Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Alvyn Lake Cir., 9237-Craig L. and Lindsay M. David to Kamaljit S. and Balwinder K. Sidhu, $384,000.

Benton Lake Rd., 11927-Susan R. and Geoffrey H. Vincent to Alice Yvette Cuffee, $379,000.

Caithness Cir., 12167, No. C-403-Timothy J. Leonard to Taylor Rose Hubbard and Raymond Cody Taber, $285,000.

Clara Barton Dr., 10852-Glenn F. and Marie A. Welling to Michael and Tabitha V. Warren, $575,000.

Cromarty Ct., 9469-Lisa A. and Jason Baugh to Patrick C. and Jennifer M. Crossey, $420,000.


Elliots Oak Pl., 12042-Brenda J. Harkay to Cazzy Jamal and Nikkia Otaiya Jordan, $355,000.


Iona Sound Dr., 12419-Daniel J. Relay and Marine Diaz to Brian S. and Megan Christian, $415,000.

Looking Glass Ct., 9613-Sean P. and Linda M. McCloskey to Alexander Valentino and Lauren Elizabeth Luna, $509,900.

Naughton Ct., 10024-Deborah M. Frost to Zachariah A. and Susan Elizabeth Cherrington, $536,000.

Pentland Hills Way, 10035-Gloria Person-O’Neal to Tendai Madawo and Kevin Mugari, $437,000.

Shardlow Ct., 13551-Henry Pabon Vargas and Ximena Guillen Cerrudo to Phillip E. and Catherine A. Webb, $560,000.

Tarvie Cir., 9676-Linda Ables to Mario Arman and Valerie Ann Duran, $492,500.



Sudley Rd., 4825-Jeffrey A. Scales to Katherine Cilinski-Burke, $421,700.


Bath Ct., 3519-Ricardo Landaverde to Melvin J. Moreira, $255,000.

Brook Dr., 14315-Elery D. and Bich Pham Fudge to Christian O. Rivera and Yuri L. Santillan Gonzalez, $330,000.


Claremont Lane, 3820-Jennifer A. Jones to Alex F. Diaz Lopez and Jenny E. Ayala, $320,000.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4768, No. 46-Mary Regina Kearns to Olivia Osei and Mariama Kella, $325,000.

Dorian Dr., 14828-Kamal K. and Sumada Tripathi to Harman Sodhi, $220,000.

Edgewater Dr., 14716-Joseph and Victoria Gentile Toke to J. Scott Johnson, $310,000.

Evergreen Dr., 4412-Kav Real Estate Services Corp. to Luis Flores and Palma R. Orbelina, $335,000.


Grassy Knoll Ct., 14927-Steven L. and Sarah C. Wimberley to Thomas J. and Beckie J. Goodman, $485,000.

Harvest Sun Rd., 5947-Gary W. and Cheryl H. Kidd to Anthony T. and Kelly D. Williams, $475,000.

Kaslo Dr., 13541-Eugene J. Fisher Jr. to Adonis M. Vargas and Christopher S. Flores-Hernandez, $330,000.

Kona Noe Ct., 13510-Rim Corp. to Mihran Mihranihan and Yossra Hana, $250,000.


Maribelle Pl., 15291-Anthony and Michelle Wallin to Kristen Dore and Jeffrey McAnaney, $576,200.

Nickleson Dr., 13210-Kevin and Kathryn Marie Shaw to Rudy Gumucio and Monica Quintana, $381,000.

Paramount Lane, 13333-Arthur and Lisa M. Martinez to Russell and Kristin Moseley, $405,000.


Quaint Dr., 5426-Brian Stone to Jonathan D. and Diana S. Nicastro, $545,000.

Regal Ct., 13828-Donald J. and Virginia Lanham to Palash M. Chowdhury, $429,900.

Ruxton Dr., 5837-Latiful and Rokeya Haque to Kakuli Akter and Fakhrul Alam, $380,000.

