Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Airedale Ct., 9921-Mohammed Sami Aram and Laila Sanie to Saugata and Aditi Chakravorty, $395,000.

Ashleys Park Lane, 9212-Anh and Thuy Nguyen to Munib Ur Rehman and Nausheen Shahid, $599,900.

Benchmark Lane, 8875-Adeniyi O. and Cassandra Adekunle to Evan David and Lisa Renee Freese, $323,000.

Big Springs Loop, 9133-James A. and Judith A. Davalle to Karen Marie and Joseph Aicardo Beirne, $530,000.

Chapelwood Ct., 13511-Mark W. and Susan Jeffries to Alhaji Mohamed and Amina Deen, $457,000.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13525-Heather A. Weber to Justin D. Moreland and Kelsey R. Moran, $292,000.

Craighill Dr., 9683-Estate of Barbara Hunter and Dennis M. Hunter Jr. to Dale M. and Nuan Mei Cheney, $420,000.

Dawkins Ridge Lane, 11774-Bobbie Jean Booker to Ashton Wiltshire, $380,000.

Dunstable Loop, 8804-Stephanie Diane Alkire to Vincent Cornelius and Grace Noel Harrison, $341,600.

Fetlar Way, 12921-Victoria Burget to William E. and Margaret R. Moore, $350,000.

Kyle Moor Pl., 13001-Christopher M. and Sarah S. Giandoni to Marco J. Rea, $540,000.

Lanier Overlook Ct., 8431-Michael K. and Portiah A. May to Thomas R. and Courtney K. Christie, $590,000.

Maitland Loop, 9795-Bernadette Myers to Claudette E. Hoyes, $310,000.

Moxleys Ford Lane, 10059-Lisa Marie Boyd and Mary A. Rayha to Matthew D. Carlos, $319,000.

Pale Rose Loop, 10114-Josiah and April Kimble to Johana Ivonne Gonzalez and Jose Guzman, $339,000.

Quick Fox Ct., 12145-Joseph Andra and Camilla P. King to Julia L. Coutry and Christopher Mark Nathan, $515,000.

Runner Stone Pl., 9778-Michael G. and Pamela A. Jacoby to Robert Jakob Skoczylas and Mary Kathryn Pearl Kowalczyk, $484,900.

Struthers Glen Ct., 9442-Jamie Patrice Mathieu to Everett P. and Margot Kilby, $389,000.

Upper Mill Loop, 9883-Anthony and Jessica Boyer to Michael W. Kirk and Hellen Y. Shin, $516,000.


Anderson St., 14709-Sirous Najafinia to Carolyn Danielle Hunker and Hunter Talbott Smith, $325,000.

Bakersfield St., 14610-Rosendo Lopez to Darci L. Bagnell, $225,000.

Beau Ridge Dr., 15747-Anthony R. and Rosemary Stadie to Dayana P. Castanos and Edwin A. Ventura, $424,900.

Binder Ct., 15400-Angela R. and Stephen Delorme to Tewodros Fiseha and Fitret Gebra, $330,000.

Bluefin Dr., 14059-Kenneth Michael Leonard Holley and Teela M. Aldridge to Alejandrina Venegas Churja and Alberto Choque Quinteros, $345,000.

Bowes Lane, 2867-Gulrez A. Siddiqi and Faisala Chowdry to Rafael A. Garcia, $275,000.

Bremerton Dr., 14225-Wesley and Christina Babcock to Ryan L. and Jaclyn A. Finken, $304,000.

Buffalo Ct., 3537-Francisca Nolasco and Elmer M. Rivera to Marilyn Raquel Reyes Jurado and Sandra Ruth Jurado Cruz, $228,000.

Caperton Ct., 14980-Virginia R. Flores to Carmon Wesley and Jenny Ale Rodriguez, $565,000.

Castle Hill Dr., 3502-Jordan and Stephanie Glashow to Qais Amiri, $205,000.

Chincoteague Ct., 15264-Andrea D. Malone and Calvin E. Reid Jr. to David Michael and Melinda Lopez Alvarado, $570,000.

Colony Creek Ct., 14520-Phi Xuan Nguyen to Randall J. and Xiomara Franco Nieves, $495,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14174, No. 303-Debra McMahan San Luis to Lafonda A. Hawkins, $202,000.

Del Mar Dr., 3909-Robert A. and Yvette D. Beam to Juan R. Tobar and Sayda L. Pinto, $350,000.

Earlham Ct., 14622-Saleh M. Nasir Uddin to Maria A. Ruiz and Jose M. Diaz, $257,500.

Filarete St., 14466-Christina O. Daly to Monica Castillo Aguilar, $215,000.

Fox Haven Ct., 6012-Christopher Lynn and Elizabeth Ann Allen Paxson to Jonnathan Aguiar Navarro and Sayne Cuello Granados, $660,000.

Gardensen Dr., 4103-Christina L. Kendall to Matthew Ward Bradfuhrer, $380,000.

Gran Deur Dr., 13706-Michael E. Curran to Danny R. and Maria R. Rodriguez, $297,000.

Kempair Ct., 4810-Abu Gbla and Fatu Samb to Ruben Garcia, $315,000.

