Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Bedder Stone Pl., 9676-Kyle Schmitt and Shannon Larkin to Uriel Carbajal and Jaime Carbajal Gonzalez, $340,000.

Broadsword Dr., 10131-Douglas C. Crossland to Travis D. Wheatley and Delaurie Diaz, $435,000.

Dawkins Crest Cir., 9265-Masko Longwell to Kedir J. Ibrahime, $400,000.

Falcon Glen Ct., 9014-Joseph M. Bockman to Corey Bryan and Stephanie Nicole Clark, $319,000.

Flynn Ct., 13221-KD Real Estate Corp. to Elise Marie Madison and Barbara Madison Cole, $590,000.

Indigo Springs Ct., 12301-Brian M. Burg and Kelly L. Sughrue to Usama Arshad and Aman A. Syed, $610,000.

Laurencekirk Pl., 9530-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and IndyMac Index Mortgage Loan Trust to Mariam Ali and Saeed Amiri, $486,150.

Native Rocks Dr., 9729-John C. and Valerie T. Salentine to Christine Lynn and Timothy Herald, $485,000.

Orland Stone Dr., 10063-Isaak R. Jama and Fayrous Farah to Young S. Kim and Daniela Cubillam Mago Kim, $420,000.

Pentland Hills Way, 10013-Cecilia and Luis M. Kuglistsh to Eric Joseph Gendron, $430,000.

Shenvale Cir., 13050-Scott Daniel and Sarah Nicole Carrico to Brandon William and Taylor Harris McMahon, $358,000.

Tulane Falls Dr., 12301-Bruce and Laurie Lawrence to James S. and Rachel Clark, $535,000.


Andorra Dr., 13927-John M. and Mary K. Kieser to Ruben D. Portillo, $530,000.

Barnes Meadows Ct., 15051-Jason E. and Mary G. Podzemny to Dakota and Lisa Steedsman, $550,000.

Beaumont Rd., 3205-Terence M. and Milena I. Traasdahl to Cesar H. Garcia Fajardo and Marvin Dolores Cambar Ramirez, $288,000.

Bowes Lane, 2845-John M. Armstong Jr. to Ismael Pachacama Quispesivana and Olga Rosario Rojas Silva, $210,000.

Central Park Dr., 4598-Ruben Santis to Xuan Huy Bui and Thi Thuy Phuong Nguyen, $208,000.

Crescent St., 15226-Oscar Yarhui to Jaime Wilfredo Escobar and Yesenia I. Arenibal Romero, $350,000.

Dale Blvd., 4505-Andre E. Ashley to Wynton Smith, $335,000.

Emberdale Dr., 14806-J & D. Homes Corp. to Jodie C. Mahoney, $255,000.

Fallbrook Lane, 14100-Daniel Baez to Mosharof Chowdhury and Rausan Ara Begum, $275,000.

Fitchburg Ct., 3404-Andres Ramirez-Torres to Hugo Dubon and Diana Dalila Joya, $299,900.

Fullerton Rd., 14507-Javier Vallejos to Leidy K. Gonzalez Molina, $280,000.

Gustus Dr., 4211-Resource Investments Corp. to Kenneth A. and Valerie D. Frisch, $328,000.

Huntington Lane, 13202-Sandra C. Guerchia to Pompiliu Claudian Bucsa, $275,000.

Ketterman Dr., 13014-Gerson Josue Valasqeuz and Sulma Maribel Herrera to Claudio G. Alberteres, $299,900.

Lambsgate Lane, 4971-Karen Jordan to Rashid Hafizyar, $250,000.

Lestric Lane, 14048-Noor Long to Gabriella A. Mayo, $274,050.

Lost Colony Dr., 6120-Pamela Kanonas to Michael and Autumn Liner, $525,000.

Mahoney Dr., 13746-John J. and Cynthia Kutniewski to Jonathan Robert and Carla Eldredge, $345,000.

Meadowbrook Rd., 13840-Jans Corp. to Jea Montenegro Valdez, $350,000.

Ozack Ct., 6099-Joann Faustin to Virgil Winston Fiddemon, $380,000.

