Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Airedale Ct., 9859-Christopher M. Welch and Helene R. Elias to Christopher J. and Mary Ward, $390,000.

Angel Falls St., 9341-Joel R. and Kerri L. Turner to William and Shalene Frisch, $443,700.

Benton Lake Rd., 11969-Brian R. Kough to Ruth E. Voigt, $395,000.

Burghead Dr., 12395-Dan E. McBride Jr. and Cynthia L. Barrett to Langley and Molly Hawkins, $412,500.

Cascade Falls Dr., 9157-Gregory T. and Gretchen W. Henry to Dawn Parker, $394,500.

Country Mill Dr., 12008-Bernard W. Amarteifio to Roberto Melgar, $275,000.

Denham Way, 13745-Cassandra Wilfong to Neil Ayres and Cerenna Marie Redmon, $292,000.

Falcon Glen Ct., 9016-Linda Smith to Domingo Perez, $310,000.

Heykens Lane, 12516-Crystal Newton to Joshua Conan Graves, $279,000.

Maitland Loop, 9763-Niah Patrick Jenkins to Henry C. Rothkopf, $308,000.

Paddington Ct., 9020-Christopher M. and Rachel J. Whalen to Muaiad Alfaysale and Susan Alsabbagh, $505,000.

Rora Moss Pl., 14046-Jason O. and Shellie J. Edge to David and Megan Ellen Andrews, $475,000.

Solitary Pl., 9916-Eric M. and Anne Ford to Ryan M. and Danielle K. Jindra, $485,000.

Stretford Forest Ct., 12109-Nathanael A. and Marcela M. Foster to Brandon M. and Rebecca M. Winfield, $495,000.

Underwood Ct., 12024-John A. and Molly K. Groh to Aman Ullah and Sana Gul Aman, $500,000.

Wansteadt Pl., 13529-Mark R. and Wendy M. Herman to Christopher M. and Nicolle D. Wilmot, $427,000.


Ambergate Dr., 15468-Matthew D. and Rebecca J. Fisher to William David and Hana Kammerer, $454,999.

Barnabas Trail, 15298-Rim Corp. to Sonya Yvette Martin, $325,000.

Berkley Lane, 3214-Tien Minh Pham and Anh Hoag Vu to Daniel and Ana M. Kulig, $305,000.

Briggs Way, 15231-Rhonda M. and Eric James Pogreba to Peter Tucker, $484,000.

Cardin Pl., 15011-Natalie C. Logsdon to Leoncio Baltierra Silva, $210,000.

Charles Ewell Lane, 5108-Edward M. and Monica M. Topps to Mohammad A. Anwaryan, $549,000.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4926, No. 101-Stephen Michael and Sara Cargill to Jada M. King, $300,000.

Delano Dr., 14628-Metro Fine Properties Corp. to Christopher E. Licea, $349,000.

Emberdale Dr., 14880-Nezih Y. and Candi C. Durusu to Erick Alexander and Dayana Elizabeth Rodriguez, $223,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4541-Gladys M. and Robert W. Wright to Hector M. and Reina Amaya, $315,000.

Felmore Ct., 3617-Penny Frazier to Lesly Martinez Perez, $261,900.

Hendricks Dr., 4521-Milton Climaco to Giezi R. Lazo and Hubert Lazo Ventura, $380,000.

Kaslo Ct., 13523-Manjit I. Sodhi and Sarbjit Kaur to Ana Escobar and Jansel Juarez Alvarado, $310,000.

Kentbury Ct., 4821-Tammy King to Steven and Amanda Ramirez, $358,000.

Ketch Ct., 5028-Thomas C. and Sylvia L. Wiener to Anthony and Cathryn Prudencio, $470,000.

Kingswell Dr., 12916-John Michael and Margaret Ann Poirier to Geni Panameno and Leonardo Guzman, $315,000.

Leatherback Rd., 5146-Kathryn Joan Nicholas to Brian P. and Susan M. Hughes, $495,000.

Linfield Dr., 5016-Liya D. Green to Kofi Appiah Du, $316,000.

MacDonald Rd., 5302-David W. and Pamela D. Bobb to Troy P. and Jennifer L. Faaborg, $535,000.

Muddy Creek Ct., 15220-Hairo and Onissa Ortiz to Charlton P. and Nekeia Michelle Matthews, $499,900.

Nickleson Dr., 13226-Thomas J. and Wendy Sowinski to John A. and Rosalind J. Gomes, $400,000.

