Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in March 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Acadia Park Dr., 9016-Kenneth R. and Rebecca D. Carlson to Hanlin Duan Liu, $590,000.

Big Springs Loop, 9149-Stephen and Claire Hilsen to Eric E. and Tina Louise Libby, $510,000.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13536-Timothy Robert Herald to Laura Jane Posey, $295,000.

Dawkins Crest Cir., 9210-Nannette Lynn and Ismael Ortiz to Yong U. and Shay M. Sinn, $410,000.

Ellesmere Way, 8607-Robert and Shannon Dodd to Jacob Emo, $346,698.

Falling Water Dr., 9291-Hugh J. Toland and Elizabeth L. Thompson to Lazaro E. Gonzalez Ortiz Jr., $554,900.

Grouserun Lane, 13503-Paramount Investments Corp. to Alyssa Serafino, $320,000.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11809-Joel Hofmaster to Angelo and Jennifer Lynn Scarola, $404,900.

Moxleys Ford Lane, 10048, No. C703-7-Donna Leeds-Ships to Erik Wilson and Kristin Lynn Dauber, $278,000.

Orland Stone Dr., 10036-James and Molly L. Higgins to Clifford and Valerie Peters, $419,900.

Pentland Hills Way, 10006-Paul J. and Nicole M. Martin to Jina Kang and Jackson C. Hodgson, $434,999.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9021-Steven A. and Kimberly C. Kendrick to Jun Nam Park and Su Mi Chung, $375,000.

Selkirk Cir., 12440-Lenore R. Kalfuss to Dil B. Niroula and Indu Acharya, $318,000.

Tenth Alabama Way, 10478-Dayane E. Ortiz to Carlos J. Robles, $390,000.


Aetna Springs Rd., 5208-Claywood and Toni Louvenia Poole to Abdullah and Fatima Samira Orokzai, $535,000.

Ashdale Cir., 15019-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nargis Zairova and Glaiza Gloria Balahadia, $250,000.

Beau Ridge Dr., 15724-Marc O. and Lynnette M. Ribaudo to Debora K. Duffy, $406,000.

Bobcat Ct., 5117-Donald Greene Sr. to George W. and Rose F. Reither, $400,000.

Brazil Cir., 15164-Nicola L. Wilmot to Daniel Bedaso and Meaza Tenagne, $316,500.

Buttonwood Ct., 14863-Scott White and Camtu Nguyen to Erik Kennet and Susana D. Steudle, $426,492.

Catalpa Ct., 15121-Gerardo and Reina Portillo to Rosa E. Hernandez and Etelvina Rubio, $250,000.

Choate Ct., 3401-Estate of Virginia Lee Swain and Carol M. Keefe to Kevin L. and Deborah L. Talbot, $391,000.

Crescent St., 15223-Jerome Marsden Harig Jr. to Ian and Alyissa Williamson, $309,900.

Cuddy Loop, 14197, No. 42-Estate of Sullivan Johnson Jr. and Nia M. Cherry to Shannon Loren Harris, $185,900.

Delaney Rd., 13403-Annie M. Coulton to Rickye Rice, $364,900.

Elmwood Dr., 14826-Peter Joseph and Rebecca Cookson to Maria E. and Wayne A. Bottlick, $335,000.

Ferrara Terr., 4147-Jose A. Campos Rivera and Juan C. Hernandez Castro to Fazila and Wesal Nawabi, $210,000.

Fox Glove Ct., 14694-Aric W. and Minhchau Harrison to Don Kirk, $235,000.

Gum Lane, 13901-Meteor Investment Inc. and Zuna Real Estate Corp. to Shane M. Mills, $320,000.

Kentbury Ct., 4813-Paramount Investments Corp. to Grace Chinedu Egbulem, $329,000.

Koester Dr., 4729-Picturesque Corp. to Maria C. Aleman Gonzalez and Osvaldo L. Rodriguez Dalmau, $349,900.

Leopard Tortoise Way, 15254-Eric John and Shannon Marie St. Cyr to Trent A. and Sarah E. Bearden, $450,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14108-Muina and Saiful Choudhury to Eusebia G. Aleman, $345,000.