Pilgrims Inn Dr., 13021-Richard M. and Christine L. Guzman to Prabhat Kumar Mahato and Manisha Singh, $435,000.

Princedale Dr., 13521-Bajwa & Dhillon Corp. to Lana D. Barkley, $330,000.

Quate Lane, 13420-Room By Room Makeovers Inc. to Jose Francisco Rivera, $510,000.

Rhode Island Dr., 5755-Robert and Valorie C. Zanders to Teko and Ameyo Kouevi, $415,000.

Rockinghorse Dr., 14142-Lorenzo and Courtney Harris Goode to Musammath G. Begum and Iqbal Hussain, $395,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5672-Eduardo and Meriam Macaraeg to Federick C. Baisas, $295,000.

Soaring Cir., 3345-Kofi M. Kush and George Ofosu to Augustine B. Danquail, $530,000.

Surrydale Dr., 14406-John E. and Suk C. Cook to Tabitha and Moses Robinson, $367,000.

Vireo Ct., 14972-Richard M. Harrell to Ramiro and Heather Hernandez, $267,000.


Antrim Cir., 3156-Richard West and Helen Laureano to Mohamed Conteh and Mariama Kanu, $250,000.

Deweys Run Lane, 17563-Andres G. Burbano to Michael Majkowski, $399,900.

Gilder Way, 2911, No. 86-Bruce and Emma N. Kornegay to Filipos Tela and Yohana Asfaha, $297,500.

Porters Inn Dr., 16890, No. 57-Christopher and Areyka Connolly to Patricia L. Jackson, $275,000.

Summer Duck Dr., 17545-Evelyn V. Williams to Fatmata Sally Kamara, $430,000.

Telescope Lane, 16504-Gerard A. and Gloria M. Blackshear to Michael Davis and Anleny Beriguete, $466,000.

Williams Ct., 4184-Jose A. Moralez Cruz and Dagoberto Steven Bringas Rivera to Ryan Matthew and Abigail Grace Legg, $325,000.


Bearhurst Dr., 8424-Ross S. and Marisa L. Friedman to Michael S. and Heather J. McGrath, $885,000.

Bonnie Briar Loop, 7966-Jay Mergler to Mary Ellen Bidleman and Joseph Palazzo, $640,000.

Brunson Cir., 7405, No. 6E-Paderkia I. Chandler to Linda J. Wedding, $320,000.

Cannondale Way, 14006, No. 83-Nandelle and Michael Gaskin to Scott Cullan and Ashley M. McCarty, $340,000.

Catharpin Valley Dr., 13211-Linda A. Winship to Christopher and Katerina Higginbotham, $995,000.

Culloden Crest Lane, 7820, No. 24F-Liana E. Matevosian to Sonya Y. Whyte, $380,000.

Edisto Ct., 10413-Miriam W. Giotta to Bernice Elizabeth Yates, $435,000.

General Lafayette Way, 6854-David and Beheshta Safi to Ali Aljammali and Nada Shahatha, $345,000.

Haro Trail, 14160, No. 123-Jonathan A. and Stephanie A. Cox to Jade Singleton, $332,000.

Junco Ct., 8963-Jennifer Sui Bowen and Jean Oy Lorentzen to Graham C. Haldeman and Erica Suzanne Cornelius, $490,000.

Kylewood Way, 14584, No. 22-Nikem Nnamani to Merivan Ghouneim and Ahmed Elsayed, $245,000.

Little Thames Dr., 7192, No. 169-Travis J. and Rebecca A. Harrington to Milli Duggai and Sajid Mumtaz Sahibzada, $264,000.

Macon Grove Lane, 14467, No. 243-Angelo J. Scarola to Kaitlin E. Garrison and Zachary Benedict, $265,000.

Piney Grove Way, 5985-Andrew F. and Christopher B. Kuhlman to Kumar and Hasmeet Ahlowalia, $442,000.

Rocky Run Rd., 8040-Mark L. and Susan E. Hopkins to Cristina M. Dinger and Elias I. Campos Romero, $474,900.

Sauvage Lane, 7062-Lily Melissa Savoca Rose to Amir Bekhiet and Hanan Saad, $342,000.

Sudley Rd., 4428-Manjit Singh and Amandeep Kaur to Glen L. and Amanda M. Ballard, $497,000.

