Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Angel Falls St., 9324-Suzana Stevcevska to Justin Folds, $396,000.

Baylor Park Ct., 9313-Paul H. and Adriana I. Madsen to Elamir Ibrahim and Walaa Elzayat, $485,000.

Broadsword Dr., 10191-William R. and Carey L. Dawson to Russell Kay and Cindy Marie Kovell, $570,000.

Cascade Falls Dr., 9152-Jon Jason and Lauren Hagadorn to Aaron P. and Andrea Charbonneau, $415,000.

Correen Hills Dr., 12904-Christopher J. Noel to Mi H. and Jung G. Ahn, $344,900.

Denham Way, 13726-Elizabeth Ann Crimmins to John Rodriguez Jr. and Hilda Balcazar, $314,000.

Dodsworth Dr., 13561-Richard A. and Karen A. Kern to Joshua K. Bustle, $399,000.

Henry Abbott Rd., 10809-Joseph A. and Erika M. Harris to Linnie J. and Terika M. Clellan, $500,000.

Maiden Creek Ct., 12495-Xiangnan Su to Herbert and Li Wang, $490,800.

Moonen Bay Lane, 9547-Gerald G. and Judith A. Szwaya to Polly M. Flory, $350,000.

Ormond Dr., 13224-Joseph S. and Pamela A. Williams to John Phillip and Sandra Lee LaFrance, $348,000.

Selkirk Cir., 12412-Christina Crocker to Adrienne Silva Moore, $299,000.

Stretford Forest Ct., 12104-Ronald and Taysha L. King to Dante J. and Renee N. Williams, $535,000.

Tulane Falls Dr., 12286-John R. and Toiya L. Godfrey to Ryan Wasim and Marisa Catlett Gallahan, $510,000.

Vixen Ct., 12930-Robert C. and Tammy K. Embrey to Enismaw Haregu, $465,000.


Amanda Rose Lane, 5821-Thomas and Jessica Farell to Shawn A. Williams, $570,000.

Barksdale St., 14726-Tracy Taylor to Colleen Helen Conwell, $268,000.

Beale Ct., 3466-Michael F. Dillon Sr. and John J. Hugh IV to Aubrey Libres, $229,000.

Berkley Lane, 3208-Wendy A. Rivera to Jason and Gwyneth Lester, $324,000.

Brentwood Ct., 14472-Elizabeth E. Harris to Armida De Jesus Flores, $200,000.

Canary Ct., 4539-Cynthia B. Perdue to Peter Weisinger and Erin Bethel, $235,000.

Catalpa Ct., 15038-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF10 Master Participation Trust to Ashok K. Gupta, $220,900.

Cranmer Mews., 3510-Tory J. Pleta to Martha J. Lopez Monterroso and Rufina Turcios, $275,000.

Dale Blvd., 4611-Doris E. West to Hashim Nazarei, $210,000.

Dorian Dr., 14848-Jason G. Steinmetz to Ian Micah Jones, $255,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4412-Maria Marin Krafft to Daniel E. Lopez Gomez and Caty I. Medrano, $300,900.

Fayette Ct., 3604-Edmond R. and Phyllis Crager to Milton Aguilar Bolanos and Evelyn Hernandez Aguilar, $340,000.

Fox Glove Ct., 14632-Aaron Gilbert to Blanca Ruiz, $255,000.

Gina Pl., 3255-Hector M. and Leslie S. Velasquez to Tariq Fazel, $310,000.

Jarrell Pl., 15072-Everette D. and Wendy S. Crowe to Ajmal and Shafiqa Khan, $310,000.

Kenny Rd., 13283-Weiyu Li to Lamar T. and Glenda M. Fisher, $399,000.

Leatherback Rd., 5062-Justin M. Bowles to Arlene Lovell, $492,500.

Lindendale Rd., 14247-Ahsan Properties Corp. to Christian Rojas Sandoval, $310,000.

Lynwood Dr., 5002-Nancy Williams to Lolan Gholston Jr. and Diandra Katherine Revollo Duran, $365,000.

Meadowbrook Rd., 13822-Ana Evelyn Rios De Candray to Ashraf Younis and Niveen Samren, $269,900.

Moon Way, 3505-Kiwii Convin to Naweed Hakimzada and Nazaneen Hakimi, $319,900.

Newtone Ct., 5641-Jose M. Villatoro and Reina Aguirrez to Marleny Edith Salamanca, $389,900.

