Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Broadsword Dr., 9995-John and Elizabeth Hightower to Hussein and Wafa Al-Shammaa, $550,000.

Claret Way, 8905-Paul and Jane A. Rotella to Jae K. Yi and Sang Kang, $530,000.

Drum Salute Pl., 12156-Frank and Ratamanee Kos to Jose Soler, $318,000.

General Kirkland Dr., 10708-Carol W. and Sharon F. Dossel to Christopher T. and Jane J. Jones, $515,000.

Looking Glass Ct., 9605-Gayle Marie Barnes to Wui Wu and Yuanyuan Yu, $515,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9155-Tara Jones to Stephen and Rhianna S. Bors, $370,000.

Solitary Pl., 9794-Lucas Della Monica and Liane M. Agulto to Ahmed A. Qader and Iman A. Alhumairi, $524,000.


Anderson St., 14616-India T. and Javon L. Holloway to Reyes I. Martinez Lovo, $310,000.

Brahms Dr., 3381-Ronalyn V. and Rodolf V. Buenaventura to Munaf and Hussein Alhasan, $320,000.

Campbell Lane, 15102-William and Velma L. Jordan to Jose E. Carcamo Reyes and Nurie C. Villanueva Portillo, $320,000.

Christy Lane, 3493-Gabriel Goncalves Gomes Miranda to Antonella Reed, $282,000.

Duran Dr., 14500-Vicky M. Anelli to Telma Y. Padilla and Michelle A. Padilla Alferez, $330,000.

Edinborough Ct., 4351-Tiep K. and Thuy Hoang Nguyen to Jose Kovacs, $490,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4635-Rene Perez-Lopez to Tina M. Harris, $380,000.

Haddock Rd., 13124-Faustino M. and Nedita I. Tercenio to Eusebio R. Poma, $278,000.

Hazelton Dr., 4528-Oxford Enterprises Corp. to Leonard and Mary Jackson, $359,000.

Jarrell Pl., 15112-Sabina Mortgage Inc. to Jathiya Sakina and Gerald Bernard Wright, $300,000.

Ketchum Ct., 3670-Prime Realty Corp. to Alexander R. Seyler and Stephanie T. Ngo, $520,000.

Knoll Dr., 4521-Eng Investment Group to Kathleen Gallagher, $309,900.

Lestric Lane, 14043-Mary M. Adel to Penny McCeney, $275,000.

Mapledale Ave., 13810-Steven David Fonner to Mekies A. and Redieat A. Tesema, $377,000.

Meadowbrook Rd., 13827-Ashan Properties Corp. to Gama Saldivar and Maria I. Ornelas Gallardo, $320,000.

Oscar Ct., 6241-Sheila Champion to Naseer Ahmad and Samira Mohmand, $395,000.

Princedale Dr., 13471-Lan X. and Lilian T. Tran to Janet A. Nagy, $330,000.

Quest Ct., 5415-Sarwat Alam to Mardan Kurban, $258,000.

Riverside Dr., 5879-Ricky S. and Frances A. Powell to Taryn Christen Myers, $405,000.

Savannah Dr., 14221-Patricia J. Sheffield to Toryalai Alami, $265,000.

Spriggs Rd., 15128-Rebecca and Maria O. Juarez to Heather A. and Bryan Landgrover, $369,900.

Thrift Lane, 13069-Roger A. Wright Jr. to Norberto Antonio and Elizabeth Mendez, $386,000.

Wheatfield Rd., 15600-Clifton A. and Cynthia L. Owen to Huda Alshadidi, $449,900.


Banks Ct., 2815-Sharon K. Day to Mary A. Fay, $199,000.

Gibson Mill Rd., 17006, No. 88-Jerome D. Trahan to Arturo Aguirre Munoz, $295,000.

Possum Point Rd., 17696-Luis and Brenda Cupido to Tonya Williams, $375,000.

Yost Lane, 3381, No. L-304-Elizabeth L. Stamm to Homaire Yurak, $140,000.