Mayfair Ct., 13704-Eng Investment Group Corp. to Jorge M. Barrientos, $335,000.

Nassau Dr., 13304-Jesus M. Vasquez Rosalino to Luis E. Lozada Astocondor and Edith Angela Mamani Lobon, $380,000.

Otto Rd., 13231-Kenneth W. and Tori L. Bradley to Madiha Godihi, $435,000.

Pelican Rd., 13343-Peter A. and Sheri R. Jones to Raul O. Castellanos, $375,000.

Prather Pl., 4674-Asad Baig to Fabian S. Vega Muniz, $236,000.

Quarles Ct., 5404-Jose Rey Rivas to Qais Faqier Pur, $236,000.

Quebec Pl., 5266-Alice Klepper to Henry J. Potter, $468,000.

Renegade Ct., 14159-Michael L. Brunner to Rigoberto F. De Leon, $338,000.

Riverton Ct., 5566-Jeaninne Bruguier to Ariel L. Morales and Susana Ines Martinez, $310,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5658-John W. Holmes to Robert Nelson and Michael Wittman-Havens, $347,900.

Smallwood Ct., 5651-Eugenio and Raquel G. Rodriguez to Brian and Megan Silkey, $339,000.

Stratford Dr., 14720-Joseph A. and Rosie Stahl to Thanh Son and Linh Thach, $425,000.

Tonka Ct., 12945-Patrick J. Wilson to Wendy E. Pacheco Serna, $295,000.


American Elm Ct., 17249-David W. Hunter and Patricia C. Maita to Howard Edward and Jane E. Nichols, $350,000.

Cosgrove Way, 17414-Martha C. Henderson to Derek and Ellen Koranteng, $295,000.

Gibson Mill Rd., 17067, No. 15-Valonne Ehrhardt to Candi Crecy, $299,900.

Monmouth Ct., 16953-Eric Ofosu-Antwi to James Boateng, $240,000.

Mystic Ct., 3390-Daniel and Crystal Kwatchey to Jeremy Thornton, $404,999.

Sligo Loop, 17361-Pedro J. Marrero Cruz and Jennifer Gomez to Jason J. Flagler, $304,999.

Tebbs Lane, 18075-Amrita Singh and Darryl Scot Brogan to Edgar Antonio Rodriguez Espino, $285,000.

Wexford Loop, 17256-Nicole L. Kasdorf to Desiree A. Monger Marquez and Jose Leonardo Vielma, $305,000.


Barrymore Ct., 13831-Joaquin Legorreta to Mark P. and Emily F. Gerald, $572,000.

Bluff Point Ct., 14525-James C. and Catharine Teresa Gabeler to Mark and Tiffany Flavin, $895,000.

Brunson Cir., 7376, No. 4J-Mark P. Jenkins and Irma A. Heckathorn to Valerie A. Powers, $320,000.

Catharpin Rd., 6907-Ronald and Kevin Lunsford to Satpal and Baljeet Singh, $325,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 8007, No. 180-Frederick A. and Joni L. Robbins to Emmanuel B. Akpan, $310,900.

Everbreeze Lane, 6602-James and Brenda Agnew to Ted F. Bowlds, $558,000.

Indigo Bunting Ct., 14009-Spar Corp. to Kristy Michelle Byrd, $479,900.

Kylewood Way, 14536, No. 71-Jian Ming Yang to Fred C. Granja, $260,000.

Little Thames Dr., 7162, No. 183-Michael and Diana Grosskoff to Kimberly Estabrook, $265,000.

Lynn Forest Dr., 4519-Michael F. Reilly to Benjamin Dingus and Stacy Brand, $660,000.

Pelham Crossover Lane, 13625-Kenneth L. and Myrtle T. Duck to Thomas E. and Augustine W. Twyman, $515,000.

Robin Marie Pl., 8289-James and Katherine Tolle to Theresa A. Donovan, $450,000.

Sabbarton Pl., 6817, No. 124-Faline Davenport to Brian S. Anderson, $260,000.

Side Bay Ct., 7305-3sels Properties Corp. to Mohamed and Suidi Hassan, $519,000.

