correction: An earlier version of this listing gave the incorrect street address for a home sale on Faversham Way in Woodbridge. It was 1847 Faversham Way, not 1787 Faversham Way. This version has been corrected.

Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Airedale Ct., 9916-Rudolph and Teresa Doering to Erin Christine Miller, $420,000.

Arthur Graves Jr Ct., 12659-Allan G. and Deborah S. Twigg to Zachary E. and Jennifer Pomerantz, $535,000.

Big Springs Loop, 9110-Ashwin and Mrunalini Chakurkar to Barry Spencer and Diana Lewis Feldman, $495,000.

Burghead Dr., 12427-Stephen and Stacy Stec to Tyler T. and Amanda A. Regehr, $435,000.

Cascade Falls Dr., 9250-Ryan Gallahan to Belinda S. Lazarony, $319,800.

Country Mill Dr., 12037-Caitlin R. Heflin and Marc B. Gautrois to Christina A. Cullen, $355,000.

Denside Ct., 13511-U.S. Bank to Moses Oyewole, $472,500.

Hudson Pl., 13410-Steven E. Filler to Stephan N. and Megan F. Sutton, $440,000.

Laurencekirk Pl., 9624-Sterling R. and Joyce A. Scott to Andy E. and Barbara O. Mott, $500,000.

Marr Lodge Lane, 13514-Shamoon Husain and Iftekhar H. Bader to Joseph and Darlene Ervin, $534,900.

Placid Lake Ct., 8608-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tagi R. Nasir, $473,000.

Sainsbury Ct., 9051-Barry S. and Diana L. Feldman to Theresa N. and John C. Loy, $520,000.

Spindle Foot Ct., 10041-Diana M. Musselman to Simone Smith and Cliff Hampton, $476,000.

Tartan Hills Pkwy., 13795-Courtney Cockerell Willis to Do C. and Ho Jin Jeon, $420,000.

Vantage Point Ct., 12044-Marco V. and Barbara J. Rosales to Travis Courtney Trout and Yoo Hee Lee, $475,000.

Weathersfield Dr., 9129-Brian F. and Debra A. Kane to Timothy R. and Holly L. Bailey, $490,000.


Dominique Estates Lane, 12821-Joseph Walter Carroll and Kelly A. Westmoreland to John D. and Stella M. Rowland, $735,000.


Ambergate Dr., 15493-Raymond and Marilyn Vensel to Laura and Christopher C. Harmon, $509,900.

Belleville Ave., 14302-Samuel W. and Lynda M. Watt to Julissa E. and Joyce A. Adames, $255,000.

Birchdale Ave., 14503-Carlos Baires to Erik Anthony Monterosso, $299,900.

Bronco Way, 15373-Lotus Homes Corp. to Shahid Shabazz-Bey, $330,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 14846-Juan Carlos Perez to Austin M. Martin and Miriam M. Mooney, $274,900.

Crescent St., 15239-Real Estate USA Corp. to Gloria M. Lopez and Yesli M. Amaya, $290,000.

Darbydale Ave., 14616-John E. and Suk C. Cook to Carmen Carrillo and Gabriela Yvette Guillen, $305,000.

Derby Ct., 3801-Matthew D. Latynski and Kelly Grafton to Elvira and Pamela Arancibia, $350,000.

Duran Dr., 14509-Milton R. and Kyung Sun Coleman to Anatolio B. Canseco and Otilia A. Galdamez, $292,500.

Endsley Turn, 14707-Kelly O. Newton to Heather Marie Biller, $185,500.

Fairmont Ct., 14310-Randal S. and Theresa L. Lujan to Nassar T. Khan, $307,000.

Filarete St., 14401-Nolan J. Guagenti to Jose Manuel Bonilla, $219,900.

General Washington Dr., 14436-Hilda E. Amaya to Fidel E. Zetino and Guillermo A. Deleon, $530,000.

Granby Rd., 4223-John R. and Michelle L. Moore to Salin and Unlalin Kim, $310,000.

Hamilton Dr., 4609-Kevin O. Topp to Alejandro Najarro, $290,000.

Hersand Ct., 4701-Lotus Homes Corp. to Jose A. and Rosa E. Salinas, $226,000.