Shetland Ct., 14382-Catherine Doores to Melody D. Moseley, $329,165.

Summerton Lane, 14412-Eric D. and April E. Keeley to Lindsey Beth and Matthew Ernest Hinojosa, $329,999.

Terminal Way, 13003-Walner Homere to Rajendra and Pratima Shrestha, $349,900.

Trawler Dr., 14018-Taffy B. Compain to Stephen A. Rawls, $495,000.



Antrim Cir., 3065-Peter T. Colon III to Manuel F. Ojeda and Irena Gherasimovich, $270,000.


Eby Dr., 4170-Joann F. Amidon to Jose R. Figueroa Perez and Lorena E. Moran De Figueroa, $302,500.

Myrtlewood Dr., 2849-Cornelius W. and Maureen W. Cross to Faustino A. Lazo and Douglas Orellana, $463,500.

Sea Skiff Way, 17137-Ryan M. and Karen Baker to Min Y. and Johanna-Marie J. Lee, $550,000.

Tuckahoe Ct., 3423-Herbert Michael and Taylor Leigh Davis to Ryan Michael White, $272,000.


Alderwood Way, 6531-David B. Cooke and Patricia Painter to Eleanor Williams Hahne, $415,000.

Avalon Isle Way, 6817-Shawn M. and Christina L. Grinvalsky to Mary Rositano and Jamale Vaughn, $320,000.

Basket Ring Ct., 13622-Larry and Bonita S. Byers to Leslie F. Kolman, $530,000.


Brown Thrasher Ct., 8830-Jamin and Megan McClain to Carl J. Ebeling, $409,990.


Cedar Branch Dr., 7776, No. 93-Melissa B. Kirkpatrick to Cheryl and David Wade, $270,000.

Clatterbuck Loop, 14001-Sacid and Paula Mercedes Chehreh to Brian K. Domschke, $567,000.

Culverhouse Ct., 6319-David A. and Joyce Wilsher Madison to Billy Charles and Yumi Kondo Helfrich, $400,000.

Edgartown Way, 6733-Ronald L. and Karen Ann Tillotson to Stephanie Lynn and Joseph C. Merritt, $565,000.

Gillis Way, 6963-Shiv Kumar and Peg E. Futrell to Nigel Walker, $515,000.

Heritage Hunt Dr., 7065, No. 205-Eun Hee Lee to Mae S. Mather, $290,000.

Ladderbacked Dr., 14234-Adam M. and Stephanie V. Mathias Hubka to Bruce A. and Laura N. Hrabak, $531,000.


Links Pond Cir., 14717-Shawn M. and Mary C. Green to Brian Juver Argueta Castillo and Keila Portillo, $420,000.

Manns Harbor Ct., 10483-William and Carrie McKinney to Cary S. Weidemann and Emma K. Putzke, $565,000.


Paddock Ct., 13677-Mae S. Mather to Leonard and Margaret Smith, $535,000.

Prices Cove Pl., 7316-Matthew R. and Laura E. Allen to William Mack Smith, $515,000.

Rogue Forest Lane, 7034-Clifford Wenn to Lynda K. Poles, $336,000.

Senea Dr., 13735-Nathan and Sarah K. Dougan to Jeffrey Brown, $472,500.

Tenbrook Dr., 8380-Bryan Andrew Ruskin and Aleksandra Helena Plutka to Nicholas and Ruby Lim Lassalle, $575,000.

Vinewood Ct., 7725-David Walton Jones to Humayun and Gul G. Tokhi, $510,000.



Alderbrook Dr., 15509-Carol A. Korb to Earnest R. and Laura E. Fedewa, $444,000.

Amelia Springs Cir., 5757-Aurora Stanton to George R. Greene Jr. and Shelley D. Stewart, $500,000.

Bartrams Forest Lane, 6672-Salvatore P. and Marilyn Guarniere to Edmond Baghdassarian and Jessica M. Valdovinos Delgado, $469,100.


