdez to Amphone Louangaphay and Xaysana Vorachack, $310,000.

Tilbury Way, 5172-Selena Lee and Darnell Leon Horton to Thinh P. Pham and Hang Phan, $325,000.


Fort Fisher Ct., 1622-Adelfo Lagunas to Ulises S. Salmeron, $218,000.

Point Pleasant Lane, 16918-Ronald Zach Snyder to Elfreda A. Acquaye and Patience N. Sims, $245,000.

Sigel Ct., 3015-Domitila Rodriguez to Cheraunda E. Nunn, $215,000.


Brunson Cir., 7462, No. 9M-Brittany Wike and Andrew M. Pracht to Sheikh M. Ali, $330,000.

Clarkton Ct., 7133-Sankar Narayan and Sunitha Kasiraman to Terrill Dean and Kelly Lynn Thorne, $499,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14400-Richard E. and Peggy L. Wagner to Robert Douglas and Heather Christine Knapp, $600,000.

Covewood Ct., 7650-Ryan J. and Anne Collins to James and Emily Megenhardt, $473,400.

Danehurst Cir., 15025-Agustin and Lina M. Calderon to Uday R. and Neelu U. Patel, $450,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13716-John D. and Kimberly M. Rush to Laban Elliott and Beverly Ann Sadtler, $525,000.

Handel Pl., 13558-Tasia N. Davis to Michael D. and Adena G. Ray, $420,000.

Huron Dr., 7617-Brandon S. Ade to Mayra O. Caballero Valenzuela, $378,000.

Ladderbacked Dr., 14269-Jacob P. and Edith Kremer to Jackqueline A. Tellekamp, $389,900.

Little Thames Dr., 7133, No. 197-Jerome B. Butler to Paula C. Cameron and Samuel G. Coniglio, $280,000.

Rembert Ct., 10629-Robert F. and Pakaikeo Corriel to Akber A. and Sanobar Sewani, $525,000.

Snickersville Dr., 14265-Donald T. Thornburg to Kalbe Kabato, $500,000.

Village Stream Pl., 6968-Jeffrey A. and Renea U. Barta to Fatima V. Linares Pacheco, $318,000.


Admiral Baker Cir., 15458-George A. and Margaret M. McCarthy to Abiodun A. Ogunwale, $621,000.

Ashby Oak Ct., 14816-Erin K. and Brian P. Gilsbach to Erik Lee and April Ann Fitzer, $624,900.

Chalfont Dr., 14395-Thomas A. and Gail Mates Pavlik to Kirk F. and Tracy D. Anderson, $595,000.

Glass Mountain Way, 4729-Matthew and Kelley Francis to Matthew E. and Jocelyn W. Alex, $554,900.

Greymill Manor Dr., 16011-Joel J. and Myra Jennifer D’Souza to Young-Ju Lee, $412,950.

Hunting Path Rd., 6649-Jessica Perry Smith Spear to Carol Ann Jordan and James D. Cullather, $249,900.

Jupiter Hills Lane, 15059-Andrew J. and Ruth M. Castor to James J. and Judith E. Lubinskas, $617,000.

Mount Atlas Lane, 4122-John F. Wells to Ruth A. Sandgren, $435,000.

Pitner St., 16093-Mark W. and Kari E. Olsen to Gerard Sabestian Pan, $410,000.

Sky Valley Dr., 15214-Toll X Partnership to Carolyn and James Shearer, $666,151.

Tiffany Lane, 16020-James L. Hitt to Chris Hayes, $410,000.


Abingdon Ct., 9430-Jennifer Dover and Chanda Cook to Hao Song, $265,000.

Assateague Pl., 5577-Keith M. and Melissa L. Woods to Shane Jay and Keri Crutcher, $434,900.

Berry Orchard Ct., 10609-David M. and Mary L. Claveloux to Bhupinder Singh and Gurmeet Kaur, $524,999.

Bonair Dr., 9507-Kelly O. Murphy and Kevin P. O’Donnell to Irene Mendez and Christian Mendez Herrera, $360,000.

