Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Benchmark Lane, 8919-Michael and Ericka M. Ferrette to Sharie Rosalind Reyes Albers, $340,000.

Cascade Falls Dr., 9186-Jiyang Zeng and Yi Liu to Syed R. Hyder, $388,000.

Denham Way, 13734-Sandra M. Hoffman to Ernesto E. Tamayo, $310,000.

Emory Falls Ct., 12180-Tiffany L. Anderson to Nealon Allister and Regina Rose K. Thompson, $516,000.

Golders Green Pl., 13233-Todd E. and Christy M. Cox to Jason M. and Amanda K. Buchanan, $329,000.

Jade Lake Lane, 11932-Adam R. and Jessica R. DePaul to Ambachew Nigatu, $395,000.

Noltland Castle Dr., 12848-John C. and Daifenny G. Minto to Ever Ernesto Moran and Andrew Cristel Moran Reyes, $480,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9002-Aimee Wriglesworth to Matthew and Karen Dellinger, $399,990.

Saint Helena Terr., 12301-Richmond American Homes to Ryan Lee and Andra Munoz Peterson, $639,999.

Spring Iris Dr., 10339-Commander K. and Lakisha D. Moore to Salvador D. and Maria R. Ventura, $600,000.

Weathersfield Dr., 9189-Nicklas M. Rauhala to Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Q. Siddique, $505,000.


Sudley Rd., 4947-Brian J. Bakos to Adam Christopher and Juliana Lee O’Brien, $383,000.


Bakersfield St., 14663-Shannon M. Lowe to Moises Pereza, $237,500.

Bismark Ave., 14202-Earl R. Tilley to Geoffrey T. and Sara C. Aravanis, $330,000.

Cardin Pl., 15065-Haider Raza and Shaista Haider Kirmani to Khamphene and Panethong K. Viphongsay, $260,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14151, No. 13-North Shore Corp. to Jung-A K. Hone, $196,000.

Decatur Dr., 4277-Maribel Ortiz and Jaime L. Escobar to Michael and Michelle Sangiorgi, $485,000.

Delaney Rd., 13196-Christy and Mario A. Zuniga to Ayda Argaw and Hezkias H. Nerayo, $594,900.

Evansdale Rd., 4545-Sandar J. Flores DeLeon to Tyrone and Fodonia Pearson Taylor, $335,000.

Flatback Lane, 5260-Timothy J. and Ashlie M. Brittain to Deborah E. Bloom, $325,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3573-Jose Anibal Cortez to Deisy G. Parada Bautista, $265,000.

Hyannis Lane, 12877-Peter A. Newell to Oscar Fabian Yar Montalvo, $305,000.

Legere Ct., 3504-Dan Zhu to Daniel Chandran and Christopher Clairence Nair, $258,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14197-Tierra Shawniece Royal to Maria Shash, $345,000.

Moccasin Ct., 13737-RCMA Investment Inc. to Jose Naun Castillo Gamez, $320,000.

Northton Ct., 5775-David L. and Stephanie J. Thomas Rosen to Mohammad Usman and Mohammad A. Butt, $409,500.

Quaint Dr., 5433-Marty J. and Teresa A. Martinez to John David and Kimberly Louise Nagel, $535,000.

Quest Ct., 5427-Gabriel E. Carrillo Castro to John Mutarelli, $220,000.

Rhumfield Ct., 13700-Cornelius and Stacia Brady to Lachelle and Hashanee Williams, $484,900.

Silverdale Dr., 14514-Jose De Jesus Rosales Suarez to Robis E. Osoroto, $340,000.

Tango Lane, 12079-Judith F. Woronicz to Kelle E. Thorpe, $399,900.

Tina Lane, 15329-Estrella L. Martinez to Samina K. Qudsi and Faridoon Ashraf, $495,000.

Trident Lane, 6189-Zachary Smith to Antonia Spyridis, $250,000.


