Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Bedder Stone Pl., 9633-Sangeeta Dwivedy to Page Lorriane Mori, $330,000.

Bowers Brook Pl., 9239-Brian and Young Mi Leblanc to Brian and Tiffany Supinger, $540,000.

Correen Hills Dr., 12925-Andrew Duchnycz to Earnest W. and Sarah Chamberlain Gorham, $360,000.

Dunbarton Dr., 12958-Kimberly C. Wiecki to Georgia M. Benedict, $344,500.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11795-Trisha L. Cronk and Nathan D. Guilmain to Herman Rodriguez and Maritza Gonzalez, $415,000.

Moat Crossing Pl., 8875-Walter Dean and Leslie Ann Belcher to Idris O. Onibudo and Bogna Przybylska, $350,000.

Placid Lake Ct., 8625-Zachary and Tanya Palik to Ziaul Sumon Huq and Maksudur Rahaman, $525,000.

Roberts Ridge Ct., 12924-Eric C. and Kimberly M. Rife to Janelle Luu and Sovandaro Thach-Song, $560,000.

Selkirk Cir., 12444-Karen Devincenzo to Ian Hunter and Natasha Caballero Dieruf, $315,000.

Tarvie Cir., 9560-Ronald K. and Angela D. Knowlton to Antonio Starr, $475,000.


Dominique Estates Lane, 13001-Pamela J. and Wayne M. Charity to Casey Lee and Gary Kwitkin, $910,000.


Ardmore Loop, 15052-Louis A. Birdsong to Hugo Aguayo Calderon and Hayde Vanessa Salazar Manco, $290,500.

Blue Jay Ct., 4522-Reginald S. Boyce Jr. to Tyler A. Hickey and Antonia A. Monteforte, $258,500.

Catalpa Ct., 15114-Luiggi and Judith Reggiardo to Eric K. Boateng and Ophelia Gyamfuaa, $264,900.

Danville Rd., 14763-John V. and Jacqueline Haile to Ovidio Dominguez and Wilmer A. Dominguez Melendez, $350,000.

Del Mar Dr., 3913-Gregory A. and Lori L. Krause to Marci Shaffer-Hughes, $360,000.

Edison Ct., 14805-Joshua and Abigail Gardner to Angela Lanette Andrew, $410,000.

Fairmont Ct., 14312-Stanley Engene Holleman to Simon Alexander Quintanilla, $285,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3495-Aaron D. and Kayla E. Roth to Yussine Ramos Pinto and Alvaro Nicolas Rojas, $292,000.

Freeport Ct., 3610-Wayne D. and Constance B. Jennings to Jose G. Hernandez Guerra and Silvia Margarita Ortiz, $279,950.

Hemingway Dr., 4416-Eng Investment Group Corp. to Raul J. and Arzoo Rodriguez, $338,000.

Kempair Ct., 4817-Sean Kelly to Richard B. and Tara Stitt, $345,000.

Kingsman Rd., 13406-Fauzia Shafik to Wilmar N. and Erwin M. Orellana Portillo, $355,000.

Lindendale Rd., 14260-Elizabeth Fernandez and Jason M. Munoz to Jose R. Machado and German F. Faustino Valverde, $352,000.

Marilyn Ct., 13731-Jose Antonio and Hermelinda Castro to Daniela Y. Rabanales and Rosa O. Barrios, $309,000.

Neddleton Ave., 5572-Barbara and Michael Gonzalez to Erick A. Zambrano Aldana and Francis Y. Tejeda Betancourth, $390,000.

Oaklawn Lane, 6082-Aaron J. and Joyce Zhuo Zhou Browne to Matthew C. and Bryan M. Jennings, $390,000.

Photo Dr., 13470-Gus O. Cantey to Marius Mihai, $360,000.

Quantas Pl., 5419-John Fletcher and Andrea Carol Putnam to Robert L. and Jennifer L. Diggs, $470,000.