Turtle Ct., 13810-Stephen M. Retta to Jason Sabin Gilman and Melissa Danielle Kennedy, $440,000.

Virginia Oaks Dr., 7714-George B. and Virginia M. Andrews to Terry Jay and Sara Wheeler, $580,000.

Windy Hollow Cir., 15168-Brian Scott and Constance Jean Albrite to Allison and Michael Lorete, $554,900.


Aster Haven Cir., 6138, No. 107-David and Debra Bourget to Yolanda Morrison, $280,000.

Berryville Ct., 5900-Laura L. Mugnolo to Ashley J. Howard and William A. Forbes, $625,000.

Clifton Manor Pl., 3921-Joseph T. and Barbara M. Mihelcic to Robert Lloyd and Rebecca Sue Owen, $740,000.

Cranswick Ct., 5801-David W. and Diana P. Miles to Anita Oghagbon, $610,000.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15948-Priscilla Vega and Kenneth S. Bayes to Michel A. Nader and Katelyn A. Eberly, $387,000.

Haig Point Pl., 5750-Michael and Kara M. Torrey to Adedoyin and Josie Tato Akintide, $700,000.

Leopolds Trail, 6737-Karen E. and James L. Montgomery to Michael Valeriy Khalamayzer and Svetlana Senina, $675,000.

Martin Terr., 2917-Psihas Commercial Realty Corp. to Christian G. Hornig, $406,675.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13357-Robert Amos and Delaine E. Walker to Rick Brown and Kimberly Fisher, $806,400.

Rachel Pl., 15728-Magid Al-Kimawi to Darrell Walton and Renee Weikle, $663,000.

Ryder Cup Dr., 15608-Stone Financing Corp. to Keyvan J. and Kimberly A. Hakimian, $599,000.

Solheim Cup Dr., 5766-Donald and Kathleen Beckwith to Robert and Martha Sibley, $625,000.

Toledo Pl., 6173-Kyle E. Drumheller to Derek T. Rose and Heather Joy Dawe, $420,000.

Wake Crest Ct., 6037-Mark J. and Dawn D. Laughlin to Omer Razaq and Arshia Omer, $625,000.


Abingdon Ct., 9440-KN Investment Corp. to Ian J. White and Brooke Kimberly Brock-White, $294,000.

Belle Grae Dr., 7551, No. 15-4-Sylvia Johnson to Rizwan Ishao, $175,000.

Brentsville Rd., 9741-Estate of William J. Bradlee and Sandra J. Brundage to Afshin Amiri, $220,000.

Caton Pl., 13014-Toni Rieke to Jeffrey D. Rieke and Nicole S. Cuneo-Rieke, $420,256.

Coachcrest Ct., 7945, No. 1-3-Eddie S. Gbolumah to Joice Asato and David Yeager, $257,500.

Cub Run Ct., 10278-Raul Antayhua to Nahid and Farzana Hasan, $223,000.

Ensenada Ct., 13758-Christopher R. and Sara E. Herald to Stephen Bear and Tina Gallegos, $422,000.

Fern Oak Ct., 7794-Mark and Shirley Wirtz to Stanley James Carson, $490,000.

Gold Cup Trail, 12730-James J. and Linda A. Halliday to Matthew D. and Christine A. Biffar, $635,000.

Haw Branch Ct., 6202-Gary L. and Dorothy Talbott to David R. Bartelmes and Elizabeth A. Casterline, $552,000.

Heritage Crossing Ct., 8340, No. 43-Suhail and Tabassum Kazmi to Laverne M. Lansdown, $305,000.

Humphrey Lane, 8230-Scott M. Solomon to Robert W. Sigona and Catalina S. Contreras, $374,999.

Kahns Rd., 11656-Classic Concept Builders of Virginia Corp. to James A. and Kathleen D. Blanco, $2.16 million.

Koman Cir., 11010, No. 200-Shaun E. Mathewson to Sam S. and Hee Youn Lee, $215,000.

Lockerbie Way, 10611-Bajwa & Dhillon Corp. to Javier Enrique Sanchez Castro, $285,000.