Brown Deer Ct., 15558-Taylor Montgomery and Mary Ambrose Carlson to Eric Howard and Frances Launa Young, $640,000.

Foleys Mill Pl., 15728-Dennis M. and Helen C. Puglisi to Michael Anthony and Dana E. Gentile, $850,000.

Holcrest Ct., 14008-Alfred W. and Heather M. DiMarzio to Richard and Trisha Solomon, $540,000.

Little River Rd., 2485-Estate of Stephen Nelson Malick and Ellen Winston Malick to Stacey Whitehead, $527,450.

Oakton Ave., 6633-David A. and Julie A. Milnes to Byron H. and Elizabeth Aquilino, $609,000.

Rising Sun Lane, 14827-James E. Tobias to Fariha and Masood Wakilzada, $275,000.

Ryder Cup Dr., 15633-William M. and Judith A. Mosko to Maya and William Parker Brumfield, $652,500.

Sycamore Park Dr., 6770-David S. and Carrie B. Kennedy to Elizabeth J. Fulmer, $494,500.

Wallasey Ct., 6504-William Robert and Skye Alexandra Berg to Keith C. and Jacqueline B. Washington, $540,000.



Assateague Pl., 5672-Herbert and Betty A. Williams to Mauricio Benitez-Fuentes and Jacqueline Benitez, $477,500.

Belle Grae Dr., 7555, No. 15-7-Carmeil F. Booker to Ryan J. Smith and Nicole M. Beshai, $208,000.

Bland Dr., 7631-Wilfredo Flores and Antonia Portillo Espinal to Ana Leticia Rivas, $373,000.

Brewer Creek Pl., 9005-Cheryl Boruff to Nicholas C. and Charmekia J. Martin, $392,000.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9719-John and Emily Robinson to Clay Robertson, $336,500.

Colonial Village Loop, 6361-Thomas Richard and Anna Marie Ryan to Paul W. and Gretchen L. Steketee, $465,000.

Copeland Dr., 9711-Estate of David R. Burley and Laurie A. Lucas-Burley to Elizabeth Perry Rodriguez and Abel Ulices Henriquez, $398,500.

Dusty Willow Rd., 12832-Brian Vincent Brennan to Mark Andrew and Erica Jay Seabolt, $583,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11997-Martin G. and Cynthia A. Young to David and Talita Mrkich, $495,000.

Gateshead Lane, 7796-Duane F. and Jane C. Thompson to Corey Frost, $265,000.

Heritage Crossing Ct., 8302, No. 58-Cathy J. Williams to Christopher Anthony Cartagena-Nguyen, $340,000.

King George Dr., 9419-Johnny and Jonna G. Carter to Luis A. Guevara, $318,000.

Lafayette Ave., 9701-Stephen J. and Christie M. Scarborough to Santos Angel and Luis M. Contreras Tellez, $340,000.

Lime Tree Ct., 10380-Jason M. and Katherine L. Gabbard to Aziz Binwahid and Arrob Bhatti, $500,000.

Loudoun Ave., 9918-David E. Simpkins to Jose Padilla, $375,000.

Mineral Springs Dr., 8357-Freddie A. and Angela S. Mack to Warren and Yalonda Browne, $525,000.

Peachwood Dr., 10890-Jeff Robert and Laura Catherine Hickman to Richard and Cathryn Starke, $456,000.

Postern Ct., 10907, No. 46-Matthew Perez to James Douglas Pugh Jr., $229,000.

Ramseur Pl., 8205-Page Nelson Jalette to Karam Henin and Sherren Ishak, $336,000.

Sage St., 7503-Tonya A. Diamond to Jose C. Fernandez, $240,000.

Sentry Ridge Rd., 11038, No. 132-North Shore Corp. to Cynthia M. Payne, $210,000.

Stonewall Brigade Ct., 8060, No. 101-Judith A. Zalewski to Jose Gerardo Cruz, $210,000.

Tifton Ct., 6901-David A. and Beth G. Keehan to Michael W. and Shannon Faasen, $569,900.