Brunson Cir., 7344, No. 3G-Guery E. Espinoza-Orellana and Sarinela Vaca-Suarez to Anthony and Mariah Webb, $320,250.

Clatterbuck Loop, 14085-Christopher H. and Holly C. Cuddington to Maher Nayef and Janan I. Hasan, $507,900.

Estate Manor Dr., 13822-Michael T. and Bethany J. French to John Frank and Jacqueline Vialpando, $642,500.

Haro Trail, 14192, No. 110-Jessica Hyekyung Kim to Heather C. Leigh, $352,000.

Kona Dr., 7071, No. 16-Seung Seok Lim to Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Iqra Abdullahi Mohamed, $393,000.

Plantation Mill Ct., 14035-Robert E. Henabery to Geralyn Clinton, $490,000.

Shady Hollow Lane, 4010-William George Koustenis to Luke Thompson, $365,000.

Traditions Trail, 6921-Christie J. and Lina H. Torres to Matthew M. and Diana M. Adamo, $355,000.


Alderdale Pl., 6001-Michael D. and Wendy S. Blackwell to Jesse C. Simerly, $535,000.

Chalfont Dr., 14300-Barbara Wright to Dadan Hidayat, $610,000.

Heather Mill Lane, 15100, No. 401-Ratnakar and Rekha Lawande to Joseph F. and Maryann Maire, $450,000.

Lightner Rd., 14522-Homes for Our Troops Inc. to Marcus Dandrea, $695,225.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15262, No. 73-Scott R. Berlin to Alexander R. Branower and Jessica M. Azcarate, $268,000.

Signature Ct., 5048-John R. and Mickie D. Powell to Jonathan Lee and Michelle Lee Hand, $622,000.

Wheelwright Way, 5711-John S. Bray to Michael Eugene and Bridget A. Hughes, $572,000.


Baneberry Cir., 14154-Anthony Charles and Lyndal N. Swansson to Michael P. Burns, $631,000.

Bull Run Overlook Ct., 11560-Duncan E. McGill and David W. Johnson to Shanela S. Parvez, $800,000.

Crooked Creek Dr., 5904-Brian Novosak to Blake Allbritton and Sarah Watkins, $526,000.

Duneiden Lane, 7618-Brandon and Alysa Lee to Chinmay Joshi, $270,000.

Flager Cir., 7909-Brian Biggs to Adalberto Treminio and Jorge A. Guevara, $326,000.

Golden Autumn Ct., 10501-Carlos Matos to Keith and April Gibson, $349,999.

Heritage Crossing Ct., 8253, No. 17-Yvonne A. and Daniel Pryce to Williams Guevara and Jhoseliln Lavayen Angulo, $326,000.

Holly Glen Ct., 14280-Claudia Q. Tran to Mohammad and Alia Shafio, $529,900.

Labrador Loop, 10443-Michael W. and Lyla K. Novakowski to Segun Fatundimu, $415,000.

Magenta St., 9577-Christopher J. and Andrea Lynn Raab to Narcisse Tcheumoe and Francoise Mezegne, $410,000.

Monocacy Way, 10764-Richard W. and Rita I. Bennett to Thomas Maude, $484,990.

Paradise Ct., 10417, No. 17-3-Alfred Talamantes and Patricia Howell to Heather Grinberg, $184,000.

Provincial Dr., 10629, No. 83-6-Daniel J. Smith to Chen Friedman and Mor Gilad, $154,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 7250-Amy C. Lucero to William A. Tetrault Jr., $364,900.

Sunnyslope Dr., 9579-Ryan C. Tupper and Cindi Solano to Richard M. Barton, $396,000.

Winstead Pl., 8238, No. 201-Ruth Mekonnen to Jennifer L. Clifton, $199,999.


Baker St., 9309-Edgardo Miguel Bolaniez Cardenas to Jose J. Ayala and Ana G. Ayala Rivera, $290,000.

Centerton Lane, 8651-Paramount Investments Corp. to Lizmarie Mendez and Magaliss Medina, $309,000.

Duck Pond Terr., 8025-Wesley A. Summers to Mariela Karina Rodriguez, $323,000.