Antrim Cir., 3155-Ernest Owusu to Georgina Toku, $255,000.

Chisholm Lane, 17612-Paul K. and Priscilla Turkson to Mohammed M. and Sonia Ferdousi Alam, $449,000.

Mountain Laurel Loop, 3200-Dane J. and Sarah Blindauer to Rosemary Gyasi and Juliana Foriwah, $387,000.

Telescope Lane, 16563-Beth Ann Lee to Sidarth and Alka Malhotra, $440,000.

Wilson St., 17360-Thomas David and Caitlin Lee Wilson to William Normyle and Jesse Himelfarb, $299,000.


Bridlewood Dr., 13764-Gregory Nosal to Eric W. Wilkins, $450,000.

Cannondale Way, 14076, No. 56-Donovan J. and Jessica Elizabeth Finch to Guy B. Coshall, $339,000.

Charismatic Way, 13745-Rose Mary Broyles to Gary and Laurie Parafinczuk, $585,000.

Darbey Knoll Dr., 7010-James and Mathilda M. Antoine to Timothy P. and Elizabeth M. Roe, $439,000.

Estate Manor Dr., 13866-Xuan Huynh and Thang Ngo to Vandana Joshi, $605,000.

General Lafayette Way, 6816-Paul F. and Anne-Marie Catherine Livengood to Nicole Elizabeth Krause and Christopher Michael Snyder, $360,000.

Heritage Farms Dr., 13508-Raphael and Sara T. Ortiz to David R. and Kelly H. Harris, $715,000.

Lattany Ct., 14571-Hossam and Irena Djordjevic Behery to Yu Feng Zhang and Xiao Lin Ke, $539,800.

Legend Glen Ct., 14223-Lionel and Madison Houle to Rushan Dongol and Aasma Maharjan, $369,900.

Macon Grove Lane, 14423, No. 201-Charles Brady and Amanda Leigh Kiepe to Ryan M. Bonzo, $255,000.

Newbern Loop, 14296-James P. and Clare Tierney to Dianne Twinam and Jorge Penate Cristales, $330,000.

Santander Dr., 15117-James and Judith Blankenship to Shahdrick W. Samson, $520,000.

Stanwick Sq., 6935-Jihyun Yun to Patrick Montague and Karen Michelle Costa, $389,000.

Traditions Trail, 6931-Nicolas Sanchez and Andrea Parsons to Tobin W. Demsko, $347,900.

Vint Hill Rd., 15521-Doris M. Beach to Salvador Morales and Maria A. Orellana, $293,500.

Yellow Hammer Dr., 8872-Christopher J. and Mary F. Wright to Paramjit S. Mahey, $515,000.


Ashby Grove Loop, 6457-Elias Zarkadoulas to Suzanne E. Juraska, $484,000.

Championship Dr., 15421-Carolyn King Morris to Dale A. Smith, $460,000.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15923-Dustin L. and Ericka L. Shirley to Suzette B. Jones, $405,000.

Heather Mill Lane, 15140, No. 307-Thomas G. and Vicki Y. Korman to Willard and Diane F. Keen, $359,900.

Keavy Pl., 14958-Louis Bryan Ippolito to Andrew John and Mary Finnigan Wyckoff, $449,900.

Olympia Fields Pl., 5693-William and Bernice Jackson to Donavan S. Taylor, $555,000.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13823-Arthur and Stephanie Johanson to Brian A. Czapor and Suyan Zheng, $610,000.

Royal Crest Dr., 15241, No. 204-10-Leanne B. Boisvert to Virginia B. Lane, $299,900.

Shelter Manor Dr., 13880-Gary A. Bean to Eleanor A. Beaver, $795,000.

Tinley Mill Dr., 6045-Steven M. and Judith Brown to Eddy M. and Sabrina Lang, $765,000.

Waterloo Bridge Cir., 5813-Jin K. and Teasa B. White to Kimberly and Thomas Kertscher, $718,000.