Traditions Trail, 6932-Sharon L. Millwer to Crystal Vazquez, $370,000.

Willet Way, 14020-Jonathan and Allison Geary to Anthony and Elyssa Srdar, $415,000.


Aster Haven Cir., 6046, No. 122-Roberto and Karen L. Diez to Jacob A. Duvall and Khanh N. Ngo, $310,000.

Berkeley Dr., 16112-John A. and Nancy E. Brosnahan to David B. and Amy M. Roberts, $730,000.

Bryson Cir., 6803-Brenda L. Furr to Kimberly N. Bowen, $450,000.

Courtyard Way, 7054-Christopher J. Dietrich to Carolyn Greene and John Thomas Allen, $419,000.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15912-Frank Joseph and Amy Dominick to Nathanael Ryan and Rachel Timmons Karel, $419,900.

Gypsum Hill Rd., 4009-Curtis and Lindsey Nare to Bradley Charles Stadelmeier, $570,000.

Jockey Club Lane, 6871-Jennifer Anne Leiter Rzonca and Clifford Leiter to David and Julie Arcement, $479,000.

MacKenzie Manor Dr., 15828-Christopher Heiser to Hillary Kelsen, $395,000.

Royal Crest Dr., 15211, No. 103-Carole Minelli to Frances C. and Dale A. Rudd, $310,000.

Sky Valley Dr., 15244-Dominion Country Club to Ricardo Manuel and Isabella Pina, $1.45 million.

Sycamore Park Dr., 6762-David J. and Ruth A. Barr to Justin and Kara Brandel, $439,000.

Verde Pl., 14393-Jason E. Kiendzior to Mark J. and Dawn D. Laughlin, $419,750.


Belle Grae Dr., 7523, No. 11-7-Nagesh Kakarlamudi Corp. to Anna Gonzales, $200,000.

Brentsville Rd., 9306-Karen D. Lawson to Antolin Rodriguez, $263,700.

Cannon Ball Ct., 10146-Prem and Manju Sangraula to Shuo Sun and Tianxiao Ren, $220,000.

Clovertree Ct., 11086-Renee Renee Sribar to Wolclaw Mucheye Andargie, $317,000.

Covington Pl., 9572-Haichen Ren and Rongfang Xu to Martha Ines Sanchez, $275,000.

Emerald Dr., 7389-Patrick Joseph O’Dell to Oscar A. Guentes Leiva and Maritza M. Perez Effio, $250,000.

Fenwood Ct., 7405-Scott MacDonald to Romelia Ayala, $389,500.

Gateshead Lane, 7786-Givon Holmes and Amanda Nelson to Daniel and Nicholas Graziano, $235,000.

Haversack Hunt Way, 8914-Lorraine A. Williams to Robert R. Stoltzfus, $415,000.

Heritage Crossing Ct., 8224, No. 86-Krystle M. Owens to Lazaro Leandro and Adriana Lazabal, $315,000.

Howell Run Ct., 7400-Chris David and Kimberly Andrea McGhee to Siela Ulugalu and Dwight Vaughn Shirley, $579,000.

Kinship Ct., 11009, No. 259-Alicia D. Brown to Sara Diane Malakouti, $215,000.

Lime Tree Ct., 10389-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to Jimmy Po Man Chiu, $475,000.

Mandy Lane, 11785-Juan Pablo Palacios to Luz E. Guevara and Alexander Diaz Acevedo, $175,000.

Michala Barrett Ct., 7173-Gordon J. Rhodes and Brenda K. Livengood to Keith and Margaret Ellis, $550,000.

Monocacy Way, 10801-James L. Lao and Greg R. Lewandowski to Eric O. Keemer, $488,000.

Portsmouth Rd., 9910-Roberto A. Hernandez to Claudio Marquez Ledezma and Rosalba Contreras Aguilar, $380,000.

Raphiel Ct., 8137-Kenneth W. and Barbara K. Hicks to Fredy I. and Jacqueline D. Mayorga, $419,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7384-Kai R. and Kathryn M. Clements to Moises Portillo-Argueta and Fabiana Lucia Portillo, $257,000.

