Prince William County

These sales data recorded in August 2018 by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Bedder Stone Pl., 9639-Kevin Thai and Vy Nguyen to Brenda Finn, $305,000.

Bristow Rd., 12329-Kelley R. Gallop to Melissa A. Peckhaus, $299,250.

Craighill Dr., 9646-Marie A. Booner to Sandra Burgess, $347,000.

Dunblane Ct., 9505-Michael and Emily Gaitonde to Roberto H. and Jacqueline C. Maldonado, $419,900.

Fenimore Pl., 8812-Christopher and Michelle Corum to Timothy Shelby, $405,000.

Idlewood Park Ct., 12512-Earl C. and Tracey L. McCuller to William Thomas and Christine Marie McLaughlin, $627,000.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11797-Tony Olivas to Masood and Sundeep Anwar, $407,000.

Moxleys Ford Lane, 10002-Stephen Johnson to Jenrri Aristides Canales and Reyna Adalina Rodriguez De Canales, $274,000.

Rainbow Falls Dr., 9204-Bernard L. and Chelsie R. Throckmorton to Dean Greenlee, $489,900.

Rothbury Dr., 8575-Richard and Amanda M. Worthington to Qais and Massoud Barek, $500,000.

Shenvale Cir., 13044-Barrett E. Gibbs to Peyton Reiley McCormick and Shawn William Schultz, $345,000.

Tummel Falls Dr., 10066-Muhammad Sajid Vayalil Koroth to Idriss and Ariane Tankeu, $429,000.


Gables Green Way, 12850-Sanjeev and Sujata Suri to Edward and Mercedes Cox, $830,000.


Ardmore Loop, 15110-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mike Yusuf, $277,000.

Beau Ridge Dr., 15752-Richard and Kristin J. Wiley to Ricardo D. and Miguel A. Hernandez, $418,000.

Bowes Lane, 2856-Jeanette Valentin to Yan Hong Li and Li Li Wang, $220,000.

Darbydale Ave., 14774-Optima Homes Corp. to Travis B. and Candice J. Armstrong, $360,000.

Del Mar Dr., 14508-Rostam Khaled Arya and Arghawan Daware to Jose J. and Kevin J. Orellana, $350,000.

Fairview Lane, 14416-Oscar Lee Black Jr. to Felipe Franco Guevara and Salvadora D. Morataya De Franco, $290,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3512-Forestdale Investments Corp. to Henry S. Romero Arias and Erika M. Fernandez Umanzor, $335,000.

Gardensen Dr., 4125-Anwara Ahmed to Christian Djin and Millicent Fiagbedzi, $275,000.

Hetten Lane, 3729-William S. Landon and Dorothy Kelley to Theresa N. Mao and Jorge A. Alvarenga, $510,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 12923-Gary J. and Brenda L. Gillison to Gustavo Molina Sion and Allyson Bailey Molina, $299,000.

Kingswell Dr., 13017-James A. and Charlotte Clemens to Antonio Arenas, $300,000.

Mattapony Dr., 13912-James Earl Gray to Rona Jane Cox and Cristian Oliver Hurtado, $339,900.

Newgate Rd., 13107-Michael H. Smith and Yvonne Opal Spencer to Apurva Giri and Doma S. Lama, $340,000.

Oaklawn Lane, 6241-Rasheem J. and Kendra Wright to Jaime and Emma Rejano Ramirez, $489,000.

Princedale Dr., 13514-Renee Bullock to Gilma E. Saravia and Ponce Roberto Grimaldo, $290,000.

Red Bird Lane, 3905-Wendy A. Pomeroy to Amy Montoya, $393,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5637-Eugene and Carmen Bridgeman to Sandra Isabel Guerrero Perez, $339,000.

Ticket Way, 6051-Michael E. Young to Mat Van and Diep T. Ngyen, $301,000.

Trawler Dr., 14014-Maro D. and Christina L. Enoka to Yasser Khedr and Kamelia Guessab, $470,000.

Wigan Dr., 3764-Marcel V. Huard to Aryan N. Shafiee, $440,000.