Rockinghorse Dr., 14145-Kenneth W. and Susan E. Johnson to Ngoc Thanh Do and Tho T. Le, $395,000.

Satterfield Dr., 5353-John F. and Jill L. Zeto to Zoe Ann Amey and John B. McCleary, $410,000.

Springbrook Ct., 14355-Francisco and Dawn P. Browne to Miguel and Ariana De La Cruz, $337,500.

Whittier Loop, 14942-Adrian Lawray to Ishfaq Khurram, $320,000.


Beveridge Dr., 17058, No. 40-Rosemarie G. Sorrentino to Shannon Allen, $315,396.

Toms River Loop, 16832-Towana D. Tibbs to Daniel Hashemi, $260,000.


Albert Way, 14060-Peter A. and Tina L. Elias to Young Joon Lee, $520,000.

Brunson Cir., 7413, No. 6J-Helmand Investment Corp. to Nora Abu-Rabi, $295,000.

Catbird Dr., 14236-Ali A. Ali and Nadia A. Elagilb to Dwight P. and Chanise C. Vick, $430,000.

Crackling Fire Dr., 8240-Charles J. and Sheila M. Sterner to Edward Allen and Kristi Ann Abram, $480,000.

Early Marker Ct., 7318-Thomas and Kimberly Kertscher to Paul Donald and Santina Snyder, $495,000.

Fowlers Mill Dr., 14412-Roberto H. and Jacqueline C. Maldonado to Kyle D. Plum, $379,900.

Handel Pl., 13557-Angel and Sandra Ruiz Alvarado to Xin Xu, $422,500.

Huron Dr., 7623-Bruce Alan and Kathryn C. Brandt to Hugo Fernando and Cristi Yessenia Morales, $290,000.

Lee Carter Rd., 15808-Walter Scott and Brooke Michelle Lutes to Abdullatif Zibak and Amani Altobbaji, $478,500.

Macon Grove Lane, 14449, No. 224-Shannon L. and Peter M. Cotugno to Ahmed H. Nabizada, $229,900.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14294-Kyle B. and Carmen M. Mandeville to Erik McLeish and Megan Grady Marra, $440,000.

Tackhouse Loop, 8398-Rossana Delos Reyes to Shanzadi Mirza, $360,000.

Tred Avon Pl., 6913-Harold Demsko and estate of Orpha W. Dornisch to Robert B. and Leslie A. Orr, $569,000.

Wales Ct., 8600-Michael P. Alexiou to Anthony Dennis Lopez and Stephanie Maldonado-Pagan, $545,000.

Yewing Way, 5729-Daniel J. and Deborah E. Cabral to James and Judith Blankenship, $664,999.


Dogwood Park Lane, 14729-Kishor and Deepa Subba Chhetri to Stacey L. Imel, $445,000.

Greymill Manor Dr., 16000-Steven Benjamin McGlothin to Thomas and Maureen O. Polivka, $397,500.

Martin Terr., 2900-Capital Construction & Developing Inc. to Charles Kelly and Phyllis Georgina Cordle, $475,000.

Padgett Dr., 4280-Sherry Speis-Arnold to Brett Keefer, $440,000.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15248, No. 67-Gerald D. Chapman to Amanda Anderson, $274,000.

Ryder Cup Dr., 15659-James Robert and Christy Andrews to Jason A. and Amy B. Waibel, $645,000.

Solheim Cup Dr., 5787-Lance C. and Christine J. Miller to Andrew Adam and Christina L. Grimes, $615,000.

Tulloch Spring Ct., 5891-Rahul Argade to Brian and Lisa Kaiser, $560,000.

Woodley Hills Rd., 16148-Lindsey M. and Glenn C. Grayburn Jr. to Michael A. Servati and Gloria K. Lee, $537,500.


Albrite Ct., 11520-John J. and Kathy M. McLaren to Darnell Phillip and Jessica Lynnette Poledore, $487,450.