Mariposa Dr., 7325-Elliott H. Diamond to Daniel and Rochelle Zentz, $375,000.

Millpond Ct., 11900-Catherine and Matthew Conner to Justin L. and Diane S. McCann, $400,000.

Norfolk St., 9630-Karen Marie Delancey and Kris Palmer Smith to Walter Menjivar, $300,000.

Postern Ct., 10905, No. 50-Matthew Freeman Sharp to Raymond Thomas Colgan Jr., $224,700.

Rienzi Pl., 11197, No. 102-11-Jill A. Yezzi and John Gates to Chantropo Tanuwidjaja, $208,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7437, No. 10-7-Rene Rivas Aparicio to Joseph J. Greenfield, $220,000.

Saltlick Terr., 8573-James A. Struckmeyer III and Lisa Ann Leone to Maclovio Marianito Astudillo, $475,000.

Soldiers Ct., 11171-Anne Cullen Smits to James P. and Katherine Toole, $329,000.

Stonebrook Dr., 11210-Melvin and Sally K. Cintron to Colin Alexander Jacoby Wellborn and Elizabeth Kate Davies, $526,100.

Sunnyslope Dr., 9569-Kevin Hilburn to Dylan Pizzitolo, $375,000.

Tower Pl., 11027-Rodney Bailey to Vikas Chug, $255,000.

Westchester Dr., 9040-David Linton and Lois F. McChrystal to Padam R. Regmi, $431,000.

Wortham Crest Cir., 11233, No. 75-Peter and Kaari Carpenter to Braedon Jewett, $263,675.


Falls Grove Dr., 8168, No. 20-Dieu H. and Mely Lee to Michael Anthony Pua and Emelyn Sy Go, $330,000.

Lake Dr., 7721-Sergio Saravia to Morelia Gomez, $326,000.

Leland Rd., 7819-Meteor Investment Inc. to Victor H. Pajares and Rosa A. Arita Hernandez, $506,000.

Maplewood Dr., 7938-Gina Mae Pickett and Kristen Vogel to Eduardo Uceda and Veronica Lozano, $312,500.

Pine St., 7523-UMB Bank and LMAT Legal Title Trust to Juan C. Romero, $485,000.

Princess Carol Ct., 7492, No. 2-E-20-Kumar and Anita Mallick to Moses D. and Jessica M. Martinez, $115,000.

Sharpshooters Ct., 7754-Brian Z. and Tarja K. Stevenson to Christopher Michael and Barbra K. Stone, $448,000.

Vermont Pl., 8262-William and Nicole Stueber to Omar F. Maldonado, $313,500.


Ashmere Cir., 4150-Mohammed Bhatti to Harminder Singh Jolly, $265,000.

Benecia Lane, 4853-Copper Village Investments Corp. to Luiz Fernando and Vanessa Noemi Cartagena, $315,000.

Deer Park Dr., 16079-Dwight V. Shirley and Siela Ulugalu to Richard Salvador Campos, $425,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17467-James L. and Debra A. Mudd to Deborah Ann and Algimantas N. Setikas, $467,500.

Great Harvest Ct., 3954-Anand and Anagha Barve to Kathleen and Jurij Drahosz, $415,000.

Kagera Dr., 17403-Kits Realty Group Corp. to Joshua W. and Emily A. Downing, $334,000.

London Pl., 15719-Timothy W. and Tracy A. Daniel to Heather Amber and Christopher Michael Fox, $300,000.

Montview Dr., 15868-Sarah B. Good and estate of Beverly Frances Leake Good to Demian and Oksana Sukhachevskyi, $356,000.

Skyline Dr., 15423-Todd J. and Dorene Toni Stovall to Stuart Austin and Lauren Ashley-Roget Hensley, $439,900.

Taconic Cir., 16228-Laura Boleyn to Lauren Orgeron, $221,000.


Bluegrass Ct., 11975-George M. Walker to Helen Marcela Taborga, $475,000.

Foremost Ct., 12585-Carol L. Monroe to James and Molly L. Higgins, $415,000.

Mark Ct., 9324-James L. and Jamie J. Collins to Clifford M. Schindler, $410,000.

Vint Hill Rd., 14734-Jose Rodriguez to William H. and Lori L. Mallory, $295,000.