Buell Ct., 2922-Shane P. and Carmen L. McDonald to Rafael Eulises Villanueva and Maria D. Moreno, $198,000.

Glouster Pointe Dr., 2416-Christopher R. and Jennifer Young to Ferdinand and Pokim Perez, $592,000.

Spring Cress Dr., 17529-NVR Inc. to James Thurman O’Neal Jr., $580,000.

Tweezer Ct., 17751-Steven M. Rafanan to Kelvin Bernard Noye, $425,000.


Artemus Rd., 5707-Manuel L. and Louise G. Velasquez to Brianna and Andrew Qura, $300,000.

Brunson Cir., 7479, No. 11C-Brett Wilson Miller to Edward and Janice Payne, $318,000.

Catbird Dr., 14256-Larry and Bonita Sue Byers to Surinder Singh and Inderjit Kaur, $450,000.

Crimson Crossing Way, 8301-Nicholas T. and Amanda A. Johns to Noel Maria Xavier and Anitha Natarajan, $540,000.

Eldermill Lane, 6700-Terence Andwele and Diana Sinkfield to Clay D. and Laura Murray, $489,400.

Gaffney Cir., 15069-Carisa Tolerico to David Joseph Dempsey and Sam Soon Lee, $339,000.

Harefield Lane, 8732-Bo Qian and Feifei Yin to Jose Koga Lopez and Yoshimi Koga Contreras, $489,000.

Lee Carter Rd., 15825-Thomas and Heather Longhurst to Nicholas A. and Jenna D. Nomikos, $457,500.

Links Pond Cir., 14828-Christi and Craig Nelson to Bradley C. and Courtney K. Taylor, $425,000.

Maidenhair Dr., 12065-Clay D. and Shonnie L. Pettit to Christopher G. and Christine M. Morris, $508,500.

Piney Grove Way, 5969-Kenneth R. and Cathy J. Brooke to Ronald Leon and Monica F. Daniels, $528,000.

Shelford Way, 14640, No. 4-Holly V. Shonholz to Marina Elizabeth Vann, $254,900.

Tackhouse Loop, 8476-Stephen Sterne Jr. to Anthony Joseph and Ashley Maiorano, $355,000.

Village High St., 14446, No. 88-Alvin L. Hamilton III and Kelly N. Zetterberg to Lakera D. Trammell and Harold Stinger, $285,000.

Waverley Mill Ct., 7880-Fenton Lynwood and Janice Virginia Jones Givens to Christina Allman and Phillip Milas Bracher, $213,000.


Allens Mill Blvd., 4611-Barbara J. Pinkele to Roberto Samaniego and Sonia R. Villanueva, $532,000.

Caribbean Ct., 5692-Russell D. and Patricia A. Craig to Nazia Taib, $537,500.

Dogwood Park Lane, 14733-Ronald W. and Katrin Phillips to Jamie Marie and Matthew R. Dell, $459,900.

Gypsum Hill Rd., 4005-Stacey L. Imel to Daniel Guarnieri and Sarah El Zaatari, $480,000.

Macintosh Loop, 5704-Brian and Wendy Kulick to Bernard W. and Ruth H. Chau, $655,000.

Mercury Ave., 7147-Gwendolyn A. Adams to John W. Barak, $735,000.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13211-Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas and Residential Accredit Loans Inc. to Leslie Weber Hoffman, $708,225.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15383, No. 56-Kenneth C. and Mary Katherine Guiles to Zainb S. Aljalali, $300,000.

Ryder Cup Dr., 15758-Jonathan D. and Hollye R. Mann to Todd and Debra Krebs, $775,000.

Spruce Grove Ct., 5795-Colin S. and Venzy V. Searcy to Clarence A. Birtcil and Ashley L. Crawford, $589,900.

Turning Leaf Pl., 15337-Matthew E. and Lea P. Moulton to James M. and Devon M. Cunningham, $646,100.

Youngs Dr., 2410-Denise Decker to David P. Sperin, $288,500.


Amblewood Dr., 13194-Robert Frederick and Kimberly Lynn Cook to Joshua and Abigail Gardner, $547,000.