Princedale Dr., 13572-Cristille J. Boyd to Enas Fayez Qutob, $245,000.

Queen Chapel Rd., 13056-Dwight and Mary Perrilloux to Calvin Malone Jr., $633,000.

Ridgedale Dr., 5711-Donald L. Whittaker Jr. to Hugo E. Parra Ospina, $360,000.

Rutgers Ct., 13922-Diane Dixon to Henry Omar Moreno and Claudia Y. Moreno Toledo, $376,000.

Slippery Elm Ct., 14939-Clara Cecilia Ponce De Leon to Timothy J. and Ashlie M. Brittain, $435,000.

Statler Dr., 14777-Daniel R. and Tiffany R. Sharon to Jonathan W. and Juilieann Parks, $435,000.

Ticket Way, 6079-Richard Troy Thorpe to Sidra Faridi and Mohammed A. Mohiuddin, $325,000.

Wertz Dr., 3752-Martin S. Rendon to Kara L. and David M. Loyal, $475,000.

Whittier Loop, 15030-Andrew R. Sese to Fowzi M. Shash, $335,000.


Beveridge Dr., 17000, No. 11-Renee D. and John Littleton Mahon to Charra Gardner, $269,000.

Fort Fisher Ct., 1620-Hermogenes Contreras to Tulu Alemu Tegegne, $212,000.

Monmouth Ct., 16931-Jean M. Koleszar to Sharon Lockett, $264,000.

Sassafras Tree Ct., 3008-Karl A. Prucker to Samuel N. Osae and Lydia Adwoa Boateng, $445,500.

Stewart Lane, 3669-Nakia T. Stokes to Crystal Mensah and Derrick Agyenim Boateng, $219,900.

Toms River Loop, 16878-Jeremy Tester to Lameka Mackey, $264,000.


Alpine Bay Loop, 14923-Edward D. and Paola A. Carlton to Howard Revere and Sandra Janelle Ferguson, $879,000.

Broadwinged Dr., 14430-Michael B. Witt to Anna T. Nguyen and An Son P. Huynh, $685,000.

Camdenhurst Dr., 18097-Gretchen L. Polivka to Jonathan Mark and Lora Lynn Larcomb, $512,500.

Clearview Ave., 14322-Barry J. and Geralyn L. LeBoeuf to Thomas E. Hibbs and Susan M. Aquino, $500,000.

Crooked Oaks Ct., 8092-James D. and Mary Elizabeth Heatwole to John A. and Suzanne V. Kluge, $630,000.

Danehurst Cir., 15098-Elizabeth and Daniel Kozel to Steven M. and Diane R. Hancock, $370,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13516-Anna A. Owen to Jitendra Mavsinh and Ulka Jitendra Chauhan, $502,500.

Gillis Way, 6978-Carissa Barry to Garland and Megan Dillard, $550,000.

Little Thames Dr., 7202, No. 164-Dennis Curtin to Ashlea N. Kaufman, $274,900.

Paddock Ct., 13665-Roddy L. Braun to William R. and Edna P. Hartman, $445,000.

Settlers Trail Pl., 6290-Scott MacDonald and Peter Weslow to Grace Sewell, $475,000.

Snickersville Dr., 14120-Kathleen M. and Robert E. Akans to Scott T. and Kaitlin Millan, $535,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 8181-Linda D. and Charles J. Sakevich to Denise C. Levalley, $565,000.

Triple Crown Loop, 13154-Michael A. Gray to Dennis and Kyo Pun Penn, $522,000.

Village Stream Pl., 6904-Wajma Yousofi and Rekha Ansari to Aekyung Kim, $320,000.

Yewing Way, 5701-Steven R. and Tara V. Lorentz to Ronald and Taysha L. King, $820,000.


Amelia Springs Cir., 5735-James and Tracie Harley to Kenneth J. and Joanne M. Cosgriff, $495,000.

Aster Haven Cir., 6283, No. 10-Stephanie Lykins-Harvey to Hashmatullah Haider and Katera H. Poma, $297,000.

Conklin Way, 6215-Andrew Demartine and Kelly Reilly to Ruth A. and Richard Coogan, $375,000.

Danube Way, 15015-Brannon J. and Kacie Sims to Roger Ivan Campos, $414,900.

Empire Lakes Ct., 6000-Department of Veterans Affairs to Keith K. Lee, $781,000.

High Ridge Rd., 4319-Brian and Michele Page to Stefan Brian and Alicia W. Terry, $770,000.