Keystone Dr., 13301-Diamond Homes Investments Corp. to Darwin R. Zelaya Hernandez, $311,000.

Kingston Rd., 4514-Berta Gloria Cerati and Nelly Rosa Fernandez to Josue Lopez and Irania Martinez Portillo, $270,000.

Legere Ct., 3487-Doreen R. Vargo to Khaliah A. Sharif, $275,000.

Lindendale Rd., 14314-Vanessa E. and Ana E. De Canizales to Nelson E. Cortez and Jonys G. Amaya, $335,677.

Lynwood Dr., 5029-Estate of K. Georgette Keener and James Eric Thompson to Juan G. Portillo and Yance Ayala Del Cid, $320,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14360-Rodney F. and Barbara Klingel Hopkins to Haroon and Mahnaz Ander, $290,000.

Minnieville Rd., 14438-Jose F. Cruz Pineda to Ignacio Diaz Ulloa and Roberto B. Segovia, $380,000.

Nadia Loop, 3358-Douglas E. and Victoria Carol Morris to Renardo Leon Robinson, $350,000.

Oaklawn Lane, 6233-David M. Chamberlin to Mandell Ellis Bray, $445,600.

Packard Dr., 13363-Christian K. Wagner to Jeremy Ray and Catherine Catchpole, $358,000.

Princedale Dr., 13448-Ngunkeng N. Ntonghanwah and Alexis Nketiah to Nael A. Aj Mousawi and Zeinab Sabah Alomar, $370,000.

Quest Ct., 5420-Barbara J. Ellis to Ashok K. and Seema Gupta, $210,900.

Regiment Ct., 4827-William J. and Joyce S. Zsembery to Alcibiades and Yolanda Calustro De Perez, $400,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5572-James O. and Sharlene B. Winbush to Christopher Knight, $390,000.

Soaring Cir., 3344-Troy and Marla Jones to Malcom and Gwendolyn Evans Gayden, $650,000.

Springbrook Ct., 14369-Michael and Brittany McCraw to Felix M. Romero Reyes, $335,000.

Taxi Dr., 13037-Luis A. and Melinda B. Facal to Saba Feseha Gebreabe, $297,000.

Torchlight Dr., 12942-Salvador E. and Ana A. Argueta to Xing Jia and Bi Jin Chen, $429,900.

Wertz Dr., 3860-Christopher and Sara Moore to Jamel and Toymeika N. Dingle, $449,000.


Badger Ct., 16608-Meteor Investment Inc. to Courtney Harris and Lorenzo Alton Goode, $480,000.

Cusack Lane, 17388-Mohammad J. Chaudhary to Mohand Elouardi and Hanane Messaoudi, $299,000.

Hour Glass Dr., 3211-Eddie A. Jones to Ginna T. Bekele and Beza W. Abera, $470,000.

Wexford Loop, 17330-Latroy Powell to Elisa Zegeye and Semawit Arega, $311,000.


Berry Rd., 4236-Kristin K. Reece to James Edward Brostek and Melissa Lynn Dyas, $583,000.

Broadwinged Dr., 14331-Laura E. and Michael L. Collins to Mohammed Alrababah, $453,000.

Brunson Cir., 7392, No. 5D-Sanghyun Le to Andrea Smith, $330,000.

Calbera Ct., 8835-Terrence A. Myers to Adrian A. and Sumi Dhungel Pokharel, $610,000.

Cannondale Way, 14136, No. 22-Quincy and Jocelyn Gamboa Brisco to Joseph Tate, $310,000.

Chipper Ct., 13525-Alexander C. and Amanda B. Paris to Abunyewa and Juliana Adu-Gyamfi, $539,000.

Crimson Leaf Ct., 8055-Mark E. and Sharon L. Tudor to William Robert and Natalie Hanner Smith, $425,000.

Erie Ct., 14020, No. 7-F-John William and Cynthia Louise Denny to Bauldwin Monie, $225,000.

Fenestra Pl., 8962-Lisa Nguyen to Sameer Hamodat and Halah Al Darkezly, $561,000.

Grackle Ct., 14323-Brian D. Laky to Samuel Ghulam Din, $440,000.

Heythorpe Ct., 13676-Darrell W. and Brian D. Gehrt to Bul Ran and Yeong Ye Yoo, $439,900.

Kona Dr., 7053, No. 11-Randy M. and Ami E. Staggs to Rodrigue and Germaine Ngongang, $389,500.

Lick River Lane, 5466-Leon M. Sloper Jr. to Kevin and Cynda S. Douglas, $705,000.

Manahoac Pl., 6960-Roger P. and Janice F. Barker to Rubilio O. Ruiz and Maria S. Morales, $273,000.

Neale Sound Ct., 10489-Thomas F. and Marsha A. Guckenberg to Tony Yun Choi and Samantha-Joy Jeong, $530,000.

Rainy Day Way, 12201-Glenn and Elizabeth Gebhardt to Michael W. and Christina L. Adams, $533,000.

Rocky Run Rd., 8035-Matthew Boston to Joshua and Casey Betts, $435,000.

Santander Dr., 15144-Charles William and Courtney Kendall Porter to Tyler and Megan Berg, $540,000.

Screech Owl Ct., 8845-Mohana K. Aranza to Stephen Bashore, $410,000.