Bradley Forest Rd., 12002-Christopher L. Beavers and Amanda Almodovar to Stephen Charles and Renee Fields Pogue, $300,000.

Celtic Lane, 13425-Thomas L. Sklopan and Dara J. Sklopan-Johnson to Wendell and Lakisha Howard, $432,000.

Colonial Village Loop, 6410-Mark Wallisch to Christopher and Vera Cowen, $505,000.

Dabshire Way, 10715-Joel Castillo to Richard and Heather Lee, $360,000.

Englewood Farms Dr., 8826-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Joyce Asiedu, $464,990.

Forest Oak Ct., 12794-Craig A. and Danita R. Bringman to Kristy and Deandre McKenzie, $379,000.

Helmsdale Pl., 7683-Lotus Homes Corp. to Rabin and Indira Koirala Chauhan, $300,000.

King George Dr., 9704-Sajan Pokharel to Gabriel and Regina Fongeh Epse Fontem, $369,000.

Lomond Dr., 9414-Rui Da Silva to Virgilio J. and Cain Eladio Fernandez, $350,000.

Middleburg Ct., 8846-Bruce and Thaisa Harper York to Socorro and Maria P. Acosta Cabral, $235,000.

Pershing Dr., 13104-Brent and Joyce Pennington to Dennis L. and Alice S. Riley, $556,400.

Rapidan Lane, 10395-Alan B. Keeler and Claire E. Powers to Ehab Grace and Marian Mawad, $272,000.

River Run Ct., 10551-Brian M. Wuorinen to Christina Dee and Daron Kenneth Reinhart, $510,000.

Saint Croix Lane, 10449-Marisa Elina and Mary June Nicholson to Prabin Adhikari and Sharada Bhandari, $295,000.

Statesboro Ct., 10116-J. L. Liedke to Jennifer Delcid and Mirna Leiva Lopez, $232,000.

White Flint Ct., 5765-Kevin Hanna to Kusuma Zaremba, $542,000.


Appomattox Ave., 7924-Gustavo Mansilla to Donald T. and Judith Lewis, $309,000.

Duck Pond Terr., 8018-Feroz and Farzana Panishiri to Abdul S. Raufi, $325,000.

Hillcrest Dr., 8010-Ruth Ann and Bernard L. Berger to John Arico, $420,000.

McKee Way, 6480-Gregory Richard and Shannon Marie Krammes to Peter Joo, $517,500.

Sharpshooters Ct., 7757-Jackie Kennedy to Thanh D. Tran and Tuyen T. Pham, $465,000.


Ashmere Cir., 4106-Thomas A. and Amy H. Bean to Phyllis W. Clark, $272,500.

Four Seasons Dr., 16916-James D. Richardson Jr. to Robert and Diane Dvorak, $385,000.

Harpers Ferry Dr., 17615-Igor Zolotushkin to Joycelyn and Harry O. Boafo, $348,000.

Kagera Dr., 17457-Brian J. and Robin Incheck to Lesley Opoku-Anarfi, $310,000.

Skiff Ct., 15585-John Chapman and Roland George Joun to Allison and Samuel Bressi, $460,000.

Taconic Cir., 16292-Taren and Dustin Ouellette to Yoganarasimha Garuda and Jyothi Iyengar, $224,000.


Fitzwater Dr., 12621-John S. and Gary L. McMichael to Thomas and Kelley Gallop, $560,000.

Windy Hill Dr., 9741-Meteor Investment Inc. to Paul and Leyla Nichols, $770,000.


Beechwood Lane, 3492-Neil and Derek Maxfield to Chhiv G. Op and Edgardo Thillet-Torres, $340,000.

Mockingbird Heights Rd., 19102-Steven A. and Tracy G. Hessing to Charles and Tina Miller, $260,000.

Sapling Way, 4064-John and Elizabeth A. Burns to Jarritt Ryan and Whitney R. Jones, $560,000.


Admeasure Cir., 16368-Jacob A. and Karen Bustoz to Rodger and Marjorie G. Allen, $520,000.