Kelsey Ct., 13313-Ronald Dennis Cannon and Peggy Ann Gore to Luis A. Villatoro Artola and Karla M. Zelaya Martinez, $276,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 12907-Carlos M. and Wendy M. Melendez to Jose Lopez and Aylen Vargas, $305,000.

Kilbane Rd., 4715-Inam Ur Rehman to Arturo Castro Castaneda, $300,000.

Lomax Way, 5400-Conrado and Carmelita Mateos to James Pruna and Roxanne Lam, $415,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14100-Zahid A. and Zooba Z. Khawaja to Eusebia Geena Aleman and Nicolas Miguel Aleman Saldana, $349,900.

Nadia Loop, 3361-Vickie Doris Wilkins to Nadem A. Chaudry, $270,000.

Oleander Ct., 13953-Jan R. and Carlyn A. Frye to Susan Perry Brown, $575,000.

Raywood Ct., 13765-Tobias J. Radford and Tricia T. Thomason to Anita Rios Soldevilla, $332,500.

Rockcliff Lane, 5798-Alexander Charles and Beverly M. Ellis to Yama Shirzay, $345,000.

Satterfield Dr., 5325-Geoff S. and Valerie M. Fein to Brian D. Royce, $290,000.

Springbrook Ct., 14373-Rogelio Torres to Albert N. Marte, $310,000.

Tarpon Lane, 4046-Meggan C. Clincey to Valerie R. Hager and Matthew T. Martyr, $334,000.

Torrence Pl., 4406-Afua A. Celestin to Cesar A. Ordonez Aguilar, $333,000.


Antrim Cir., 3095-Lynnell D. Clarke to Wilson White Jr., $275,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 1816-William A. Adams to Scott C. Stone, $240,000.

Fort Pulaski Ct., 1836-Silvia Tinoco to Candida M. Iraheta De Martinez, $210,000.

Myrtlewood Dr., 2991-Joseph F. and Denise Fontine Beaty to Pamela J. Singleton, $471,000.

Sea Skiff Way, 17185-Bakhodur Nasridinov to John Taylor and Susan Harris, $715,000.

Sweet Pepperbrush Loop, 2307-Peter J. and Dorothy I. Boresky to Eric Matthew and Julia Ann Stone, $589,900.

Wayside Dr., 17531-David S. Fitzgerald and estate of Malorie L. Fitzgerald to Felder S. and Guirlene Marc, $447,000.


Bitterroot Ct., 6901-Grace Han to Sergey Yudin and Tatiana Foster, $555,000.

Brunson Cir., 7404, No. 5K-Thien-Huu Nguyen to Faraz Iqbal, $324,900.

Cannondale Way, 14140, No. 20-Khoa Nguyen to Brian K. Black, $299,900.

Clubhouse Rd., 14246-Scott D. and Stephanie L. Ritchie to Jose Pierce and Jessica Catherine Amaral, $595,000.

Currant Loop, 13729-Christopher Ebel to John A. and Peggy A. Kamin, $335,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13367-Stuart W. and Cathleen H. Bunge to Pilar Miller, $560,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15066-Roland Monh and Thai Lan T. Nguyen to Medardo A. and Nanci M. Miranda, $349,000.

Hamelin Lane, 7612-Baljit Singh and Shashi Dahiva to Vanessa and Gabby Luc, $484,500.

Longmeade Ct., 13709-Jean Dimitra Yowell to Michael V. Lee and Dale J. Adams, $330,500.

San Diego Ct., 7536-Bruce E. and Julie E. Baldwin to Robert A. and Mindy L. Harper, $492,000.

Shimmering Rock Rd., 8315-Sarah Jimenez to James Erickson and Valerie Minick, $589,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15928-Keith A. Heatwole to Shaheda Akter Abdin, $765,000.

Traditions Trail, 6899-Woo Sung You and Eun Ju Kim to Angela Marie Roark, $350,000.

Tuxedo Lane, 15524-Roger Faine to James Vernon and Veronica Lynn Halliburton, $680,000.

Walnut Hill Dr., 6928-Edmund T. Daniels Jr. to Patricia Whitney, $330,000.

Willingboro Ct., 8121-James A. Scott and Christine S. Shaefer to Kelvin L. Ramirez and Lorna M. Perez Colon, $549,000.


Alderbrook Dr., 15577-Robert Beatrice and Lisa Driscoll to Daniel Lee and Catharine Lou Birhauser, $542,000.