Bristow Rd., 14612-Keith Anthony Samsky to Richard J. Fisher, $258,000.

Castle Rd., 7310-Betty R. and Kathleen R. Black to Quanliang Sui and Yumei Song, $305,000.

Doubleday Lane, 11109-Sandra J. Kratt to Mohammad T. Rahman, $335,000.

Etheridge Lane, 6335-Robert W. and Rhonda Mabry to Jose L. Rodriguez-Vivanco and Benish Rodriguez, $850,000.

Genna Lane, 10484-Kevin S. and Gretchen Estes to Joleen and John Sanders, $455,500.

Gwendolyn Dr., 6227-Michael Joseph and Douglas A. Nelson to Mark Christopher and Shannon Marie Bunn, $425,000.

Hilliard Dr., 8052-Ri Xiong Dong and Xue Fang Tan to Britany Chamberlain, $325,000.

Laurel Highlands Pl., 9152-Kevin J. and Roberta F. Chavez to Paul and Carrie Cotton, $580,000.

Lyceum Lane, 5995-Ronnie L. and Frances A. Vinson to Christopher R. and Heather L. Escamilla, $585,000.

Michelle Ct., 7655-Barbara M. Demello and Esteban Torres to Tepo Tomax and Juan C. Cuazitl Cielo, $385,000.

Normanton Way, 9610-David W. and Valerie L. Boykin to Joseph and Mi Hwa Schoonover, $339,900.

Penny Lane, 8299-Marie F. Balboni to Daniel and Sarah Stewart, $400,000.

Purdue Ct., 7530, No. 42-Constantin and Anne Marie Misevschi to Yolanda Sanchez-Dominguez and Jimmy Serrano, $192,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7305-Philip T. Jones to Samuel A. Woldehawariat and Seble K. Desalegn, $289,000.

Sesame Ct., 10382-Jeffrey Miner and Michele Lisa Sims to Patrick Illanes Salas and Jessica Cook, $485,000.

Stillbrooke Rd., 8040-Michael T. and Deborah Rivers to Wesley J. and Barbara Moses, $499,900.

Tower Pl., 10965-FLB1 Corp. to Ricardo A. De Leon Barrios, $300,000.

Winstead Pl., 8230, No. 301-Dennis Royal Jr. to Yu and Zhi Ming Wang, $200,000.


Dahlgren Ridge Rd., 8925-Bruce and Jeanne Higgins to Robert L. and Darlene McKenzie, $420,000.

Lake Dr., 8021-Frank Garrido to Kyong Min Choe, $427,000.

Montyville Dr., 9800-Amandio P. Morais to Dublas O. Morales, $755,000.

Well St., 8004-Jose Marrero to Domingo Antonio Robles Perez and Diogenes Antonio Jimenez Perez, $285,000.


Beaver Dam Rd., 15892-Robin L. Wright to Majdood Khalili, $375,000.

Dalebrook Dr., 3719-Larry E. and Carolyn W. Craddock to Bradley D. and Kristin E. Hanna, $390,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17235-Dorothy J. and Stephen G. Bunch to Jonathan and Maria Ogur, $484,950.

Hot Springs Way, 17374-Charles Alusine Conteh to Perpetue Kikoni, $335,000.

Keswick Ct., 4835-Donald H. Blake Jr. and Judith R. Lacourciere to Stephen P. and Brittany N. Cooke, $460,000.

Russett Maple Ct., 3762-Idalina M. Jones to Charles W. and Weini W. Stewart, $398,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5155-Pedro M. De Matos Pereira and Elvia Ochoa to Shannon Ray and M. Erica Smoot, $292,000.

Taconic Cir., 16324-Therese C. and Eligio Aleman to Walter Lloyd and Kristen Michelle Morgan, $225,000.

Windsong Lane, 15455-Matthew M. and Jennifer K. Bowlin to Sawsan Alkaales and Mohammed Al Saeedi, $305,000.