Senea Dr., 13756-Sang Hyon and Myung Sook Jeong to Christopher J. Dill, $479,900.

Tenbrook Dr., 8319-Barry T. and Melanie L. Smallwood to Adam J. and Yvonne L. Bigbee, $540,000.

Tillinghast Lane, 8144-Michael T. and Mary L. Yergey to Kelsey A. Clark, $505,000.

Tysons Oaks Ct., 8093-Scott M. and Lindsay B. Lichtsinn to Dong Jun and Juliet Y. Kim, $589,000.

Virginia Oaks Dr., 7707-Brandon G. and Malaythip Jennifer Strait to Tiffany and Lumumba Reid, $540,000.

Yewing Way, 5734-Victor Williams and Genise E. Lamont to Craig J. and Donna L. Mathias, $790,000.


Amelia Springs Cir., 5753-Donald S. and Martine C. Cooke to Gloria Askin and Anna Marie Askin-Evans, $480,000.

Armour Ct., 5244-Mary J. Fitch to Allen B. and Maida S. Tucker, $440,000.

Aster Haven Cir., 6293, No. 3-Justin J. and Veronica B. Short to Karen Mosley, $285,000.

Berryville Ct., 5912-Matthew K. and Meaghan A. Fargo to Steven W. and Anna M. Woodward, $565,000.

Coachview Ct., 5774-Kimberly M. Morris to Alexandra Puhan, $680,000.

Cranswick Ct., 5845-Mitchell Robert and Patricia Sue Jukanovich to Amy Marie Covell and Andrew Sharek, $599,999.

Donna Marie Ct., 4291-Joyce Nieberding to Tyler S. Tappan, $400,000.

Glass Mountain Way, 4676-Michael B. and Lauren E. Pochatek to Richard and Rebecca Yelverton, $619,000.

Grinnel Lane, 6821-Jesse A. and Jacqueline D. Tebrake to Jessica and Marco Uribe, $704,900.

Jordan Crest Ct., 16158-Keith Andrew and Katherine Edith Sherman to Andrew J. and Stephanie Shevitz, $680,000.

Lawson Dr., 6247-Jennifer Nicole Blecha-Decasper to Aaron and Tanwarin Koskowski, $461,000.

Mackenzie Manor Dr., 15894-Elizabeth Crockett to Mary Sullivan Gouzie, $389,000.

Pitner St., 16115-Michael John and Rachel Lea Sandkuhler to Justin J. and Veronica B. Short, $415,000.

Quintessence Ct., 4900-Eric and Christine Binkowski to Daniel and Brandy Smith, $1.46 million.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15254, No. 69-Megan Bergquist Van Stry to Michael S. and Donna M. Ney, $282,000.

Silica St., 15142, No. 90-John Harry and Jane Marie McFalls to Nichole T. Phillips, $310,000.

Valhalla Ct., 15072-Benjamin L. and Pamela L. Simms to Aaron and Georgett Jackson, $750,000.

Woodruff Springs Way, 6260, No. 23-Ryan T. Runge to Angel Keller Blood, $262,000.


Bannerwood Dr., 8658-Marion Lucille Miller to James N. and Anne M. Fiorillo, $375,000.

Belle Grae Dr., 7571, No. 13-2-Jing Zheng and Yongjin Hou to Juan C. Izquierdo, $217,000.

Briarmont Lane, 8386-Estate of Charles Edward Johnson Sr. and Keith A. Johnson to Kacey Langel Ma, $555,750.

Callan Dr., 7696-Antonia C. Galluzzi to Fidelina Campos, $209,500.

Custer Ct., 8500-Kathleen G. Richards to Christopher Lee Cabrera, $405,000.

Dusty Willow Rd., 12853-Dennis M. and Ulla O’Brien to Melody A. Curtiss Cathey and James M. Beletz, $579,999.

Erika Dr., 8231-Lydia P. Colcombe to Afshin Amiri and Hanyeh Yazdani Sabouni, $275,000.

Folksie Ct., 11020, No. 65-Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust to Filloreta Halimi, $180,000.

Hersch Farm Lane, 9389-Imran Bagwan and Nazia Shaheen to Michael L. Baird, $485,000.

Holly Forest Dr., 13760-Ethan Properties Corp. to Juan J. Campos Chicas, $539,000.

Irongate Way, 8335-Barinder Pal Singh to Fayin Li and Zhe Zhang, $228,000.

Kessler Pl., 11306-Scott O. Spivey to Christian Vigil and Dania Reyes, $304,900.

Lacy Dr., 8091, No. 38-Victoria L. Ohanesian-Prince and Pamela O. Masson to Hector M. Burgoa Serrano, $215,000.

Lafayette Ave., 9628-Freddie H. and Mary E. Hawkins to Cesar and Samuel Barco, $332,000.

Meadowgate Dr., 7803-Richard J. and Margaret M. Wagner to Daniel Patrick and Jessica Dunnell Maillard, $630,000.

Norfolk Ct., 7911-Victorina Melendez Granados and Jose E. Garcia Hernandez to Julia G. and Michael J. Schroeder, $344,000.

Peachwood Dr., 10860-U.S. Bank to Daniel M. and Arielle N. Hedrick, $450,000.

