Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Bedder Stone Pl., 9664-Sara V. and Barbara Jane Bailey to Patricia Scott Umberger, $340,000.

Big Springs Loop, 9136-Donald Mauney to Saeid and Paula Chehreh, $605,000.

Catapult Lane, 13425-Kenneth Tiscenko to Donna Harrison, $379,900.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13526-Laura Elizabeth Farley Henderson to Ke Zou and Ke Li, $295,000.

Falling Water Dr., 9280-Kimberly Denise Allison to Craig L. and Lindsay M. Davis, $590,000.

General Cooke Dr., 11814-Edmundo Ramirez and Sereitevy Lun-Estrada to Thomas James and Leigh Anne Hunt, $516,000.

Invergordon St., 13070-Michael Brett and Amy Prudhomme to Dustin D. and Rylee Koch, $560,000.

Lanier Overlook Ct., 8481-Bradley J. and Amy M. Qualls to Jose Tojeiro III and Jessenia Ivet Perez, $590,000.

Newtonmore Pl., 13633-Brian W. Blinn to Christian T. and Karen A. Spicer, $625,000.

Penzance Lane, 12334-Brenda E. Gaston and Ana Turcios to Erick D. Velasquez and Sandra Y. Morales, $346,000.

Rannoch Forest Cir., 12855-Ian and Erin Bahring to Abdul Monir and Shaista Khan, $360,000.

Stainsby Ct., 11108-Kristin Annmarie and Milton Matthew Sholley to Matthew S. and Margaret D. Davies, $555,000.

Twin Leaf Dr., 10357-Anthony S. and Jessica G. Johnson to Charles F. and Keshara J. Luster, $535,000.

Waterton Lake Lane, 11911-Mark D. and Tonya L. Reynolds to Charles F. and Julia M. Moser, $438,000.


Alps Dr., 14467-Michael R. and Teresa J. Hogan to Salvador A. Sandoval Guera and Evelyn Sandoval, $485,000.

Andes Ct., 6440-Anita G. Day to Nicholas J. and Shannon R. Loburk, $400,000.

Barksdale St., 14782-Carlos I. Bermudez Jr. to Michael Alan Nazario Miranda, $227,400.

Belleville Ave., 14331-Donald R. and Lafetra A. Galyean to Daisy Garciela Salgado Dwyer, $255,000.

Blasius Ct., 5510-Charles B. and Kate A. Polomsky to Alan and Carrie Simpkins, $565,000.

Buffalo Ct., 3530-Dean E. Smith to Tai On Chan, $239,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14151, No. 13-Jung-A K. Hone to Rony V. Thakkar and Tejal J. Patel, $204,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14197, No. 43-Chelsea S. Palmer to Tina D. Cervantes and Manuel A. Cervantes Pineda, $209,000.

Edgewater Dr., 14800-Jerry C. Black Jr. to Keni Martinez, $328,000.

Endsley Turn, 14680-Shonda M. Rizo to Veronica Magali Poacheco, $250,000.

Fairview Lane, 14303-Saleem S. Rizvi to Jonathan Sarager, $307,500.

Ferrara Terr., 4117-Prophet & Koehrtaker Corp. to Gustavo Velasco and Daniel Velasco Revollo, $272,000.

Frishman Ct., 4928-Martin V. and Kathleen K. Fox to Asia A. and Victoria Rena Webb, $465,000.

Granby Rd., 4318-Kelly Lee and Shane Otis Tabaka to Austin Louis and Kara Chevlin, $347,000.

Holiday Ct., 4207-Keley and Mary Kay Hill to Bradley B. and Lauren Lam, $340,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13708-Jesus A. Perez to Juan P. Paredes Hiraeta and Sonia I. Paredes Romero, $340,000.

Lake Terrapin Dr., 5135-Victor and Mary H. Fuenes to Christopher Ruperto Aponte and Diana Pacheco Oquendo, $530,777.