Quade Lane, 13194-Nicanor Estacio Caboteja to Manuel G. Patio Jr., $438,000.

Queensdale Dr., 13113-Stanfon W. and Vanessa S. Olsen to Desmond T. Dawkins, $516,000.

Riverside Dr., 5931-Ayesha M. Gulzar to Christian A. Muniz Rodriquez and Angelica Alvarez, $398,000.

Ruxton Dr., 5826-Du D. Nguyenkhoa to Jose Luis Blanco, $336,000.

Springbrook Ct., 14353-Paramount Investments Corp. to Cedric D. Johnson, $311,000.

Swallow Ct., 14847-Sahra Ahmed Abdi to Shawn A. Cagle, $237,000.

Torchlight Dr., 12959-Eduardo N. Lopes and Laurel Wittman to Floyd J. and Maricon P. Pier, $439,000.

Westwind Dr., 4078-William T. and Cindy McElhaney to Mayurkumar Dankhara, $400,000.


Antrim Cir., 3069-Truealty Corp. to Claude D. Defokou and Mireille N. Matende, $305,000.

Fort Monroe Ct., 1914-Diem T. Tran to Maryon R. Wood and Jarrett Alston, $211,000.

Myrtlewood Dr., 2776-Ka U. and Kum Kim to Zaheen Almas, $580,000.

Sea Skiff Way, 17133-Basil R. and Robin L. Legg to Minxue Luo, $560,900.

Swans Creek Lane, 17900-David Charles Hamel and Pamela A. Mayo to Craig A. and Myrna Liedel, $454,500.

Toms River Loop, 16948-Corey A. Johnson and Carmen V. Lanier to Ali R. Aslam, $262,500.


Brown Thrasher Ct., 8841-Bin Tian to Thi Thu Ban Luong and Duy Quoc Chinh Ta, $541,000.

Cannondale Way, 14124, No. 27-Khadar M. Ahmed and Rukia S. Dahir to Elizabeth M. Bodi, $285,000.

Clearview Ave., 14323-Lance Christian and Marci Beth Fisher to Michael J. and Jane M. Lambert, $499,999.

Currant Loop, 13709-Kenneth D. and Stacey E. Williamson to William J. and Julia D. Mullin, $402,000.

Estate Manor Dr., 13858-Linda La Fontaine to Anthoanett Magallanes, $600,000.

Fowlers Mill Dr., 14383-Susan H. Malzone to Lisa M. Cahill, $385,000.

Glenkirk Rd., 14008-Jason Alexander and Karen Brooks Flis to Marcel Winner and Michele DeRose, $737,550.

Ladderbacked Dr., 14217-Shaun L. and Jeannine A. Mitchell to Travis and Ashley Tauzier, $515,000.

Legend Glen Ct., 14230-Kyle A. and Lisa R. Aldhizer to Steven Andrew and Natalia Bezerra Foerster, $360,000.

Long Ridge Dr., 13824-Toll VIII Partnership to Juan Zhao and Zheng Ming Ding, $606,995.

Maurine Ct., 4807-John M. and Katherine S. Fichtner to Joshua J. and Jessica A. Lewis, $575,000.

Plantation Mill Ct., 14036-Duane and Maureen Erickson to Andrew A. Adamshick, $413,278.

Shady Hollow Lane, 4014-Dorothy B. Pechacek to Jonathan M. Ballard, $325,000.

Song Sparrow Dr., 8820-Michael and Amanda Gordon to Jomel Angat, $429,900.

Tenbrook Dr., 8368-Joseph Richard and Tiffany Ann Graczyk to Brad A. Fox, $534,900.

Turtle Ct., 13802-Kent W. and Lynn W. Hilbert to Alfredo and Karina Conde, $400,000.

Vinewood Ct., 7664-John W. and Jane G. Lerch to James Robert and Nungruethai Clark, $500,000.

Wharfdale Pl., 10508-John D. and Stella M. Rowland to Robert D. and Julie L. Rucker, $469,900.


Alderbrook Dr., 15550-William R. and Debbie A. Harvey to Margaret Ellis, $565,000.

Annenberg Ct., 5630-Leeza L. Wisniewski to Joseph C. and Shannon D. Reece, $650,000.

Audubon Way, 15770-Katie McAllister and Matthew J. Martonik to Courtney Cockerell Willis, $605,000.