Blue Gray Cir., 7856-Mary B. Beane to Alberto Cruz, $316,900.

Caton Pl., 13012-Jerome C. Cope to Ismael Celedonio Saldivar and Daniel Celedonio Alba, $348,500.

Coachcrest Ct., 8010, No. 16-6-Paul D. Kamperschroer to Young Cho and Hana Jeon, $235,000.

Croydon Pl., 7605-Mark Perri to Christopher Pray and Amber Williams, $395,000.

Elsinore Dr., 7864-Daniel Scott and Karen Maria Davey to Mark C. and Debra A. Probus, $510,000.

Flatbush Ct., 8835-Jeffery Piland to Michael and Kathleen M. Burnett, $400,000.

Gilbeth Rd., 7002-Mark S. and Phoebe G. Casasanta to Jacob A. Sigler, $390,000.

Idlebrook Ct., 14551-David T. and Kathy M. Willis to Shawn Mihalek, $400,000.

Kessler Pl., 11343-Brian E. and Rolonda Gibson to Eric R. and Patrick V. Browning, $319,900.

Lindy Lane, 12550-Benjamin M. and Linda Smith to Louis J. Berkeszi, $348,000.

Mastbrook Lane, 12022-Brandon B. Adkins to John A. Lampasona, $360,000.

Passage Creek Lane, 6660-Huy Tran to Jerry Calico Dasilva and Vincent Talbot, $569,900.

Ramseur Pl., 8209-James and Bonnie Dennis to Ae Kyung and Samuel Park, $340,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 7264-Carl Dean and Kristin Lynn Atchely to Richard A. and Sharon L. Bottomley, $385,000.

Sabre Ct., 7825-Richard J. Martin and Jessica L. Hanneman to Enid Y. Garcia Felix and Catalino Garcia, $330,000.

Spotsylvania St., 9517-Elias Zarkadoulas to Edwin Alfredo Zelaya Torres, $360,000.

Token Forest Dr., 6000-Akhileshwar P. and Suhasini A. Singh to Adnan and Celmi Ashraf, $660,000.

Westchester Dr., 9002-Laurel E. Leiss to Tracy and Sherri Harris, $383,000.

Wortham Crest Cir., 11191, No. 60-Constance R. Thomas to Robert E. and Patricia Thompson James, $262,500.


Appomattox Ave., 7719-Infinite Designs & Remodel Inc. to Lisandro E. and Gladis Griselda Parada, $345,000.

Calm Pond Ct., 8220-Kenneth and Sandy Mak to Tuan Nguyen and Uyen Vo, $470,000.

Hemlock Hills Ct., 9869-Andrew M. Giammerino and Nelly Mori to Kelley N. and Quentin M. Vanarsdel, $582,000.

Linden Wood Rd., 9560-Robert W.D. and Jasmine R. Hawkins to Melissa R. and Jeffry A. Alsup, $550,000.


Andrews Pl., 4500-Mark A. and Precious R. Notar to Michael V. and Sherry M. Mutschall, $370,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 16908-Ronald G. and Josephine K. Selepak to Shirley A. Blas, $414,900.

Grey Ghost Ct., 3700-Edward N. and Mary J. Khoury to Anthony Benjamin and Chalerm Smith, $389,900.

Silvan Glen Dr., 15441-Mark D. and Laura K. Roden to Renee E. and Joseph A. Conrad, $375,000.

Taconic Cir., 16197-Robert J. Brown to Garrick T. Jeffers, $275,000.


Aden Rd., 14387-Scott and Kimberly Jacobs to Byron Walters Jr. and Lana Hepner, $360,000.

Lakehill Dr., 13159-Stephen J. and Sue K. Corbett to David Maresca, $925,000.

Vint Hill Rd., 13755-William B. and Marilyn C. Kovac to Karianne E. Johnson, $336,000.