Pleasant Colony Dr., 13520-Stefani Brown and Christine Fewell to Maria Joy and Noah Timothy Flick, $528,250.

Postern Ct., 10935-Barg Inc. to Isam Shaban, $227,500.

Rayborn Creek Dr., 11989-Virgilio V. and Cynthia E. Villa to Gautam D. and Kanchan G. Patel, $500,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7401-Sterling A. and Elizabeth Infield to Felicia P. Ross, $200,000.

Stagestone Way, 11228-Ruth T. Odumu to Iman Holmes, $244,900.

Stonington Lane, 10537, No. 22-7-Nancy M. Gifford to Annus Mahmood, $215,000.

Todd Pl., 7518-Earl J. Oberbauer Jr. to Gaurav Gupta, $350,000.

Visionary Ct., 7690-Michael Anthony and Debra Robin Bisconti to Brian and Rebecca Edwards, $650,000.

Winfield Loop, 10618-Boris Marvin Najarro-Tejada and Elvis A. Najarro to Addison Terry, $350,000.

Winged Elm Cir., 10524-Harry E. and Deborah A. Sykes to Lady Laura Amurrio Quiroga and Juan Amurrio Segas, $465,000.


Bears Den Ct., 7007-Michael N. Henry to Matthew C. and Veronique F. Tritle, $571,900.

Chadds Landing Way, 7638-Nan M. Traylor to Juan Francisco Villanueva and Sara Elvira De La Pena, $284,999.

Ellis Rd., 10007-Matthew and Marcia L. Snyder to Justin F. Huff and Megan Meadows, $390,000.

Granite Lane, 8400-Jung Min Lee to Young K. and Hyun S. Kim, $565,000.

Knightshayes Dr., 7553-Jason and Erica Braun to John and Leah Halisky, $559,000.

Manassas Forge Dr., 9572-Ernest P. Moa to Zachary and Christina L. Seidel, $480,000.

Rumson Pl., 15009-David Endersbee to Patrick and Gretchen Gorski, $575,000.

Thurston Lane, 7608-Tony Choi and Samantha Jeong to Sashank Thapa and Urmila Rai Chhetri, $317,000.


Beachview Dr., 15415-William L. and Junelea C. Alexander to Adam M. and Sarah Clemens, $440,000.

Camelot Ct., 4091-Jaime F. and Edith M. Garcia to Cody and Lauren Bardol, $465,000.

Dartmoor Dr., 16210-Alda R. Kelly to Sadona and David L. Miller, $365,000.

Denali Pl., 17521-Yonas Atle and Mulu Mekonnen to Genet A. Ambaye and Atakilti W. Fisiha, $345,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17319-Thomas G. Finney to James D. Hale, $509,000.

Great Harvest Ct., 3970-Albert L. and Suzanne E. Stambaugh to Alda Rae Kelly, $427,000.

Holleyside Dr., 15243-Christine Nicole Cloutier to Adam Lee Pohovey, $425,000.

Jonathan Ct., 4304-Mary E. Hunter to Bart John Poulakos, $269,000.

Larkspur Lane, 15259-Susan J. Kruyne to Neftali and Brenda Montanez, $355,000.

Moncure Dr., 15913-Michael L. Dickens and Holly D. El-Deir to Johnny C. and Lisa K. Mink, $418,000.

Russett Maple Ct., 3756-Jeffrey C. and Ronda S. Hall to Robert Ellis, $495,000.

Southwood Pl., 4491-David Taylor and Joan Barbour Herrell to Said Farhi and Malika El Ouali, $420,000.

Taconic Cir., 16299, No. 89F-22-Andrew and Martina Crichton to Eshante Lovett, $175,000.

Trisail Ct., 15568-Zeeshan and Lanay Zahid to Anthony Deshon and Whitney Nicole Jackson, $479,000.

Winding Creek Dr., 15573-Jason Hernandez to Nazim and Meryem Yanik, $300,000.


Carriage Ford Rd., 13790-James Clinton and Lorraine Kline Croushorn to Julio F. Guzman Pisfil, $622,000.

Old Church Rd., 13206-Anthony Duane and Shari Lynn Towler to Jedidiah M. and Hannah E. Shirey, $499,900.


Colonial Dr. E., 128-Chris and Alison Manzione to Michael Pushpak and Jessica Clemmons, $391,500.

Mill St., 217, No. 14-Charlene Nilsen and Edward Schelb to Michael W. and Anda G. Ostergard, $685,000.

Overlook Dr., 448-Jonathan Scott Deen to Monica Ledesma-Rios, $328,000.


Cabin Rd., 18601-Terry L. and Joyce M. Barnes to Lakeisha Michelle and Augustus Lafonde Simms, $485,000.

Kerill Rd., 18487-Charles and Kaitlin Ford to Robert and Deborah Manning, $620,000.

Rosings Way, 18922-Wells Fargo Bank and Structured Asset Mortgage Investments to Carl C. Leach III, $515,000.

Woolfenden Ct., 3423-Neelam J. and Jawaid Ahmad to Macy M. and Shawandalyn L. Cooley, $539,000.


Aldrich Pl., 902-Mark Steven and Janet Lynette Padgett to Yaser Inayatullah Sharaz, $260,000.