Burnley Glen Ct., 14093-Miles Scott and Kimberly G. Umberger to Jeffrey Derek and Nancy Lynn Walley, $825,000.

Corbin Woods Ct., 6308-Traci L. and Jason Wits to Yoseph Tsehay and Meraf Berhe, $515,000.

Erinblair Loop, 6074-James F. and Lesley M. Gaudiosi to Anup and Christine E. Louis, $630,000.

Hull Dr., 4617-Bradley S. and Donna H. Lentini to Janet Chihocky, $645,900.

Orrington Lane, 6808-Derek A. Fisher to Dale K. Scheffs, $396,000.

Popes Creek Pl., 6038-Joshua Hicks and Scarlet Dangerfield to Richard Gareth Autry and Desiree Grace Hilario Pasilaban, $390,000.

Royal Crest Dr., 15201, No. 204-Regency at Dominion Valley Corp. to Phillip C. Byrnes and Lugeane M. Meck-Byrnes, $390,000.

Simon Kenton Rd., 16053-Brock M. and Alison H. Wooten to Caleb Lindsey and Danniele Taylor Putnam, $395,000.


Baber Dr., 9070-John and Bonnetta S. Brown to Jacob K. and Crystal M. Morin, $449,900.

Beadfield Ct., 7783-Gary Lynn Michael to Robert J. and Kathy T. Clinton, $415,000.

Brandon Way, 10105-Paul D. Brabrook to Esther Muding Samuel and Abraham Ondogo Taban, $302,000.

Brighton Way, 7937, No. 47-Stuart H. and Linda A. Robeson to Saundra Lee Green, $135,000.

Clemson Ct., 7537, No. 78-United Associates Corp. to Rishabh Kharel, $205,000.

Community Dr., 8013-Murtaza G. and Parveen Sheikh to Wilfredo Galdamez and Barbara Maldonado Gomez, $236,800.

Crecy Lane, 9672-Julian P. and Shawn N. Purvis to Melissa A. and Jorge Quint Gonzales, $494,000.

Damascus Dr., 9532-Patrick Shumar and Laura Roden to Ernest Maurice and Jonni Denette Symns Davis, $310,000.

Doubleday Lane, 11107-Kyung Chul and Haeng Ja Kim to Carlos Rodrigo Leon and Nancy Michelle Menjivar De Leon, $343,000.

Henry Ct., 10114-Laura Butera to Rene G. and Aurea P. Villanueva, $390,000.

Jordon Hollow Ct., 7605-Cathy L. Seltzer to Jose A. Contreras Castro and Milagros S. Contreras, $260,000.

Knotty Oak Lane, 7101-David G. and Marilyn M. Chaston to Julio C. and Elizabeth De La Torre Almeida, $375,000.

Lancers Ct., 12084-Clementine and Donovan J. McIntosh Sr. to Jared A. and Betsy L. Sladich, $607,500.

Magenta St., 9597-Jimmy J. Crews and Phyllis L. Long to Luis Antonio Henry and Rachel Vazquez, $460,000.

Mariposa Dr., 7314-Dennis D. and Patricia J. Rude to Jake K. and Allison Kirby, $385,000.

Monocacy Way, 10824-Bank of New York Mellon and CWMBS 2007-2 to Arifur Rahman Meah, $464,625.

Quail Run Lane, 7560-Michael Kraft to Pradeep and Sabita S. Panthi, $275,000.

Rayborn Creek Dr., 11906-Thomas E. and Stacie L. Clater to Charles Ronald Greenwell and Natalie Collins, $445,000.

Sheraton Dr., 7326-Brian and Nichole Cunningham Williamson to John and Olesya Ferguson, $487,000.

Soldiers Ct., 11175-Osmin L. and Beatriz Flowers to Erika A. Bruzzone Pacheco, $330,000.

Sunset Dr., 8221-Trevor L. Ellison to William Renton, $400,000.

Tattersall Dr., 10685-Henry J. and Claudia D. Swint to Zhewar J. Rostam and Golala N. Muhedin, $498,000.

Trumpet Vine Ct., 10111-John Avery and Stacy Weathers to Astley and Leslie Davy, $500,000.

Wallace Lane, 8294-Maureen L. Reeves to Yadu Nath and Pushpa Devi Paudel, $320,000.

Westchester Dr., 8989-Polly M. Flory to Mark MacNichol, $375,000.

