Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Bedder Stone Pl., 9684-Capital Realty Corp. to Scott Michael and Laura Elizabeth Davidek, $345,000.

Calypso Falls Way, 12430-Matthew and Sommer Renae Pelow to Kamalpreet S. and Jaspreet K. Sidhu, $549,900.

Daltons Grove Way, 8583-Michael Amegnaglo and Brenda L. Amegnaglo-Chavis to Richard and Mirna Brockman, $580,000.

Dawn Falls Way, 12029-Brian C. and Erin Jordan to Mackenzie E. and Amanda Jackson, $395,000.

Falcon Glen Ct., 9087-Romina Wright to Nicolas Albers and Wendela Roffel, $331,000.


Gartney Lane, 12710-Joan Robinson to Charles E. Hickson Jr. and Ebonie P. Ramos, $320,000.


Indigo Springs Ct., 12308-Larry D. and Donna K. Gunn to Jose A. and Tania Patino, $596,000.

Lord Lovat Way, 10024-Christopher R. and Jessica Lynn Claro to Cheryl I. Maxson, $270,700.

Naughton Ct., 10025-B & G Homes Corp. to Richard Hebert, $525,000.

Orland Stone Dr., 10136-Henry P. and Katra L. Youd to Rachel Haight Fleischman and Richard Douglas Haight, $439,000.

Pentland Hills Way, 10022-MJ Financial Investments Corp. to Michael R. Wasser, $441,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9181-Salinas and Miriam Malit Nad to Sally and Robert J. Holland, $355,000.

Sidlaw Hills Lane, 13081-SSV Corp. to James C. and Somawathie Saunders, $310,000.


Tyree Way, 13018-Glenn and Rhonda Garner to Jordan Curtis and Heather Anne Criddle Hill, $425,000.


Gables Green Way, 12930-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and American Home Mortgage Assets Trust to Jatinder and Sonia Sharma, $799,050.



Ann Arden Ave., 15513-Jonathan R. and Carla L. Eldredge to Darian Reynord and Latisha Tippins, $520,000.

Bath Ct., 3508-Steven Joseph and Shannon B. Pellegrino to Yousself Bazi, $245,000.

Broker Lane, 3318-Eduardo and Anamar Colon to Reaz Ahmed and Mahfuza Sultana, $320,000.

Cardin Pl., 15041-Juliana F. Massoni Senozain to Christopher J. Palmer, $259,900.

Chandon Cross Rd., 12805-Nicholas A. and Kimberly Marie Hites Pyzowski to Maiya Khati, $530,000.


Cloverdale Rd., 14865, No. 82-Gina R. Stone to Arnold Perez, $265,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14166, No. 102-Atika Virk to Bilquies H. Al-Tamimi, $180,000.

Daley Lane, 14806-Rickey A. and Phyllis B. Mackey to Brandon Ledford, $335,000.

Dodson Dr., 14760-Jean C. Dure to Elmer E. Marinez Rivera and Krizia S. Ferrer, $302,000.

Emberdale Dr., 14882-Jose B. Salinas to Christopher Lee Whitley Jr., $253,000.


Felty Pl., 14289-Sherry Ann Day to Florence B. Price, $225,000.

Fontaine Ct., 14398-IEHD Inc. to Olimpio E. Rivera Requejo and Acela M. Rivera Riega, $260,000.

Hanover Ct., 4501-Trung Q. Tran to Ivan Salvador Castro and Sandra C. Castro Algaranaz, $295,000.

Kelley Farm Ct., 15531-Angela Green to Samuel and Monica Carter, $546,000.


Kingsman Rd., 13405-Jefferson Robert Lilly to Maria A. and Edwin Flores, $315,000.

Landover Ct., 4981-Donald K. and Alicia Wheeler to Maribel Hernandez Rosas and Venancia Valeriano Arenas, $325,000.

Lynwood Dr., 5012-James Norman Pratt to Selvin Alexander and Ilsi Noemi Cruz Cordova, $315,000.

Mapledale Ave., 13905-Clear Label Corp. to King F. Buari, $352,900.

Mellowdew Ct., 13766-David and Rachel Johnson to Kimberly MacLean, $345,000.