Lindendale Rd., 14215-Romulo D. and Gloria F. Sarmiento to Jose W. and Samuel Barahona, $272,000.

Moon Way, 3523-Nicole E. and Zachary T. Schmidt to Faisal Ehsan, $330,000.

Neath Dr., 15612-Robert F. and Lorna Brett Willis to Markit N. and Marcus L. Lyons, $500,000.

Osprey Ct., 6462-Thomas D. and Gina Anne Ware to Anderson Junior and Alisha Monique Anderson Goodridge, $478,000.

Pepco Ct., 6012-George W. and Suzan Rozaly B. Croft to Hector S. Trejo Argueta and Berta A. Trejo, $375,000.

Prather Pl., 4657-Dianna G. Montague to Patrick James Ryan, $237,000.

Rhode Island Dr., 5735-David H. and Noemi P. Hyman to Dagem A. Tessema and Tehut T. Meheretu, $435,000.

Sandal Ct., 5574-Charlie and Sonja R. Armstrong to Paulo Cesar and Belissa Naupari, $325,000.

Shetland Ct., 14375-Sheryl L. Snell-Massine to Kevin Michael Lupo and Micaela Marie Pupek, $332,000.

Springbrook Ct., 14323-Salvador A. and Evelyn Y. Sandoval to Jose D. Galdamez, $330,000.

Trident Lane, 6160-Russell and Betty A. Dillard to Rickey Lee Augustoki III, $295,000.


Antrim Cir., 3055-Mohammad E. and Kobra Nouristani to Juana Cardoza, $279,999.

Cahill Lane, 3039-Thomas I. and Emilia Fields to Mohammed Feroz Hossain, $330,000.

Gibson Mill Rd., 17000, No. 85-Nicholas S. and Layel Pallesen to Yasir Govan and Sarah Kazim Lakha, $400,000.

Hampstead Ridge Ct., 17677-3sels Properties Corp. to Matthew Lawrence and Latosha Renee Thompson, $399,000.

Medford Dr., 2935-Eugene Andrew Scott II to Kaitlyn Mahafkey and Spencer McDaniel, $485,000.

Sea Skiff Way, 17149-Herby Hyman and Cheronda Cherry-France to Thomas J. and Susan J. Welsh, $555,000.

Woods View Dr., 17905-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Stanley B. and Yolanda H. Riley, $580,000.


Alderwood Way, 6512-Edward R. Whittington to Mary Munsie, $515,000.

Banbury Dr., 4317-Steven A. and Ana S. Wilburn to Adam and Alexis Bartman, $630,000.

Catbird Dr., 14142-Vincent A. and Kelly L. Knight to Kamal Ahmed and Zahra Mohamoud, $400,000.

Clatterbuck Loop, 14049-Tzu Ying Chen to Vincent and Janelle Buggio, $530,000.

Culloden Crest Lane, 7851, No. 84A-Kevin Carter to Joe and Zahira Morales, $355,000.

Dancing Twig Dr., 13997-Jon V. and Rebecca A. Shields to Tomas Jose and Stephanie G. Rodriguez, $472,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13472-Clevester and Dorris B. Hawkins to Albert E. and Kathryn A. Theberge, $439,000.

Harefield Lane, 8704-Paul and Grace Kim to Omar E. Rivera-Charneco and Johanna Maldonado, $518,000.

Hastenbeck Dr., 13762-Joshua Avery Collier to Matthew and Taylor Ball, $532,000.

Hunters Run Way, 14200-William C. and Lori B. Woolf to Naveed Khan and Anees Rehman, $350,000.

Lee Carter Rd., 15912-Mau T. and John R. Kugelman to Vance Roland and Juliane Marie Buffington, $475,000.

Lords View Loop, 8748-Francis J. and Kristen F. Angilletta to Ryan and Miae Seeba, $615,000.

Morven Park Lane, 6432-Robert P. and Laura C. Snyder to Jesse M. and Samantha Hancock, $624,900.