Winged Elm Cir., 10321-Robert T. Gaylik to Alex Charles Barry and Elizabeth Beck Rigney, $423,000.

Yolanda Lane, 14912-Michael A. and Pamela A. Conlon to Stephen M. and Leanne M. Olney, $352,845.


Breezy Knoll Dr., 8119-GTL Properties Corp. to Atul and Shikha Rao, $555,000.

Cobble Pond Way, 8168-Essahn and Rena Rohani to Brian Haygood, $351,000.

Ethel Ct., 10196-Camo Properties Corp. to Ingrid Lisa and Damone Antonio Gandy, $510,000.

Hillcrest Dr., 8161-Ronald D. and Sharon L. Hickman to Juan Jose Ayala and Maria O. Barrios, $410,000.

Manassas Dr., 7832-Jonathan E. Robalino Chavez to Deycy Paredes and Mayra Paredes Vazquez, $361,500.

Overrun Dr., 11069-Daniel A. and Janet Treadway Williams to Kurt H. and Charla K. Marchuk, $490,000.

Signal Hill Rd., 6775-Todd and Michelle Lynn Osborne to John Bragg, $395,000.

Tendring Trail, 7507-Anup Y. and Sona Shah to Makram A. Seddrak and Leila T. Mahfoz, $297,500.

Wooldridge Dr., 11044-Carl B. and Elizabeth Jacobs to Liam O’Malley, $370,000.


Blowing Leaf Pl., 3821-Sharon Denise Johnson and Valerie Lynne Sparks to Mark B. and Sandra G. Hill, $435,000.

Catamaran Ct., 15586-James E. and Caroline L. Brundage to Ingrid P. Franco, $428,000.

Dancing Leaf Pl., 16158-William H. and Judith L. Jones to Lynn P. Davis, $365,000.

Edgewood Dr., 15740-Dorie A. and Donald Irby to Kevin and Andrea Padilla, $415,000.

Fresh Meadow Trail, 17213-Estate of Leslie A. Edwards to Dominic K. and Sylvia Adu-Gyamfi, $361,000.

Marbury Heights Way, 15714-Chairie A. Smith to Peter Yeung, $520,000.

Mulcaster Terr., 4305-Ronald H. and Betsy S. Chaney to Timothy L. and Suzana Jones, $485,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5127-Tammy J. Wehrum to Andrew Lee and Whitney Fay Miller, $293,000.

Taconic Cir., 16260, No. 107B-2-Janice Parks to Samantha A. Smith, $225,000.

Viewpoint Cir., 15765-Michael E. Shope to Kanstantsin Pastsernakovich and Juliana Rojas-Mejia, $335,000.

Winding Creek Dr., 15574-Lori A. Perdue to Tyler J. Kozma, $317,000.


Fitzwater Dr., 13229-Jonathan W. Moore to Baolan Guo, $369,900.

Sowder Pl., 9008-Aubrey W. and Sharon R. Allen to James Moore Jr., $369,500.


Quantico Gateway Dr., 18575-Brandon Scott and Tessa Marie Hostetter to Dianna Rios Martinez, $453,000.


Abbey Knoll Ct., 12400-Hubert Lane and Marlene M. Pethel to Berhanu Mitiku, $335,000.

Alaska Rd., 15107-Douglas Leo Potvin and estate of Betty Jane Potvin to Walter R. Alvarado Flores, $310,000.

Aztec Pl., 12326-Leontyne Fredericks to Chloe Collins, $294,500.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 208-Corazon A. Atienza to Amirande J. and Maria S. Francisco, $270,000.

Bentley Cir., 13625-Romena Sarder to Vilma D. and Francisco I. Menez Bonilla, $275,000.

Blue Pool Dr., 2520-Eileen Kurtz to Gregory Knowles and Jessica Baxter, $335,000.

Brittany Ct., 4246-Hannes Johannsson and Beth M. Moore to Jason D. and Emily J. Hohenstreiter, $535,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2394, No. 400A-William A. Yardley and Laura E. Cox to David Sternberg, $310,000.

Canvasback Ct., 15569-Jeffrey M. and Mary C. Palmer to Terence M. and Milena I. Traasdahl, $510,000.

Cardinal Ridge Ct., 11170-Michael A. Saraniero to Roy Thomas and Mitzi Sue Cochran, $780,000.

Castile Ct., 12683-Berhanu Mitiku to Zeeshan Qureshi, $250,000.