Nationville Lane, 13371-Joshua C. and Angelique Gomez Weatherby to Javier Rosa-Lozada and Catherine S. Cruz-Ortiz, $336,000.


Palmcrest Ct., 6150-3sels Properties Corp. to Muhammad Khan Baryalai and Benazira Khan, $339,000.


Pineyridge Lane, 4149-Lawrence K. and Catherine A. McNamara to Michael G. and Digma E. Santiago-Stockelman, $415,000.

Princedale Dr., 14292-Gordon A. Devine Jr. to Andrew Cook, $320,000.

Quate Lane, 13421-Michele Katherine Quint to Thomas and Katina R. Waller, $524,900.

Rhode Island Dr., 5765-Federal National Mortgage Association to Christina Murphy, $330,000.

Rosewood Dr., 13816-Jonathan A. and Carla V. Mendez to Christian A. and Jennifer Alequin, $389,900.

Saffron Lane, 5688-Charles Smoot to Jorge A. and Jenny L. Benitez De Hernandez, $299,900.

Tag Ct., 6173-M.M.H.H. Investment Corp. to Tameka Tamara Scott and Damian Emel Harwood, $381,100.

Whitaker Pl., 4659-Jemshaid Shams to John Jairo Borda Mendoza and Luz Mayerly Baracaldo Linares, $238,000.



Barrley Dr., 2870-Tracy Jean and Brian M. Gordon to Sayed O. Nasafi, $490,050.

Diamond Point Mews., 3570-Estate of David M. Spedden and Laura Sankoh to Gerardo Guzman Gonzalez, $310,000.

Mountain Laurel Loop, 3213-Sharon Eley Smith to Ruth Mara Torrez, $329,900.

Possum Point Rd., 18327-Estate of Jean E. Young and Rosalia Elaine Young to Scott Oppel and Kimber Weaver, $312,000.

Swans Creek Lane, 17932-U.S. Bank to Mahbubullah Mahbub, $465,500.

Telescope Lane, 16543-Pentagon Federal Credit Union to Jose L. Ferrer and Katherine Arzadum Da Silva, $426,000.

Woods View Dr., 17988-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Shaffir Alikhan and Dorothee C. Winkler, $670,000.



Bearhurst Dr., 8438-Michael and Donna Anderson to Michael Charles Butler, $855,000.

Box Elder Loop, 6515-David B. Langhaug and Jean F. Shorr to Peter H. and Patti L. Gruene, $590,000.


Brunson Cir., 7516, No. 12P-Dana Lynch to Maria Withiam-Wilson and Steven A. Withiam, $337,000.

Cannondale Way, 14138, No. 21-Dale H. and Lynda M. Turner to Bahador Rahmani, $300,000.

Cedar Branch Dr., 7742, No. 78-Louis R. Quiroga and Carmen R. Villarroel to Scott Raymond Fox, $307,000.

Culloden Crest Lane, 7902-Behdad Jahangiri and Natasha Aref to James and Mathilda Antoine, $450,000.

Edisto Ct., 10416-Kobir A. Salik to Tania Khan, $429,000.

Glass Ridge Pl., 17652-Deloris Evans to Dawn R. Lowther, $339,000.


Haro Trail, 14190, No. 112-Jordan and Courtney Shafer to Qiaoyum Chen, $356,000.

Kerfoot Dr., 8213-James Richard Edwin Ballard and Sarena Jeanine Sindon to Brandon and Diana Warriner, $515,000.

Legend Glen Ct., 14361-James Beach and Heather Cornwell to Mark Harris, $300,000.

Loftridge Lane, 17004-Donnie and Alice Shepard to Phillip Scott and Kathleen Flynn Russell, $467,000.


Milton Cir., 7759-Stephen W. Gregg to Gregory T. and Karin Baker Gutmeir, $458,000.

Red House Rd., 14660-Robert W. Dillinger to Joseph and Blaire Montoya, $397,000.

Rogue Forest Lane, 7025-Masiheullah Habib to Laura and Francisca Sandoval, $339,000.

Screech Owl Ct., 8821-Erik J. and Jeannette A. Figueriedo to Michael Louis and Lyssa Pfauth, $449,000.