Ashby Oak Ct., 14807-B & G Homes Corp. to Manuel Junior Diaz and Aline Emperatriz Fuenmayor Briceno, $615,000.

Berkeley Dr., 16009-Nicholas W. and Carole G. Kuzemka to Bradley A. Smith, $740,900.

Chalfont Dr., 14304-Timothy A. Duray to James and Kelly Thomas, $640,000.

Crusade Ct., 16202-Dale B. and Debra S. Walston to Jackie L. Lawrence, $519,500.

Delashmutt Dr., 3810-David and Heather Schnorbus to Chad and Elisabeth Waldrop, $675,000.

Gossum Ct., 16105-Jennifer A. and Phillip A. Kubal to Brocklyn Dale and Jacqueline Bahe, $750,000.

Hunting Path Rd., 6640-Douglas M. Sherry and Erin V. Gough to Amanda Culla, $255,000.

Leopolds Trail, 6754-Sean J. and Andrea E. Tuttle to Terry T. Goodrich and My Linh Lee, $640,000.

Mountain Rd., 1401-Lisa Ruggiero to Peter and Kathileen Hobart, $520,000.

Painters Cove Way, 15432-Teresa K. Hollingsworth to David A. and Erika Z. Gregoire, $435,000.

Rodriquez Lane, 5412-Kyung J. and Kee S. Son to William Thomas and Kaye Thompson Bush, $469,000.

Royal Crest Dr., 15231, No. 205-9-Joy Nolen Garber to Robert F. and Christine G. Gamblin, $320,000.

Summit Dr., 1719-Kevin L. Walker to Tyler J. Hagerty and Chong Un Lee, $338,500.


Allegro Dr., 9630-Donald J. King to Robert K. Orsino, $439,900.

Basswood Dr., 12533-Wilburn E. and Cherie S. Stamper to Daniel Beauchamp and Kinsey Drazkowski, $365,000.

Black Horse Ct., 7737-Lois Koo Kwon to Ana Carolina Almeida Grinnell, $337,100.

Brentsville Rd., 8877-Israel Avalos and Maria Razan to Primo Martinez Torres and Obdulia Martinez Paredes, $389,900.

Colonial Village Loop, 6468-Phillip K. and Michelle N. Kight to Debra L. Hurdle, $495,000.

Cub Run Ct., 10240-United Associates Corp. to Leo Shue and Jing Zhang, $234,900.

Damascus Dr., 9704-Alice Kerry Wallace and Warren Kregg Edwards to Michelle T. Oha, $295,000.

Dublin Dr., 9503-Joshua C. and Marie N. Palmer to Shahrokh Shirkhorshidi and Negah Bosakpour, $365,000.

Farragut Ct., 10215-Ana A. Salvador and Edis Joel Turcios Valley to Wilton E. Lorenzo Marcelino and Jasiel D. Espinal De Lorenzo, $225,000.

Hanson Grove Ct., 8905-Brent Aaron and Natasha Blackwell to Amila R. Daluwatte and Fernando A. Kurukulasuriyage, $427,000.

Highland St., 8248-Thomas B. and Suk Nam C. Pender to Robert Edward-Lee Drye, $400,000.

Jordon Hollow Ct., 7615-Paul E. and Dorothy D. Griffin to Jennifer Brougham, $270,000.

Labrador Loop, 10487-Jeffrey S. Rodriguez to Kary Crawford and Matthew Fernando Revollo Morales, $430,000.

Margate Ct., 7577, No. 5B-203-Javier D. Lopez to Johnny Romulo Soto Orellana, $125,000.

McGrath Rd., 8500-Gholamreza Khamesi to Reed K. and Ronald K. Miller, $406,000.

Norwalk Ct., 7429-Joseph and Maria L. Lopez to William J. and Melissa N. Brennan, $590,000.

Pleasant Colony Dr., 13541-David J. and Lynda D. Morrison to Roger S. Romero and Orlin R. Hernandez, $497,000.

Remington Rd., 7562-Prime Realty Corp. to Nathaniel and Kaysee Vezina, $409,990.

Sage St., 7511-Silvia Montecino to Ramon Antonio and Abigail Bello, $200,000.

Simmons Ridge Ct., 7204-Tonia Y. and Jason A. Bock to Kristine Beere, $650,000.