Appaloosa Dr., 3832-James M. O’Brien and Tzu-Wei Huang to Giovan G.F. and Sharon A. Patalano, $440,000.

Ashmont Ct., 12286, No. 2-304-Lorely Flores to Najib and Theresa Mahmood, $192,000.

Bald Eagle Lane, 15348-Nabil F. and Ilka Hamze to Jose R. Sierra II, $495,000.

Belmont Dr., 1002-Fast Track Investments Corp. to Carlos A. Aranibar and Carol Andrea Zambrana Arias, $260,000.

Bentley Cir., 13510-Fikre R. and Balcha R. Borgi to Takeema C. Davis, $265,000.

Boatswain Cir., 16387-Michael P. and Rachel A. McLeod to Timmy R. and Kimberly A. Barcus, $590,000.

Breckinridge Lane, 12110-Valerie Hinkle and Julius L. Piland to Megan Piepenburg and Gary Beal Jr., $444,000.

Brookville Lane, 3443-Anisley J. Castillo Pastora to Bilal Lufti Salman Mahdi, $242,000.

Canvasback Ct., 15577-Mathew and Megan Frank to John Patrick and Samira Kurtic Lloyd, $560,000.

Carter Lane, 1531-Pikehan Shawntel to Gilberto M. Flores, $335,000.

Cavallo Way, 4866-Jasim Mahmood and Ratna Taleb to Kevin D. and Janet M. Wilkens, $395,000.

Charles Ct., 13601-Mary G. Oleniak and Leo J. McDonnell Jr. to Elda Maritza Del Cid, $290,000.

Chaucer Lane, 12205-Cynthia D. Trainer to Luis D. Cardona Gonzalez and Sulimar Calderon, $165,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2970, No. 163-Syed Saad Husain and Sadaf Rafiq Burney to David Anthony and Irma Gladis Smith, $285,000.

Cohasset Lane, 13004-Diane C. Zoller and Christopher E. Keating to Oscar Benitez, $370,000.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11780-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Scott Lee Cravey, $399,999.

Cronin Dr., 1270-Jesus I. Cruz to Manuel D. Soto Alverto and Candida R. Martinez De Soto, $290,000.

Cullers Ct., 3300-Christopher G. and Edith M. Torres Clouden to Arquimedes Agustin Best-Pitt, $348,000.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12186-Safa Damouzehtash to Erickson Huertas Morales, $395,000.

Davis Ford Rd., 5217-Mary E. Butcher-Kimball to Morgan Ann Rigg, $370,000.

Dolly Madison Cir., 11968-Herbert A. and Georgina H. Leventhal to Ludwig Caccia, $375,000.

Eagle Feather Dr., 15886-Donald James and Shanavia Capri Krummen to Homayoun and Coochi Mashal, $540,000.

Featherstone Gate Dr., 14608, No. 25-Omar Ahmad to William R. Kingdon Jr., $319,000.

Fort Craig Dr., 12097-Richard W. and Kirstyn Jovanovich to Dawna and Connor Moriarty, $460,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1043, No. 301-5B-Rosena Duryee to David and Young Bauer, $182,000.

Georgetown Rd., 16611-Gerardo A. and Conchita A. Lomibao to Yassine Aitsaid, $220,000.

Gordon Blvd., 12701, No. 2-Geziena F. Knoesen to Ryan Matthew Peter, $174,000.

Grand Masters Way, 4760-Martin A. and Vivian E. Torre to Jennifer Elizabeth Sanders, $650,000.

Gullane Dr., 13929, No. 113-Elliott G. Velez-Figueroa to Pey-Ling Hsu, $345,500.

Harbor Dr., 12125-Heath D. and Elizabeth J. Helstrom to Marcelo Castaneda Macias and Dania Lizeth Ordonez Mejia, $417,302.

Heather Glen Ct., 1865-Kendra J. and Henry J. Marshall Jr. to Brian Silver, $300,000.

Hopton Rd., 904-Donald B. Shields to Michael Truman Manchester II, $299,900.

Jib Lane, 2209-Evan Daniel and Charity Melissa Fisher to Amanda Kirkman and Christian S. Felts, $399,900.

John Hancock Ct., 12056-Kevin M. and Naomi Mundy to John Frederick Davis, $415,000.

Koval Lane, 3816-Christine E. Dail to Owen E. Fernandez Yanes and Karishma K. Fernandez, $375,000.

Laconia Cir., 16008-William J. and Debra A. Percival to Kyle R. and Roxanna E. Colpitts, $400,000.

Ladymeade Ct., 12268, No. 4-101-Amber N. Wittman to Rebecca A. and Cyrus Shroff, $198,000.

Luca Station Way, 12942-Andre G. and La Shawn B. Kelley to Stephen Murrell and Andrea Elaine Cash, $617,000.

Marisa Ct., 3008-Laura and Larry C. Farrior to Rahel Amde, $575,000.

Mason Creek Cir., 14780-Husseina Abba to Clarence T. Parks, $315,000.

Mayflower Dr., 1989-Cynthia and Thomas P. Baggett to Thomas Puryear, $270,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2284, No. 103-Deliese Renee Gendron to Ernest Anokye Danso Jr., $320,000.