Suffolk Way, 8311-Jeffrey Steward to Salahuddin and Bano Hamidi, $460,000.

Tuscarora Ct., 13721-Helen E. Ellis to David M. and Janet K. Naeger, $515,000.

Wales Ct., 8617-Asif and Najia Aziz to Ramin Sadat, $572,000.

Yalta Way, 7730-Keith H. and Esther Smith Freeman to Dheeraj Kumar and Marylee Tuniki, $525,000.


Bartrams Forest Lane, 6621-Kenneth R. and Sandra K. Klocke to Hashmatullah and Yalda Azizi, $490,000.

Blossom Hill Dr., 5227-Andrew and Gloria Buchanan to Patricia M. Shannon and Caren E. Chancey, $547,000.


Coach Way, 6805-Bharath K. Gali to Dewayne Leon Lawrence, $442,740.

Cranswick Ct., 5810-Stone Financing Corp. to Allen L. and Christina L. Edmiston, $592,600.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15980-Adam Scott Williams Taylor to Mark S. and Amy L. Rothenmeyer, $389,000.

Hartzell Hill Lane, 6801-Barbara A. Hospodar to Tina Marie Ehlers, $426,900.

Leopolds Trail, 6765-Steven and Caitlin Ellis to Paul Joseph and Nicole Marie Martin, $665,000.

Mendelmore Way, 5606-U.S. Bank and the RMAC Trust Series to Russell Latino III, $725,000.

Pitner St., 16008-James Massaro to Judith Marie Healey, $415,000.

Riding Club Dr., 15111-Rick Brown and Kimberly Lynn Fisher to Bradley L. and Lisa R. Knox, $1.12 million.

Shelter Manor Dr., 13901-James Allen and Dana Danielle Whitt to Walter Paul and Abagail G. Gunning, $1.03 million.

Spout Spring Ct., 5985-Peter D. and Geremi W. Howard to Abdul Jabbar and Abida Jabeen, $562,000.

Toledo Pl., 6181-Gregory S. and Miriam Ellis to Victor Pintea and Veronica Crucerescu, $433,000.

Whitworth Ct., 5305-Robin J. and Carol L. Plummer to James Buck and Sheila Mary Eagle, $665,000.


Cabin Ridge Ct., 10343-Paul E. and Holiday Rondeau to Neema Raha Shindi and Justin Gerald Nyekan Cooper, $459,900.

Cherry Ridge Ct., 6430-Marjorie T. Washington to Wilbur L. and Cherry Romulo Medley, $500,000.

Community Dr., 8005-Raymond J. Konopelski to Jose Martinez Anaya and Rosa Montoya De Martinez, $229,900.

Dabshire Way, 10707-Robert and Alyona Huber to Diana L. O’Hara and Ralph Cedric Saunders, $350,000.

Eppes Island Pl., 5629-Gregory D. and Corina L. Seroka to Ashley R.H. and Joshua R. Zeller, $472,000.

Fern Oak Ct., 7795-Shirley Louise and Nathan Michael Tong to Dominique Marsalek and Joseph Montano, $499,999.

Greenview Lane, 9905-Theodore J. and Faith E. McMichael to Suhail N. and Tabassum Kazmi, $385,000.

Hayes Station Way, 11910-Diwaker R. and Swapna Chinthapatla to Omar Lara Lima and Heidy Fabiola Vasquez Garcia, $335,000.

Hinton Way, 10783-Eliseo and Leslie Mena to Jules Goulley and Denise Djangone Gbey, $399,000.

Impalla Dr., 8400-Ryne Bell to Angela Green, $399,000.

Kahns Rd., 12807-Bryan R. and Amanda L. Gulcin to Robert and Angelique B. Valois, $360,000.

Lacy Dr., 8079, No. 12-Amber E. Zabarchuk and Mary Annette Janak to Shahram Jamshidi, $210,000.

Lomond Dr., 9520-Ana Machado to Carlos Rene Claros Sanchez and Silvia Ayala Segovia, $327,000.

Meadow Grove Ct., 10650-RC Universal Enterprises Corp. to Elisa Baldelli, $256,000.