Saltlick Terr., 8555-Jiten and Sarina Naran to Yazan H. Najjar, $540,000.

Stonebrook Dr., 11178-Thomas P. and Mary L. Strain to Kenneth and Hui-Chen Foreman, $474,777.

Sudley Manor Dr., 9609-Charles M. and Valerie D. Jacques to Jeremy and Gemma Baturi Leib, $400,000.

Tommy Ct., 8540-Stephen J. and Patti J. Philipse to Christian Jay and Melissa A. Ammons, $675,000.

Victoria St., 9431-Keith M. Riley and estate of James A. Riley to Christopher Colbert, $242,000.

Wortham Crest Cir., 11181, No. 56-Tanya Newland-Senoir to Michael Nguyen Loc Tran, $270,000.


Avondale Dr., 10637-Nerius A. and Judith H. Collazo to Frederick W. and Elizabeth R. Little, $754,900.

Dahlgren Ridge Rd., 8957-Jeremiah J. and Jillian A. Porter to Roberto E. and Jenna E. Solorzano, $420,000.

James Hard Ct., 7792-Paramount Investments Corp. to Stephanie Renee Schwandt and Chanse Edward Twyman, $459,000.

Leighlex Ct., 8365-Thomas Nathan and Jennifer Marie Ransdell to Rodrigio D. Baires, $379,000.

Maplewood Dr., 7896-Joe L. Fong and Oi Yee Yun-Fong to Osmin Sigfredo Aguilar, $335,000.

Prince Charles Ct., 7495, No. 4-D-15-Mehadi Hassan and Rita B. Choudhury to Abul Kashem and Farzana Sharmin, $114,000.

Roseberry Farm Dr., 7724-David Cal and Valerie French to Domingo Escobar Leiva and Andrea B. Escobar, $460,000.

Stoneridge Dr., 8754-Gregory and Mai Figgins to Rya Knight, $236,000.


Alexander Pl., 16129-John E. and Laura Marie Atkins to Christy Lynn Parker, $280,000.

Benecia Lane, 4779-Virginia Home Solutions Corp. to Jackson K. and Charlene Bleckley, $298,000.

Dancing Leaf Pl., 16081-Kevin L. and Cindy L. Susko to Anna Ray, $333,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17247-Patricia L. Black to Stephen R. and Carole A. Osmer, $500,000.

Golf Club Dr., 15514-Shawn M. and Laura B. Mason to Johnathan Daniel Badley and Ashley Elizabeth Muller, $465,000.

Isle Royale Terr., 17520-Robyn A. and Tracy Anne Moseley to Paul J. and Stephanie L. Maxey, $320,000.

London Pl., 15707-Leslyn Maxwell to Michael L. and Kaytlyn Demers, $330,000.

Rincon Pl., 4582-Eugene A. and Debra Miller to Kevin K. and Chelsea Nadine Green, $420,000.

Sunny Knoll Dr., 16211-Don E. and Mary L. Schultz to Nathan Carl and Maegan M. Daniels, $419,900.

Willow Oak Pl., 5081-Mark and Julia Prescott to Jeremy and Karyn Kotsenburg, $505,000.


Lismore Pl., 13410-Walter P. and Jean M. Kitonis to Jaclyn McNamara, $250,000.

Rogues Rd., 7763-Kevin W. Moore and Janet P. Schumacher to Lacey Anne Carwile, $339,400.

Smithwood Ct., 13607-Kevin Krentz to Nicholas Herman Joseph and Amy Mauer, $383,000.


Overlook Dr., 315, No. 5-Sharlann M. Parlanti to Louis B. and Christina M. Sivak, $273,000.


Bradys Hill Rd., 3985-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Theresa Harris and Joseph W. Garber IV, $370,000.

Oakham Mount Dr., 3402-David and Lisa J. Hunter to Floyd Wayne and Shannon Elaine Shockley, $412,000.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4532, No. 89-Vanessa Y. and Lonzell D. Simmons to Hilda A. and Joyce Abigail O. Orchere, $316,000.

Vanetta Ct., 3400-Laura S. and Emily L. Triplett to Rebecca Leigh Bennett and Joseph Scott Jackson, $295,000.