Spring Dr., 12524-Michael G. and Dayna Moon Coll to Larry W. and Kelly A. Wilbanks, $360,000.

Statesboro Ct., 10137-Kevin P. Ahart to Evelia and Geiny R. Aviles Reyes, $230,000.

Todd Pl., 7515-Lisa Darlene DeBord and Karen L. Schick to Jaime Ivan Flores, $359,900.

Webster Tavern Way, 8601-Ifran Hashmi to Sabah Kareem Aziz and Medya Ihsan Ahmed, $385,000.

Wilmington St., 10165-Ana Gladis and Jose Alejandro Del Cid to Wilson Humberton Velasquez Zelaya, $237,500.

Winstead Pl., 8210, No. 102-14-Elizabeth J. McGill to Karen Flis, $212,000.


Brightstar Dr., 9475-MS Signal Hill Corp. to Alejandra Moreno and Erika P. Zarate, $579,990.

Cold Harbor Loop, 8575-NRZ Reo VIII Corp. to Jose Lozano, $300,000.

Glade Bank Dr., 8295-Christopher and Erica Lillian Kim to Anthony Malovic, $380,000.

Knightshayes Dr., 7654-Stone Financing Corp. to Scott and Stephanie Ritchie, $587,500.

Pine St., 7627-Jason Patrick and Kellie Walter to Robert R. Lee, $390,000.

Signal Hill Rd., 7828-Katherine Briner Mercer to Paolo James A. and Tracy M. Cabacoy, $405,000.

Tinsley Way, 7260-Bruce H. and Stacey H. Lawson to Adelino M. Costa, $725,000.


Accolon Ct., 16600-Mark M. and Sheryl R. Morrow to Andrew D. and Latrina R. McCleod, $465,000.

Blowing Leaf Pl., 3829-Gerald J. and Bonnie L. Uyeda to Robert K. and Therese M. Angwin, $490,000.

Cedar Knoll Ct., 15226-Kyle C. and Valerie S. Wack to Jason and Aubri Rhoads, $340,000.

Denali Pl., 17416-Kyle C. Dawson to Alicia L. Skinner, $340,000.

Edgewood Dr., 15815-Joshua and Melissa Smith to Mark and Ladonna Olson, $409,000.

Golf Club Dr., 15493-Alberto Rodriguez and Maria F. Marin Krafft to Thomas G. Offerdahl and Habone Ali-Bileh, $335,000.

Holly Hill Dr., 15305-Matthew Walent to John Austin Sharp and Stephanie Yinyin Ang, $400,000.

Marhalt Pl., 4319-Karen H. O’Leary to David and Vivian Romero Arbelo, $455,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5134-Kaye Lynn Arenz to Megan E. Lawrence, $279,900.

Tangariro Sq., 17454-Ayr Properties Sep Corp. to Casey Vennes Turner, $280,000.

Waters Edge Ct., 15333-Daniel E. Zarow to Joyce Aboagye, $285,000.

Woodglen Ct., 15013-Chad D.F. and Stacy A. Bright to Alexis Michelle and Brendan Karl Duffy, $410,000.


Vint Hill Rd., 13772-Estate of Richard George Bates and Richard F. Bates to William L. and Lisa G. Harryman, $447,900.


Washington St., 152-Michael C. and Leah M. Munnis to Carol K. Shutty, $364,900.


Riverview Dr., 3223-David Webber to George and Gloria Cronin, $457,800.


Abbottsbury Way, 2173, No. 488-Abbey Louise Tereba and Stacey Lyn Conner to Francisco Ramon Fernandez, $264,900.

Allspice Ct., 12248-Ugur Ertem to Jovon Jamar Hayes, $249,900.

Armitage Ct., 2172-Meghann E. Sullivan to Kai Waldrop Duncan and Brittany Cali, $389,950.

Balsam St., 14641-Carlos M. Ruiz and Marlein H. Ruiz Diaz to Santos Argueta and Elisa A. Romero, $255,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 308-Edward and Shelia Lynn Pogash to Barbara E. Hughes, $275,000.

Berwick Pl., 4264-Fitzhugh L. and Katrina B. Cantrell to Susan Pridemore and Ra Hy, $481,000.

Bobster Ct., 16513-Joshua N. and Grace Yeboah to Hillary P. Jenkins and Antoine Bennett, $353,000.