Trio Lane, 9561-Anthony J. and Lynn M. Black to Serena Chinyere Stepanovic, $478,000.


Barnwood Rd., 8150-Jose A. Espinal to Jason Edward and Leah J. Terrell, $465,000.

Cobble Pond Way, 8173-Allen Stone to Rene A. and Ana P. Chavez, $365,000.

Falls Grove Dr., 8188, No. 13-Zhongbin Zhu to Sandra Raquel Seminario, $322,800.

Lake Dr., 7605-Ryan S. and Gabrielle S. Hanson to Kathleen E. and Bryan W. Conner, $424,000.

Signal Station Dr., 9381-Anjan K. and Meeta Deb to Mark A. and Hee S. Henderson, $517,500.


Anglia Loop, 16761-Michael E. and Kristina Knutson to David Nell and Laura Groff, $488,000.

Beacon Ct., 15692-Kevin John and Joan Marie McKenna to Yazmin Feliciano, $450,000.

Dancing Leaf Pl., 16096-Otto O. and Arlene Y. Banfield to Kathleen E. Caiazzo, $400,000.

Edgewood Dr., 16108-David B. and Angela R. Kuhns to Roy Fune, $425,000.

Hidden Valley Ct., 3989-Paul K. and Jessica E. Basson to Bundhit Intachai, $445,000.

Jasper Loop, 4048-Najia Wessal to Ebony Nicole Webb, $295,920.

Lansdale Pl., 15725-Kurt A. Sanftleben and Amy Sanftleben Collier to Andrew Jeffrey Smyth, $339,000.

Moncure Ct., 15793-Dale R. and Charlene S. Baron to Nicholas Ramsey, $559,900.

Saltwater Dr., 4894-Alexandra F. Chehab to James Bauccio, $262,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5246-Corrine E. and Andrew Kahl to Hugh and Sarah Grimm Stamper, $295,200.

Viewpoint Cir., 15697-John Vincent and Lizzy Macgregor Crongeyer to Sean F. Parker, $305,000.


Amy Lane, 13891-Todd G. Coovert to Jessica Frances Burks, $450,000.

Fitzwater Dr., 14301-Sarah B. Ruckdaschel to Joseph J. Falduti and Alicia A. Nelli, $485,000.

Keyser Rd., 9196-Kristopher R. and Caitlin E. Keyser to Lauren Stewart, $343,000.


Candice Dr., 18317-Glenn O. and Valerie Teets to John C. and Rita Ann Dean, $319,900.

Riverview Dr., 3205-John and Dawn Lafalce to Robert U. and Clarice Hoffman, $479,000.


Adrift Ct., 16828-Jay L. and Kelly L. Rueschhoff to George L. and Katherine S. Hauserman, $524,485.

Armstead St., 13185-Paramount Investments Corp. to Andrea Monroy, $355,000.

Barkham Dr., 14509, No. 267A-Rodney A. Barredo to Michael and Shelby J. Franz, $331,700.

Bentley Cir., 13629-Joel Gouro to Donna Dale Bacon, $295,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2403, No. 508A-Jeffrey L. Bushman to Sherica S. Jackson and Peyton O. Walters, $389,000.

Caleb Ct., 12544-James H. and Laura Lee Gant to Damaris Elizabeth Nochez and Anousak Chokbengboun, $545,000.

Cast Off Loop, 2600-Glenn D. and Barbara S. Werlau to Ruth Bennett and Desmond Mela-Jalloh, $525,000.

Chadwick Ct., 2542-Ramesh and Renu Mirchandani to Ronald Tyrone Jones, $260,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2944, No. 172-Trisha N. and Shawn T. Francis to Doreen Fortune, $270,000.

Colby Dr., 12415-Amira B. Gonzalez and Gary A. Gonzalez-Guzman to Mohammad M. Rahman and Momotaj Akter, $405,000.