Ringwood Rd., 4444-Michael A. and Anne M. Cardin to Timothy L. Losito, $355,000.

Rain Slicker Pl., 12116-Dennis Drake to Christopher D. and Jacquelyn M. Moushey, $512,000.


Third Ave., 206-Catherine MacDonald and Jonathan Margolick to Robert and Linda Leathers, $215,000.


Cabin Rd., 18318-Deborah L. Simmons to James A. and Susan Jean Kruyne, $237,500.

Lost Pond Ct., 3204-David W. Grimm and Amanda E. Hoffman to Latonya Denise and Darren Boyce, $482,000.

Perry St., 19117-Marti V. and Michael S. Donley to Jaime Mejia, $225,000.

Rosings Way, 18947-Mark E. and Jennifer A. Shafer to Anthony Scott and Thanh Huynh Molnar, $485,000.


Anchorstone Dr., 5029, No. 202-2C-Yuni Bergemann to Amandeep S. and Major S. Sandhu, $240,000.

Bancroft Lane, 4137-Louay H. Abdulrahim to Christin Owens and Tyrone Neal II, $370,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 810, No. 104-David R. and Helen H. Vance to Lisa Goodwine and Karen Smith, $300,000.

Bramblewood Lane, 16568-Kathleen R. Bombick to Rosemary Aguilar, $345,000.

California St., 1410-Sonja P. Main to Esperanza E. Martinez, $230,000.

Cara Dr., 12841, No. 23-C-Jeanne A. Wright to Kenneth Sutts, $180,000.

Cavallo Way, 4803-Bhargavi A. and Ananthamurthy S. Bettadapur to Tracie and Levi Wayne Chaconas, $405,000.

Charmed Ct., 4901-Aida G. Wassif to Jason Downs and Tracy Killen, $660,000.

Choctaw Ridge Ct., 3046-Kahsay Z. Tsehayou to Sam Rouse, $325,000.

Crabapple Ct., 2703-Robert G. Weeks to Rogelio Torres and Christine Y. Hutchison, $438,000.

Crosswater Ct., 3647-Troy L. Scott and Venishka M. Hurdle to Erskin Melvin and Michelle Sotto, $267,000.

Darlington Loop, 1997-Martin and Susanna E.J. Price to Mohammad Yosufy, $268,000.

Essex Dr., 14212-James B. and Paula J. Murphy to Catherine Delpino, $347,000.

Flotsam Lane, 16341-Isaiah Rivers Jr. to Chun Qiao Lin and Bing Wang, $395,000.

Gorham Way, 13074-David F. and Caitlin E. Ward to Rachana and Ankit Shrestha, $495,000.

Greenhall Dr., 12695-Miguel Udaeta-Soto and Ingrith Grundy to Kahsay Z. Tsehayou, $365,000.

Gunsmith Terr., 2150, No. 45-6-Daniel L. Lycan Jr. to Chad Andrew and Kara Michelle Kaestle, $145,000.

Harbor Side St., 485, No. 600-Poonam S. Upreti to Patrick C. and Hyun J. Konfrst, $334,900.

Hedges Run Dr., 11981-Tracy Killen to James Todd and Donna McGhee, $445,000.

Hummock Pl., 3546-Preston Robert and Danielle Rae Quick to Anthony James Craparo Jr. and Robert Louise Young, $461,500.

John Diskin Cir., 15732, No. 150-Denise Miles to Ruth Crosby, $288,000.

Kingswood Ct., 2551-Julie M. Rimel to Paula Klacik, $289,000.

Lamar Rd., 14417-Paul A. and Ismaelita T. Wallace to Patricia Yamileth Pena, $260,000.

Lock Loop, 13489-Roy and Yi Liu Chittenden to Nilam Kumari Niroula and Raju Karki, $301,000.

Lotte Dr., 12719, No. 38-Basheer/Edgemoore-Potomac Crest Corp. to Sholanke Woody, $408,000.

Maidstone Ct., 12253-Jeffrey L. and Cristina Lange to Justin D. Smith, $264,900.