Bowline Loop, 1993-Mahbub Rahman Siddiqui to Mohammed Faqir and Fatima Obilat, $320,000.

Bromley Ct., 3018-Amy Storm-Carter to Mario Jair Flores-Casillas and Vanessa Kaye Parada, $305,000.

Brookway Ct., 11603-Jeremy M. and Elizabeth B. Kirkland to Solaiman Faryar and Shirley Vanessa Araqz, $390,000.

Captains Ct., 12203-Patricia A. Williams to Christopher R. Coleman and Kelly E. Alpert, $425,000.

Carolyn Forest Dr., 13123-Kenneth Robert Carrol to Meskerem A. Mekonnen, $290,000.

Chanceford Dr., 11812-Dolores A. Robison to Robin D. and Phillip M. Churn, $727,000.

Chetham Way, 4032-Roshod S. Wilson to Jennifer Freda, $225,000.

Cohasset Lane, 12913-Jeffrey T. Clarke to Christine M. Kaloudis and Melvin Ivan Jimenez, $309,900.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12234-Yunchol Kim to Bret David Hartman, $394,999.

Deepford Dr., 2721-Angela Lynn Barnedo to Abdul Wahid Hakimi and Fnu Zohal, $325,000.

Dulcinea Pl., 12647-Stefferson B. and Djardina I. Souza to Inayata Ahmad and Shakeela Bibi, $285,000.

Eagle Talon St., 3154-EPR Investment Corp. to Latedra Jones, $463,000.

Faversham Way, 1847-John M. and Lynn A. Edman to Wimpy D. and Doris E. Pybus, $415,000.

Fox Ridge Ct., 2549, No. 68-Jose David and Marilyn Cabrera to Austin Andrew Sutton, $195,000.

Gordon Blvd., 12707, No. 53-Christie Leigh Gray to Deborah L. Thorp, $200,000.

Greywing St., 2231, No. 244A-Sunny K. and Jashan Shahipal to Hector Concepcion, $375,900.

Gullane Dr., 13971, No. 126-Thomas G. and Robin L. Cunningham to Vadya J. Dillon, $361,500.

Harbor Side St., 485, No. 808-Richard K. and Mary A. Farrell to Theodore Maxwell and Gwendolyn A. Warner, $395,000.

Hollow Wind Way, 13949, No. 13-5A-Dwaine Peery to Seth M. Dunbar, $260,000.

Horseshoe Lane, 15657, No. 657-Romeo Isais and Lilynore Vasquez Perez to Rolando Salguero, $130,000.

Inverness Way, 12718-Craig Sherman to Gesese Bitew and Addis Mekibib, $335,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15635, No. 198-Aprille C. Brown to Corey J. Cox and Maria T. Delarosa, $297,000.

Kempston Lane, 12504, No. 11-118-John and Lisa Alvarez to Nishi Sharma, $253,750.

Kramer Estate Dr., 16350-Corey Ramund and Courtney W. Holeman to Farah Imran and Imran Ahmed, $575,000.

Lancashire Dr., 15190, No. 186-Harry and Payton Marshall to Ali A. Cespedes Rodriguez and Sung-Mi Cespedes, $292,000.

Linwood Lane, 2516-Everett B. and Cecile F. Towler to Peter J. and Jennifer Raisanen, $382,000.

Lolly Post Lane, 12461-Jennifer and Kurt Weiand to Brett Alan Bartosavage, $419,900.

Marsala Ct., 2748, No. 22C4-2-Christopher Day to Cole Ried, $166,900.

Maurice Dr., 1607-Oleh J. Kuziw to Jose C. Orellana Aguilar, $349,000.

McGuffeys Ct., 2668-Steven Rodriguez to Tomas Alberto Martinez Saravia and Zulma E. Carballo Brizuela, $284,900.

Monument Ave., 753-Christopher J. and Chunhui Lautz to Ellen K. Adintori, $524,900.

Oakwood Dr., 12220-John Lawlor to Mohammad I. and Rukhsana B. Tabassum, $357,500.

Olmstead Lane, 16086-Annell F. Eyler to Marilou Q. and Raul S. De Guzman Jr., $440,000.

Pembroke Ct., 2521-Elijah D. and Daphne B. Jackson to Victor H. Lizarazu, $335,000.