Abingdon Ct., 9450-Salvador Esteban Benavides to Sakar and Laxmi Thapa, $283,500.

Brewer Creek Pl., 9001-William J. and Jason A. Baker to Umarah Choundry, $385,000.

Champlain Dr., 12923-Thomas Richard and Janet Lynn Rock to Lori A. and Verla E. Monge, $680,000.

Community Dr., 8019-Excel Associates Corp. to Leo Shue and Jing Zhang, $236,000.

Fairmont Ave., 9702-Mona L. and David T. Kessler to Gerald Vernon and Misha Maie Griffith, $335,000.

Flager Cir., 7881-Ni Residential Corp. to James Cook, $328,000.

Gateshead Lane, 7767-Rodney J. Anderson to Mario Garay and Maria Paz, $220,500.

Hersch Farm Lane, 9392-Aida Johnson to Kadeem M. and Alejandra Hernandez Walker, $442,000.

Kemps Landing Cir., 12018-Jie Zhao to William and Taylor Haskell, $350,000.

Lafayette Ave., 9728-Kevin C. Kelly II to Jose Amilcar and Jose Efrain Carranza, $330,000.

Luther Dr., 8352-David Noguera to Tina M. Belliveau, $239,900.

Provincial Dr., 10624, No. 24-Christopher M. and Marilyn V. Brennan to Neil C. Cava, $149,900.

Rebel Walk Dr., 7816-Scott D. and Lori Lou Michalek to Evette Amundam Akam, $319,000.

Scotland Loop, 8314, No. 33-Corbin and Korrina Stewart to Matthew J. Reichert, $300,000.

Statesboro Ct., 10148-Robin Scott Clement II to Leo Shue and Jing Zhang, $227,000.

Three Otters Pl., 15543-Beverly R. Rattigan and Monique M. Kerr to Nusret Fetlyaev and Yelena Trofimenko, $280,000.

Victory Loop, 5631-Michael Chan and Nina Lina to Phong and Diep Nguyen, $602,888.

Winstead Pl., 8226, No. 204-Patricia A. Gordon to Mohammad Asghar and Fariba Kandahari, $190,000.

Yuma Ct., 10201-Maurice D. Fisher to Zi Jing Qiu, $250,000.


Falls Grove Dr., 8190, No. 12-Barada C. and Nandita Sarma to Will E. Herrera, $330,000.

Leighlex Ct., 8355-Majid A. Jilani to Stephanie Henderson Caudill and Matthew Raymond Snyder, $375,000.

Prince Cole Ct., 7504, No. 7-A-3-Janet M. Smith to Stanley James Ho, $112,000.

Yates Trail, 9985-David L. and Andrea K. Barber to Roshana and Soraya Walizada, $360,000.


Deer Park Dr., 16068-Michael H. Lynch to Nicolas Peret Centeno IV and Amy Renee Branham, $400,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17301-Sandra J. Jackson to Robert J. Highsmith and Sarah Fogg, $450,000.

Holleyside Dr., 15069-Sydney Andrew and Tanesha F. Gunthorpe to Candrea D. Stallings, $350,000.

Saltwater Dr., 4891-Michael W. and Victoria Scott Sterner to Natalie Francini Lizano, $270,000.

Stockbridge Dr., 4236-Prashant P. Shrestha and Agnieszka K. Jozwik to Ginalise Bianca Santulli, $236,000.

Widewater Dr., 15746-Patrick H. and Michele C. Hargis to Walter L. Allen Jr., $314,000.


Fleetwood Dr., 14314-Devin B. and Jessica M. Yankey to Melissa A. Hardbower and Curtis Powers, $360,000.

Parkgate Dr., 11305-Andrew K. and Barbara M. Daniels to Henry Alan and Elizabeth Anne Sexton, $315,000.


Mill Cross Lane, 200-Sandra K. Herbert to Ashley E. Johnson, $395,000.