Jockey Club Lane, 6880-Matthew and Christine Dubois to Sophonias Teshome and Sifirwork Nigatu, $475,000.

Mercer Rd., 1517-Keith A. Dana to Elizabeth Zurek and Jeremy Roussel, $270,000.

Mountain View Dr., 4309-Tammaline M. Beard to Juan Padilla and Mary Rodriguez, $335,000.

Picketts Store Pl., 15639-Richard and Erika Bonnell to George S. and Patricia A. Bennett, $430,000.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15409, No. 9-Sureyya Kanli to Zabih and Nazaila Noori, $300,000.

Saint Paul Dr., 6844-Brian K. Artz to Jacob U. Blair, $469,000.

Walking Stick Way, 15031-Sunny S. and Bok J. Kim to Marcia Cueva and Laura Alicia Tumbaco De Cueva, $1 million.


Aspen Wood Ct., 10510-Dan M. and Lynne M. Black to Michael Bentle, $460,000.

Bayonet Way, 8159, No. 101-M-Balwinder Singh to Vanessa Lynn Foulks, $190,000.

Brandon Way, 7711-Sharon E. Northrup to Roberto Castillo Pena and Claudia Evelin Castillo, $325,000.

Brighton Way, 7918, No. 18-Craig and Alanna Smith to Elsie Quinones, $180,000.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9701-Rhonda Katrease Jackson to Rahimudin and Zarparri Dindar, $335,000.

Colton Lane, 7375-Richard L. Magee and James R. Marston Jr. to Leo Shue and Jing Zhang, $232,000.

Coronado Ct., 13781-James F. and Terry L. Armstrong to Ryan J. and Vanessa G. Stickles, $595,900.

Dabshire Way, 10705-Kevin and Carolyn Bonanno to Christopher S. and Jessica K. Kim, $349,000.

Deward Ct., 8003-Linton R. and Brenda J. Cracken to Jose W. Navas, $365,800.

Falling Creek Dr., 11987-Virgnia G. Satterley to Zhuo Biao Huang and Ly Hong Heng, $410,000.

Gracie Dr., 8075-Robert Patrick Trimm and Kimberly Lynne Jones to Walied Fawzy, $375,000.

Henrico St., 9912-Anthony J. and Catherine A. Pasieka to Juan Rosaly Hernandez Montesino, $365,000.

Hunters Ridge Rd., 6601-Craig S. Hotaling to Daniel Kaptein and Alyse L. Zeffiro, $570,000.

Kinship Ct., 11001, No. 278-Elizabeth L. Tucker to Caleb J. Mullins, $217,999.

Lancers Ct., 12073-Kenton T. and Krista M. Jensen to Jeffrey B. and Joscelyn E. Wildgen, $640,000.

Lucasville Rd., 11717-Robin G. Sizemore to Jose Antonio Tovar, $293,000.

Mariposa Dr., 7306-Matthew R. and Jamie Craig to Theo Simon and Malinda Ann Abramovich, $375,000.

Mineral Springs Dr., 8365-Imran Ahmed to Christian Brice Tunde and Elan Cameron Adounvo, $530,000.

Mountwood Dr., 9508-Joseph Harris to Sehar Shafoat and Nabeel Riaz, $452,500.

Penny Lane, 8269-Jerry D. and Kathryn A. Wolfe to Jeffrey G. Conrow, $415,000.

Purdue Ct., 7532, No. 41-Adel Botros to Khalid Mahmood and Tasmina Bibi, $185,000.

Rayborn Creek Dr., 11902-Paramount Investments Corp. and 3 Sels Properties Corp. to Jaime Pirir Garcia, $430,900.

Sabre Ct., 7817-David W. Robbins to Surendra and Kushma Adhikari Ghimire, $308,000.

Scotland Loop, 8393, No. 72-Tetrad Solutions Corp. to Shoba Kanta Adhikari and Sita Bhandari, $288,000.

Smithfield Rd., 11518-Antoney C. and Jessica Baumbach to Manuel Duarte, $291,900.

Stagestone Way, 11193-Aaron Thomas Graham to Michael Donnelle and Corinne Louise Smith, $245,000.

Sudley Manor Dr., 10100-Joe and Wanda Caballero to Cynthia Covarrubias and Helder Torres, $355,000.

Talisa Lane, 10567-Thao and Jennifer Tran to William Jay Barker, $365,000.

Tower Pl., 10998-Casey Gallant to Brian Ja Montoya and Stephanie Aguilar, $290,000.