Margraf Cir., 2242, No. 414-Andrew Koepke to Jason and Kenia Stumbaugh, $285,000.

Mayflower Dr., 2035-Linda Shiao to Roger Laing, $284,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2346, No. 130-James Lawrence Bell to Nancy Deakins, $274,900.

Montgomery Ave., 2211-Clemente and Silvia E. Santiago to Abdul K. Tarawalie and Fattu Sesay, $325,000.

Nuttal Oak Pl., 16832, No. 21-Lanai Jackson to Sandra P. Hagan, $260,000.

Orleans St., 13115-Fernando W. and Monica E. Cardozo to Ronel R. Flores Mendieta and Martha Guillen Diaz, $385,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14788, No. 455A-Evan L. and Teri M. Littig to Herbert D. Briggman, $280,000.

Powells Landing Cir., 2081-Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America to Jelani and Talica Walls, $460,000.

Rope Dr., 13912-Estate of Peggy J. Davis and Scott H. Donovan to Felicita Sorto Ortiz, $280,000.

Seaford Ct., 12227-Estate of John Charles Leo and Alfred Frank Leo to Philipp M. and Mia Frankel, $330,000.

Sheffield Hill Way, 2677, No. 163-Jimmy Montalvo Galiano to Nicole Koenigsmann, $305,000.

Sindlinger Way, 15944-New Millenium Corp. to Morena Solis, $284,900.

Stone Lined Cir., 12562-Reids Model Corp. to Mark A. and Sadarreya R. Wicks, $499,990.

Swinksville Ct., 1765-Samuel Quintanilla and Melissa Ramirez to Kenneth Willeford and Alicia Hock, $425,000.

Thenia Pl., 1646, No. 4-1-Elubia Lucero and Idania Guerra to Zachary James and Ashley Nicole Bonhert, $235,000.

Trimaran Way, 2471-Robert C. Fitzbag to Paola D. Camacho, $477,300.

Wigeon Way, 15504-Carmelo and Maria C. Basile Naro to Carlos A. Romero, $415,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Bainbridge Ct., 9624-Timothy A. Cope and estate of Carol L. Pfuntner to Christopher and Rosa E. Binet, $425,000.

Butternut Cir., 10272-Heather Mills to Jacqueline Anne Hook, $310,000.

China Grove Ct., 9328-Jennifer M. Black to Brenda Abigail Villarreal, $299,900.

Coriander Cir., 9000-Arnoldo A. Hernandez and Susana E. Rivera Lopez to Brian Nathaniel and Jessica Anne Long, $292,500.

Easton Ct., 9210-Concord Property Corp. to Obed Irfan, $264,000.

Fringe Tree Lane, 9310-Blaise M. Mukenge and Santos M. Tshipamba to Geovanny Misas Londono and Greist Lorena Giraldo Londono, $227,000.

Kershaw Ct., 9167-Sharif Ahmed and Naushin Sharif to Marlon A. Ayala Alvarado and Juan Guevara, $270,000.

Lee Manor Dr., 10331-Richard W. and Tammy L. Plotner to Manolo Duque Regalado, $415,000.

Nash Dr., 9391-John and Jessica Barbour to Robert Ivancie, $460,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9377-Anne M. Cole to Qamar J. Syed, $168,500.

Sherman Ct., 8587-Estate of Curtiss S. Pearson and Roger Allen Pearson to Nelson Balmore Palacios, $320,000.

Stonewall Rd., 9463-Connor J. Kimmel to Daniel T. Corcoran Jr. and Miriam Van Scott, $276,000.

Zimbro Ave., 9696-John R. and Maria F. McClintock to Matthew Hillhouse and Alyssa Manning, $458,990.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Englewood Ct., 8519-Maria C. Penalosa-Soriente to Mark A. Spinelli and Jingying Guo, $234,900.

Kent Dr., 248-Larry E. and Mary E. Eskridge to Rolf Vietzke and Carrie Poston, $298,000.