Oak St., 7824-Kamaljit S. Sidhu and Kuldip S. Jathoul to Sem Joel Santiago and Jennifer Fatima Hussain Rendon, $420,000.

Shelley Lane, 7608-Carrington Mortgage Services Corp. to Seethalakshmi Sure and Thennarasu Duraisamy, $174,500.

Whitehall Dr., 7503-Giovanni Lobo to Roberto Carlos Arce Gonzalez and Nancy L. Alfaro, $209,900.


Benecia Lane, 4807-David S. and Amy R. Nickerson to Latasha Bowen, $288,550.

Dolphin Dr., 15902-Jean M. Zimmermann to Jesse R. Waletich and Afaf Leoub, $615,000.

Fishermans Cove., 4694-Andrew Preston and Sarah E. Rudkosky to Shana A. Semler and Craig W. Shontz, $437,000.

Inlet Pl., 15372-Robert D. Barber-Delach and Aimee Delach to Ibeth Y. Lizama Posada and William Y. Aparicio, $284,000.

Mine Rd., 17423-Margaret Simmons to Yenu B. Tilahun and Maheder A. Hailemariam, $1 million.

Timber Ridge Dr., 4648-Daniel C. and Kristin H. Morgan to Erik J. and Claire P. Scully, $480,000.


Burwell Rd., 9035-Gurnek S. Nijjar and Major Singh Chahal to Oscar Ariel Linares Perez and Edith Yanth Linares Ayala, $485,000.

Snapshot Ct., 11952-Kobina Osei Essiam to Brandon C. and Christina Allsup, $520,000.


Grafton Ct., 3813-Serita Johnson to Maureen A. Ohene, $472,000.

Red Oak Lane, 19004-Frederick H. Kruck Jr. to Juan Linares Torres and Victoria Linares, $255,000.

White Oak Dr., 18912-Frances Jordan Duling to Feroz Moin, $258,500.


Arizona Ave., 14754-George F. and Kathy L. Delimba to Herbert Humberto Escolero Canas and Elida Esperansa Mendez-Zelaya, $337,000.

Battery Hill Cir., 2364-Marvin and Freda Mensah to Robyn R. and Larry L. Young, $370,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 410-Holli M. Tucker to Matthew E. Luce, $293,500.

Blacksmith Terr., 15309-Shawn R. Simmons to Hector H. Bracamonte, $223,000.

Brunswick Ct., 2204-estate of Ethel Ade and Steven L. Payne to Sadakul Islam and Shaila Sultana, $332,000.

Calloway Ct., 3101-Kimberly Brooks-King to Emily Catherine Vargo, $290,000.

Cardamom Dr., 12042-Leigh A. Smith to Lauren I. Reinshuttle, $165,000.

Cedar Crest Ct., 2889-Donna M. Elwell to Kefah Abbas, $300,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 3017, No. 330-Sigrid V. Layne to Miriam Onobrakpeya, $274,999.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11788-David M. Jordan to Yaritza E. and Victor R. Hanley, $404,500.

Egret Ct., 15315-Michael S. and Leslie A. Newman to Nigel A. and Sarita P. Buoga, $457,000.

G St., 1443-Dale E. Smith to Mario R. Saquiche Vasquez and Maria M. Garcia De Saquiche, $298,000.

Garfield Pl., 13621, No. 203-2-Joong Sub Om to Esayas Haile, $180,000.

Gordon Blvd., 12709, No. 59A-Melvin E. Brandon to Richard D. Haney, $190,000.

Harbor Dr., 12407-Heather Carlson to Sarah E. Pelletier, $410,000.

Hunterbrook Dr., 13022-Ronald Minner and Eileen A. Walsh to Lorenzo Thomas and Marta Elena Soto, $330,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15631, No. 200-James R. and Audrey O. Brown to Nestor Antonio Fiorilo, $290,000.

Koval Lane, 3854-Robert Gregg Meserve to Benjamin Sweede and Brittany Geelhaar, $385,000.