Cedar Cove Way, 1810, No. 4-3B-Yolanda Barbier Gibson to Ali S. Najjar, $224,710.

Chesterfield Dr., 14312-Brian J. Padgett to Ninfa Aracely Santos and Jose Noe Alvarez, $309,000.

Clore Pl., 3836, No. 1-Christine A. Bowling to Kenyatta Clay, $193,000.

D St., 1414-Estate of Betty Delores Thomas Harris and Maria A. Simpson to William Thomas and Hannah Marie Moore Chalko, $270,000.

Drexel St., 2407-Jafar A. Mojumder and Alaya Ferdausy to Afsana Rahman and Farbana Rahman Chowdhury, $385,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3504-Samuel Thomas and Regina T. Willis to Angelina and Joseph Tamakloe, $460,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 2585, No. 267-Jenny Delos Reyes to Brenda Jean Knott, $285,000.

Enterprise Lane, 14929-Heather J. Wilson to Kiran Koirala, $304,000.

Falmouth Ct., 2653-Aaron L. William to Baheer Kamil Khaleefah, $380,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 13428-Huong and Nhu Khanh Nguyen to Jorge A. Cedillos and Sonia Hernandez, $280,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1055, No. 202-6B-Margaret Boden to David and Toni Sanchez, $192,000.

Greendale Dr., 13980, No. 7-Lionel C. Lincoln to Jessica Kate and Ryan Thomas O’Leary, $342,500.

Gullane Dr., 13819, No. 79-Jamie L. and James H. Hudgins to Monica L. Ceberg, $395,000.

Harbor Side St., 485, No. 204-Solomon Edossa to Paul J. Spiess and Julie Korey, $320,000.

Hayes Lane, 16037-Paramount Investments Corp. to Chaz and Giovana Gladys Velazquez, $459,900.

Hickory Falls Ct., 12120-Carlos U. Lopez to Brian W. Young and Kim E. Campbell, $860,000.

Horseshoe Lane, 15639, No. 639-Anthony M. and Shahana Green to Erika V. Orellana, $191,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15629, No. 201-Zenash Shiferaw to Jeffery Haywood, $289,900.

Joyce Rd., 13728-Nicholas J. and Lindsay C. Drunasky to Jose R. and Ana G. Mendez, $320,000.

Knightsbridge Dr., 12720-Suzanna A. Braun to Justin and Oscar Saadein-Morales, $620,000.

Lancashire Dr., 15188, No. 187-Tracid Tudor Jones to Marquetta L. and Kevin Wines, $328,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 12743-Mary Susan Scanlon to Bryan Christopher Bartell and Julia Castillo, $329,900.

Lodge Terr., 15296-Delmy C. Salmeron and Celia Aide Buruca to Cindy Rauda, $231,000.

Lotte Dr., 12725, No. 35-Basheer Edgemoore Potomac Crest Corp. to Devon A. Herb, $375,000.

Mariner Lane, 1932-Robert L. and Rebecca H. Varner to Elmer Alexis and Yanet Carolina Calix, $282,500.

Matura Lane, 3730-Kevin S.J. and Isis Y. Jones Lett to Carlos Garcia Severich, $365,900.

Merseyside Dr., 2256, No. 91-Jared Sladich to Treba L. Henderson, $320,000.

Montega Dr., 4689-Matthew R. and Jennifer L. Hoover to Althea V. Brum, $474,900.

Oak Tree Lane, 2554-Brett Anthony and Sarah Renda Heidenrich to Charles A. Gathers, $319,000.

Old Post Terr., 1924-Ernesto Molina Zamora and Hilda Molina to Lisa M. Pratt and Bruce J. Douglas, $258,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 2792-Satish M. and Madhu S. Amin to Wissem Sghaier, $220,000.

Princess Anne Lane, 2207-Antonio Manuel G. and Nancy C. Ataide to Yenis Mackence Caballero, $348,000.

Randall Dr., 14311-Samuel S. and Erin M. Walter Lerman to Celvin N. Jandres and Pedro D. Benavides, $320,000.

Rockledge Terr., 1754-Jason Richard and Ada Vaughan Smith to Scott C. and Kelley A. Bell, $486,500.

Seminole Rd., 3020-Esther A. Frazer to Melvin R. Varela Martinez, $371,500.

Soffit Pl., 3532-Kim R. and Jeffrey Houser to Benjamin Nguyen, $389,000.