Alden Ct., 2401-Mohammad Shafi Sharifi and Meena Sidiq Ata to Maria Luz and Richard Henry Torrico, $335,000.

Aubrey Glen Terr., 12612-Nikita Evans to Samuel E. Ramirez Roldan, $520,000.

Bancroft Lane, 4127-SDI Properties Corp. to Margaret Gaskins, $369,900.

Battery Hill Cir., 2410-Donald Mark Smith to David Pagan Castano and Nicole Eickhoff, $374,900.

Belmont Bay Dr., 820, No. 101-Kwang Hyun and Julle Shin Kim to Averett Thompson, $299,000.

Blacksmith Terr., 15307-Ramiro E. and Bertha Leon to Ceasar F. Melendez, $285,000.

Brandy Moor Loop, 16816-DMC Quality Homes Corp. to John Howard McBride, $295,000.

Burton St., 1109-Lonzo M. and Faith O. Bagett to Christa and Nicholas Lewis, $429,000.

Capon Tree Lane, 16761-Matthew H. and Darlene E. Beecher to Sarkan A. and Alexandra Kurdee, $295,000.

Cast Off Loop, 2704-Casimir and Hyo-Sook Nitkowski to Wasiul Haider and Zinnat Siddika, $515,000.

Chattanooga Lane, 16457-Jonathan E. Darden and Valerie L. Foster to William J. Corpmaster Jr., $473,000.

Churchman Way, 4161, No. 5-50-Rosenthal Holdings Corp. to Elizabeth Dana and Akinlolu Victor Akingbola, $249,900.

Colchester Ferry Pl., 13375-Fernanda R. Webster to Jason C. and Leilany Cook, $400,000.

Colonial Dr., 1531, No. 202-3-Bruce J. Gribble and Albert Dennis Mehegan III to Jennifer Leigh White, $153,000.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11941-Karen R. Rizzotte to Nelson A. and Ashley D. Palomo, $395,000.

Cranes Bill Way, 1362-Ligeng Cao and Jingqing Wu to Devin A. and Aaron G. Fuchs, $370,000.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12212-Michael Chankli to Tirso R. Perez Veloz and Cristina M. Gomez, $375,000.

Dara Dr., 12753, No. 301-13-Jawad A. Malakzada to Jason Lamar Van Ness, $117,000.

Devil Lane, 1700, No. 12-4-Syed Taslim to Tofazzal Hossain, $220,000.

Dunleigh Ct., 3019-Hicham Benchalh to James D. and Carlie L. Wetherbee, $315,000.

Effingham Ct., 12866-Michael M. and Veronica L. Barton to Alyaa Mazyad, $299,900.

Featherstone Rd., 1732, No. 50-Timothy J. Kenny and Ashley Mercer to Debra Sue Triggs, $325,000.

Foothill St., 3251-Mark A. Parcells to Daniel J. and Erika G. McKellop, $315,000.

Grayson Rd., 14007-Ferdinando Lazo and Cynthia Lazo Andrades to Sabrina V. Persegui and Edin R. Mejia Osorio, $320,000.

Hampstead Lane, 4101-William W. and Monica I. Pol-Espinoza to Angelica Estrada Dy, $320,000.

Hedges Run Dr., 12509-Steven E. and Kathleen M. Moon to Joseph Christopher and Kaley Hope Solitro, $486,900.

Hyden Pl., 1823-Richard and Linda Lasko to Jennifer A. Bishop, $450,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15663, No. 186-Geoffrey A. Brown to Allen Johnson, $295,000.

Kentshire Dr., 15116, No. 449-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Bcat 2015-14BTT to Walter E. Robinson Jr., $265,000.

Leicestershire St., 15105, No. 70-Crystal Thompson to Shilonda N. Harris, $284,900.

Longview Dr. E., 1320-Ashley Nelson to Maria and Christopher Sanchez, $269,000.

Lotte Dr., 12705, No. 201-8-Cindy Lee Kerfien McVeigh to Efrain Hernandez Rodriguez, $109,000.