Graham Park Rd., 3851, No. 4-Leonard A. and Kimber L. Howard to Mohamed and Aminata Yillah, $275,000.

Nob Hill Dr., 18323-Monica J. Dunn and Christopher Godfrey to Javier Junio Villegas Chaucas and Manuel De Jesus Romero Aguilera, $310,000.

Stonewall Manor Dr., 3685-Kwai-Cheung and Mai D. Chan to Frank-Funwie Polycarp and Cecile Biche Mbongtie, $573,300.


Alabama Ave., 15027-Patricia Dennis to Carlos H. Barcenas, $270,000.

Anchorstone Dr., 5001, No. 103-1C-Debra Yung to Celina L. Manzano, $278,000.

Beaver Ford Rd., 3622-Douglas D. McCoy Jr. and Carolyn A. Lunsford to Thomas F. and Maria A. Genova, $550,000.

Boaters Cove Pl., 14981-Franklin H. and Vivian M. Roski to Vasilios N. and Joan Y. Fotopoulos, $1.1 million.

Breezy Ridge Way, 13806, No. 19-1B-Eric Clement to Shamira Nicole Gaines and Charles Dean Westmoreland Jr., $249,900.

Burgundy Pl., 2886, No. 8-5-Nadine N. Barr to Luis Eli Lopez Mendoza, $172,000.

Cannon Bluff Dr., 5053-Zachary A. and Amanda M. Akey to Joshua C. and Marie N. Palmer, $484,000.

Carter Lane, 1625-Hoa Van Nguyen and Thanh Thi Tuong to Andrea Patricia Lopez and Sonia Lopez Marquez, $285,000.

Choctaw Ridge Ct., 3040-HSBC Bank USA and Merrill Lynch Alternative Note Asset Trust to Eyasu M. Fufa and Marta T. Keno, $290,000.

Colchester Rd., 1417-Estate of Beatrice N. Mowdy to Juvencio Avelar Castaneda, $269,900.

Crossfield Way, 14567, No. 64A-Bruno Claude and Lisa A. Leuyer to Agustin Felipe Gomez and Rosemarie Guerrero, $395,000.

Dara Dr., 12703, No. 102-10-Muhammad and Zahra Owais to David S. Souvannaphan and Nghi Dong Ngo, $115,000.

Dover Ct., 2509-Amanullah A. Akrami to Ahmad Wahid and Shamim Dawar, $400,000.

Eagle Flight Cir., 16317-Thieu D. and Ai Zao Chuong to Duc C. Ho and Chi Pham, $485,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 2570, No. 298-Erik Davis to Brittany Morgan Gibson, $327,977.

Foothill St., 3235-Stephanie D. Flowers to Florencia A. Gutierrez and Sergio M. Pinto Tapia, $295,000.

Geddy Ct., 16627-Amanuel and Sameta S. Bekele to Carol Julia Martinez Flores, $215,999.

Granada Way, 12318-Arf Real Estate Holdings Corp. to Mohammed Elsayed, $252,000.

Grosbeak Ct., 1522-Bao S. Abraham to Rita Dua Agyemang and Degraft A. Otchere, $334,000.

Home Guard Dr., 11977-Ryan and Catherine Yates to Lauren J. Hayes and Kristina N. Spoon, $409,900.

Illinois Rd., 15007-Laura A. Trest and James M. Mellon to Chris Hadjichristodoulou, $297,000.

Inland Loop, 2026-Moussa Ostovar and Neda Tavafi to Dawit Guta, $335,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15787, No. 95-Kelvin Bernard Noye to Tyler Lance Prichard, $285,000.

Lock Loop, 13453-Sabeen Ali to Diwan and Urmil Gupta, $260,000.

Manchester Way, 12334-Abhishek Sarma and Aravind Sivakumar to April Lampkin, $327,900.