Overlook Dr., 317, No. 4-Kenneth P. and Valerie J. Manning to Jacob James Rausch, $300,000.


Broadway St., 217-Andrew Phillip Heoburn to James O. Dearth, $220,000.


Clinton Ross Ct., 3573-N.V.P. Inc. to Kojo Owusu, $496,900.

Quantico Gateway Dr., 18534-Liban A. Haji to Alan Michael and Lauren Studer, $453,000.

Wayne Dr., 19129-Daniel F. and Lien N. Dillon to Cassie and Luke Vasilios Stogianis, $253,000.


Arabian Pl., 12244-Dennis L. and Linda B. Via to Armando Prado Corona and Johana E. Prado, $415,000.

Avocet Loop, 15640-Pentagon Federal Credit Union to Maria T. Vasquez, $320,500.

Barge Cir., 16602-Christopher Kilby to Phil G. Yandall, $383,000.

Beaver Ford Rd., 3608-Harold E. and Kayla J. Mason to Sean D. and Lynn M. Spence, $532,500.

Belmont Bay Dr., 820, No. 302-Burton R. Miller to Justin C. Rhee, $325,000.

Boatswain Cir., 16533-AMRA Corp. to Tristan Harris, $560,000.

Brewster Cir., 12727-Alexey Zagorodsky to Blake Holland, $280,000.

Cara Dr., 12824, No. 4-A-Monica June Robbins to Degoul Ghirmai Negash, $187,500.

Cebu Island Ct., 3636-James Eugene and Danielle Marie Krause to Cang Ngo and Grace Tuman Tran, $265,000.

Chesterfield Dr., 14214-Wen Zou and Rishi Aggarwal to Richard and Bona Kim Op, $330,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2906, No. 188-Damon and Monica Southers to Lauren G. Arona and Eric B. Holtz, $290,000.

Cinnamon St., 12281-David M. Edenton to Hicham El Hanafy and Naima Akhouine, $314,900.

Colchester Ferry Pl., 13377-Thomas Joseph and Amy L. Cunningham to Avery J. Howard, $395,000.

Cranes Bill Way, 1400-Christina M. Baxter to Eric Boldt and Jonathan Burns, $370,000.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12278-Carolyn Smith to Jonathan Farinelli, $275,000.

Darlington Loop, 2007-Craig A. Liedel to Christopher M. Vincent and Aleyda Mendez Alvarez, $281,000.

Devils Reach Rd., 1404-Ruff Properties Corp. to Akram Rahimizadeh, $390,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3217-Estate of Tressie Nicole Marshall and Angelia F. Carpenter to Christopher G. and Erika M. Glenn, $465,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 2633, No. 290-Deanna G. Pruitte to Louella Meachem, $290,000.

Featherstone Gate Dr., 14619, No. 31-James and Mary Kim to Virna Lisa Reyes Loberiza, $305,000.

Georgetown Rd., 16704-Marie-Catherine Berrouet Henriquez to Franz A. Suarez-Montecinos and Sandra M. Gonzales-Sandoval, $205,000.

Grayton Lane, 2597-Selamawit M. Assefaw to Marcus and Christina H. Nash, $315,000.

Harbor Dr., 12115-Robert N. and Deborah A. Rackham to Christopher S. and Rebecca L. Baylor, $425,000.

Hill Meade Lane, 11541-Brenda Joyce Ford to James E. and Alexia P. Pope, $325,000.

Horseshoe Lane, 15589, No. 589-Yen C. and Candice D. Yung to Hermilio and Maria Machicao, $1.9 million.

Inglebrook Dr., 1897-Mina Lee and Sung Gil Cho to Eden Wubante, $325,000.

King Iron Ct., 2749-Sara Hosseini Shekarabi and Rahim Aliyari Ghaleh to Gregory Cina and Patricia Hinson, $379,000.

Leicestershire St., 15131, No. 60-Lagarian Weems to Robert A. and Kaitlyn M.R. Ellis, $349,000.

Madeira Ct., 2864, No. 19-6-Russel and Kyong-Hee Fyock to German Rivas and Maritza I. Paz, $130,000.