Sutton Pl., 16615-Nancy S. Ahn and Bernard Herrera to Jessica Renee Rose and Kevin Charles Lindstrom, $239,999.

Tiger Lily Cir., 1832, No. 24-Nathan Jones and Sina Nofoagatotoa to Nadia P. Bowie, $225,000.

Trotter Ct., 12537-John and Megan McCourt to Stevanna Farley-Wamberg, $415,000.

Vineyard Way, 13103-Nilacha P. Foster-Cunningham to Collins Asadu-Bempah, $285,000.

Wellesley Dr., 4773-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and American Home Mortgage Investment Trust to Abuzar Bhatti, $334,500.


These were among homes sold in September 2018 in Manassas.

Abbott Rd., 10293-Boyd Sprow to Lyn Ruggiero, $360,000.

Battery Heights Blvd., 9563, No. 303-Patrick S. Colga to Carlos M. Hernandez Zelaya, $166,000.

Braxted Lane, 8616-Michael L. and Cora A. Martin to Nancy Magaly Merida, $255,000.

Buttress Lane, 8397, No. 404-Wayne C. Palmer to Harminder Kaur, $167,000.

Camphor Ct., 9338-Cary De Armas to David Trang, $350,000.

Fairview Ave., 9502-BT Properties Corp. to Daniel Torok, $530,000.

Kershaw Ct., 9156-Alexandre and Victoria Mai to Rosa Amelia and Jose Andrade, $263,000.

Linden Ct., 9276-Ali and Maryam Mazloom Ipakchi to Adam and Lynne Michelle Arehart, $340,000.

Nantucket Ct., 10261-Robert R. Dietrich to Samiullah Ghiasy, $350,000.

Old Hickory Ct., 9066-Maria A. Ramos-Mendez to Alejandro E. Almaraz Lopez and Helen J. Romero, $280,000.

Princeton Park Dr., 8921-Catherine Grimes to Alejandro Jose Samayoa Bonilla and Adelayda Daniels Samayoa Garcia, $285,000.

Shannon Lane, 9633-Hugh E. and Gayle J.S. Hallman to David E. Durazo, $380,000.

Tudor Oaks Dr., 9520-Matthew K., Charles and Lora Rinker to Salvador Costansa and Nuria L. Hernandez De Costansa, $269,000.

Wellington Rd., 9933-Jeffrey L. Bird to Jonathan Kenny, $385,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in October 2018 in Manassas Park.

Cabbel Dr., 157-Lilian I. and Guilda A. Guerra to Santiago Laines and Estela Ruiz, $280,000.

Corbett Cir., 9755-Dean and Karla Walser to Melissa A. Hames, $365,000.

Jack Dr., 9407-Nathan B. and Tracy L. Francis to Viral and Gayatribahen Patel, $470,000.

Lambert Dr., 211-Danilo P. and Gina Arellano to Deysi Yanira and Jose Florentin Reyes Nolasco, $315,000.

Maria Way, 9064-Timothy H. Lee to Ali Reza and Ali Mohammad Quadamy, $418,000.

Saint Steven Ct., 9034-Ravider and Usha Grover to Juan F. Godinez and Damian F. Contreras, $231,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Abby Lane, 107-Angela M. Thompson to Vanessa Graham, $218,000.

Appling Rd., 14-Stanley T. and Sharon L. Lowe to Lissandra Hernandez and Juan Perez, $355,000.

Aquia Dr., 2211-Christopher Onyski to Kasey James and Alisa T. Battle Sowers, $350,357.

Austin Dr., 212-Ammar Kamal Abdulrahman to Carlos Barriga and Narcisa E. Ponce, $250,000.

Avocet Way, 64-Edwin L. and Theresa L. Gilliland to Charles E. Bonser III, $490,000.

Beaver Ridge Rd., 15-Henry A. and Ella L. Glover to Michael R. Peter, $659,000.

Bentley Ct., 201-Robyn R. and Richard B. Swan to Carla M. Reid, $259,500.

Bosun Cove, 220-John Thomas Chirhart to Kathryn and Sean Bryla, $364,900.

Bradbury Way, 4-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. to Dieter and Allison D. Stenger, $465,500.

Bridgeport Cir., 52-Michael L. and Rachel-Ann K.M. Anderson to Shannon Tate, $379,900.

Brooke Point Ct., 129-Atlantic Builders to Robert and Cheryl A. Cuff, $529,914.