Victoria St., 9437-Jenna R. Kamenski to Juan A. Sagastume and Alma Violeta Lopez Alvarez, $255,000.

Winged Elm Cir., 10289-Tanner and Jacqueline Casto to Ramfis R. and Ana K. Rosa, $478,000.

Wortham Crest Cir., 11254, No. 2-Michael E. Garcia to Jerry Cuffee, $241,000.


Essex Grove Way, 8102, No. 11-Thinh Truong Doan and Chi Phung to Vu Tran, $315,000.

Hard Shale Rd., 8107-David and Megan Andrews to Luis Larrea, $345,000.

Oak St., 8109-David Bryce Allison to Maximo D. Merino Rivas and Concepcion F. Diaz, $330,000.

Sharpshooters Ct., 7734-Reeta Bhattacharjee to Asghar and Mery N. Ali, $495,000.

Stuart Ct., 7610-Dadsons Servicing Corp. to Shirin Crowe, $247,500.

Wisakon Trail, 10009-Jeffrey Howard and Terri C. Driver to Kevin and Susan Hanke, $615,000.


Atwater Lane, 16044-Katrina Marshall to Emilio and Benjamin Montes, $282,000.

Benecia Lane, 4939-Richard J. and Robin D. Jefferson to Jason P. Smith, $270,000.

Camelot Ct., 4089-Lynn W. and Cristina A. Skyler to Troy Adam and Tara C. Meadows, $384,900.

Cliffview Dr., 15500-David M. and Jeanine M. Smith to Scott P. and Morgan A. Voigt, $439,900.

Edgewood Dr., 15728-John and Judy Vogrin to Shelene Ruth Coward and Victor Orlando Veyan, $359,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17080-Marie A. Ramos to Louis and Soon Bornstein, $417,500.

Henderson Lane, 16213-Emily Bergstresser to Jaime Therese Stratton, $282,000.

Isle Royale Terr., 17522-Justin R. Swett to James Otwchey and Gifty Omari, $309,999.

Larkspur Lane, 15256-Cynthia L. Houston to Charles W. and Margaret M. Ramey, $322,000.

Mine Rd., 17312-Ali A. Mosleh and May Taliaferrow to Juan Francisco Requeno and Cristian Duran Amaya, $260,000.

Silvan Glen Dr., 15443-Peter Joseph and Marcia G. Kicos to Stanley O. Jones Jr. and Domonique Benaugh-Wills, $470,000.

Taconic Cir., 16126-Gloria A. Betts Baako to Steve Darrell and Shonna Yon Estwick, $249,500.

Viewpoint Cir., 15759-Dwayne D. and Cheri L. Matheson to Christian and Sheryl Vertudes, $330,000.

Widewater Dr., 15766-Donald Buechner to Neal Thomas and Tess Bicak Jones, $320,000.


Bristow Rd., 12638-Mary Anne Fryer to Katie J. and Brett A. Williams, $437,700.

Ringwood Rd., 4300-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and GSAA Home Equity Trust to Mara and John Desmedt, $323,100.

Sentry Rd., 14495-Paramount Investments Corp. to Tyler Elliott Ansink and Shannon Victoria Rankin, $385,000.


Fortress Way, 449-Kevin C. and Nancy J. Whaley to Victoria M. Crowe, $327,400.

Overlook Dr., 302, No. 6-Micah J. and Heather M. Bushouse to Tracy Lynn Soular, $307,000.


Port Hope Pt., 3789-Iftikahar Khan to Kevin Carroll Fletcher, $230,000.

Woodland Dr., 18418-Melissa M. Burn to Judy A. Riebe, $225,000.


Aiden Dr., 1533-Andrea D. Turner to Julio C. Umana, $230,000.

Arkansas St., 14811-Cesar A. Ordonez Aguilar to George Washington and Helen Elizabeth Kearns, $305,000.

Beegee Ct., 1881-Copper Village Investments Corp. to Bhupinder Singh, $300,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 500, No. 316-Debora L. Featherstone to Aidan W. and Pamela A. Connolly, $435,000.

Bjork Lane, 12909-Kelvin Ollie Fairfax to Kevin and Mary Colpitts, $297,500.

Botts Ave., 13701-Professional Home Inspector Corp. to Luz A. Ortiz Navas and Nancy G. Lemus Ortiz, $329,000.