Miranda Ct., 2562-Khalidah A. Sediq to Eldred D. Ashlakor, $255,000.

Nutmeg Ct., 12236-Estate of Sharon Lee Curry and Elliott Warren Curry to Shelley R. Pitter, $265,000.

Occoquan Overlook, 4730-Laurie A. Krieg to Ian D. and Patricia A. Lanoff, $2 million.

Palomino Pl., 12485-Joseph and Maria A. Sousa to Suzanne and Ryan Welch, $545,000.

Pheasant Hunt Rd., 2605-Elizabeth R. and Jay A. Robinson to Hurshidbek Alimov, $495,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14895, No. 204A-Edward J. Repa to Waldemar and Kayleigh Alvelo, $386,000.

Presidio Way, 12117-Hendra and Angela M. Lie to Roberto M. and Doris J. Cevallos De Vallejo, $340,000.

Radcliffe Lane, 16629-Karen Ledbetter Taylor to Christopher William and Jenna Brooke Osborne, $595,000.

Renate Dr., 1581, No. 64-Christine M. Halliard to Robert Dennis and Sarah B. Pelczar, $344,000.

Ruby Ridge Ct., 11911-Aaron M. and Deanna L. Banks to Portiah A. and Michael K. May, $1.19 million.

Seville Cir., 2678-Zelma Z. Cruz to Jaron Pirtle, $270,000.

Sheffield Hill Way, 2700, No. 222-Eastfield Holdings Corp. to Rochae R. Petgrave, $293,500.

Silent Tree Pl., 15768-Nazir Barkat to Waqas Ahmed and Amna Baig, $350,000.

Steerage Cir., 16500-Kim-Anh D. Nguyen to Vincent and Ellen Murabito, $430,500.

Stirrup Ct., 3961-Vernona D. and Tanju Aslim to Steve and Alexis Schmidt, $475,000.

Sutton Pl., 16612-Hassan Tario Thompson to Oscar Antonio Cruz, $206,000.

Tilletson Pl., 1821-Capital Realty Corp. to Blanca L. Galeas and Melbis I. Bonilla Rivera, $277,500.

Triad Ct., 3903-Lee A. and Carol M. April to Nicholas Robert and Kelly Vaughan Tsougas, $506,000.

Wadsworth Way, 12314, No. 2-Cory Musselwhite to Gloria Jean Carson, $207,000.

Watermans Dr., 680, No. 102-John K. and Nancy M. Workman to Matthew Douglas Ucci, $290,000.

Wessex Ct., 2179-James A. and Bonnie F. Klakowicz to Carlos Alfredo Guzman Ramos, $344,000.

Yardarm Pl., 12611-Maureen Ann and Kevin Edward O’Brien to Luis Velasquez and Concepcion Velasquez Vilorio, $387,000.


These were among homes sold in May in Manassas.

Battlefield Dr., 10244-William P. Quinn Jr. to Jose A. Membreno Amaya, $375,000.

Byrd Dr., 9241-Christopher R. and Salim H. Cunningham to Candida Rivera Salgado, $180,000.

Caspian Way, 9300, No. 202-Michael J. Orlikowski to James M. Mudd, $165,000.

Center St., 8948-Michael T. and Amber L. Connor to Charles H. and Donan L. Eagle, $385,000.

Deblanc Pl., 8798-Rudy Erivera Esther Maura to Theresa King, $291,000.

Feeg Ct., 9525-Walter G. and Deborah A. Boswell to Wesley C. and Karolann B. Russell, $430,000.

Grant Ave., 9646-Omadath Maharaj to Abdullatif Siddiqui and Nafees Begum, $209,000.

Liberty Trail, 8600, No. 301-Richard D. and Carol Jean Locke to Linda C. Slye, $270,000.

Merrybell Ct., 9199-Carlton T. and Jennifer B. Benton to Bi L. Lin, $265,000.

Point Of Woods Dr., 8609-Medarda I. Gaus to Francisco Javier Reyes Alberto and Karen Astrid Reyes, $285,000.

Rosewood St., 8941-Harry A. and Robin Whittington Chargois to Nancy Lynn and Stephen Franklin Stewart, $412,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9365-Daryl Lipford to Zahir M. Al-Jizzani, $173,500.

Silver Maple Ct., 9066-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Charles Stuart and Ana Carina Graves, $285,000.

Sweetbriar St., 8874-Mario and Joy Caputi to Justin T. Bishop and Kara E. Carter, $421,000.

Washington Ave., 9405-Arthur and Christine Dhanagom to Ronald Shawn Stanley, $375,000.

Weeping Willow Dr., 9457-Patricia A. Reed to Tyler Saunders, $540,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in May in Manassas Park.

Baker St., 141-Rosa M. Gonzalez to Kevin G. Andrade Portillo and Loendy Maricella Rivera, $399,900.

Cartwright Ct., 8639-Xiaoying Xiong to Jose Mauricio Granados Hernandez and Elsy Marilyn Hernandez De Granados, $239,000.

Kent Dr., 243-Thomas T. Hall to Trevor S. Esper, $284,000.

Manassas Dr., 207-Jon E. Holland to Vidal Martinez Monroy, $319,900.