Milton Mill Way, 8855-Rene A. and Angela D. Richards to Timothy Pickrell, $411,500.

Norseman Dr., 11514-Olga and Guennadi Iakounina to Madgalena Topolski and Timothy Michael Hannon, $829,000.

River Forest Dr., 6024-Jacalyn L. Banks to Richard D. Morton and Donna Christine Kemp Morton, $510,000.

Ronald Rd., 8001-John J. and Catherine M. Patrick to John J. and Catherine M. Patrick, $349,900.

Scenic Pointe Pl., 6920-Evelyn M. Abel to Chad and Laura Peritore, $615,000.

Stagestone Way, 11212, No. 10-11-Jeremy J. and Gemma Leib to Nicole Bain, $257,900.

Stonewall Brigade Ct., 8068, No. 204-Luis J. and Dawn Erausquin to Dae and Jeong Kim, $215,500.

Sunset Dr., 8315-Elizabeth A. and Christopher Lehman to Daniel Piros and Austin Rhea, $460,000.

Tree Spring Ct., 10475-Paul Matthew Stambaugh to Tara B. Koff, $431,275.

Winfield Loop, 10612-Mehmet Gokce to John Kelly Hughes II, $335,000.

Wortham Crest Cir., 11252, No. 1-Jeffrey A. Conley to Nicole Suzanne Passmore, $269,000.


Buckhall Farm Ct., 9408-Murali Thota and Sujatha Sankula to Kenneth and Shannie Chen, $529,900.

Leland Rd., 8015-Sergio Rodriguez and Kenia Recinos to Cathy Caixia Lu, $415,000.

Maplewood Dr., 8308-Amber M. Adkins to Nelson Olof Dristy, $343,500.

Pine St., 7700-Elizabeth Duran Cabal to Miguel F. and Rafael Rodriguez, $348,000.

Riding Meadow Way, 7426, No. 22-Insuk Cha to Veronica and Jin Chul Kim, $330,000.

Shelley Lane, 7608-Thennarasu Duraisamy and Seethalakshmi Suresh to Elmer W. Velasco, $235,000.

Yates Ford Rd., 6420-Christopher R. and Ashley B. Blunt to Michelle C. McDonald and Hunter R. Wade, $430,000.


Duncan Pl., 4703-Joshua M. and Jatana L. Jackson to Derek S. Gondek, $428,500.

Four Seasons Dr., 17637-Sean C. Stepp and Kelly A. Lee to Geoffrey W. and Ellen M. Pines Krystal, $495,000.

Historic Virginia Ct., 4009-Shelley J. Smart to Karen S. Parks, $370,000.

Lands End Ct., 5071-Nancy Lea Moultrie to Kathryn Elizabeth Dolinar, $330,000.

Marshlake Lane, 4994-Steven M. Loy to Mary Kaye Proctor, $265,000.

Peppermill Ct., 4516-Joshua Bion Holbrook and Jillian Anna Woolley to Adrian M. Alexandrino, $389,900.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5034-Joel F. and Cynthia C. Hurford to Timothy H. and Sarah B. Chuon, $420,000.

Talon Dr., 4206-Sharon L. Duncan to Paulinus Ntutin and Cyril Viban, $445,000.


Bristow Rd., 12550-Clarence Edmund Batschelet III and Patricia L. Chitwood to Michael R. and Rachel F. Duerksen, $279,000.

Hopkins Lane, 10006-Arelene C. Hopkins to Peter Ray Kramer and Julie Eriksson, $350,000.

Misty Creek Ct., 10901-Michael Gene and Kimberly J. Jones to Michael E. and Lindsay E. Bellor, $697,000.

Whippoorwill Rd., 15011-Kyle E. Miller to Konstantinos Tzaferis and Tricia Bettina Lauchengco, $420,500.


Pier Trail Dr., 18775-Sylvia E. Kindred and David D. Grund to Marilyn Lee, $520,000.

Riverview Dr., 3201-Melissa A. Schneider to Jason M. Chinaka, $403,000.


Abbey Glen Ct., 12162-John E. and Ann R. Snow to Julia Samson, $367,000.

Arkansas St., 14803-Paul Nicholas Bevard to Kyle Repetti, $320,000.