Agency Loop, 4116-Raymond Patrick and Kimberly Denice Feltham to Tyjuan D. Atkinson, $499,000.


Abbottsbury Way, 2161, No. 494-Gloria C. Shawn to Neil J. Rapalee, $280,000.

Alexis Rd., 912-Jose Gonzalo Gutierrez Lainez to Wilfredo Zelaya, $285,000.

Aubrey Glen Terr., 12620-Todd P. and Jacqueline N. Robins to Christopher Butler, $518,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 691-Richard J. and Karen H. Kirkbride to Natalie T. Paul, $460,000.

Bombay Way, 12740-Helioise Argentina Buzoianu to Biakoyegn M. Fentea and Alemtsehay A. Semawu, $379,000.

Bridgeton Ct., 3085-Ji Tam and Yunyn Hu to Jesse J. Warren and Jaclyn C. Donofrio, $292,000.

California St., 1482-Mohmedsharif and Jebun Munshi to Vicente Lagunas Calderon, $320,000.

Capon Tree Lane, 16841-Sameh Rasooli and Alia Abouzeid to Priscilla Serwah and Isaac Kofi Boateng, $294,000.

Cedar Cove Way, 1832, No. 2-4B-Esther H. Serna to Carlos Alexander Portillo Merino and Maria Ventura Gomez, $240,000.

Cohasset Lane, 13000-Opes Investment Group Corp. to Tommizene D. Rice, $405,000.

Columbia Rd., 1301-Neil Rapalee to Arnold Rojas Canon, $300,000.

Cranes Bill Way, 1386-James L. Bina and Rhonda M. Trent to Brian Murray, $370,000.

Darlington Loop, 2028-Simmie P. and Nikki Rae N. Toler to Alkali Sanneh, $275,000.

E St., 1305-Luis A. Gomez and Claudia K. Gonzalez De Gomez to Jose A. Jovel Guerrero and Maria A. Bermudez De Jovel, $315,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3356-Tonya L. Congo to Ernest Owusu, $472,000.

Exmore Ct., 15529-Karisa Jo Davison to Darwin K. Turner, $376,000.

Forest Hill Rd., 12548, No. 78-Matthew Chesley to Justin Robert Wagner, $180,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1031, No. 104-Michael and Anne M. Sanchez to Elaine Watts, $189,000.

Gloucester Ct., 2880-Sabir Hussian and Nida Zainab to Darwin L. Lima Ramirez, $198,000.

Greendale Dr., 13940, No. 23-Edward W. and Lois M. Holder to Michael J. and Cynthia Hurrie, $365,000.

Hall St., 12601-Alain Acosta to Ian Clunie, $420,000.

Hedges Run Dr., 12514-Brian Patrick and Erin Marie McCartin to Gustavo A. Bravo and Marisol Cazasola De Bravo, $435,000.

Horner Rd., 1621-Henry J. D’Souza to Andre M. Lindsay, $281,000.

Imperial Eagle Ct., 16016-Brian T. and Cecille J. Combs to Sameh Rasqooli and Alia Abouzeid, $495,000.

Jennings St., 2171-Stanley F. King to Shelia Breaker, $360,000.

Leatherwood Lane, 12907-Edward E. Vallejos and Sonja Vallejos-Greaves to Naqibullah and Shamila Naderi, $369,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2358-Susann Swan to Carlos E. Morano, $280,000.

Manitoba Dr., 3205-Kenneth I. and Susan M. Hunt to Spencer Lawrence and Carlise Patricia Giles, $408,000.

Margaret St., 1524-Mohamed and Mariama Koroma to Maritza G. Sosa, $309,999.

Mason Creek Cir., 14778, No. 45-Melody L. and Patrick J. McElroy to Kindra Hemphill, $260,000.

Millet St., 3502-Quantg T. and Khanh Van L. Tran to Kamran Sikandar and Tania Rauf, $435,000.