Maple Leaf Lane, 13313-Harro and Christine U. Zuest to Nery A. Ramos Jacinto, $224,000.

Marsala Ct., 2922-Douglas P. Larsen Jr. to Kristen N. Rinkenberg, $285,000.

Mead Terr., 1309-George E. Huff III to James and Michele Brenner, $290,880.

Merseyside Dr., 2384, No. 147-Ayanna A. Muhammad and Courtney Wilkerson to Tomika Lee Anderson, $330,000.

Mojave Lane, 11985-Estate of Arlene Isabel Brown and Kathy A. Brown to Paul and Holly K. Morando, $415,000.

Monument Sq., 795-Carrie L. Manderfield to Marcellus L. Jackson and Ijeamaka Alfred, $515,000.

Newcastle Loop, 12303-Eileen E. and Mark P. Siegel to Kiara Katrina and Joseph George Jenkins, $254,275.

Oak Tree Lane, 2520-Jason Weaver to Michael Boateng and Harriet Oduro, $314,000.

Ogilvie Ct., 3820-Patricia L. Livingston to George A. and Kathleen Marie Waltsak, $310,000.

Omisol Rd., 2709-Algimantas N. and Deborah A. Setikas to Gene Thomas Race, $430,000.

Potomac Club Pkwy., 2251, No. 435-Michael J. and Jose Matias to Khalid Homayun, $358,000.

Radburn St., 16212-Shawn and Cheryl Phillips to Shanitra Johnson, $420,176.

River Basin Lane, 2621-Optima Homes Corp. to David Andrew Tan and Dahae Hyun, $335,000.

Scotch Heather Pl., 13048-Kevin P. and Mila L. Kilpatrick to Karla Yecenia Cova Leon, $405,000.

Sluice Channel Pl., 2224-Inez Lee to Phi Ngo, $340,000.

Steerage Cir., 16446-Donald Ray and Pamela Richard to Shumeng Li, $419,000.

Stevenson Ct., 12262-Jennifer R. Duerr to Christian G. Velasquez, $155,000.

Taverner Loop, 13089-Estate of Michael Edward McKnight and Claudia McKnight to Herman Anthony and Erika J. Frazier, $499,900.

Tolson Pl., 11722, No. 304-6-Nanah F. Bangura to Hodel Sultan and Elmehdi Mouaket, $161,000.

Truffle Oak Pl., 2908, No. 292-Nana T. Kum to Nino Darko and Elizabeth Asamoah, $282,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12611-Raymond Moller to Oscar Uribe Lizarazu and Wilma Breton Meneses, $300,000.

Wadsworth Way, 12283, No. 70-Geordanis Pricto Estrada to Julio Cedar Menjivar, $199,999.

Weymouth Ct., 3302-Mohammed F. Huo to Robert Neil Fickes and Julia Ann Charles, $350,000.

Winona Dr., 12086-Theresa Susan Heckman to Jason Lee Andrew and Michelle Renee Hatcher, $330,000.


These were among homes sold in March in Manassas.

Bayberry Ave., 9276-Mary G. Snellings to Romy Post and Carol Ann Rose, $385,000.

Brigantine Lane, 9504-Blair R. Armeau to Vincent Ciaverella, $330,000.

Cloverhill Ct., 9417-Evelyn J. Hollomon to On and Worawut Khansamrit, $399,900.

Fairfax St., 8593-Lubomir Z. and Kristina V. Manoy to Matthew and Nicole McCauley, $368,500.

Gent Ct., 10335-Angello S. Mesa Morales and Diana C. Mesa to Javanese M. Hailey, $315,000.

Georgian Ct., 8469-Donna J. and Gary W. Williams to Dawn Haitcox, $250,000.

Kershaw Ct., 9145-Fredy Rene Reyes to Brayan Rodriguez, $250,000.

Manor View Pl., 10505-Jason Kamprowski and Kelli L. Stevens to Mie-Ling and Jaime Guarino, $450,000.

Niki Pl., 9250, No. 101-Patrick and Mary Finnigan to William T. Swofford and Olivia C. Randall, $167,500.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9404-James Paul Laird and Lucy Laird Clampit to Miguel A. Ramirez, $155,000.