Bridgeton Ct., 3094-Michael D. Kennedy to Juan F. Paiz Mendoza and Marylin R. Pedrazas, $316,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2373, No. 520A-Tuan Nguyen and Uyen Vo to Robert K. and Jacqueline E. Major, $380,000.

Cambridge Dr., 2925-Jessica and Bryson T. Prince to Carlos Abarca, $274,000.

Cardamom Dr., 12038-Brian Lee Bohnsack to Leyda Tatianna and William Samuel Freeman, $180,000.

Cass Brook Lane, 16987-Alexander R. and Yolanda Castillo to Rolando R. and Miram Brown, $465,000.

Cavallo Way, 4860-Glenn A. Torres and Brenda Ortiz-Toledo to Godfred and Victoria O. Addai, $368,500.

Chesterfield Dr., 14214-Victoria A. Powell to Wen Zou and Rishi Aggarwal, $225,000.

Choctaw Ridge Ct., 3002-Matthew and Samantha M. Moyer to Sonia G. Angunawela, $300,000.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11790-Gerald N. and Janice M. Wright to William Matt Hammersten and Sarah R. Fredericksen, $415,000.

Culpeper Dr., 2202-Adam K. and Sandra Coulby to Martin Galvan Montesinos, $320,000.

Darlington Loop, 1991-Gip L. Holloway to Brigitte J. Flores, $244,000.

Dorothy Lane, 1706-David S. and Jennifer L. Logan to Brian Pham and Phung Nguyen, $430,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3480-Charles Robert and Sharon Lee Belt to Mark Anthony and Catherine Gilbert, $459,900.

Elizabeth Burbage Loop, 15351-Yong Wei Shi to Rohullah Yuosufi, $325,000.

Fall Ridge Ct., 3996-William E. and Gina Lynch to Christopher and Alison Manzione, $500,000.

Five Fathom Cir., 2500-John D. and Mary E. Stemple Evans to Lynnell D. Clarke, $399,900.

Gangplank Lane, 16354-Kimberly J. Young to Marquel Patton, $380,000.

Gatehouse Terr., 15354-Minh Truoe Thi Thai to Wilson C. Galindo and Tikampohn Sripak, $248,300.

Greendale Dr., 13964, No. 13-Mark A. Phillips to James Edward Self and Craigery Marshall, $354,900.

Harbor Dr., 12601-Adam L. and Kathleen M. Bowser to Kalinina E. Vergel and Edgar I. Rocha Claros, $409,000.

Hatchway Ct., 12421-Carol J. Alexander and John W. Foradori to Lisa M. Daniels, $335,000.

Herons Run Lane, 909-Spencer C. and Loretta S. Pennick to Geoffrey and Melissa Ann Foster, $642,000.

Indus Dr., 16135-Robert L. and Roberta A. Golish to Mohammad and Farzana Alokozai Edris, $455,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15514, No. 21-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tonia R. Smith, $295,000.

Joyce Rd., 13724-Loren K. and Katie K. Nelson to Osmin N. Urrutia Escobar, $290,000.

Knightsbridge Dr., 12606-Cassandra L. and Kenneth S. Craig to Christine Moreno, $423,500.

Leicestershire St., 15265, No. 144-Charles Bloodsworth and Zahir Z. Jimenez-Tosado to Garland and Meng Rowland, $319,950.

Lodge Terr., 15276-Jose I. Vargas to Ma Dolores Gomez Lopez, $230,000.

Marina Landing Lane, 554, No. 3-Sonja M. Vallejos-Greaves to Hector Echeverry and Tarshia Weldon, $537,000.

Mendoza Lane, 15662-Ashebir Seyoum and Senait T. Gebregeorges to Muhammad Usman and Faryal Fatima, $320,000.

Mohican Rd., 11604-Ralph and Waltraud Stoffler to Rhett Ryan and Jennifer P. Basinger Rothberg, $399,900.

Nutmeg Ct., 12231-John Timothy and Mary V. Shannon to Ali Hassan and Saghar Baqeri, $285,000.

Paddle Boat Lane, 2007-Jessie A. and Jennifer A. Braudaway to Jiale Lin, $314,900.

Powells Landing Cir., 2001-James and Diana R. Caballero to David and Joy Robinson, $625,000.

Radford Dr., 1905-Pascual Saucedo to Alma N. Valdez Avelar, $318,000.

Rochelle Ct., 1760-Shahannah Brown to Pamela Kanu, $270,000.

Seminole Rd., 2839-Kevin Lee Nguyen and Hong B. Wood to Jeremiah P. Jacobs, $312,000.