Nates Pl., 11765-Susan A. Norman to Harry Cavero and Evgeniya Lyashko, $350,000.

Oakwood Dr., 12345-Autumn Lemary Hawley to Rufino Garduno Sanchez, $408,000.

Old Salem Ct., 12175-Wendwesen Abegaz to Keven Steve Bautista, $238,000.

Pewter Pl., 2645-David A. and Kyong H. Welch to Andom and Bilen Gherezghiher, $420,000.

Pilgrim Dr., 2083-Wilbert A. Pena Cortez and Christina S. Cortez Pena to Carlos E. Galeas, $289,000.

Princeton St., 12241-Pausha A. Monroe to Sheri D. Been, $270,000.

Regatta Lane, 16435-Abdul A. Muhammad and Shaneka S. Foster to Lionel O. and Linda V. Smith, $480,000.

Soffit Pl., 3522-P. Bradford and Susan L. Eyre to Estrella L. Martinez, $425,000.

Strickland Ct., 1847-Derek A. Lambert and Erin Mottley to Christine A. Moustakis and Ronald G. Embry Jr., $540,000.

Torrington St., 12705-Jason Salvatore and Bobbie Rae Oddo to James Lee Beaty and Gellaine Gayona, $333,000.

William Bayliss Ct., 15614-Franz A. and Ollie M. Johnson to Tevin Jones, $320,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Artillery Rd., 8600-Joaquin Gutierrez and Edith M. Zelaya to Marites Fabricante and Joan Fabricante Notorio, $335,900.

Beech Pl., 9702-Haris Saidi to Julio Antonio Avalos Ramos, $235,000.

Brackets Ford Cir., 10465-Dale Mark Sweetnam to Henson A. and Raquel Rayma Romero, $407,000.

Buttress Lane, 8374, No. 201-Nadjya Akbari and Ehsan Ateeqi to Genoveva Vallejos, $146,000.

Caspian Way, 9330, No. 302-Donna Barbara Miller to Cathrine A. Jose, $170,000.

Coriander Cir., 9010-Charles and Carla Krager to Joseph Konczal, $284,000.

Fountain Cir., 10250-Timothy and Melissa Robin Hatlem to Jonathan W. Phillips, $434,950.

Hazel Dr., 8911-Rita G. Koman to Robert Lester Kamocsai, $395,000.

Liberty Trail, 8611-John M. and Elena Baggett to Derek Patrick and Linda Allen Smith, $349,500.

McClellan Common, 9062-Olaide Barragan Aviles to Josefa Balbuena De Barragan and Mayte Barragan Balbuena, $190,000.

New Britain Cir., 9114-Ryan Wood to Michelle Tapia, $260,000.

Placid St., 9219-Gerald P. Burns to Edwin and Liliana Patricia Ferrel, $400,000.

Sumner Lake Blvd., 9266-Adriana and Robert P. Reynolds to Richard D. Lambert, $550,000.

Wax Myrtle Way, 9335-Sandra F. Scott to Alexandria R. Forkell, $235,000.

West St., 9307-Michael N. and Gillian L. Economou to Ron B. Bernstein, $520,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Christopher Lane, 9037-Maxwell and Sara Lord to Christopher Cyrus S. and Felix F. Zorrilla III, $377,500.

Holden Dr., 194-Jofelle B. Gascon and Alexei G. Nallana to Jennifer M. and Manuel Umana, $288,000.

Kent Dr., 259-James E. Mogan to Helder V. Portillo, $279,900.

Sonia Ct., 9415-Brian P. and Martha L. Shea to Jerry D. and Autumn Parker, $464,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Adler Lane, 16-Commonwealth Financial Solutions Inc. to Shannon Jane Sumpter and Philip Edward Hacker, $259,000.

Apricot St., 302-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Leah M. and Brandon L. Dobbs, $490,000.