Robin Lee Ct., 9409-Robert Andrew Piper to Francis Jaime Torres Jr., $305,000.

Stephanie St., 9245-Nacer Amrani and Radia Ihaddadene to Zachary Scott and Stephanie N. Graham, $399,990.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Admiral Dr., 2043-Ryan S. Sawyer to Nicholas and Lindsay Krueger, $359,900.

Amelia Ct., 35-William E. and Rebecca E. Roberts to Michael Edward Grice II, $265,000.

Aquia Dr., 3611-Dale and Sandra Treadway to David and Sonya Trower, $515,000.

Aster Lane, 26-John J. Pretz to Rodney Bryce and Nichole Christine Hansen, $445,000.

Bailey Ct., 1006-Villatoro Investments Corp. to Carlos A. Segura Jimenez, $349,900.

Bell Air Pl., 101-Thomas C. and Diana E. Magrino to Raleigh Burden, $225,000.

Blackgum Ct., 118-Kelton E. and Tasha Justice-Kelly to Sean Pattrick Mattingly, $376,000.

Boundary Dr., 18-Christopher Steven Lancaster to Colleen Rugg, $205,000.

Breezy Hill Dr., 28-Timothy W. and Terry L. Breeden to Kristin and Shawn Knell, $230,000.

Bristol Ct., 62-Kerry and Fred Hilliard to Jessica A. Harrold and Ronald C. Coult, $171,286.

Brush Everard Ct., 81-David H. Wernli to Amie Coffren, $475,000.

Burns Rd., 22-John M. Edwards II to Derek M. and Tina Cooper, $375,550.

Cannon Ridge Dr., 25-Matthew M. and Bonnie A. Hartmann to Aaron P. and Kelly J. Krause, $334,900.

Cascade Lane, 121-Ricky Dale and Barbara Ann Collins to Jason Cory and Christine Page Williams, $460,000.

Charter Gate Dr., 21-Kenneth R. Witherspoon to Torano Harris, $420,000.

Clear Spring Lane, 38-D.R. Horton Inc. to Edwin R. Ligorria Del Cid and Jennifer M. Ligorria, $393,895.

Coast Guard Dr., 2009-Jason Goggins to Steffen Fox, $320,000.

Columbus Dr., 1110-Lane M. Eyestone to Melanie J. and James S. Hunko, $379,900.

Corin Way, 2-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Robert James, $620,000.

Crestview Dr., 14-Katherine M. Gross to Jason Defreitas, $225,000.

Crowncrest Rd., 45-Kristina Elizabeth Martini to John E. and Amalia Pagan, $499,900.

Donna Dale Dr., 24-Arlene Frances O’Keefe to Michael C. and Shannon D. Phillips, $245,000.

Dunbar Dr., 308-Jeffery B. Schatz to Duaine R. Moreau, $400,000.

Edgecliff Lane, 16-David M. Groomes to William J. Robertson, $285,000.

Essex St., 106-Robert K. and Carol L. McVicker to Rosa Candida Pineda, $180,000.

Fairfield Ct., 5-Mark A. and Nancy T. Besteric to Dalton Fraser, $275,000.

Ferry Rd., 443-Robert C. and April E. Epps to Edgar Leonel Esquivel Ochoa, $229,000.

Forbes St., 628-Neil S. Sullivan to Charles E. Smith, $266,000.

Fountain Dr., 8-David Woodward to Rick Lee and Jennifer Lyn Crouse, $384,500.

Gardenia Dr., 132-King Louis and Anita F. Dixon to Mark and Carlina Smith, $431,000.

Glacier Way, 31-Tasha D. Woolridge to Garren Scott and Allison Nicole Jones, $345,000.

Green Acre Dr., 65-Said Barodi and Julia M. Richardson to Haley Whisenant and Kristina Csonka, $370,000.

Hamlin Dr., 68-Alfred A. and Anne Lukens Underwood to Rodney and Barbara Klingel Hopkins, $360,000.

Harpoon Dr., 2116-Adam J. and Sarah E. Heitke to Kharl E. and Angela Z. Alache-Prophete, $416,692.

Hartwood Rd., 463-Laura S. Pendlebury to Patricia R. and Lacy D. Johnson, $275,000.

Heatherbrook Lane, 18-Luke and Lindsey Esposito to Joseph M. and Rachel T. Kennedy, $420,000.

Hickory Hill Overlook Ct., 141-Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Daniel and Martha Sigala, $388,900.

Huntington Dr., 13-Robert C. and Susan Erwin to James Brian Webster, $291,500.

Irving Ct., 4-Millard F. Bowen to Kevin R. and Meghan J. Root, $437,000.

Jamestown Ct., 13-James M. and Toni K. Cash to Michael E. Bowers, $471,000.

John Paul Jones Dr., 1016-Fredrick J. and Susan K. Moreno to Chad Anthony Deshano, $324,000.

Kennesaw Dr., 3-Gary A. and Deanna E. Smith to David and Irene Thompson, $360,000.

Kirkley Pl., 130-James S. and Kimberly L. Morgan to Robert Eppard and Danielle Hernandez, $379,000.

Laconia Dr., 130-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Lebrandon K. and Ebony J. Phillips, $695,321.