Avocet Loop, 15681-Jeanette L. Argueta and Danilo E. Argueta Garcia to Melvin Amadu Kamara and Christine Lofoli, $354,900.

Barkham Dr., 14511, No. 268A-Donte Coward to Shemetria and Trevlis Hunter, $280,000.

Beaver Ford Rd., 3624-Thomas F. and Karen S. Woloszyn to Leon Leontyev and Olga Nesterenko, $510,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 820, No. 404-Jin Y. and Sook H. Chang to Hua Guo and Teresa Y. She, $542,500.

Bobster Ct., 16504-Cardell K. and Stefanie S. Richardson to Soohyung Lee, $370,000.

Bufflehead Ct., 2861-Brian W. and Laurey A. Evans to Robert M. and Cheryl Thompson, $550,000.

Caledonia Cir., 3449-Khanh N. Le to Christopher Scott Corbett, $300,000.

Carroll Ave., 15905-Mohammad S. Azam to Eduardo Hernandez Cruz, $275,000.

Cedar Cove Way, 1842, No. 1-4B-Nzky Corp. to Brian B. Michelli, $234,900.

Chetham Way, 4001-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Christina Joelle Niles, $362,000.

Choctaw Ridge Ct., 3054-Scott B. and Carla H. Badger to Dashe Tesfaye, $305,000.

Clarke Farm Pl., 3842-N.V.P. Inc. to Samuel Xavier and Maria Rozario, $575,000.

Colebrook Ct., 12590-Juan Carlos Mendieta and Muriel R. Calero to Edgar H. Araujo Hernandez and Gloria E. Lopez Zavala, $370,000.

Condor Lane, 3484-Property Management Solutions Corp. to Elena and Ata J. Coskun, $290,000.

Covered Bridge Lane, 3521-Chafik Janah and Fadoua El Bakkouri to Aqib Shaikh, $330,000.

Creel Ct., 2995-GAEA Group Corp. to Augusto Y. Econa, $332,000.

Dara Dr., 12650, No. 303-1-Cynthia Marie Fasulo to Huy Huu-Chau Tran, $100,000.

Darnley Rd., 12113-Joe Flores Jr. to Dru W. and Kellie A. Dunlap, $565,000.

Dulcinea Pl., 12666-Katrina A. Washington to Quang Philo Tran and Cynthia Agloro, $240,000.

Eddystone Ct., 12134-Amelia M. Maney to Kevin J. and Hae Soon Wethington, $460,000.

Emporia St., 2212-Benjamin Alberto Sanchez to Fanny M. Sanchez, $360,000.

Fennegan Ct., 3100-Caleb Raynor and Heather Julianna Williams to Daniel Cohen and Breanna Wessel, $425,500.

Fox Run Pl., 1205-Nick and Heather Neely to Amy Loudin and Kevin Karl Hewes, $297,000.

Glenriver Way, 2651-Aaron Morris to Akua Adutwumwaah, $355,000.

Greywing St., 2225, No. 113A-Clarence C. O’Neal II to Vincent Whitehurst, $407,000.

Harvard St., 3139-Sumera Saleem Hassan to David Alan and Jasmine Ellena Long, $260,000.

Hill Meade Lane, 11544-Thomas E. and Lisa S. Bair to Victor H. Toranzo, $325,000.

Horseshoe Lane, 15617, No. 617-Barg Inc. to Melvin W. Bodmer Jr., $131,000.

Ivy League Ct., 12245-William A. and Marjory A. Gill to Lawrence Elijah and Edith J. Watt, $252,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15837, No. 71-Dean L. Vaniter to Keane Terrill and Tequietta Mayou Newby Butts, $302,500.

Ladue Ct., 1601, No. 107-Jamie Lynn Houston to Thorne and Shirley Froemming, $275,000.

Madison Ct., 2212-David Mendoza to Sadia Rukshana and Salina Hoque, $350,000.

Marbury Lane, 13707-Suzanna M. Murray to Richard A. Roberts and Hannah L. Van Sickle, $240,000.

Mead Terr., 1315-Sonia C. Lopez to Collin and Anderson Okoniewski, $280,000.