Sudley Rd., 8910-C2 to Jaime Oscar Sahonero, $350,000.

Woodlea Ct., 9317-Ellen K. Bouldin to Paula Andrea Cano-Campo and Thomas Ryan Lacey, $182,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in March in Manassas Park.

Belo Gate Dr., 9099-Brian and Bethany Burroughs to Marco A. and Eileen S. Alzamora, $410,000.

Denver Dr., 140-Higher Standard Property Solutions Corp. to Damian and Rowena B. Ramirez, $376,827.

Handerson Pl., 9713, No. 201-Sheldon D. Starkes II to Amanda Kay Lewis, $229,000.

Jan St., 9310-Melinda Lyles Corp. to Walter Delcid, $420,000.

Lanae Lane, 9438-Jina Kang to Helder Moses Barberena, $314,000.

Scott Dr., 184-James M. Downs Jr. to Rodrigo M. and Maria E. Urbina Serrano, $299,900.

Swann Ct., 8631-Suzanne L. Emerson to Emery and Kimie Bowser, $275,000.

William St., 9214-Brian T. Crabtree to Barry Lynn and Erika Dawn Phillips, $535,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Admiral Dr., 2007-Terry Levi Klinger to Zachary L. Piepenhagen, $325,000.

Almond Dr., 121-Morgan R. and Leah E. English to James Michael Kase, $349,990.

Aquia Dr., 1005-Michael R. and Sharon E. DeRose to Vanessa Elena Galvan, $290,000.

Aspen Hill Dr., 64-Susan Shores to Diana K. Wills, $228,500.

Ballantrae Ct., 23-Anthony J. and Cynthia C. Montanaro to Elena B. Magana, $410,000.

Beacon Cv., 205-Steven R. and Mary S. Fisher to Carlos Ferrufino and Gloria M. Salvador, $424,000.

Birds Nest Way, 610-Dawn Karp to Mi Yung Avakian, $298,990.

Blossom Wood Ct., 36-Kenneth L. McClellan to Glenn A. and Tiffany R. Marshall, $380,000.

Bradbury Way, 38-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Edwin Glenn and Valerie C. Rogers, $550,000.

Bridgeport Cir., 6-Michelle A. Dolfini-Reed to Brian Michael and Rebecca Fausett, $385,000.

Brush Everard Ct., 121-National Transfer Services to Angelo P. and Jamie E. Meletis, $405,000.

Cambridge St., 233-Brandon C. Snellings to Isaiah Maylott, $205,000.

Choptank Rd., 203-Cedar Homes Investments Corp. to Juseth Castro Pinto, $325,000.

Clear Spring Lane, 37-D.R. Horton Inc. to Peter A. Elias and Alexa B. Senio, $409,990.

Cropp Rd., 528-Kristine Susan and Richard Edward Woeckener to Liam Michael and Lacey Jay Gail, $275,000.

Darden Ct., 32-Gerald and Tracie A. Torrence to John Fitzgerald Chandler, $515,000.

Deene Ct., 14-Churchill Corp. to James Coleman Carroll, $319,900.

Ferry Rd., 411-Julie B. Way to Mark Holub, $264,000.

George St., 1-Gregory A. and Wendi Keilwert to David J. and Karin E. Lynch, $450,000.

Gladiola Way, 405-K. Hovnanian at Embrey Mill Village Corp. to John and Elisabeth Gloster, $410,421.

Greenhill Lane, 125-Richardo M. and Judea Thompson to Scott and Erin Elchenko, $350,000.

Hampton Park Rd., 53-Stacybilt Home Corp. to Rene Antonio and Angela D. Richards, $449,900.

Healy Ct., 110-Frederick B. Zimmerman to Chris Lam, $233,000.

Holly Corner Rd., 383-Dennis Gregory Rother to Daniel R. Burton, $235,000.

Hunting Creek Lane, 53-Jonathon R. and Melissa J. Henderson to Jocelyn Jacqueline Robinson, $347,500.

Ironside Cv., 309-Marshall B. and Mary L. Malmberg to Todd Andrew Cooper, $356,900.

Jonquil Pl., 2-Frederick D. and Victoria V. Langhorn to Malcolm D. and Adrienne M. Reece, $345,000.