Matthew Dr., 9188-Ana Maria Oliverez to Alexandra and Enrique P. Murillo, $436,000.

Sandra Pl., 9085-Lucas Andrew and Lacy Walker Jackson to Rodney J. Abercrombie, $418,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alice Ct., 15-Linda N. Watson to Warren H. Switzer, $210,000.

Aquia Dr., 1035-John A. Mittino to Anthony D. Riggs and David K. Villella, $345,350.

Arden Lane, 220-Thomas and Patty Kane to Curt M. and Laurinda M. Reifsteck, $660,000.

Avalon Lane, 32-Hour Homes at Avalon Inc. to Jonathan D. and Melinda K. Saunders, $613,113.

Basswood Dr., 921-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Ann M. Suwanski, $385,220.

Beau Ridge Dr., 6-Michael M. and Candace Grimes to Douglas and Valerie T. McCue, $399,999.

Biscoe Ct., 4-John Michael Cochran to Larry and Tracy Houston, $310,000.

Blue Spruce Cir., 15-George J. and Nicole Flynn to John Joseph and Jessica Ann Dick, $400,000.

Bridgeport Cir., 4-Ezra H. Bardo to Adrian Lizandro and Lindsay Dawn Solis, $375,000.

Brooke Point Ct., 124-Atlantic Builders LTD to Lamonica Harrison, $515,112.

Candleridge Ct., 7-Mikhael E. and Rana Nassif to George Primov, $318,500.

Capri Ct., 17-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Fernando Santos Cruz and Yajaira Estephani Martinez, $419,100.

Caval Cade Lane, 4-Steven and Nicole Albertson to Laurie J. and Brian N. Castleberry, $605,000.

Cherry Laurel Dr., 45-Daniel R. Burgess to Juan Carlos Yanez Jr., $249,900.

Clear Spring Lane, 44-DR Horton Inc. to Tobias M. and Kendra C. Sibley, $478,359.

Coastal Ave., 825-IHMW Embrey Mill II Corp. to Dora Ampong and Kingsley Kuttin, $434,104.

Cobblers Ct., 108-Kerri L. and Daniel W. Hallman to Steven Thomas and Colleen Jackson Bennett, $300,000.

Coriander Lane, 990-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Peter B. and Joni Gill, $476,225.

Culpeper St., 719-Jason W. Bonner to Lawrence R. Fightmaster, $225,000.

Denison St., 189-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Donna Elsenmann, $361,098.

Doria Hill Dr., 4-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Michael L. and Chiquita Thomas, $469,055.

Edwards Dr., 712-Watler J. Sumpolec to Joshua Earnest, $244,500.

Falkirk Ct., 209-Ayr Properties Corp. to Bradley D. and Rosalie M. Gunson, $221,000.

Ficklen Rd., 935-JGH Building and Consulting II Corp. to Samir Michael and Sherilyn Tulabot Stetler, $339,999.

Forsythia Lane, 970-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Sharaf M. Lateef, $441,240.

Galilean Dr., 28-Rebecca L. Davis to Cristina Polo, $275,000.

Garrisonville Rd., 1585-Jeffrey L. Fangman to Brian and Joanne Rogers, $430,000.

Glacier Way, 107-Nicholas and Leah Esposito to Arturo Osorio-Feliciano and Veronica Bautista-Antero, $360,000.

Gristmill Dr., 33-Mary K. and Michael A. Moore to Gregory M. and Ann P. Eckhart, $615,000.

Harper Lane, 121-NVR Inc. to Thelma Asiedu, $326,945.

Harpoon Dr., 2414-Alexander A. Forti to Jeremy David Laux, $325,000.

Hatchers Run Ct., 309-Estate of Gwendolyn C. Hall and Carole J. Davis to Candace M. Sarda and Derek Matney, $250,000.

Hermitage Dr., 26-Barry E. Enerson to Jason P. and Joan M. Wiese, $560,000.

Hot Springs Way, 40-Marc A. and Anna V. Reich to Jessica R. Lyons and John A. Fellin III, $324,900.