Marfield Ct., 1790-Jason R. and Christi J. Stevenson to Timothy Franklin Sr., $430,000.

Marsala Ct., 2901-Carrie Uffelman Russell to Nhat Anh and Jesica Um Nguyen, $345,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2376, No. 143-Eric and Lauren Ferrell to Lisa Garrity, $270,000.

Monarch Ct., 12621-James Brandani to Andrii Gumeniuk, $316,000.

Oakhurst Lane, 11551-Richard E. and Sharon A. Yon to Christopher and Shorey Goze, $584,900.

Ogilvie Ct., 3849-Cheryl A. Greenfield to Walter A. Luna, $317,000.

Pembroke Ct., 2515-Anthony T. and Josephine Tullo to Julieng and Angel Martinez, $400,000.

Pheasant Hunt Rd., 2660-Cody and Carrie Grimm to Luis Almanzar, $450,000.

Postillion Terr., 15315-Suhan Ni to Hemaduddin Khwaja, $250,000.

Reese Ct., 12930-Nancy E. Markov to Marianna Leshchinskaya and Mary Joanne Erbland, $210,000.

San Ysidro Ct., 11985-Thomas G. and Betty J. Olson to Bruno Claude and Kelly Leuyer, $505,000.

Stargrass Ct., 2063-Shauna Davey to Mohannad Dhia Hamdy Al Ameedi and Sarah Riyad Yaqub, $279,999.

Triad Ct., 3899-Victor H. and Courtney A. Sundquist to Brian L. and Shelly R. Brooks, $540,000.

Wakewater Way, 2710-Lonnie and Sherri Linn Carlson to Jason R. and Maria Elena A. Dickey, $425,000.

Wildwood Ct., 13409-Jacqueline M. King to Wael Hameed Majeed, $282,000.

Yale Ct., 3155-Shahla Rashid to Georgi Lagadinov and Iliyana Koleva, $278,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Azalea Grove Dr., 10093-Anthony M. and Theresa M. Dearth to Kara and Michael Walton, $475,000.

Bonham Cir., 9019-Joeratta Bennett to Raul Guox-Itzep, $240,000.

Buttonbush Ct., 9562-Lana Hepner to Kevin Steve and Rachel Lopez, $236,500.

Carlton Dr., 8654-Venpheth and Somath Chaseng to Roberto J. Arce and Ana Nacurena, $278,000.

Charleston Dr., 9204, No. 111-Kathy W. Miles to Laurel E. Leiss, $290,000.

Dutchman Ct., 8597-Gujjar Singh and Ajmer Kaur to Tregg Mays, $464,000.

Lane Scott Ct., 8830-Cliff A. and Joyce R. Bumbray Graves to Raquel J. Marquez and Sigfredo D. Medina, $279,000.

Liberty St., 9517-Stoner & Stanley Liberty Corp. to Colby Bennet Robinson, $280,000.

Mallow St., 9958-Michael L. and Dretha Barham to Danielle K. Lieberman and Donald E. Shepherd Jr., $400,000.

Miles Pl., 8971-Surat Mohan to Elizabeth M. Canales, $259,900.

Olde Mill Run, 8850-Robert H. and Sheila L. Albritton to Maziar Molkara, $365,000.

Robin Lynn Ct., 9208-Michael W. and Christina L. Adams to Jose Francisco and Marina Candelaria Flores, $400,000.

Stonewall Rd., 9461-Adrian W.B. Beckett to Vincent Gibson, $280,000.

Tillett Loop, 8363-Gerson and Jacqueline Arnold DeConti to John Eric and April Canon, $466,600.

Weir St., 8803-John A. and Melinda Monroe Deslauriers to Jeremy C. Sayres and Stephanie E. Tipple, $390,000.

Willow Grove Trail, 10017-Carolyn Ann Pugh to Jose L. Zamora, $390,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Handerson Pl., 9713, No. 103-Jessica N. and Gloria A. Christiansen to Richard P. and Laureen P. Kattula, $231,900.