Buck Rd., 39-Santos Ernesto Hernandez to Edward D. and Alyssa Joy Robinson, $299,000.

Camden Dr., 201-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Stephen C. and Alexandria B. Nemeth, $397,500.

Chadwick Dr., 50-David L. and Rhonda A. Manglos to Dylan Mackenzie Shaw, $403,500.

Cherry Laurel Dr., 14-Jessica L. Caceres to Amanda Tebo, $267,500.

Clearview Ave., 1008-Joseph P. and Deanna C. McAlister to Lynne M. McLaughlin, $337,000.

Coastal Ave., 624-IHMW Embrey Mill II Corp. to Louis and Kimberly Taylor, $495,003.

Columbus Cove, 113-Angela N. and Ryan K. Foroughi to Kirby Lee and Tina Marie Su, $341,200.

Coneflower Lane, 476-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Virna Drummond, $400,000.

Courthouse Rd., 2409-Melissa R. and Mark D. Windmassinger to Shelby L. and Kamran Khan, $339,500.

Crowncrest Rd., 50-Hun and Mary Yi to Christopher and Nicolle Ackley, $524,000.

Dandridge Ct., 115-Kristen and Ross Cameron McBee to Anthony L. and Crystal A. Abitz, $309,000.

Doe Way, 154-Hartlake Land Trust to Kevin Lee Hess and Gemma Paz Lagamia Hess, $474,900.

Doug Ct., 12-Craig T. and Hyon Hui Rivet to Ryan A. and Lauren A. Lawrence, $374,900.

Echols Lane, 9-Rod F. and Faye Brown to Benjamin N. and Edna L. Jacks, $569,900.

Equestrian Dr., 25-Jessica Josephine and Jeffrey Laurence Bowdoin to Gareth Eugene and Tara L. Murray, $500,000.

Falkirk Ct., 301-Kathleen Radel-Murphy to Donna C. Harrison, $235,000.

Fife St., 6-W. Blake Crowe to Charles and Adrian Thompson, $480,000.

Forbes St., 902-Donald Scott and Martha Hixon Covington to Paul J. and Victoria Abdallah, $225,000.

Galway Lane, 505-Corrine M. Cunningham to Evany T. and David Franco, $269,000.

Garner Dr., 10-Robbie W. and April M. Parker to Michael L. Smith, $430,000.

Gladiola Way, 436-K. Hovnanian at Embrey Mill Village Corp. to William and Lisa Cox, $440,708.

Goose Creek Cir., 27-Evelyn D. Story to Timothy J. and Mary Hogan, $324,900.

Hamlin Dr., 115-John E. and Jennifer A. Peterson to David M. Jensen, $289,000.

Hayes St., 12-Sewaphorn K. and Luis A. Rovira to David A. and Christine M. Plasterer, $400,000.

High St., 302-Peter and Susan Blankenheim to Jimmy Geovanny Matamoros and Gladys Yolanda Espinoza, $303,000.

Holly Corner Rd., 442-Paul M. and Shirley A. Storie to Marie J. Garrido, $264,000.

Hollywood Farm Rd., 95-Donald and Sheryl Decker to Scott D. and Kristine M. Lisech, $528,625.

Ingleside Dr., 315-Estate of William Roy Griggs and Paul MacArthur Griggs to Timothy Paul and Nancy R. Minor, $285,000.

John Paul Jones Dr., 1116-Martin M. and Janice L. Fontanez to Sally K. Moore, $280,000.

Kimmer Ct., 26-Therron D. Lex to John C. and Jessica B. Curtis, $338,000.

Knollside Ct., 10-William C. and Lisa A. Cox to Steven Cabrera Jr., $385,000.

Lendall Lane, 604-Darrell L. and Elizabeth H. Buchanan to Kimberly C. Young, $420,000.

London Way, 8-Jamieliah Corbalan De Martino to Colin and Allison Dowell, $363,000.

Longwood Dr., 60-Shari Lynn Carter to Florentin and Juan De Jesus Dominguez Alfaro, $440,000.

Madison Ct., 603-DRM Investments Corp. to Derrick Leach, $170,000.

Mast Cove, 208-FFC Properties Corp. to Elizabeth Ann and Roberta Juliet Rocha, $399,500.

Meadow Lane, 105-Teri L. Elie to Fabio M. Martell, $290,000.

Mica Way, 18-Paramount Investments Corp. to James E. and Cara Phillips, $360,000.