Putnam Cir., 13222-Estate of Lorraine D. Goodrich and Valerie Dubois Jhaveri to Thomas B. Becksted and Denise Gomez, $289,900.

Regatta Lane, 16414-Thanh T. Nguyen and Linda N. Tran to Stuart C. and Mariel Morgan, $415,000.

Russell Rd., 3688-Mitchell J. and Constance C. Bukzin to Brian and Laurey Evans, $556,000.

Seminole Rd., 3048-Kevin R. Sorem to Santos M. Hernandez, $310,000.

Standing Eagle Ct., 16071-Silvia M. and David F. Mantero to Myrlin Wimbish Jr., $453,000.

Sweeney Lane, 16730-Farah N. Musharat to Arrah Asam-Obi and Ransom F. Babila, $350,000.

Torbay Way, 15213, No. 66-Mark W. and Nicole E. Johnston Zipsie to Joanne Turbe, $357,500.

Tuscany Ct., 4436-Thomas H. and Frances A. Gattis to Bonita E. Trotman, $725,000.

Wentwood Lane, 15210-Amanjit Singh Sohi to Pamela Joanne Merritt, $274,900.

Wimbley Lane, 12677-Eugene M. Decarpio to Joseph R. and Hanna-Jane Thomson, $350,000.


These were among homes sold in September 2018 in Manassas.

Abbott Rd., 10313-Johnnie and Maria Colon to Reinaldo Barrera and Pedro Rodriguez, $370,000.

Braxted Lane, 8639-Paolo James A. Cabacoy to Alesha Bush, $243,000.

Byrd Dr., 9213-Alba K. Villalobos to Amarijit S. and Rajinder K. Ghai, $172,000.

Candy Ct., 10129-George E. and Najwa Dandan to John and Denise Crawford, $430,000.

Coriander Cir., 9011-Scott M. and Lauren A. Fleck to Sammy and Elsa R. Rivas, $306,000.

Fairview Ave., 9517-Ronnie S. and Ruth E. Brown to Hanh Nguyen, $295,000.

Georgian Ct., 8435-John and Jessica Roper to Kristen Smith, $225,000.

Kirby St., 8499-Gustavo Fajardo and Maria E. Molina to Clarah C. Lelei, $384,500.

Long Hill Ct., 10284-Sokhea Ean to Mauricio E. Molina Blanco and Zulma M. Parada Segovia, $346,000.

McDowell Common, 8959-TLP of VA Corp. to Cynthia M. Brown, $258,000.

New Britain Cir., 9016-Miriam F. Friedman to Kathleen Elizabeth Koenig, $239,900.

Patterson Pl., 8995-Dalia Hedges to Xiao Luo, $246,500.

Princeton Park Dr., 8934-Merle D. and Sandra D. Kellerhals to Debora Centellas Camacho, $299,000.

Vinnia Ct., 9502-Laura D. and Zachary B. Benson to Anthony J. Rahner Jr. and Rita N. Khawand, $450,000.

Whispering Pine Ct., 9040-Higher Standard Property Solutions Corp. to Israel Torres, $280,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in September 2018 in Manassas Park.

Cabbel Dr., 235-Charles N. Bell to Mary J. Hicks, $319,000.

Courtney Dr., 114-Brian Davidson to Jennifer Elizabeth Leblanc, $334,900.

Kirby St., 244-Rebecca M. Winfield to Akko S. Ahmed, $265,000.

Lanae Lane, 9463-Ruben Amaro Dominguez and Cati Y. Hernandez Colocho to Jorge Luis Garcia and Eidi Polanco Escobar, $305,000.

Michael Ct., 9317-Karen E. and Brett Shorter to Michael Thomas Gills, $447,500.

Silver Meteor Ct., 9425-Leslie H. and Christopher C. Cornwell to Joseph Tyler De Leon, $315,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Adler Lane, 3-Faith M. Broome to Kathy Renee Green, $319,900.

Apricot St., 500-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to John P. and Sherry Parks, $489,000.

Aquia Dr., 3605-Gary B. and Gwendolyn T. Reedy to Markos Teodros Asfaw, $363,000.

Aspen Rd., 998-Drees of Homes of DC Inc. to Derrick Garner, $484,900.

Autumn Dr., 25-William A. and Sheila A. Smoot to Jamaal D. Davis, $505,000.