Amara Pl., 11600-Jacob A. Sigler to Terryck L. and Iliana Sterling, $368,000.

Avocet Loop, 15679-Yousuf and Sarwat Raza to Sean Toavs, $325,000.

Bertram St., 11555-Daniel and April Felkins to Corby L. Rowe, $344,425.

Bordeaux Pl., 2774, No. 23C5-Kenyatta Clay to Enrique Cuevas, $155,000.

Bridgeton Ct., 3097-Mohsin Aijaz to Charles Wright Jr., $324,400.

Canada Goose Loop, 15929-Juan Carlos and Corrieann M. Avila to Angela Patterson, $346,500.

Captains Cove, 12754-Sondra K. Williams to Danielle B. Radoye, $315,000.

Chaste Tree Pl., 4943-Bradley D. and Anna M. Schaller to Donald F. Racine, $338,000.

Cohasset Lane, 13003-Erica Lee and Robert D. Steele to Raymond B. and Anne-Marsha Joseph Mayo, $413,000.

Condor Lane, 3497-Karen Lee and James Zalewski to Dae Jung Bang, $324,000.

Creel Ct., 3033-Rebeca A. and Raquel C. Ortega-Mendez to Julie Do and Steve H. Pham, $290,000.

Dara Dr., 12656, No. 104-4-Marta Icochea to Jose Antonio Ayala Quintanilla, $140,000.

Davis Ford Rd., 5303-Diana E. Frazee and Clarence Albert Lyons Jr. to Matthew Scott Woods and Eun Kyoung Ha, $504,000.

E St., 1309-Anselmo A. Vilorio Ortez to Saul Galeas, $275,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3585-James Benny and Misty Marie Stinnett to Melanie and Antwand Wardrick, $459,900.

Flint Hill Pl., 3437-William G. and Janis M. Foshay to Elizabeth C. Hale and Henry Salice III, $430,000.

Fort Lyon Dr., 3438-Marcus L. and Jessica N. Washington to Richard and Yamilet Maldonado, $380,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1043, No. 303-5B-Christina E. Rucci to Emily Watts and Joshua Stefaniak, $186,000.

Goa Pl., 12431-Darlene Smith Moore to Charles A. and Mariel M. Pratt, $382,000.

Greenvale Rd., 13427-Anthony A. and Rebecca R. Paras to Jenna R. Thompson and Catalino Rodriguez, $405,000.

Harbor Dr., 12624-Tuan T. Do to Juan S. Romero, $402,000.

Highbourne Dr., 2217, No. 423A-Mary Lee and Kenneth Leo Bartley to Yohannis Swaby, $324,900.

Hummock Pl., 3565-Edward A. and Lori Brusher to Betty C. and Juan Pedro Veintemilla, $450,000.

Indiana Ave., 1420-Lee D. and Claudia C. Winter to Louis A. Lopez and Consuelo Vian De Lopez, $289,900.

Jennings St., 2260-Susa and Annemarie Akumah to Michael A. and Cynthia A. Ries, $380,000.

Leicestershire St., 15055, No. 87-Danya R. Torres to Ricardo Yuly, $280,000.

Lotte Dr., 12701, No. 304-6-Elisabeth Crockett to Edy Cabrera and Mike Latorre, $140,000.

Manitoba Dr., 3217-Claudia H. Canaris to Andrew and Amy Miller, $385,000.

Mariner Lane, 1900-Kurt K. and Jennifer Weiand to Zulma and Daniel Barahona, $311,900.

Mayflower Dr., 2188-Alberta Singleton to Jennefer Singleton, $254,000.

Miranda Ct., 2589-Michael W. Davis to Terry Allen Watson, $294,999.

Noble Fir Ct., 2827-Robert F. Russell to Paul and Janelle Kutia, $510,000.

Oberlin Dr., 2178, No. 148A-Jason E. and Mary G. Podzemny to Curtis and Sarah Messer, $345,000.

Orleans St., 12972-Christopher and Martha Mitchell to James Edward and Erin N. Crowley, $400,000.