Colonial Dr., 1533, No. 204-Maria M. Castillo to Christina A. Goff, $155,000.

Cressida Pl., 3990-Srinivas and Jika Hromek Vaitla to Michael S. Gonza and Sonia Anco Fernandez, $310,000.

Derriford Ct., 12158-John Trammell to Daryl Coffman and Janice O’Lear, $378,000.

Dunleigh Ct., 3022-Brent Ty and Tamara A. Redmon to Christopher B. Young, $315,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 2631, No. 289-3 Sels Properties Corp. to Keshia Nicole McDonald, $309,000.

Farrabow Lane, 11991-Craig A. and Sharon B. Cooper to Arthur R. and Whitney S. Ketchledge, $387,000.

Freshes Lane, 903-Mark A. Chilli to Adela Hunter, $399,500.

Gatehouse Terr., 15376-Aung S. Myint and Pri H. Maran to Truchai Phan, $238,000.

Grayton Lane, 2586-Miguel A. and Tammy Ventura-Reyes to Umair Ali, $312,000.

Grist Mill Terr., 15396-Pratap and Tara P. Singh to Juan C. Vasquez Garcia, $266,500.

Heron Way, 1586-Stephen D. and Peggy L. Cracknell to Yvenson Juste and Roodenerly Pierre, $470,000.

Indiana Ave., 1406-Tina Norman Rose and Angelo J. Carrubba Jr. to Yanira D. Aparicio, $322,000.

Ivy Stone Pl., 2110, No. 177A-Isalmou Boussaa and Kalana Nazoume to John Henry Masuichi McKay, $342,000.

Madeira Ct., 2847, No. 14-6-Joel M. Tangeman to Jason Carlos Gutierrez, $185,000.

Mason Creek Cir., 14840, No. 70-Jong C. Lee to Alex M. Mercer, $335,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2363, No. 2-Steven E. Barrett to Patricia E. Sanders, $383,000.

Montpelier Ct., 13016-Andrew Sunhoo and Eunice Yoonhae Kim to Erik J. and Lindsey M. Wright, $550,000.

Nellings Pl., 11610-Josephine Dittmar to John A. O’Donnell Jr., $340,000.

Park Shore Ct., 12002-Danielle Cooney to Travis Allen Slater and Sameera Ali, $474,500.

Pomander Loop, 13413-Paramount Investments Corp. to Daniel Mammo and Meseret Sime, $319,000.

Putnam Cir., 13190-Alfredo Jose Quijada to Felipe Carlos and Morena D. Bermudez, $275,000.

Renate Dr., 1559, No. 55-Viviana L. Cordero to Sara A. Taman, $359,000.

Rusty Rudder Dr., 16387-Charles and Jennifer L. Williams to Mohammad J. Faqiri, $530,000.

Stallion Ct., 12080-Daniel Colon to Gaston Kokou and Gnandi Jean Kpante, $335,000.

Sweeney Lane, 16809-Marilyn Angelique Nguyen to Abraham Assefa Hailemariam, $351,500.

Trimaran Way, 2448-Clifton Allen Coward Jr. to Nasir Ahmad and Gul Mohammad, $516,000.

Wadsworth Way, 12304, No. 13-John H. McKay to John J. and Ellen C. Windley, $207,000.

Whistling Swan Way, 1620-William D. and Linda S. Hylton to Sokunn Mealea Prak and Kannarith Keo, $545,000.

Winona Dr., 12090-Sue E. Lipp to Jesus E. Fonseca Peralta and Elise Fonseca, $293,000.


These were among homes sold in June in Manassas.

Amaryllis Ave., 9322-John A. Wilkinson Jr. and Howard D. Pond to Joyce Jeaneen Grant, $415,000.

Buttress Lane, 8393, No. 304-Benjamin and Andrea Walls to Daniel Cin, $180,000.

Cheswick Ct., 10122-Andrea K. and Eugene R. Price to Michael Dennis and Sara Jane Harrington, $365,000.