Manitoba Dr., 3225-Terry W. Lerch to Jeffrey C. and Mary F. Endicott, $437,500.

Marsala Ct., 2909-Binhnghieu Tham to Hongjin Chen and Diejuan Wu, $285,000.

Merrywood Ct., 2582, No. 7-Jeffrey R. and Elisa B. Pickell to Jorge Rodrigo Nenez Castillo, $179,000.

Montega Dr., 4856-Craig R. and Kristine M. Brown to Jose N. Bonilla and Santa C. Amaya, $475,000.

Neabsco Beach Way, 16272, No. 7-Kay D. Leisz to Kyle Owen McHenry, $425,000.

Noble Fir Ct., 2828-Quinten J. and Tammy A. Washington to Adam David Garnica and Dawn Alexandra Brown, $460,000.

Ogilvie Ct., 3818-Monte Carlo Financial Corp. to David Wason and Mary F. Shaw, $319,900.

Patrick St., 2103-Raul and Digna Del Cid to Emma and Carlos A. Baires, $335,000.

Plumage Eagle St., 16492-Alfredo P. and Ronald E. Odria to Abdul Conteh and Kadiatu Kamara, $483,990.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14729, No. 10-Paul and Monica A. Fineberg to Prince Hall, $369,950.

Richmond Ave., 1939-Picturesque Corp. to Areli G. Zelaya, $340,000.

Rosedale Ct., 1695-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kennya Teresita Alvarado Hernandez, $325,000.

Saxon St., 1316-Terra Homes Corp. to Ovidio Baires Ruiz, $290,000.

Silvia Loop, 12849-Adam and Shelley Dawn Goodwin Mathers to Shanetta B. Hagler, $326,900.

Stargrass Ct., 2052-Robert C. and Sarah J. Higgins to Aliya S. Abzhanova, $271,000.

Stevenson Ct., 12235-Mario Francisco Velasquez Segovia to Tiffany R. Colon, $169,900.

Sylvan Moor Lane, 2562-Barbara Harrison to Austin Favor, $335,000.

Tolson Pl., 11712, No. 304-7-Matthew R. and Robin Fischl to Rachael N. Dove, $192,000.

Troika Ct., 11801-John Eric and Kathleen A. King to Queli Isabel Rodrigues and Sidney De Oliveira Campos Jr., $510,000.

Winding Loop, 14832-David E. and Mary C. Watson to Mounira Kamal Nasseef and Yaser Ragaec Eide, $305,000.


These were among homes sold in February 2019 in Manassas.

Battle St., 9323-Matthew Brower and Jennifer Tanner to Jeremy Bruce Rood and Samantha Leigh Tungul, $492,250.

Braxted Lane, 8641-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose Benjamin Guzman Castillo and Mauricio Hebreo Aguirre Ramos, $220,000.

Coggs Bill Dr., 9569, No. 401-Amanda and Webster Hubbard to Lindsey Fallon Replogle, $157,740.

Fountain Cir., 10273, No. 302-Joann Para to Lynne Springfield, $344,900.

Georgian Ct., 8464-Teressa Bowman to Herman Mauricio Moreno, $222,000.

Liberia Ave., 8308-Dexter L. and Sandra L. Fox to Ruben Samper Jr. and Viviana Sossa-Ponce, $350,000.

New Britain Cir., 9110-Jason P. Short to Diego Bascope Delgadillo, $246,000.

Peabody St., 8816-Bruce C. and Madeline S. Snyder to Kenneth G. Lowery and Jun Wang, $410,000.

Rolling Rd., 8942-Lisa Ridings to Saul F. Denova Gonzalez and Abigail Rodriguez, $324,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9370-Stefan H. Gitchev and Olga Nikolayevna Mokhova to George W. Nichols, $143,500.

Stonewall Rd., 9457-Keri E. Farley to Tramel Hines, $290,000.

Terrace View Ct., 8603-Margarita Quiroga De Amurrio to Thommie M. and Carly N. Johnson, $280,000.

Waterford Dr., 9441-Copper Village Investments Corp. to Ihsan Taner Urel, $225,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in March 2019 in Manassas Park.