Luckland Way, 2505-Cynthia Gismegian to Chau Thi Hai Hang and Vinh Bao Nguyen, $329,900.

Marquis Pl., 3872-Clinton R. and Dresden C. McIntosh Farrand to Hedayatullah Hedayat, $335,000.

Oakwood Dr., 12208-Dewey A. and Lindsey M. Snavely to Sean M. Williams and Valerie L. Insinna, $380,000.

Palermo Terr., 15718-Arthur J. and Toshiro S. Stovall to Clarence M. Riffle, $325,000.

Pintail Rd., 12954-Anna M. Flori to Ervin A. and Donna E. Merritt, $600,000.

Rainswood Lane, 2419, No. 62-Delondra A. Barron to Andira A. McKinney, $282,000.

Rockledge Terr., 1762-Jancarlo Matos and Chawisa Knunkamsuk to Mark L. Schwab, $455,000.

Silvia Loop, 12810-Marco M. Ciliberti and Erika Ciliberti-Torres to Sean D. and Jennifer D. Nelson, $325,000.

Steerage Cir., 16453-Charles L. and Donna M. Bryant to Christopher Hardy, $392,500.

Tolson Pl., 11759, No. 5-Mirza Javed Iqbal Baig to Sigrid V. Layne, $199,000.

Tory Loop, 13020-Norberto A. Mendez to Rae Hyeok Park and Chungsun Seu, $300,000.

Vineyard Way, 13126-Charles W. Giannelli to Darrell Durham and Liudmyla Synhaivska, $274,900.

Wakewater Way, 2815-Daniel J. and Myungjin Hostetler to Mir Ubaid and Fnu Zubaida, $380,000.

Wheel Cog Pl., 2290-Nezakat Monawer to Jawad Ali Malakzada, $335,000.

Winding Loop, 14771-Jacqueline Y. Maxwell to Gorupadh C. Dash, $290,000.


These were among homes sold in December 2018 in Manassas.

Byrd Dr., 9271-Jaime Diaz to Maria M. Rivera Chinchilla, $196,000.

Hall Terr. S., 9551-Adam Samuel Murray to Sakina Kettani, $263,000.

Leander Lane, 9977-Tawanna A. Sikes to Teresa L. Wine, $358,000.

McRae Ct., 9069-Douglas Denny to Simon A. and Ana Ortega, $255,000.

Niki Pl., 9210, No. 101-David Reynolds to Thelma B. MacDonald, $150,000.

Park St., 9636-Jonathan L. and Shirley D. Way to Bernard Edward and Alice M. Couture, $535,000.

Ratcliffe Trail, 10509-PWC Neighborhoods II Corp. to Michael Corey and Lynne A. Daconta, $479,990.

Stonewall Rd., 8496-Susan L. Frischkorn to Matthew Mains, $285,000.

Tyler Ct., 9000-Hark Shin and Woon Ja Park to Andrea G. Medina Nunez and Tula Nunez Palomino De Medina, $265,000.

West St., 9006-Charles L. and Mary C. Rannells to Kristin M. Henry and Tabatha L. Pavalok, $310,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in November 2018 in Manassas Park.

Forrest St., 137-Maria N. Olivares to Jose G. Lizano Diaz, $245,000.

Manassas Dr., 135-Donald J. Garcia Martinez to Evelin Y. Zuniga Caseres, $261,000.

Reinecke Ct., 8633-Naheed Nawaz to Abel Rivera Henriquez, $220,000.

Silver Meteor Ct., 9435-Bonnie M. Nelson to Kevin Omores and Leslie Tope, $330,000.

Yost St., 125-Henry A. Jones and Diana E. Poussard to Steven S. Bailey II and Jeremy Weatherholtz, $200,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Amherst Ave., 1109-Robert R. and Jennifer B. Pomeroy to Jake and Alexandria Boles, $334,000.

Arla Ct., 145-Kelly and Patrick Mulcahy to Trey A. Rademacher, $289,900.

Barrows Ct., 108-Paula Meyer to Duc Nguyen, $215,000.