Jett St., 714-Dreama S. Long to Kyle W. and Michelle S. Hayden, $242,000.

Kellogg Mill Rd., 215-William L. Baker to Anthony T. and Danielle J. Plath, $360,000.

Knollwood Ct., 209-Victoria Gonzales to Benjamin Andrew Jones, $250,000.

Landing Dr., 305-NVR Inc. to Gianpaolo and Maurizio Marchese, $282,250.

Leeland Rd., 88-Abel Alfonso to Brandon W. and Jennifer Schooley, $249,000.

Long Point Dr., 163-John M. and Ruth Gray to Luz B. Torres, $285,000.

Marlborough Point Rd., 621-William L. and Patricia E. Poggi to Craig Daniel and Lorena Lu Funicello, $950,000.

McLaughlin St., 9-Audrey J. and Judy G. Hawkins to Amanda Faith and Charles Bradley Locke, $257,000.

Meridan Lane, 11-Carlos R. and Marilyn Velez to Zachary D. and Jacquelyn A. Kippenbrock, $740,000.

Montpelier Dr., 604-Hour Homes Inc. to Richard R. Owens and Kirsten C. Ober, $550,632.

Old Banks Dr., 3-Ashley L. and Garrett R. Bohan to Ryan Keith McNutt, $315,000.

Plumosa Dr., 23-Jeremie W. and Lisa L. Lovejoy to Kirby and Georgina R. Clark, $263,000.

Providence St., 211-Sharon M. and Kenny Ray Wright to Jeanette Cooper, $224,000.

Remington Ct., 12-Paul P. and Dawn M. Lerza to Garey A. and Alesia D. Tucker, $420,000.

Rochelle Ct., 2-Sonya A. Bowman to Aileen Osei-Kufuor, $350,900.

Rugby Rd., 202-Eric T. and Ellen Church to Charlotte Techu, $231,500.

Saint Johns Ct., 3-Maria E. Gomez to Arthur B. Gonzales, $375,000.

Sanctuary Lane, 68-Gerard J. Normand II to Martin A. and Alicia Stacey Barr, $495,000.

Shamrock Dr., 116-William B. and Barbara J. Benson to Christopher D. and Brooke L. Lomax, $295,000.

Shields Rd., 200-Michael A. McClelland to Gregory Troy and Kelly S. Harding, $374,900.

Silverthorn Ct., 20-John and Angela M. Glinsky to David M. and Kelly J. McEttrick, $410,000.

Snow Meadow Lane, 29-Steven G. Potter to Randall Reese, $341,000.

Spartan Dr., 130-Atlantic Builders LTD to Darcy Fandinga and Robert D. Hayes, $433,040.

Stately Ave., 145-Augustine Homes Corp. to Christopher J. Macey, $735,860.

Summerfield Lane, 61-Tricord Commons Corp. to Cory R. and Ai Massey, $382,500.

Tacketts Mill Rd., 678-Matthew Kane and Amanda M. Wilder to Isaac J. and Tori L. Nichols, $440,000.

Taylor St., 321-David Ryan Astley and Shannon Ann Mace to Cory Justin Frederick Van Valen, $258,000.

Towering Oaks Dr., 23-Marc Steven and Denise F. Cancel to Sarah McFadden, $426,000.

Vaughn Ct., 1-Shawn D. and Amber Lynn Hoaglund to Andre C. King, $439,900.

Waller Point Dr., 34-James J. Gallagher III to Gregory W. and Janice L. Fisher, $390,000.

Westhampton Ct., 28-Leona A. Miller to Darrell J. and Yaraide E. Newman, $392,500.

Willow Branch Pl., 9-Philip and Kathryn E. Rhinehart to Robert Gregory Bishop, $250,000.

Wizard Ct., 4-David A. and Jessica A. Alexander to Justin Alain and Ximena Isabel Shanghai, $475,000.

Woodstream Blvd., 264-Thomas and Carolyn Varney to Rosa A. Toledo, $340,000.