Sidney Way, 12766-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kulwant Singh Matharoo, $277,070.

Stockholm Way, 2904-Natalie D. Reid to Jesenia Rios, $315,000.

Tonbridge Pl., 3748-Steve L. and Jacquelynn R. Nelson to Akalu B. Shiraga and Mekdes W. Gebresilassie, $350,000.

Trimaran Way, 2428-Ronald J. and Michele L. Pieper to Joshua and Applered Sargeant, $437,500.

Valley Stream Dr., 15269-Daniel T. Crank to Karla J. Medina Westerband and Rafael O. Alfonso Rivera, $235,000.

Warren Dr., 1814-Estate of Arlene E. Rowland and Larry D. Post to Syed S. and Kulsoom F. Naqvi, $280,000.

Wildwood Ct., 13412-Sandeep Mehta to Pedro J. Ramirez Lovo and Jansel J. Ramirez, $280,000.

Winona Dr., 12146-Upendra and Nirmala Thapaliya to Syed M. Islam, $312,000.


These were among homes sold in October 2018 in Manassas.

Braxted Lane, 8531-Patricia Maria Romero to Adrian and Roxana Lisseth Robels, $235,000.

Buttress Lane, 8374, No. 104-Harvester Investments Corp. to Shashin Bhandari and Yashoda Sapkota, $166,000.

Camphor Ct., 9321-Michael A. and Elaine Davies to Eduardo Jose Valdivia and Zayda Alejandra Valle, $350,000.

Charleston Dr., 9202, No. 403-Sheldon E. and Debra J. Levi to Bettie B. Noonan, $330,000.

Douglas St., 9203-Bikash Adhikari and Nina Pokharel to Jasmine Hieke, $312,000.

Foxborough Ct., 10226-Larry Mills to Christine Lowry, $289,900.

Liberty Trail, 8620, No. 103-Thomas D. and Margaret C. Yengling to Nancy L. Ahson, $320,000.

Main St., 9102-William J. and Helen R. Saylors to Paul and Lisa Gail Rink, $535,000.

Mock Orange Ct., 9781-Ever D. Marroquin and Rosalia Reyes-Manuel to Philip A. Blake and Rosanna D. Dodson, $259,900.

Old Hickory Ct., 9001-Holly Lynn Bailey to Maria I. Gonzalez and Milton Eliazar Gonzalez, $260,000.

Poe Dr., 10330-Luisa C. Velarde to Joshua A. and Michael K. Fleck, $300,000.

Taney Rd., 9269-Jose U. and Gladis Romano to Julian Castro and Jose L. Rubio, $215,000.

Tillett Loop, 8337-Michael J. and Theresa A. Zahorchak to Naser Ziarmal and Nadia Sarwari, $510,000.

Weems Rd., 8820-Jeffrey B. and Pamela J. Plumb to Carlos A. Torres Jurado and Dalila E. Martinez Ayala, $390,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in September 2018 in Manassas Park.

Colburn Dr., 114-Thaddeus Farland to Gabriel Valdez Acevedo, $293,000.

Lambert Dr., 161-Maria L. Maldonado Mercado and Jessica A. Ortega to Nelson O. Yanez and Yasmina Galeas, $330,000.

Manassas Dr., 131-Carlos Ernesto Rivas to Maria H. Hernandez and Alfredo E. Moran, $300,000.

Rosebud Ct., 9407-Christi L. Helsei to Young H. Choi, $447,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Andrew Chapel Rd., 105-Mark J. and Phyllis M. Maire to David M. and Lauren T. Bass, $615,000.

Aquia Dr., 2067-Alan and Andrea Cordray to Scott A. and Brianne N. Lasch, $340,000.

Arla Ct., 112-Tracy Dukes to Joysi Leonor Prado, $283,000.

Austin Ct., 98-Thomas S. and Barbara L. Hogdahl to Joanne W. Fearnow, $160,000.

Battery Point Dr., 30-Carter B. and Cathleen H. Millan to Richard L. and Linda N. Barnes, $447,300.

Bennington Way, 121-Atlantic Builders LTD to Jose and Yohaira Ortiz, $495,750.

Blast Furnace Way, 260, No. 100-Deedie K. Weaver to Carolyn W. and Donald E. Stiltner, $270,000.

Boxwood Ct., 15-Michael and Cursina T. Sanchez to Tanner E. and Traci L. Mulvhill, $710,000.