Pfitzner Ct., 12437-Terry R. and Maristella Moren to Yohei and Tiffany C. Araki, $535,000.

Plumage Eagle St., 16428-David Andrew and Sara Loren Healy to Kevin D. and Tara A. Vanhook, $470,000.

Purdham Dr., 12678-James J. and Vania K. Matthews to William Edward Meadows, $475,000.

Rock Ridge Lane, 13148-American Investments Corp. to Claudia Z. Obregon Zurita and Hugo O. Araoz, $285,000.

Stallion Ct., 12040-Christopher A. and Allison B. Jahn to Jafer Abagaro, $325,000.

Sylvan Moor Lane, 2535-Clement Gyamfi to Alicia Marie Hungerford, $326,000.

Transom Pl., 2522-Lacelle D. Porter to Sherman T. Jacobs and Jackie O. Xaysana, $499,999.

Wade Lane, 5350-Shaan M. and Amy L. Herrmann to Sherry Murray Bunch, $465,000.

Wetherburn Ct., 2944-Gino J. Rea Rios and Norma Y. Zanabria Campos to Oscar Sandoval Jr., $228,000.

Williamsburg Ct., 2913-Cameron S. Hunt to Carla Lena Mallea De Calderon, $220,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Aspen Pl., 9619-Michelle La Tran to Vilma Acevedo Lopez Delovo and Kassandra Fatima Urbina, $204,900.

Beech Pl., 9747-Eugene C. and Leslie G. Jones to Dolores M. Cedillos, $195,000.

Butternut Cir., 10271-Micky Nijhawan and Pooja Kawatra to Josue Campos Molina and Erika Iveth Campos, $325,000.

Calypso Dr., 10215-Timothy A. Make to Aida Roxana Salas Balderrama and Ciro Aldana Aparicio, $310,000.

Center St., 9585-Keep Tryst Corp. to Douglas P. and Judith A. Kern, $295,000.

Coriander Cir., 9032-Rafael A. and Romelia Carcamo to Barbara Mehdi and Samia Babar, $290,000.

Fountain Cir., 10275, No. 301-Thomas A. Pitkin to Anthony James and Susan Lee Morabito, $310,000.

Justin Lane, 9536-Rhonda D. Bell to Jorge Alberto Arias and Bryan A. Arias Velasquez, $355,000.

Liberia Ave., 8320-Jose A. Alves to Rui Miguel Da Silva, $310,000.

Liberty Trail, 8620, No. 102-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to W.T. Merchant Jr., $178,000.

McKinley Ave., 9522-Capital Homes Corp. to Samuel Asfeha, $410,000.

Niki Pl., 9320, No. 201-Amir Abbas Eram to Brittini Joelle Martinez, $129,000.

Princeton Park Dr., 8920-Maria E. Guzman and Kristina Orellana to Shankar and Anupama Pokhrel Bhandari, $290,000.

Taney Rd., 9222-Daniel Herminio Munoz Garcia and Lisset G. Sanchez to Delmy X. Rivera De Hernandez and Roisan A. Reyes, $204,900.

Wax Myrtle Way, 9345-Charles A. Kapur to Bryan and Laura Routt, $244,000.

Westwood Ct., 10280-Benjamin V. Scheffer and Mary T. Clegg to Juan Carlos Gutierrez Amaya, $300,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Colburn Dr., 151-Ngoc Loan Thi Nguyen to Walter A. Paz-Arias and Sandra Y. Hernandez, $339,900.

Holmes Pl., 9722, No. 305-Afzal and Marie K. Nasiri to Woo Moon and Eun Soon Shim, $232,500.

Lambert Dr., 188-Edward C. Swindler to Erick Ramos, $275,000.

Meeker Ct., 91-James S. and Paula C. Kane to Severiano Mendez Medina, $258,000.

Sunnyside Ct., 8303-Walter A. Paz-Arias and Sandra Y. Hernandez to Kim Thomas Thi Nguyen, $230,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alba Rd., 609-David Walker Stecher and Heather R. Schmidt to Karl Whitfield, $255,000.