Fendall St., 9951-Moon Byung and Hyun Soon Jeong to Uman S. Jhendi and Sanam Kunwar, $375,000.

Garnet Ct., 9262-Marco Joseph Rea to Rami Al Assaf, $335,000.

Grapewood Ct., 9917-Karen Marie Elrod to Daniel Golaszewski, $160,000.

Kershaw Ct., 9161-Rita B. Choudhury to Jose Misael Lopez, $278,000.

Mahogany Ct., 8632-Enoch J. and Renee E. Green to Marcie A. Babey and James R. Wallace, $288,500.

O’Connell Ct., 10301-Patricia A. Brown to Erick M. Campos and Monica R. Iglesias, $315,000.

Prescott Ave., 9220-Kan Chen to Kamlesh Verma and Saroj Singh, $348,000.

Shannon Lane, 9591-Michael and Leila S. Fox to Rodney and Lillian Hardman, $423,000.

Tito Ct., 10332-Byron Henry and Elizabeth Ann Aquilino to Alexander Henry and Felicia Marie Charbonneau, $390,000.

Wellington Rd., 10019-Rodney and Lillian Hardman to Angel Cortez Vicente, $501,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in June in Manassas Park.

Belo Gate Dr., 9098-Nicholas S. Duke to Uma Maheshawar Mevuri and Ashritha Rasa, $403,000.

Jan St., 9304-Joseph D. and Eva Marie Briseno to Darryl Wright and Angelita Grant, $399,000.

Manassas Dr., 367-Virginia Housing Development Authority to Carol Rodriguez Portillo and Doris E. Rodriquez De Andino, $370,000.

Robin Lee Ct., 9407-Ruth A. Frock to Nathan Bruce Francis, $307,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Almond Dr., 210-David Michael Crawley and Alyson Joyce Deger to Amanda L. Parks and Zachary A. McAvoy, $382,500.

Bailey Ct., 1018-Corey T. and Victoria Cox to Robert H. and Molly M. Emerson, $445,000.

Barrie Pl., 205-Blanche E. Griffin to Mandolin Restivo and Virginia Griebel, $242,000.

Bismark Dr., 44-David Miller to Kenneth D. Jordan, $352,500.

Boulder Dr., 4-Armon D. and Janet E. Brown to Daniel Joseph and Virginia D. Kochis, $420,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 49-Macie C. Nelson to Kadiatu Charm and Axia Allah, $400,000.

Charleston Ct., 7-John D. and Kelly L. Allio to David D. and Sareeta Jackson, $395,000.

Choptank Rd., 114-Ralph Vincent Owen to Richard and Deniece L. Fowler, $323,700.

Clearview Ave., 1004-Dustin and Melanie Johanna Phyllis Moore to Peter Klaus Fillis, $270,000.

Coast Guard Dr., 2022-Aaron and Megan J. Angell to David M. and Theresa Carlson, $331,000.

Cookson Dr., 23-Peter A. and Alice M. Baca to Lori Ann and Cory Daniel Nugent, $369,000.

Curving Branch Way, 26-Leanda N. Garrison and Anthony M. McClees-Funinan to Cameron Blanch, $350,000.

Dewey Dr., 2018-Nickolas and Carillon Veltsistas to Jimmy Harold Tobar, $299,900.

Ellison Ct., 9-Consolidated Contracting Corp. to Noly Gerard and Lori Denise Walker, $385,000.

Falkirk Ct., 304-Michelle Reed Jones to Jones Ahiable and Sandy Baker, $243,000.

Fletcher Dr., 36-Denise Adams to Edson P. Vincente and Bebe Husanini, $385,000.

Freesia Lane, 208-Mark Adam Montgomery to Zachary A. and Kelley M. Phelps, $383,000.

Germanna Way, 204, No. 16-Nathan R. and Kristen D. Halstead to Kevin Anthony Roman, $310,000.

Greenland Ct., 12-Wingrove Investments Corp. to Brianna North, $364,900.