Mill Brook Ct., 12830-North Star Properties Corp. to Rosalina Blanco Chicas and Hector Wilfredo Abrego, $355,000.

Mojave Lane, 11990-Raymond M. and Stephanie M. Colston to Joseph F. Biscardo and Sarah E. Buckley, $470,000.

Oak Tree Lane, 2568-Garrett N. and Brandy L. Roy to Rehab A. Salem, $329,900.

Ogilvie Ct., 3829-Peter J. and Mary Kate Hohmann to Marcus A. and Lucia Boone, $340,000.

Orange Ct., 14392-Matthew C. and Susan L. Sexton to Rafael A. Barillas Jr., $375,000.

Paxton St., 2527-Hon and True T. Nguyen to Jose R. Coplan and Jose E. Martinez, $395,000.

Powell Dr., 2838-John H. and Lisa C. Caicedo to Donald J. and Kaitlin M. Odell, $520,000.

Randall Dr., 14110-Kathryn and Daniel P. Evans to Patrick and Brian R. Chen, $266,000.

River Basin Lane, 2623-Young Shik Kim to Toni Usman, $335,000.

Rumford Ct., 11641-Marlene L. and Michael Hendrickson to Sharif and Hae J. Tucker, $300,000.

Sheffield Hill Way, 2722, No. 211-John L. Valverde to Eric Edward Brandon Pellegrino, $285,000.

Southington Dr., 12417-Xiaoguang Han to Derrick Ele and Bonita M. Carr, $680,000.

Stevenson Ct., 12206-Gordon J. and Lorraine C. Aitken to Kenneth D. and Cheong Underwood, $180,000.

Taverner Loop, 13121-Ina G. Fernandez and Joseph L. Furman to Matthew J. Grady, $521,500.

Torbay Way, 15230, No. 160-Kambiz Zand to Tiffany Priscilla Koch, $335,500.

Valleywood Dr., 12832-Reids III Building Corp. to Jae Myung and Hyo Mi Lee, $502,000.

Willowood Dr., 12069-James J. and Cynthia F. Marx to Ava Reilly Beckman and Nicole Moreno, $374,900.

Wisley Turn, 4313-Jason J. and Megan E. Kneier to Juan C. and Muriel C. Mendieta, $402,900.


These were among homes sold in March in Manassas.

Bens Way, 10197-Billy R. and Shelby J. McCallister to Alfred W. and Severina Massey, $480,000.

Buckner Rd., 9814-Sikandar Ahmed and Nahida Pony to Miguel A. Landaverde Valle, $194,000.

Caspian Way, 9350, No. 301-Rebekah Scholl to Alicia R. Stevens, $155,000.

Coggs Bill Dr., 9557, No. 201-Kalina D. Ivanova to Abigail Deanna Johnson and Alec Wesley Gray Jr., $170,000.

Farmington Ct., 10258-Marzanul Choudhury to Karen V. and Martir Rodriguez, $332,500.

Georgian Ct., 8423-Mara Diane Englehardt to Ulio H. Tenas Gudiel, $270,000.

Grant Ave., 9722-Sharolli Aslam Corp. to Liliana and Richard Mulhern, $215,000.

Maple St., 9209-Estate of John Charles Van Sickle and Rae Lynn Hall to Judith Evans and Eugene John Molinelli, $400,000.

Oakgrove Ct., 8395-Simin Yousef to Johnathan and Annette Kampans, $272,000.

Quarry Rd., 8949-David Abrahamson to Joseph A. and Ida A. Lorence, $350,100.

Ruskin Ct., 9915-Richard and Mirna Brockman to Emilio Alessandro Marmol, $405,000.

Shady Grove Cir., 8330-Linda-Shiu-Yu Lin to Tristan and Tiffany Scott-Ledlon, $270,000.

Taney Rd., 9414-Chaudhry M. Riaz and Zahida Parveen to Mohammad Usman, $206,000.

Traveller St., 9008-Estate of Debra Loew and Virginia-Rose M. Loew to Jossue A. and Carla V. Valle, $359,000.

Wellington Rd., 10020-Benjamin R. Fisher to Jonathan D. Evenson and Young Seon Kim, $420,000.