Lancaster St., 609-Christopher and Jaime Cammack to Scott Paul and Alexis C. Arendt, $439,900.

Live Oak Lane, 1-Alexander Mattson and Frankie M. Ponce to Nasir Mahmood and Marium Qayyum, $435,000.

Lotus Lane, 14-John G. and Julie K. Smith to Scott Michael Shockey, $410,000.

Marsh Run Rd., 75-Vela Homes & Consulting Group Corp. to Adam S. and Laura E. Aikens, $492,800.

Mews Ct., 511-Joseph Yves and Marie Monette Etienne to Lindsey Carpenter, $225,000.

Montpelier Dr., 401-Manzer Alam to Luisa Banzer De Solis, $375,000.

Mount Olive Rd., 329-John E. and Antoinette M. Franke to Logan and Nicole Moore, $361,500.

Neville Ct., 18-Marlow and Ginene L. Hatter Perez to Meron T. Gebretatyos, $398,720.

Ocala Way, 8-Tyler and Jessica N. Hall to Scott Lichtsinn, $305,000.

Owen St., 5-Richard A. and Aeli Hart to Gary Lee Smith II and Chelsey Dawn Billing, $340,000.

Peacock Station Dr., 38-Michael C. Galu and Cherie L. Davis to James E. Dunstan, $400,000.

Picadilly Lane, 100, No. 202-Jessica Tignor to Jonna Vencil, $150,000.

Pinkerton Ct., 7-Brandon A. Stanhope to Dwight Riley, $599,900.

Portugal Dr., 1008-John Bruce and Carol Daien Helwig to Christopher S. and Frederique Browning, $399,900.

Queensland Dr., 8-FFC Properties Corp. to Banita S. Puller, $365,000.

Regatta Lane, 109-Dayna Morton and Lenore Jean Karafa to Derek Weymouth and Ran Sun, $290,000.

Rock Hill Church Rd., 163-Jean A. Rodino to David Kevin Bridges, $365,000.

Roseville Ct., 6-Justin P. and Karen M. Bettendorf to Robert Donald Pfeit II, $400,000.

Ruffian Dr., 22-Joel and Joelle Neufang to Gregory Patrick and Judy Thama Strong, $640,000.

Saint Marys Lane, 11-Kevin E. and Mindy S. Horace to Harvey Lawrence IV and Amanda Bolanos, $425,000.

Sanford Dr., 430-Brian M. and Jessica J. Kachonik to Samantha Marie and C. John B. Cahill, $279,000.

Scotland Cir., 27-John J. and Arleene Ehrbar to Harley Rodriguez and Josephina Del Carmen Rodriguez, $465,000.

Sedgwick Ct., 102-Claude V. and Karen N. Poole to Arielle Crea, $250,000.

Sharon Lane, 2-John Steven Anthony Jr. and Kelly J. Maguire to Alvin Lorenzo and Olandria M. Johnson, $334,000.

Smithfield Way, 48-Jacqueline C. Strickland to Patricia Banta, $259,000.

Southampton Ct., 102-Estate of Wanda Moseley and Tammy S. Elvetici-Baltzell to Michael David Lewis, $245,000.

Spring Park Lane, 104-Ian M. Kearl to Brandon and Ashley Bucher, $265,000.

Stafford Mews Lane, 315-Victor and Feodosia Vornicescu to Ruben A. and Iris Y. Guevara Flores, $232,000.

Summerfield Lane, 47-Larry D. and Rie F. Carr to Thomas C. and Diana E. Magrino, $357,400.

Sweetbriar Ct., 12-Stephen A. Badolato Jr. to Seth James and Lauren E. Macey, $307,000.

Taylor St., 219-Estate of Leslie Elvidge Enzbrenner and Jean Louise Enzbrenner to Brandon Locklear, $285,000.

Terrace Dr., 108-Kristen D. and Danielle E. Collins to Sridhar Koneru and Suchitra Muppavarapu, $290,000.

Townes Pl., 14-Jean and Shamika Saint Pierre to Tammy G. and Jessica T. Flagler, $235,000.

Truslow Rd., 714-Ervin T. and Ginger A. Wible to Cynthia Larsen, $500,000.

Turtle Creek Way, 28-Kathleen C. Schafer to Drew and Mineko Calhoun, $225,000.

Varone Dr., 13-Kenneth C. Torres to Raymond J. and Madeline H. Cole, $400,000.

Vine Pl., 221-George Allan and Patricia R. Fitzpatrick to Francisco J. Castro, $320,000.

Vista Woods Rd., 115-Justin A. Secor to Cynthia Adams, $314,900.

Warwick Way, 1-Jefferson S. and Susan C. Dunn to John A. Riggins, $405,000.

Westhampton Ct., 37-Jamal J. Howar and Robin Annette Speiss to Roy R. and Sharon E. Roberts, $393,000.

Whitsons Run, 230-Steven D. Epple to Melanie Seipel, $277,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 506-Tamera D. Covington to Franklin E. Vasquez, $179,900.

Winslow Rd., 14-Jake and Christy Redmond to Benjamin Feldbush, $324,900.

Woodstream Cir., 504-Amirah H. Clowers to George Tarpeh, $285,000.