Brenton Rd., 110-Angela and Courtney Nunnally to Yung Il Sohn and Hyung Mi Park, $267,400.

Bridgeport Cir., 7-Richard K. and Allison D. Suarez to Christopher S. and Courtney A. Hupman, $365,500.

Brittany Lane, 69-Josephine L. Davis to Todd E. and Anna Dote, $394,999.

Bryant Blvd., 53-David Call to Emilian and Abigail B. Chavez Vasui, $305,000.

Carlsbad Dr., 29-Charleen L. Fuentes to Evans Asigbee, $369,900.

Cedarview Ct., 18-Keith A. and Wendy L. Seiwell to Sandra and Scot Gonzales, $390,000.

Chatham St. E., 308-Key Team Inc. to Andrew B. Bailey and Megan L. Daniel, $189,900.

Chriswood Lane, 164-Curtis and Andrea Johnson to Timmy and Sharon Eley Smith, $590,000.

Clear Spring Lane, 39-DR Horton Inc. to Terry J. and Denise Y. Hagen, $370,000.

Clover Hill Dr., 10-Taylor and Anne E. White to Loraleigh Hild, $335,000.

Columbus Cv., 111-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Mitch and Joanna Young, $330,000.

Coneflower Lane, 416-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Ralph Pasquale and Janet Marie Pietromonaco, $526,505.

Crosswood Pl., 3-Jose and Carmen M. Solano to Michel C. and Genoveva Henco, $370,000.

Dandridge Ct., 100, No. 101-James Warren Ware to Robert Paul M. Timmins, $260,000.

Doc Stone Rd., 260-Progressive Communites Corp. to Kashif Pervez, $430,000.

Doria Hill Dr., 32-Drytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Juan and Penny Thomison, $595,000.

Eastern View Dr., 1008-Jonathan David and Krystal May Bopp Holt to John Thomas and Christine Lynn Owens, $280,000.

English Hills Dr., 7-Frank S. Tulloss Jr. to James L. and Keiko Willess, $497,200.

Fairfax Cir., 2-Penny L. Ashbrook to Carrie Penn Blackburn, $292,500.

Fern Lane, 6-John Hess Jr. to James B. and Michelle A. Everett, $259,900.

Forbes St., 509-Lindsay N. Kooiman to Mohammad Rahim Bayat, $180,000.

Gabriels Lane, 3-Steven M. Payne to Luis D. Islas and Nathaly Arvizu, $449,900.

Garfield St., 7-John Arthur and Nancy R. Woodward to Denis Stephen and Ivelisse Ada Maddalena, $372,000.

Golden Pear Lane, 600-US Home Corp. to Joshua Miranda and Angelicia Linskill Luperdiga, $306,260.

Grassland St., 11-Thomas Carr to Andrew E. and Hillary Rayo, $335,000.

Hamlin Dr., 20-Patricia M. MacDonald to Cody R. Constien and Rebekah I. Haynes, $262,650.

Hastings Dr., 102-Sa Real Estate Inc. to Jorge Eduardo Gutierrez Chang, $217,500.

Holly Berry Rd., 75-Richard B. and Deedra Labadie to Richard and Trudi Rabak, $465,000.

Hollycrest Pl., 17-DR Horton Inc. to Tarek Raouf and Giovanna Laverdy Mahfouz, $480,490.

Hunton Dr., 135-Matthew E. and Andrea B. Groff to Michael Rodney and Desiree Lin Dwyer, $424,900.

Julian Dr., 1037-J. Riggs & Associates II Corp. to Michael George and Dollina Michael Dean, $170,000.

Kimberwick Lane, 214-James M. and Katherine R. Cyphers to Nollis M. and La Toya S. Fletcher, $509,900.

Knollside Ct., 4-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and GSAA Home Equity Trust to Edgar L. Ordonez Maldonao, $298,904.

Lancaster St., 608-Alan F. Dinunzi to Mary Lou C. Blue, $359,900.

Locust Grove Farm Rd., 54-Josephine H. Chaplin to Lisa Chaplin Suit and Susan Chaplin Toole, $236,252.

Long Point Dr., 204-Charles M. and Carol H. Prochaska to Ronald B. and Patricia A. Proctor, $285,000.

Madison Ave., 206-Jeneh Serry to Panagiotis I. Koufoudakis, $247,000.

Marsh Run Rd., 26-Nakeima E. and Robert C. Dorr to Jonathan S. French, $525,000.

Meadow Dr., 1411-Jacob Adam Martin to Kyle Michael Brooks, $224,900.