Mistro Ct., 108-Daniel and Maryann Rodriguez to Jerome T. and Robyn G. Huggard, $245,000.

Montauk Ave., 4-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Cecilia Marie and Phillip Randall Carlson, $389,991.

Monticello Dr., 608-Hour Homes Inc. to Luis G. and Kathryne E. Morales, $500,526.

Morrissey Stone Ct., 7-Bryant D. and Jill M. Glando to John V. and Kathryn Rita Moloko, $375,000.

Musselman Rd., 206-Deborah Embrey Sullivan and Sandra Dee Embrey to Mary K. and Allen L. Jett, $75,000.

Oak Lane, 10-Elizabeth D. Benitez to Zachary Galen Stickley, $270,000.

Palm Dr., 12-Kenneth A. and Lisa D. Butler to Jeramiah D. and Tanesha Hamilton, $329,900.

Pear Tree Lane, 11-Gary A. Tilson to Maria C. Alberto Valencia, $179,900.

Pickett Lane, 4-Sean H. and Rachel M. Hensen to Mark Allen and Erin Nicole Routzohn, $429,000.

Pin Oak Ct., 15-Kurt W. and Patricia E. Cowles to Santos Ernesto Hernandez, $395,000.

Poplar View Dr., 53-Matthew E. and Patricia Schippmann to Victor and Elizabeth Mazzanti, $425,000.

Prospect Dr., 8-Tammi T. Allen to Ernest Brown, $575,000.

Randolph Rd., 4-Aaronal Homes Inc. to C. Neil and Patricia F. Melson, $3.33 million.

Regal Lane, 100-Lindsay A. O’Brien to Steven Kent and Cheryl Lynn Furman, $593,000.

Rice Rd., 6-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Chantel Nikoshia Delacruz and Shannon Kelly Johnson, $485,000.

Riggs Rd., 76-Robin Nishiyama to Radouane and Rachida Sbahi, $370,000.

Rumford Rd., 204-Home Investors of America Inc. to Jennifer L. and Andrew T. Roe, $256,500.

Saint Williams Way, 18-Dale R. and Anita E. Alford to Naeemah S. Fuller and Shermaine Gatlin Terry, $455,000.

Sandpiper Terr., 107-Adan and Karina Soriano to Juanita Eyvette Singleton, $300,000.

Scottsdale Dr., 55-Daniel E. and Joanne E. Lesher to H. Chir and Ann B. Haas, $475,000.

Smithfield Way, 191-Federal National Mortgage Association to Iona Knapp, $235,000.

Spotted Tavern Rd., 279-Joseph H.R. and Janet R. Simard to Aric Hornback, $439,900.

Stafford Mews Lane, 313-Dwayne and Jacquelyne Strong to Patrick Chu, $226,000.

Stratford Hall Ct., 8-Phillip M. Nicholson to Brigitte M. A. and Julius Kakra Mensah, $350,000.

Sunshine Dr., 110-David Wayne Baker to Andrew Dies, $299,000.

Sweetbriar Dr., 30-William C. Monaghan III to Brian Nicholson, $306,000.

Tanterra Dr., 17-Nicolle C. Ackley to Lamar R. and Stephanie C. Gardner, $350,000.

Telegraph Rd., 801-Maria A. Christoforatos to Carlos Castro Escobar, $263,000.

Townes Pl., 1-Armia A. and Martha A. Tawadrous to Alfred Scott Delloiacono III and Kirby L. Koch, $250,000.

Turtle Creek Way, 15-Vance E. Boyd to James Richard and Suzanne Dralle Fouche, $225,000.

Walnut Ridge Dr., 111-George K. and Anna W. Somers to Sean P. and Toni L. Kayton, $349,000.

Wayside Ct., 47-David M. and Nicole Elizabeth Jensen to Nick Madden and Mariela Canizalez, $180,000.

Wellspring Dr., 18-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Patricia Allyson Manchester, $309,908.

Westminster Lane, 308-William K. and Tresa Dougherty Brown to Franz Arnulfo Rodriguez Pardo and Fedra Maureen Vargas Marin, $207,000.

Whitestone Dr., 31-Christopher L. Wickline to Douglas G. and Tamaki Connelly, $413,000.

Wildwood Pl., 16-Dale and Beth Fowler to Morgan Carpenter and Joseph Van Sickle, $380,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 709-Joshua and Amanda Heinz to Katherine E. Dickinson, $228,000.