Arbor Lane, 27-James P. and Samantha J.A. Brenkert to Matthew and Regina Kuhfuss, $410,000.

Backridge Ct., 403-Michael A. and Tariq Johnson to Samuel David Hale and Madison Lynn Orme, $227,000.

Barnum Dr., 18-Gary C. Fruik and Dana M. Campbell to Maria Y. Gomez, $319,000.

Basswood Dr., 945-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Jessie and Amy Barcala, $358,660.

Belcroft Dr., 109-Michael and Alison Mathwin to Ismael Rodas and Miguel A. Perla, $440,000.

Bennington Way, 117-Atlantic Builders LTD to Emmett Ray and Sandra Maria Pilkington, $582,290.

Blast Furnace Way, 260, No. 202-Vera M. Irvin to Michael and Jacqueline K. Estes, $270,500.

Boulder Dr., 16-Ernesto F. and Evangeline N. Rigoroso to Mahamed Abdi, $415,000.

Brandice St., 102-Brian E. and Bernice M. Wheeler to Johnathan Peterson, $305,000.

Brooke Rd., 2714-Jeffrey R. and Jenise L. Birks to Daniel and Stephanie Hawk, $480,000.

Brookstone Dr., 16-Robert K. and Diane A. Boyd to Justin Williams, $358,000.

Butler Rd., 141-Michael Robert Strachan and Warangrat Pariya-Anakakoon to Catherine Ann Stanton, $300,000.

Carnaby St., 101-Timothy Hathaway to Matthew C. and Kathleen Fletcher, $180,000.

Chadwick Dr., 10-Jose C. and D. Lorena Lopez to Juan Carlos Alvarado-Castro and Maria Del Carmen Alvarado, $425,000.

Choptank Rd., 243-Richard D. and Sharol A. Leonard to Marada and Leaphy Phillips, $379,900.

Clover Hill Dr., 30-Norman Alan and Kristine L. Sease to Samantha L. Thomas, $260,000.

Cookson Dr., 44-Thomas L. Sklopan and Dara J. Sklopan-Johnson to Colby Childs, $337,000.

Courthouse Manor Dr., 202-Miller and Smith at Stafford Corp. to Emmanuel Bannerman and Mavis A. Ocansey, $408,890.

Danbury Ct., 8-Anthony R. and Sandie Renee Sermarini to Michael and Gail Lynch, $390,000.

Doria Hill Dr., 28-Bryt Mark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Vincent D. and Regina A. Washington, $574,000.

Elm St., 23-Sherri Nichole and Christopher Lee Steagall to Jersson A. Zaldivar and Daniela Maria Maldonado, $501,000.

Forsythia Lane, 960-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Anthony G. Clayton, $415,000.

Galway Lane, 211-Jorge Carlos San Roman to Ulysses Acuna, $289,997.

Grapevine Lane, 3-Charles J. and Carolyn A. Julian to Keith Z. Leroy, $349,000.

Harper Lane, 116-NVR Inc. to John and Julia Johnson, $326,445.

Harpoon Dr., 2211-Estate of Saundra Faye and Larry Lynn Thompson to Joshua and Julie A. Regan, $360,000.

Heritage Rd., 43-John O. and Teresita N. Trammell to Anthony and Dinah Pellicone, $299,000.

Hillcrest Terr., 1017-Larry W. and Marian E. Witter to Nathan Alexander and Rachel Cleveland Perrine, $545,000.

Holmes St., 118-Scott A. and Melissa Beard to John Emerson and Brittany Everette, $320,000.

Inman Overlook, 3-U.S. Bank and the Adjustable Rate Mortgage Trust to Charles and Abigale Talley, $314,000.

Ivy Spring Lane, 40-Connie A. Taylor to Nathan D. and Lydia D. Fisher, $370,000.

Jett St., 702-Joseph W. and Joan M. Pounds to Ruben James and Ann T. Carvajal, $390,000.