Baker St., 119-Serafin Ferrufino to Victor Manuel and Sandra Patricia Bonilla, $344,000.

Corbett Cir., 9738-Scott A. and Erin A. McCarthy to Adriel L. Lettman, $375,000.

Handerson Pl., 9712, No. 206-Neema Raha Cooper to Herber Omar Mejia-Flores, $215,000.

Jack Dr., 9413-Randall Marcus and Tracy A. Oehling to Allan Cunningham, $480,000.

Lambert Dr., 115-Joyce A. Riolo and Ann M. Jackson to Jose O. Chinchilla Navarro and Maria Chinchilla, $335,000.

Scott Dr., 157-Didlake Inc. to Jorge A. Reyes and Melissa D. Paz, $269,000.

Sunnyside Ct., 8305-Prakash Subedi to Wahid Rasoli, $242,500.

Wigfall Way, 9620-Atul A. and Shikha Rao to Doris De La Paz Coreas Sanchez, $239,900.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in March 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Abington Ct., 15-Matthew L. and Sarah Pruitt to Michael and Jessica Blauvelt, $400,000.

Algrace Blvd., 83-Department of Veterans Affairs to Raja Musunuri and Shawn Friend, $354,000.

Backridge Ct., 600-John J. Johnson to Leslie Barr, $214,999.

Basswood Dr., 949-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Dustin and Elizabeth Ober, $376,990.

Ben Neuis Pl., 608-BST Properties Corp. to Alexandra Kindell, $255,000.

Blast Furnace Way, 40, No. 204-Marie Eileen Murray to Corey D. Porter, $245,500.

Bradbury Way, 4-Navy Federal Credit Union to Hector Vitela-Avila, $510,000.

Bridgeport Cir., 3-Reginald L. and Laura Jenkins to Roger Bokwango and Marie Muanda, $358,500.

Brown Cir., 44-Robert N. and Evelyn J. German to John B. and Sally M. Mulrey, $362,000.

Caisson Rd., 359-Towd Point Mortgage Trust to Christopher Hallberg, $349,500.

Charleston Ct., 2-Andrew R. and Elisha Lynn Faye to Joseph Frederick and Sarah Jane Price, $436,000.

Chesterbrook Ct., 202-Jerome Leary to Philip and Eugenia Owusu, $305,000.

Clear Spring Lane, 20-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Rachel Reynolds and Antonio Mascorro Jr., $420,000.

Courthouse Rd., 128-Corinne M. House to Lila K. Riley, $395,000.

Crestview Dr., 18-Fredwards Corp. to Leopoldo Avelar Garcia, $254,900.

Daffodil Lane, 46-Felimon G. and Yaelmie Gomez to Derick B. Peterson, $421,500.

Deene Ct., 6-David C. and Julia B. Taylor to Bryan and Amanda L. Gulcin, $325,000.

Dishpan Lane, 143-Gary W. and Phyllis W. Huntzinger to Tanya Wilson, $800,000.

Ebony Ct., 12-Diane Evans to Keaton Swander, $303,000.

Executive Cir., 166-Brittany Diane Dudley Alexander and Gale Dudley to Hilda Owusu, $305,000.

Garrisonville Rd., 2111-Marek J. and Kristian N. Mitchell to Kara N. Arbogast, $221,365.

Glade Dr., 4-B & L Investments and Rentals Inc. to Nicholas Matthew Chaconas, $239,950.

Hampshire Ct., 1-Jason C. and Amanda S. Pierpoint to Luis Adolfo Castro Soto, $345,000.

Harwill Dr., 72-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Joseph Ralph and Jessica Lynn Pelz, $459,900.

Holden Lane, 35-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Jose A. and Christene C. Acosta, $230,000.

Hoyt St., 107-Karen E. Shuttleworth to Angelo Logan, $150,000.

Ironside Cv., 307-Arthur Pistorio to Julio Castro III, $355,000.

Jib Dr., 130-Deanna L. Ryals to Akinyemi O. and Patience Omitogun, $333,000.

Kelly Way, 26-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Juan B. and Clara Santiago, $273,000.

Kinross Dr., 29-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Jade C. Root, $500,000.