Bankston Ct., 2-Deborah L. Kirst to Delia Nancy Beltran, $412,000.

Blackgum Ct., 107-James D. and Jamie L. Johncock to Raymond J. and Kristen F. Stone, $350,000.

Braddock Dr., 14-Donald L. and Margaret V. Roberson to Gaylord P. and Deborah F. Reese, $351,000.

Bridgewater Cir., 208-Marie Rankin to Dennis E. and Ellen W. Benjamin, $337,450.

Buckingham Lane, 100, No. 101-Paula Paz and William Robert Lewis to Alexius C. Layug, $134,500.

Camp Selden Rd., 170-Mary Rose Anne Cunningham to Dewey Albert Snavely II, $430,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 80-William A. Cribbs to Derek Mainville, $299,900.

Chadwick Dr., 72-Wayne E. and Teresa L. Shuptrine to Timothy E. and Marianna Brooks, $399,900.

Clearwater Ct., 111-April Faison to Karl T. and Desiree V. Levendosky, $295,000.

Coastal Ave., 632-IHMW Embrey Mill II Corp. to Julius Downing, $511,955.

Columbus Dr., 1116-Roland I. and Ellen Wolfe to Kevin Patrick Kelly, $410,000.

Corin Way, 14-Gary W. and Michele Forbis to Neil Gurvitch and Melvin L. Bailey, $427,500.

Cranes Bluff Ct., 22-Atlantic Builders LTD to Alyce J. and Virgil Oliver, $668,485.

Curving Branch Way, 28-Nancy A. Nguyen and David Holt to Mohammad Asef Seerat, $295,000.

Dandridge Ct., 130, No. 101-Amy Janel Gardner to Victoria Pillot, $269,900.

Doe Way, 159-Joseph L. and Morgan L. VanSickle to Patrick Joseph and Erin Rose Roche, $470,000.

Dutch Brandy Rd., 16-Wiley M. and Karen E. Vasquez to Robert C. and Ann M. Bentsen, $572,500.

Eddy Stone Ct., 5-William R. Hoover to Patrick and Heather Stefl, $490,000.

Executive Cir., 103-Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. to Alimamy S. Bundu, $300,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 145-Debra E. Snyder to Sarah E. and Christina Alisha Wanzer, $599,000.

Fireberry Blvd., 11-Anita Y. Freeman to Michael O. Allen, $410,000.

Forest Lane Rd., 409-Home Investors of America to Peggy Peters, $267,000.

Galway Lane, 603-Curtis Lee to Rohullah Hayat, $239,000.

Gavins Lane, 105-Jason Bradley Stowers to Harrison Daniel and Jasmond M. Dixon, $300,000.

Gladiola Way, 548-SM Stafford Corp. to Miguel A. and Mary E. Rangle, $378,865.

Hanover Dr., 1-Cecelia J. Thorn to Lewis F. and Ethel P. McElfresh, $259,000.

Hempstead Lane, 26-Curtis E. and Robin M. Haberbosch to Kacey Dane and Deandra Lee Gabriel, $560,000.

Highlander Dr., 12-Robert J. Kozman to Joanne McMullin Waithaka and Victor C. Langhorne, $240,000.

Hollycrest Pl., 6-DR Horton Inc. to Jorge A. Ortiz, $479,990.

Hornby Dr., 20-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Deanna K. Thompson, $341,625.

Jacobs Lane, 107-Magnum Property Investments Corp. to Charles Earl and Leona Sylvia Gray, $336,500.

Joplin Ct., 10-Resq1 Corp. to Sayed Sajjad and Fakhera Fekrat, $358,000.

Knollwood Ct., 207-Tarek R. and Giovanna L. Mahfouz to Devon Batchelor and Sara Fulkerson, $250,000.

Larkwood Ct., 35-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Roger D. and Marcia C. Papenfuhs, $349,900.

Little Oak Rd., 32-Lyndel M. Stewart to Natalie M. and Amy C. McKinney, $290,000.

Long Meadow Dr., 540-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kendrick Terry, $350,000.

Longwood Dr., 331-Virginia Home Buyer Corp. to Lawrence and April Battiste, $314,900.

Maidenhair Way, 15-Charles B. and Lisa M. Marlowe to Jerry A. Fleming, $550,000.

Mast Cove, 209-John J. and Cynthia A. Hanchak to Eric L. Hall Jr. and Cindy L. Calderon, $344,900.