Ben Neuis Pl., 111-Rosalind Lee to Destini C. Reid, $211,000.

Blossom Wood Ct., 55-Clifford N. Clark to Benjamin Eric, $375,000.

Brenwick Ct., 108-Corliss G. Williams to Joseph M. and Alexandra L. Kennedy, $238,500.

Brookeshire Dr., 18-Alphonzo and Valarie Fludd to Isaac and Erika Dove, $487,000.

Chamonix Dr., 410-Camille J. Degen to Dustin Vance, $325,000.

Clint Lane, 209-Gilberto and Susan E. Baez to David D. Bosch, $200,000.

Craftsman Ct., 6-David P. Cole to James N. and Lorena C. Rowe, $289,900.

Debra Dr., 143-Scott M. and Donna R. Sullivan to Trevor D. and Angelica Stone, $279,000.

Gray Birch Lane, 17-Rene Minjarez to Abigail T. Asumadu, $455,000.

Hamlin Dr., 18-James H. and Ruth J. Wilkerson to Jeremy Lee and Heidi Rothaar Carlson, $335,000.

Hartwood Rd., 517-Sandra B. Coulbourn to Samantha Foster, $350,000.

Hickory Hill Overlook Ct., 142-Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Ruth A. Stewart, $349,900.

Hunting Creek Lane, 59-Jason E. and Melissa M. Taylor to Christina M. and Jeremy L. Williams, $349,900.

Keith Ct., 6-Nicholas and Ashley Vetrano to Tiffany and Dustin Cato, $294,900.

Kings Crest Dr., 205-Dominique L. Williams to Boakai Manobah, $210,000.

Lakeside Dr., 42-Eliezer Rochttis to Travis L. and Mekia L. Patrick, $372,000.

Limestone Way, 26-Frederic W. Stonesifer to Ryan Darby and Andrea Bohannon, $349,900.

Maple Leaf Ct., 13-Jeremy R. and Amy Kathleen Phillips to Prince Bangura, $399,900.

Morningmist Dr., 11-Christopher M. Degeiso to Marshall R. and Cassandra Allen, $339,900.

Naples Rd., 27-Naeem and Shehla Ahmad to Fred and Deborah Beverly, $459,000.

Oakwood Dr., 148-Peter M. Swindells and Dawn J.D. J. Swindells to Patrick Michael and Brandy Reynolds, $260,000.

Park Cove Dr., 109-Manuel D. Gonzalez to Marcus A. and Cynthia Broadwater, $269,000.

Pike Pl., 44-Cenice D. Horn to Leslie Diaz Ortiz and Juan Carlos Sotomayor Marrero, $317,000.

Quail Run Dr., 2-Francis X. and Mary B. Winnett to Sandra C. Barnes and Jane B. Fraley, $310,000.

Regina Lane, 105-Gaurrang R. and Jigna G. Dave to Oscar Recinos, $220,000.

River Ridge Lane, 49-Felicia A. Purifoy to Carl L. and Lois M. Washington, $455,000.

Royal Hills Dr., 17-James F. Redmond to Charles V. Goldsmith and Carly A. Corbin, $389,900.

Shelton Dr., 306-Laidy Zulema Arias Cifuentes to Jose Joaquin Morales Figueroa and Yesenia Dinora Gonzalez Machuca, $290,000.

Shields Rd., 316-Jennifer A. Heck to Honey C. Williams and Troy D. Wyatt, $360,000.

Stern Cove., 202-Laurie B. Roberts to Pamela M. Balch, $280,000.

Tanterra Dr., 70-Alcides Laines and Javier C. Dejesus to Karen A. Defay-Dejesus, $355,000.

Truslow Rd., 370-Jeffrey E. and Sarah C. Brooks to Morgan Brooks and Kyle W. Nance, $515,000.

Widewater Rd., 396-Maria A. Christoforatos to Jose L. Marquez Guevara and Ana G. Coreas De Marquez, $200,000.

Windjammer Ct., 111-Harvey A. Geter to Guno Douglas and Johannessah Ratsimbazafy, $294,000.