Landmark Dr., 50-Wayne H. Golwitzer Jr. and Angela S. Fox to Catina Ramos, $425,000.

Legend Dr., 85-Arlene F. Smithfield to Pamela J. Patton and Phyllis A. Sieling, $228,000.

Locksley Lane, 118-Daniel A. and Estina F. Cole to David J. and Vongthipsuda Lofgren, $547,500.

Lupine Dr., 10-Robert Earl and Glenda Faye Daniels to Kameron G. and Stephanie G. Hernandez Wade, $828,000.

Mavel Pl., 4-Lisa M. and Robert Shelton to Maria L. Rodas and Lourdes S. Zelaya, $230,000.

Mendota Way, 52-Jene G. and Michele A. Parrotte to Daniel R. and Gina G. Hill, $380,000.

Morton Rd., 123-Progressive Communities Corp. to John and Allison Greene, $434,900.

Nauset Way, 18-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Deirdre Ann Abramowitz, $250,564.

Oak Dr., 73-Robert A. and Denise M. Dixon to Carlos O. Ortega, $178,000.

Old Bridge Rd., 47-Allan J. and Crystal R. Nicol to Michael R. and Alyson E. Tobias, $235,000.

Paynes Lane, 103-Aaron Wade Downey and Senovia Lavonce Cones to William A. and Sandra A. Sands, $725,000.

Pickos Pl., 15-Philip A. and Melissa M. Rogers to John Valverde and Catherine Suthard, $354,000.

Pinta Cv., 110-David Lloyd and Wendy Gay Irvine to Verres N. Thomas, $369,900.

Potomac Dr., 1015-Justin and Kimberly Hryckiewicz to Jeffrey S. and Linda L. Taylor, $425,000.

Potomac Run Rd., 485-Jesus E. Chirino Diaz and Marisela Alfaro Gonzales to Carlos Isaac Lagos, $180,000.

Ramoth Church Rd., 655-John Edward Burg Jr. and Carol Armstrong to Hendrikus and Nancy De Jager, $125,000.

Red Cedar Cir., 6-Marisol Rhyne to Cory James and Rachel Eleanor Marion, $360,000.

Ridge Pointe Lane, 11-Ronald L. and Kimberly K. Scott to William J. Brilhart, $295,000.

Rock Hill Church Rd., 445-Linda S. Lane to Shawn M. and Laura B. Mason, $424,000.

Saint Roberts Dr., 73-Andrew Hodges to William H. Knapp and Nicole Bastian, $329,900.

Sebastian Rd., 2127-Camelia L. Denes to Farzan Hosein and Penny W. Caudill, $285,000.

Shermans Ridge Rd., 15-U.S. Home Corp. to Timothy and Sherrie Menino, $624,990.

Silverthorn Ct., 22-Louis D. and Soon A. Bornstein to Michele Lee McCarty, $387,000.

Spring Park Lane, 205-William G. and Gina M. Treat to Teresa Lee Brown, $255,000.

Stolen Will Ct., 12-Mark A. and Andrea M. Smith to Steven T. and Alisa B. Mitchell, $584,000.

Taber Ct., 5-Paul and Christine Alyse McLaughlin to Samuel Eugene and Kristen Donovan, $347,500.

Tavern Rd., 81-FFC Properties Corp. to Randy Allen and Sophie Louise Rice, $418,000.

Thomas Jefferson Pl., 1229-Cedar Homes Investments Corp. to Frederick Gardner, $190,000.

Voyage Dr., 3009-Walter P. and Chris M. Opaska to Steve L. Blevins, $420,000.

Waverly Way, 106-Charles Stephen and Erin McClain Cross to Robert D. and Ronda L. Sanborn, $710,000.

White Oak Rd., 963-James W. and Linda A. Blesse to Charles Robert and Elizabeth Jane Jones, $530,000.

Wiltshire Dr., 19-Oscar A. Martinez and Maria Guadalupe Rogel to John and Jennifer Phillips, $390,000.

Windsor Ridge Ct., 304-Mari Dieterich and Morgan Adam Tolliver to Curtis Sarratt, $190,000.