Kestral Lane, 24-James Bryan and Gail Marie Gibson to Sarah and Shane R. Page, $530,000.

Lafayette St., 34-Stephen Louis and Natalia Musick to Richard Damell Taylor, $357,500.

Lark Lane, 117-Charles G. and Susan M. Dehartman to Peter Sanchez and Luz V. Romero-Monzerrat, $290,000.

Linwood Ct., 2-Jeremy M. and Sheila Wolford to Donna R. Hardy, $230,000.

Long Point Dr., 190-Daniel J. Sullivan to Laura Ann Seavert, $330,000.

Lusitania Dr., 3011-Gary R. and Deborah Abbotts to Adriel B. Alicea, $333,000.

Meade Ct., 10-Alvin and Vielka Gonzalez to Antwan A. and Angela M. Todd, $367,000.

Merrimac Dr., 2009-Mary L. Hall to Rebecca Reinboldt, $229,000.

Mount Olive Rd., 279-Jessie Chase and Jessica Preston Lee to Elaina F. and James L. Wells III, $450,000.

Northampton Blvd., 108-Robert L. Judith to Madelyn Maguire, $375,000.

Oak Rd., 22-Ironwood Investments Corp. to Levi A. and Mallory Gates, $339,333.

Orchid Lane, 38-James J. Horzempa to Raul and Cristina Guitron, $390,000.

Pebble Pl., 18-Charles Robert and Elizabeth J. Jones to Frederick Joseph and Kelly A. Presley, $425,000.

Piedmont Dr., 9-Joseph W. and Tricia M. Stamper to Jonathan and Quanetta Lewis, $440,000.

Plowshare Ct., 15-National Transfer Services Corp. to Labaron and Rhae Courtney Massey, $435,000.

Potomac Dr., 1021-Ray A. and Vicki L. Arneson Baker to Justin Thomas and Kimberly Marie Hryckiewicz, $515,000.

Puri Lane, 2-Monica A. Lovett-Groat to Michael Morris, $310,000.

Ramsey Dr., 8-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to Amanda N. Best and Debra A. Taylor, $325,000.

Remington Ct., 20-Kyle A. Helsel and Susanne M. Breckenridge to Judah T. and Erica M. Crawford, $410,000.

Ridge Pointe Lane, 44-Thomas E. and Susan O’Connor to Robert and Cynthia Olson, $338,000.

Rocky Run Rd. W., 629-Zachary O. and Suzanne G. Thompson to Brian and Patricia Hudson, $623,000.

Royal Crescent Way, 45-Robert and Elsie Zekas to Beth Fowler, $415,000.

Sedgwick Ct., 505-Sean A. Carter to Bismarck Mensah, $246,400.

Sherwood Dr., 1609-Tudor Ionita to Drew and Nicole Puckett, $328,500.

Stable Cv., 107-Joshua L. and Rebecca J. Eker to Betty Jane Heidimarie and Elliot Kyle Brown, $397,000.

Stoneridge Ct., 2-Misas Invest Corp. to John and Sheila Michonne Holmes, $415,000.

Taylor St., 302-Mark S. Ibrahim to Michael Stephen McCaa, $299,000.

Thomas Jefferson Pl., 1239-Nino Demarco to Allan N. and Rosa Jager, $174,500.

Twin Brook Lane, 711-Christine A. Budal-Williams to Marlon Alexander and Evelyn Margarita Martinez, $267,000.

Wagoneers Lane, 16-William C. and Melissa A. Berris to Meghann Leigh-Lesley and Anthony Lester Viggiani, $589,000.

Webb Ct., 11-Randy Delarm to Oscar and Leslie Enriquez, $374,900.

White Oak Rd., 1255-Doris Jean and Kyle L. Coble to Chunita Swint, $217,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 802-Estate of Anita L. B. and Jeffrey Brendon Brown to Ronald E. Salamanca, $220,000.

Winslow Rd., 24-Daniel and Ella Stoll to Mark R. and Chrystal R. Altendorf, $320,000.

Yorktown Dr., 3-Yvonne Y. Brown to John R. and Elizabeth Robinson, $329,900.