Zimbro Ave., 9719-Brenda S. Dye to Carlos I. Garcia Corvera and Norma Hernandez, $405,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in March in Manassas Park.

Cabbel Dr., 214-Anabel Balbuena De Martinez to Miriam Galeana and Jonathans S. Jackson, $275,000.

Elzey Pl., 9700, No. 406-Brian K. Christianson to Robert Francis Mee, $215,000.

Holden Dr., 106-Walter Alberto and Nancy Lizeth Gil De Santos to Manuel Linares and Karen L. Gudiel Catarero, $305,000.

Joshua Ct., 9301-Robert Brotten to Walter A. and Nancy Santos, $380,000.

Polk Dr., 165-Mina Z. Gendy to Darwin D. Paula Ventura, $240,000.

Shannon St., 9310-Perry A. and Dorothy J. Day to Christopher Andrew and Delaney Ann Caimano, $440,000.

Walden St., 105-Jose G. Reyes Benitez and Jose J. Castillo to Cindy Alas and Benjamin Eduardo Alas Rivera, $375,000.

Zachary Ct., 9202-Rachid and Arlena Elbaraka to Did Paniagua and Maria D. Salmeron Mendoza, $469,900.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alba Rd., 203-Katelyn M. Mozingo to Miranda Kathleen Jimenez and Michael Lance Cooper, $249,900.

Anvil Rd., 829-Morris and Poinsetta Cowles Oliver to Nicholas Lopez Jimenez, $150,000.

Aquia Dr., 1216-Carl W. Stoddard to Thomas Hryckiewicz, $185,000.

Aspen Hill Dr., 66-Robert E. Dooley to Louis M. and Sandra Ferraro, $228,250.

Barrett Ct., 114-Vakil A. Khan to Leonard and Aimee Marie Niedosik, $304,000.

Beagle Rd., 58-Bennie L. Hallam Jr. and Jessica A. Gartner to Walter N. Saravia and Jose M. Villalta, $248,000.

Biscoe Ct., 3-Jason V. and Teresa L. Brown to Paul Victor and Joann Brown, $280,000.

Bluefield Lane, 6-Sol and Lisa Herman to Alfred C. Walston, $317,000.

Brandice St., 110-Gregory Scott and Sabrina Marie Ashton to Nekeya Turane, $300,000.

Brighton Way, 14-Brian P. Collins to James C. and Kristie G. Lindley, $342,000.

Camelot Ct., 4-Theodore E. and Donna G. Janiec to Christopher G. and Sarah M. Talsma, $349,900.

Charleston Ct., 22-Brett A. and Lindsay C. Clark to Asad A. Baig and Shavonda Dena Johnson, $370,000.

Choptank Rd., 214-Ralph E. and Nancy J. Ishman to Julia Alarcon, $267,000.

Collingwood Dr., 506-Bruce W. and Catherine M. Saller to Cheragh A. and Meer W. Ahmadi, $374,000.

Courthouse Manor Dr., 119-Brian and Kimberly H. Stallings to Amy Xu and Daniel Webster Chung, $453,590.

Crown Manor Dr., 79-Anthony J. and Susan L. Kissik to Kimberly Kilby and William D. Bowman, $394,500.

Dawson Dr., 27-David E. and Kimberly H. Werner to William Joseph and Anjelica Rae Edelbroich, $319,000.

Demian Ct., 3-Peter G. and Lisa Kuzma to Jennifer Lynn and Justin Keith Crick, $435,000.

Douglas Dr., 109-William and Cynthia Jessup to Terry Campbell and William Robert Larry Jr., $325,000.

Equestrian Dr., 68-Thomas F. Marble II to Jose Vengoechea, $489,900.

Ferry Rd., 508-Derrick Shane and Ashley Faye Kincaid to Alfredo Ibarra, $244,600.

Galilean Dr., 36-Robert A. Cobb to Margaret A. Williams, $243,500.

Glacier Way, 2-Stephen M. and Tamara L. Shapiro to Subba R. and Lakshmi P. Kolla, $323,500.

Goodwin St., 59-John P. Thomas Jr. to Benjamin A. Glanville, $399,900.