Mews Ct., 307-Benjamin A. Cunningham to Brian J. Chu, $215,000.

Montauk Ave., 2-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Milad Saad Milad and Theresa Ayad Sorial-Guirgis, $405,661.

Monticello Dr., 600-Hour Homes Inc. to Bryan T. and Erin J. Ledrew, $603,563.

Mountain View Rd., 765-Nathan Eugene Graham to Daryl W. and Laurie W. Bates, $250,000.

Murray Cir., 5-Philip J. and Stephanie A. Lawlor to William Michael Cannon, $370,000.

Newbury Dr., 81-Fran Y. and Robert E. Mitchell to Edson Aguilar Huayhuati, $425,000.

Nottingham Dr., 153-Elizabeth Ann Sheffield to Ryan and Heather Jackson, $399,900.

Palace Lane, 8-Christopher Steven and Michelle Ann Tsirlis to Chong Ying Yiu, $429,900.

Pear Blossom Rd., 360-Paul D. and Kristi L. Vollman to Tracy J. and David B. Houck, $534,900.

Perry Dr., 708-Michael Houston and Jessica Lynne Nolan to Sean M. Hutchinson, $299,900.

Phillips St., 305-Estate of Gloria Samuel Jennings and Luke Lenzi to Russell K. and Ralliny M. Noyes, $265,000.

Pin Oak Ct., 11-John Michael and Susan Jane Farley to Gabriel G. and Kimberly Loarca, $419,000.

Plymouth Dr., 1001-Bruce M. and Nancy J. Jordan to Jennifer L. Dwyer, $336,000.

Powhatan Ct., 211-Lucrecia Bagnati to Marta Sandoval, $156,700.

Raynar Ct., 111-Jamaal Elliott and Amelia Perminter to Amanda Owusu-Twum, $303,500.

Reserve Way, 56-Atlantic Builders LTD to Hayley A. and Blake C. Wood, $425,000.

Ridings Lane, 16-James Raymond and Janet Lee Bautch to Stephen and Britany Inda, $595,000.

Royal Crescent Way, 76-Towania L. Caldwell to Wesley R. and Rachael Ramsey, $400,000.

Saint Thomas Ct., 10-Charles E. and Leona S. Gray to Fred J. Barker, $452,000.

Sandpiper Terr., 100-Olivia J. Estep to Charlotte Guizan and Mohammed Jalloh, $309,900.

Savannah Ct., 29-Eric R. and Jennifer M. Raasch to Harry N. and Lauren Amy Speer, $415,000.

Shenandoah Lane, 107-Jacquelyn Lee Adler and Diana Lee Taylor to Noah Mauricio and Sabrina Lynnet Alvarez, $235,000.

Smithfield Way, 93-Heidi Kristina Dieugenio and estate of Ardis L. Margison to Paula M. and Charles Milliken, $250,000.

Sourwood Ct., 511-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Moses D. and Ruth Gee Kear, $525,000.

Stingray Ct., 102-Sara E. Jacobson to Mark D. and Alicia Carrion Ecklin, $282,900.

Sunnybrooke Lane, 11-George L. and Lucretia A. Coleman to Christopher E. and Ashley S. Dukes, $337,000.

Sweet William Dr., 17-Augustine Homes Corp. to Tracey L. and Gwendolyn B. Bell, $831,935.

Tanglewood Lane, 212-Frederick J. Donahoe to Samneang Ouk, $253,000.

Taylor St., 321-David Ryan Astley and Shannon Ann Mace to Cory Justin Frederick Van Valen, $258,000.

Turtle Creek Way, 14-Mary Grace Niemi to Cecelia J. Thorn, $225,000.

Washington And Lee Blvd., 15-Matthew M. and Jenny M. Smith to Michael L. Clelland Jr., $328,000.

Wellspring Dr., 17-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Ammyanna M.J. Williams, $338,910.

Westminster Lane, 115-Lawrence DeVaughn to Deon J. Bryant, $199,900.

Whetstone Ct., 1-Clifford Collins Jr. to Jennifer D. and Gary Hynson, $505,000.

Wild Plum Ct., 11-John W. and Adelaide Lynne Donchez to Fernando M. and Lubin Pena, $400,000.

Woodland Terr., 5-Joseph B. and Judie C. Scott to Beverly Winslow Cutler, $279,900.

Woodstream Blvd., 209-Daniel R. and Gina G. Hill to Bubacarr F. Ceesay, $387,000.