Aquia Dr., 1013-Derek and Julie Tremblay to Luke and Paige Axley, $314,900.

Aspen Rd., 950-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Jason C. Ryan and Lucia Macedo, $500,000.

Bainbridge Ct., 35-Michael L. Fink Jr. to Brian Thomas Potvin, $494,730.

Basalt Dr., 108-Paramount Investments Corp. to John William Mundy, $344,900.

Batley Ct., 105-Brandon and Jason Salmeri to Charles D. Suitt, $220,000.

Ben Neuis Pl., 104-Nancy D. Blake to Ragina T. Moore, $200,000.

Bentley Ct., 107-Diane V. Daley to Joshua D. and Karisa Phillips, $252,000.

Blossom Lane, 108-Willie and April Canty to Vincent T. Barber, $302,500.

Boxelder Dr., 441-K. Hovnanian at Embrey Mill Village Corp. to Barry A. and Esther C. Suber, $416,519.

Brenthem Farm Dr., 228-Atlantic Builders LTD to Chineyere Wills and Kenneth Burns, $539,900.

Brooke Rd., 2726-Daniel P. and Lisa Lakin to Matthew and Patricia Schippmann, $479,900.

Bryant Blvd., 4-Samuel A. and Shannon D. Lewis to Donald Daniel and Rebecca Ann Webster, $315,000.

Cabell Rd., 14-Atlantic Builders LTD to Genevieve M. Hardy and Kevin L. Curry, $647,125.

Carol Lane, 907-Robert F. and Crystal J. Jeffries to Travis A. and Linda M. Watson, $298,500.

Chaps Lane, 90-Stacy M. Johnson to Johnathan W. and Marianne C. Heddings, $318,000.

Christopher Way, 55-Archie L. and Jennifer R. Tinjum to James Mueller, $459,000.

Cobblers Ct., 121-Andrea Hayes to Mohammed S. Rahman and Rehena Sultana, $324,500.

Cotton Blossom Ct., 100-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Joyce Stanfield, $435,000.

Coventry Ct., 27-Thornton Investment Group Corp. to Forrest Hanna Smith, $160,000.

Debra Dr., 109-Kim M. Smithson to Philip R. Baggett, $299,000.

Dorothy Lane, 67-David C. and Tracy A. Wilson to Rodrigo Anibal Monte Rey Nunez, $350,000.

Enfield Dr., 84-Gibson L. and Katharyne D. May to Tyler W. Midkiff, $359,500.

Firebrick Dr., 17-Augustine Homes Corp. to Brian K. and Annita L. Smith, $537,885.

Forsythia Lane, 980-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Webster McClure, $416,170.

Gentle Breeze Cir., 586-Gary and Danielle McKenzie to Christopher and Michelle A. Magrino, $535,000.

Greenbank Rd., 125-Karen Gibson to Christopher L. and Crystal D. Jones, $350,000.

Harper Lane, 118-NVR Inc. to Joshua and Stacey Hornsby, $340,360.

Hartlake Dr., 306-Howard and Nancy Rose to Barbara Bradley, $425,000.

Hidden Lane, 105-Scott and Kristine Lisech to Forrest A. and Kirsten E. Izzett, $424,900.

Hillside Ct., 106-Stephanie Ann Servis to Alejandro and Lauren R. Tinoco, $288,000.

Hope Rd., 267-Edmund Andrew Henderson to Gino J. Rea Rios and Norma Y. Zanabria Campos, $330,000.

Idylwood Pl., 8-Denise Moody to Demetric Jones, $369,500.

Invicta Dr., 40-Philip Manuel and Mary Elizabeth Ricardo to Gustavo Paz Cuervo and Maribel C. Lamas, $490,000.

Ivy Spring Lane, 44-Andrew S. and Mari Kariya Henson to Blake Allen and Bobbi Jo Blunkall, $345,000.

Joseph Ct., 8-Sheila D. McCreery to Paul Taylor Meisen, $416,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 309-Savannah D. Jones to Herbert G. Lopez Guzman and Karla Velasquez, $250,000.