Mediterranean Dr., 3017-Mary and Rose Jachimczuk to Michael J. Bush, $324,000.

Monitor Cove, 200-Edward S. and Jody L. Levinson to Matthew D. Belcher and Margaret L. Coffey, $424,000.

Montauk Ave., 28-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Charles Reid and Deborah Lee Baldwin, $381,953.

Montpelier Dr., 201-Steven and Danielle Dinote to Jorge Rodriguez, $325,000.

Mount Ararat Lane, 11-Tanner E. and Traci L. Mulvihill to Matthew A. and Venecia G. Roberts, $552,000.

Mourning Dove Dr., 57-James R. and Valerie R. Steele to Jordan I. Malfoy, $359,500.

Nauset Way, 24-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Karl M. and Barbara Sidman, $295,000.

Oakbrook Ct., 14-Rafael and Anita D. Sanchez-Carrasquillo to Sean Robert and Katherine Corrine Taylor, $417,500.

Park Dr. W., 307-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Cassie Walls, $259,900.

Pegs Lane, 75-Nicolas Zotos to Hermis A. Arias Ortega, $214,000.

Perth Dr., 9-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Lindsay Michelle Sollers, $470,000.

Pickett Lane, 21-FFC Properties Corp. to Guidion Sama, $535,000.

Poplar View Dr., 118-Charles Reid and Deborah Lee Baldwin to Tori J. and John M. Pleta, $415,000.

Puri Lane, 27-Jason E. and Kindra S. Cook to Lucila Canizalez and Luis Ernesto Guandique, $330,000.

Regents Lane, 112-Miller and Smith at Stafford Corp. to Jacob and Kimberly A. Drvar, $414,250.

Richwood Cove, 204-Atlantic Builders LTD to Timothy A. and Mandy Gensimore, $501,310.

Rosa Ct., 3-Marjorie L. Williams and Gregory M. Doria to Cristina and Antonio Dias, $245,000.

Salford Ct., 6-James Mickle McClain Sr. to Arcenio Ascenio, $274,990.

Sanford Dr., 491-Sandra B. Capach to Charles E. and Christine D. Sullivan, $235,000.

Sentinel Ridge Lane, 81-Stephen R. ST John to Isaac and Destri L. Fiesta, $430,000.

Skyline Dr., 330-Jeffrey and Roberta Borgoyne to Tim L. and Michele Hawkins Manley, $450,000.

Snowy Egret Way, 108-Atlantic Builders LTD to Todd and Brigitte Lengel, $533,102.

Spring Lake Dr., 56-Nelson Ramos II to Khaled W. Hower and Wafaa Yassine, $375,000.

Sturbridge Lane, 10-Michael F. and Jacqueline P. Gogolin to Cecil Facemire, $405,000.

Sutter Dr., 7-Comstock Highlands Corp. to Don Edward and Mary L. Schultz, $450,000.

Sweetgum Ct., 118-Norron Lee to Nickolas L. Inge, $350,000.

Tanterra Dr., 59-Patricia A. Foley to Maged Abdalla, $282,500.

Theresa Dr., 116-Sharon Ann L. McKinney to Timothy Allen and Ashley Jean Louise Harrell, $312,000.

Twin Lake Ct., 30-Michael B. and Barbara D. Williams to Magen Taylor, $310,000.

Walt Whitman Blvd., 5-Brooke V. Lucas to Alan and Andrea Corday, $455,000.

Webb Ct., 8-Jody E. and Jennifer A. White to Briana Marie and Aaron Carrigan, $360,000.

Wellspring Dr., 71-Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Branden D. and Tasha V. Pressley, $359,324.

Westminster Lane, 515-Tamara J. Gregory to Natasha N. Henry, $235,000.

Whitson Ridge Dr., 49-Paul and Kathleen Wiedenhoeft to Ryan M. Kilner and Lauren E. Ratino, $359,000.

Willow Lane, 5-Jeruard Anderson to Brian C. and Lenetha Beatty, $270,000.

Winterberry Dr., 612-Benjamin Blaisdell and Carolyn Hibbs to Heather Rowe, $329,900.

Woodmont Ct., 1-Roy A. and Deborah A. Stuhlman to Loan Kim Nguyen and Jaime Calbeto, $315,000.