Jessica Dr., 9221-Jemila Weldehawaryat to Eduardo Luis Escobar, $309,000.

Manassas Dr., 310-Naser Latifi to Julio C. Lopez Ayala and Blanca J. Deras De Lopez, $268,000.

Runyon Ct., 112-James J. and Adriana G. Key to Karol S.G. Zavala and Jennifer T. Calles, $310,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Anderson Dr., 221-Juan De Jesus Dominguez Alfaro to Carter Jay and Marie Hardy, $288,000.

Aquia Dr., 2084-Walter C. and Prudence K. Harris to Christopher B. Lindsay, $368,450.

Autumn Dr., 112-Glenn H. and Amy Porterfield to Jessie C. Lane, $299,000.

Banbury Ct., 11-Christian L. Wasser to Michelle Littlejohn, $294,900.

Basswood Dr., 937-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Deron Smith, $372,790.

Battleship Cove, 300-Martin E. Keller to Luz E. Cruz-Elsayed and Diego A. Abregu, $299,900.

Bennington Way, 111-Atlantic Builders LTD to Ryan S. and Katie L. Tracy, $514,055.

Bethel Church Rd., 685-Steven V. and Terry L. Pitzel to Douglas R. Stanley, $190,000.

Blossom Lane, 206-Brian S. and Jaime M. Clark to Ahmed Ali and Khadija Guled, $285,000.

Braemar Pl., 211-Dwight and Karen Petersen to Cynthia Appiah-Baiden, $245,500.

Briar Dr. W., 31-Labarron and Cherie Collins to Justin K. and Jessica J. Bruner, $300,000.

Brookesmill Lane, 63-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Gregory W. and Vicki K. Lynch, $490,000.

Bucky’s Way, 54-Diplomat Property Manager Corp. to Jordyn Lanae and Cameran Elery Huett, $295,000.

Carissa Ct., 7-Matthew R. and Alyssa A. Dusoe to Wendell M. Person, $350,000.

Castle Hill Dr., 116-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Joseph K. Nsiah and Garnett S. Best, $299,463.

Commander Cove, 213-Jonathan E. and Sarah L. Towle to Brian E. and Bernice M. Wheeler, $385,000.

Dahlia Lane, 62-Aaronal Homes Inc. to Timothy K. and Kimberly A. Lloyd, $710,962.

Denison St., 196-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Robin Ebbeler Baron, $302,714.

Dundee Pl., 409-JCG Investments Corp. to Jerome Jones Jr., $245,000.

Ferry Rd., 523-Ironwood Investments Corp. to Emily Wolff, $335,000.

Forest Lane Rd., 505-Kayla Sullivan to Ricky Vernon Thompson Jr. and Jessica Marie Tyler, $236,500.

Fox Run Lane, 20-David E. and Martha P. Monts to Zachary N. and Stacy Whalen, $365,000.

Gloxinia Way, 10-NVR Inc. to Oluwatosin and Rasheed Gidado, $565,829.

Harper Lane, 112-NVR Inc. to Dana and Ruth Anne Fullerton Reeves, $322,855.

Harper Lane, 130-NVR Inc. to Lorri and Charley Crowley, $330,955.

Hazel Lane, 43-Blane Otto and Susan Shawn Colie to Peter T. Majewski, $380,000.

Hidden Lake Dr., 80-Lawrence and April Battiste to Amanda Harris and Christina Dawn Hogan, $284,000.

Hollister Lane, 100-Kimberly Kenny to Tyler Michael Dean, $305,000.

Hornby Dr., 24-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Wanda J. Davis, $345,007.

Indian View Ct., 22-Jack A. and Cynthia J. Kelly to John Michael Stroud and Lynda Gene Compton, $445,000.

Ironside Cove, 305-Coletta Renee to Luke D. and Elizabeth K. Enns, $399,900.