Knollwood Ct., 700-Charles W. and Elizabeth J. Henry to Richard Rocha Rivera, $255,000.

Landing Dr., 212-NVR Inc. to Sayed Aziz Jamalzai, $303,250.

Landing Dr., 415-NVR Inc. to Brittney Lovitt, $274,470.

Liberty Knolls Dr., 10-NVR Inc. to Aristotle Balaquidan, $462,070.

Long Point Dr., 108-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Richard J. and Teresa M. Cullins, $273,309.

Macon Dr., 108-Jaime Miller to Colette Lynell Brooks, $275,000.

Midshipman Dr., 2000-Kerry M. Kartchner to Matthew Chesley, $385,000.

Monticello Dr., 602-Hour Homes Inc. to Loren J. Stark, $505,600.

Nauset Way, 20-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Kathleen Agnes Kalley, $234,488.

Norman Rd., 24-Russell D. and Katherine Buttriss to Jeffrey S. and Kathryn Setser, $325,000.

Olympic Dr., 116-Mark J. and Crystal Marie Caputo to Troy A. and Lauren Benca, $333,500.

Pear Blossom Rd., 348-SM Stafford Corp. to Jason A. and Jenna S. Clemons, $501,470.

Pewter Lane, 133-Patricia Arlene Orsini to Danny and Jenny Nguyen, $290,000.

Plume Ct., 21-Gary Matthew and Kerrie Osborn to Mark L. and Monique M. Dowd Kovach, $512,000.

Quantum Way, 5-Michael and Jeanette Alicea to Tonya Fields, $378,000.

Regents Lane, 125-Miller and Smith at Stafford Corp. to Robert M. and Dora Moore, $444,710.

Ridgeview Cir., 5-James A. and Ligia R. Conway to Sarah L. Stepper, $281,966.

Rocky Way Dr., 12-Timothy Allen and Ashley Jean Louise Harrell to Jason R. Griffin, $324,900.

Saint Adams Dr., 8-Michael and Karen Merchant to Rodney L. and Kimberly R. Neiss, $400,000.

Saint Roberts Dr., 27-Curtis J. and Cynthia M. Smith to Richard and Emmyline Fitzgerald, $399,900.

Saratoga Woods Lane, 113-Atlantic Builders LTD to Jimmy and Rebecca Ann Pearce, $510,471.

Shaw Ct., 1001-Phillip Allen and Sally B. Huxtable to David F. and Stephanie L. Woods Brown, $275,000.

Skyview Ct., 9-Robert C. and Suzanne E. Jenks to Thomas Allen and Linda A. Schomer, $442,000.

Spartan Dr., 40-Atlantic Builders LTD to Gregory and Linda F. Jackson, $429,484.

Sunrise Valley Ct., 6-Andrew N. and Krista Allphin to Terry L. and Jennifer Hall, $423,000.

Tavern Rd., 46-Neil Gaudreau and Tracey Coye to Daniel Lynn and Joanna Whittacre, $395,000.

Thresher Lane, 107-CF Land Investments Corp. to John M. and Bernadette F. Fout, $377,615.

Tree Line Dr., 218-US Home Corp. to Ellen Galloway, $278,050.

Twin Oaks Dr., 43-Foundation Homes Inc. to Oggar Minn and Hui Ya Chang, $392,300.

Vista Woods Rd., 5-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to Thu Tram and Peter Pham, $260,000.

Warrenton Rd., 2648-Gina Marie Talley and Tamela Lynn Crickenberger to Jose Hector Romero, $60,000.

White Chapel Lane, 18-NVR Inc. to Courtney J. and Mihoko T. Donald, $458,458.

Willow Glen Ct., 10-Johnathon and Natasha King to Daniel Haider, $378,000.

Winterberry Dr., 794-Wray R. and Marcia K. Johnson to Alex C. and Jennifer G. Craig, $410,000.

Worsham Lane, 7-K. Hovanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Patricia Ann Mahone, $318,371.

Young Ct., 35-Bruce Edward and Bonnie Jean Franklin to Susan Richmond, $310,000.