King Alfred Way, 173-Jeffrey D. and Kathryn M. Carpenter to John P. and Stephanie J. Stewart, $415,000.

Kline Ct., 4-Paul A. and Nanette G. Murtha to Joseph Robert and Brenda Deering, $445,000.

Landing Dr., 208-NVR Inc. to Saffie Kamara, $326,500.

Landing Dr., 413-NVR Inc. to Damika Brown, $294,543.

Legend Dr., 54-Douglas A. Richmond to Rebecca S. Faulkner, $210,000.

London Way, 37-David J. and Natalie S. Keersbergen to Dorcas Assuah, $300,000.

Macgregor Ridge Rd., 38-Michael Scanlon to David M. and Katie M. Bull, $472,000.

Madison Ct., 713-Grace R. Simpson to Emily Foster, $175,000.

Mennis Ct., 3-Miguel E. Rivera to Christopher B. Lewis, $337,000.

Montauk Ave., 106-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Enrique and Olga M. Mendez, $412,844.

Mountain View Rd., 1106-Naethan and Hannah Hendrix to Ryan L. Graham, $269,072.

Oak Dr., 121-Ibrahim A. Giwa and Tanya L. Poles to Ruben Ramos, $192,000.

Paul Hill Rd., 48-Matthew Clark to James and Mary Escamilla, $369,500.

Perth Dr., 65-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to James Marshall and Angela Lynn Smith, $640,335.

Puritan Pl., 31-Christopher M. and Jan G. Arey to Samantha Judith and William Carl Dobbins, $350,000.

Regents Lane, 121-Miller and Smith at Stafford Corp. to Mohamed B. and Annupa Sookdeo Palbalkar, $394,160.

Richwood Cv., 116-Atlantic Builders LTD to Joseph A. and Julie A. Cardello, $613,850.

Rock Hill Church Rd., 240-Daryl Shifflett to Teresa A. Scott and Harold C. Hoggard, $525,000.

Sable Lane, 8-Robert M. Abriss to Anne Stone, $470,000.

Saint Marys Lane, 35-Darien and Brenda Pedota to Christopher R. and Jennifer L. Rogalski, $570,000.

Saratoga Woods Lane, 101-Atlantic Builders LTD to Brian S. and Pamela R. Biletnikoff, $562,400.

Shadowbrook Lane, 3-Milton J. and Diana Garland to William Ansah and Gifty A. Okutu, $399,000.

Silver Comet Ct., 116-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Shaan Singh Taneja and Jasmeet Kaur, $407,237.

Sorrel Lane, 12-SM Stafford Corp. to Larry J. and Jessica L. Bursey, $622,805.

Spring Park Lane, 109-Jamie and Benjamin Wallace to Freda Adustl-Awuah and Rebecca Amofa, $264,500.

Sunny Hill Ct., 207-Jason R. and Midori Yamakawa Lindsey to Matthew C. and Tanya K. Allen, $270,000.

Tarleton Way, 31-Julie A. and Justin Scott Ritchie to Matthew Beverst, $275,000.

Thomas Jefferson Pl., 1102-Bateman Corp. to Kenneth L. Kidd and Kathryn Shepard, $185,000.

Tom Ct., 2-Connie M. King to Anthony James Mitchell, $330,000.

Tree Line Dr., 216-US Home Corp. to Fode Traore and Samira Abdala, $280,942.

Vine Pl., 222-Gertrude R. and Richard E. Hart to Teresa Winans Fox, $325,000.

Wellspring Dr., 72-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Torrie Allen Erickson, $361,815.

Widewater Rd., 499-Melodee S. Ashley to Kristen Stringer, $315,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 1012-Stephanie Freixa Marks to Randolph C. Beer, $191,000.

Woodstream Cir., 404-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michael and Megan Kline, $240,101.

Yasmine Ct., 20-G. H. Watts Construction Inc. to John Albert and Jessica Moir, $656,360.