Ivywood Dr., 129-U.S. Bank and STARM 2007-S1 to Nehemias Garcia Ayala, $260,000.

Joyce St., 23-John M. and Ann L. Faris to Betty A. and Karen P. Royster, $350,000.

Lake Dr., 26-Janice I. Frye to Patrick Molinelli, $500,000.

Landing Dr., 407-NVR Inc. to Cody and Ariel Hassan, $290,640.

Little Oak Rd., 51-James E. Armbrester II to Robin D. Hood, $280,000.

Lotus Lane, 5-Paramount Investments Corp. to Rodney F. Demarre, $400,000.

Madison Ave., 204-Kara L. and Ronald L. Spangler Jr. to Elizabeth W. Mitchell, $257,000.

Maplewood Dr., 41-L. Suzanne Brown to Michael Anthony and Monya Ringler, $400,000.

Mistro Ct., 210-Benjamin T. Johnson to Gregory L. and Suzanne Lantier, $213,260.

Mount Pleasant Blvd., 209-Jewel S. Smith to Adan B. Guevara-Pacheco, $213,000.

Neabsco Dr., 20-Donald Bowen and Angela R. Richwine to Julie Olsen, $400,000.

Northampton Blvd., 146-Joan W. Sines to James M. and Maria C. Ploski, $425,000.

Pergola Dr., 7-Eric T. Gregory and Kathleen L. Hancock to Daniel Brian and Carrie Amanda Patterson Frank, $395,000.

Pickett Lane, 12-Amanda B. and Ronald L. Rowe to John L. and Elizabeth Johnson, $400,000.

Providence St., 209-Abdullah and Saba Masood to Ihsanullah Lodin and Fnu Arafat, $203,000.

Richards Ferry Rd., 139-William S. and Vendetter W. Boddie to Robert F. Jeffries Jr., $390,000.

River Oak Dr., 12-Scott W. Kidby to Damali Brimm, $442,500.

Royal Crescent Way, 43-Carolyn A. and Steve A. Shaw to Christian L. and Kathryn L. Wasser, $422,000.

Saint Georges Dr., 104-Craig R. Carwan to John W. Miller and Katelyn A. Nathaniel, $350,000.

Sentinel Ridge Lane, 149-Stuart Strange to Shelby Lee Burnett, $570,000.

Shields Rd., 214-John P. and Hasibe F. DeRosa to David Briton and Tara Ebner Bain, $360,000.

Sleepy Hollow Trail, 205-Hometown Properties & Investments Corp. to Joseph Pellegrino, $469,990.

Spotted Tavern Rd., 430-Alex and Christina Rivero to Jeffrey and Jeannine Green, $511,000.

Stately Ave., 125-Augustine Homes Corp. to Joshua R. Brush and Elizabeth Whitney C. Brush, $601,950.

Table Bluff Dr., 48-Jeri L. Redman to Charles Patrick and Kimberley Lee Maneval, $362,000.

Terrace Dr., 100-Pamela M. Goodger to Leticia A. Agyeman Bonsu, $293,000.

Timberwood Ct., 4-Michael Lorenza and Colette Lynell Brooks to Yolanda Elizabeth Murcia Alvarenga and Santos Castellanos Rodriguez, $347,000.

Tree Line Dr., 212-US Home Corp. to Tammy Comer, $281,990.

Verbena Dr., 178-SM Stafford Corp. to Kevin Rogers, $525,930.

Vista Woods Rd., 43-James D. and Ingrid Horner to German Orellana Callejas, $299,500.

Waters Cove Ct., 508-Kathryn and Martin Brown to Kelly Robertson, $266,000.

White Pine Cir., 50, No. 102-Iqubal Hassan to Dawn C. Lee, $129,900.

Wimbeldon Ct., 200-CLD Investment Corp. to Brandon C. Casto, $235,900.

Worsham Lane, 39-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Samuel Opoku-Mensah, $323,560.