Hickory Hill Overlook Ct., 138-Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Benjamin D. and Kristin M. George, $390,000.

Innsbrook Ct., 33-Eric J. and Therese L. Houser to Celso and Antonia Rodriguez, $545,000.

Jason Lane, 45-David E. and Allison A. Boothe to Glenie Rebecca Villatoro, $378,000.

Julian Dr., 1022-Virginia Home Buyers Corp. to Laurasha M. Sadler and Nikki Lovett, $289,900.

Lake Shore Dr., 115-Wayne L. and Lucy G. Harman to Jonathan S. and Whitney E. Riley, $640,000.

Lee Ct., 12-Paul B. and Joanna M. Phillabaum to Judah M. and Emily Begab, $365,096.

Long Point Dr., 187-Jackson Scott and Jacqueline Jane Beazley to Carl F. and Milagro M. Rumble, $314,000.

Madison Ct., 811-Kimberly M. West to William D. Miller, $200,000.

McPherson Dr., 205-Simon Otero Sierra and Elena Gonzalez De Otero to Michael John and Renee Lynn Donovan, $560,000.

Misty Lane, 57-John B. and Janice L. Magor to Matthew Garcia, $435,000.

Muster Dr., 33-Andrew J. and Ann S. Bieniawski to Victor Scott and Wendy C. Nielsen, $600,000.

Old Mineral Rd., 5-Mark A. and Elizabeth J. Simon to Timothy E. and Akemi Harrelson, $425,000.

Panners Lane, 64-Christopher Jay Dates Jr. to Kyle S. and Samantha E. McKee, $370,000.

Pelican Cv., 102-Anthony S. Richardson to Tamer F. Ahmed, $287,500.

Pinecrest Ct., 11-John Irving and Nancy B. Humphrey to Michael and Jacqueline Peranio, $355,000.

Queen Laurens Ct., 62-Andrew A. and Valerie E. Davis to Joseph A. and Lailah Riboul Parae, $539,500.

Ridgeview Cir., 2-Dennis J. and Amy L. Ingram to Daniel A. Lafountain Jr., $415,000.

Saddle Ridge Lane, 120-Aaronal Homes Inc. to David James and Hyon Ok Zeliff, $677,800.

Sand Dollar Cv., 107-Timothy L. Tate to Francis Kwadwo Amankwah, $290,000.

Shawnee Way, 10-Nicholas P. and Donna M. Mammarella to William B. and Sharon Ann Huntt, $487,500.

Somerville St., 6-Mark J. Plunkett to Travis L. and Micky L. Romack, $387,000.

Stanley Loop, 9-Jes R. Pierce to Michael F. and Amanda N. Koehl, $364,900.

Sunset Dr., 32-Coeur De Lion Corp. and Surrey House Corp. to Robert P. Grant and Billie E. Vonengeln, $469,900.

Tall Oaks Ct., 9-Thomas A. and Nancy L. Pickering to Pablo Martinez Carranza and Adriana Martinez Dominguez, $193,000.

Tavern Rd., 1-Laura Genovese Crisler to Nikki and Raybon Raymond Smith, $449,900.

Town And Country Dr., 95-Brendan K. O’Donnoghue to John Joseph Rybarczyk, $840,000.

Virginia Ave., 29-James H. and Melissa Lanham to John C. and Nicole J. Conder, $330,000.

Washington Dr., 1233-Matthew D. and Dora F. Wilckens to Clinton William and Vanessa Renee Watkins, $499,000.

Wells Rd., 12-Robert B. and Karina K. Elliott to Adrian and Lorie-Anne McCoy, $380,900.

Westhampton Ct., 3-Joseph Scott Anderson to Richard Nixon Morataya and Blanca Elena Toro Lopez, $419,900.

William And Mary Lane, 85-Daniel Joseph and Melissa Kari Gilmore to William and Rhonda Jackson, $358,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 601-Ramon J. and Sonia Munoz to Brad A. Shalloup, $250,000.