Greenridge Dr., 16-Teresa Gertrude Czech to Jessy Gomez Moreno, $256,000.

Hamstead Rd., 9-Laurie A. Hewitt to Clinton and Maureen Staschke, $315,000.

Healy Ct., 207-Kevin and Ariana Cook to Angelica L. West, $252,000.

Holmes St., 108-Copper Village Investments Corp. to Adrian E. Lewis, $329,000.

Hunting Creek Lane, 116-McQuinza Williams to Isaac Obeng, $340,000.

Isabella Dr., 1016-James A. Nevins to Maan Z. Aljizzani, $326,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 913-U.S. Bank to Abdellatif Errazzouki and Maria Souini, $240,000.

Lakebreeze Way, 25-John P. and Julia H. Canonico to Sidney Mark and Shayna L. Buie, $534,900.

Little Creek Lane, 13-Christian G. Waller to Lisa Marie Day, $346,450.

Longwood Dr., 67-Troy Booska and Janet Tanner to Elizabeth Del C. Benitez and Michael Caleb Bill, $385,000.

Meadow Dr., 1406-Marvin E. and Christal Q. Walker to Jose Nolasco Rivas, $195,000.

Mews Ct., 107-Dawn Denise Jennings to Brian E. Barnes, $204,000.

Northside Dr., 922-Jerry M. and Virginia P. Clement to David Leland and Shirley Laverne Huff, $197,000.

Oakridge Dr., 113-Penny M. Kontzamanis to Timothy J. Navarro, $240,000.

Overlook Ct., 214-W. E.K. Corp. to Elizabeth Abaahom, $183,000.

Pendleton Rd., 48-River Potomac Corp. to Allen S. and Judith A. Snook, $225,000.

Piedmont Dr., 36-Hyacinth Jen-Kelly to Russell Ray Beatty, $400,000.

Pollock St., 1911-Philip Wilcox and Stephanie Abel Harris to Byron C. Gayle Jr., $185,000.

Potomac Dr., 1112-Susan Birrell to Brian Van Hoven, $235,000.

Ramsey Dr., 19-Khalid Syed and Tasnuba Sharin Syeda to Don E. and Laila Bishop, $306,500.

Renegade Dr., 163-John L. and Lisa A. McPherson to Wilmer Rodolfo and Aniea Victoria Castillo, $505,000.

Ridgecrest Ct., 504-Megan Outlaw-Dehn to Colby Lee Matthews, $235,000.

Rolling Brooke Ct., 6-Michael R. and Kristen M. Meister to Elizabeth and Zachary Talley, $480,000.

Rugby Rd., 404-Carlton Holloway to Devon Joshua Anderson and Madison Joelle Stuck, $234,000.

Savannah Ct., 47-David F. and Christine M. McFadden to Teresa A. Smiley, $420,000.

Sequester Dr., 221-Frank and Amy Del Castillo to Christopher Shaw and Susan Hargett, $520,000.

Shields Rd., 308-Ronald Pressley to Andrea K. Heid, $375,000.

Sledgehammer Dr., 831-Pink Ribbon Properties Corp. to Vanessa Parker, $163,500.

Stafford Glen Ct., 606-Miriam Martinez and Sergio Orosco to Li Li Wang and Vanhong Li, $205,000.

Sunset Dr., 60-Deborah L. and Glenn A. Daniels to Harold Edward and Susana Wise, $590,000.

Taft Dr., 204-Kathryn J. Keesee to Lauren E. Lucian, $309,000.

Titanic Dr., 3227-Matthew A. Lockwood to Alan Green and Joy L. Jackson-Green, $325,000.

Wagoneers Lane, 44-Yosmany and Kotey Mena to Morris M. and Rebecca L. Beavers, $335,000.

Westhampton Ct., 11-Mark F. and Heidi M. Donahue to Raymond B. Vaisa, $425,000.

White Pine Cir., 38, No. 303-Traci K. Walker to Johnny L. Smith Jr., $130,000.

Wood Landing Rd., 228-Lee D. Wilson to Travis Allan and Autumn M. Capps, $455,000.

Yucca Dr., 16-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Upland Mortgage Loan Trust to J. Dolores Garcia Martinez, $215,000.