Ransom Oaks Ct., 15013-Ronald D. and Jo E. Frost to Saed M. and Zahra Matin, $664,900.

Ryton Ridge Lane, 13620-Deborah A. and Jennifer Louise Maroney to Garrett and Margaret S. McKenzie, $460,000.

Santander Dr., 15157-David C. and Stephanie R. Hoover to Norman K. and Camille Evans, $545,000.

Senea Dr., 13762-Hwagyu Rim and Eunju Ji to Thomas Fatu and Jamie Lynne Salima, $491,000.

Tackhouse Loop, 8496-Brandon L. and Jessica Mary Daniel to Brian Daniel Lawler and Allison Bunner, $346,000.

Windy Hollow Cir., 15098-Scott J. and Kimberley R. Davis to Georgereeco J. Wigfall and Jasmine Jefferson, $649,500.


Aster Haven Cir., 6159, No. 62-Norman K. Evans to Daniel Michael and Sally Dellamonica, $310,000.

Dowden Downs Dr., 14300-Bank of New York Mellon and CWMBS to Bernardo Rene Flores, $593,250.

Guilford Ridge Rd., 14509-Ann M. and Rodney G. Hilkert to Thomas J. Keefe, $442,500.

Little John Ct., 6935-Michael T. and Charlene B. Manning to Jaimee L. and Harry Reuben Chazen, $499,999.

Loudoun Dr., 1052-Lawrence Schultis to Edward M. Leonard, $220,000.

Orrington Lane, 6824-Thomas James and Leigh Anne Hunt to Elshan Rasulov, $412,000.

Pitner St., 16057-Chad Alan and Alexis Kearney Kaltreider to Kristen B. and James P. Harrwood, $420,000.

Royal Crest Dr., 15251, No. 204-11-Mark T. and Donna L. Raczysnki to Bernice Maples, $319,000.

Simmons Grove Dr., 14900-Mark Smith to Michael Alexander and Ashley Renee Pittman, $505,000.

Verde Pl., 14356-Joshua C. and Rachel M. Koch to Jeffrey E. and Christina Hunt, $425,000.

Waterloo Bridge Cir., 5930-Steven A. and Hilai H. Reeder to Gavin D. and Lilian R. Morrison, $850,000.


Acer Ct., 6360-Robert B. and Martha A. Kennie to Curt and Sandra Cummins, $619,000.

Bayonet Way, 8111, No. 203-N-Ahmad-Hamed S. Jabarkhail to Argelia Aguilar Contreras and Eric D. Taub, $225,000.

Brewer Creek Pl., 8988-Latrice V. Davis to Javed and Mariam J. Aslam, $360,000.

Canova Springs Pl., 8019-Thomas Michael and Karen Elaine Laufer to Thomas D. and Gina Anne Ware, $665,000.

Community Dr., 8010-Top Floor Investments Corp. to Glenda Mejia Melgar, $215,000.

Dusty Willow Rd., 12840-Ronald R. and Cassaundra M. Lorenzo to Matthew A. and Jennifer J. Hartlove, $554,900.

Happy Creek Rd., 6290-Israel D. and Rose Mary Escabi to Elizabeth and Jeremy Kirkland, $536,000.

Heritage Crossing Ct., 8321, No. 37-Aaron B. and Maria V. Johnsen to Louis Custodio, $352,500.

Hinton Way, 10789-Rizzo L. Goeyns to Elliott J. Spranger, $385,000.

Jamaica Lane, 10189-Alizerette Hernandez Vega to Jose A. Galindo, $302,500.

Light Guard Loop, 11125-Jimmy H. and Viravone Virath to Jose Edgardo Mercado and Ligia K. Flores Baide, $315,000.

Malbrook Ct., 6561-Virginia and Mark D’Antonio to Anthony J. Collura, $379,950.

Mineral Springs Dr., 8354-Matthew G. and Danielle Mutone Smith to Gilberto Esquivel and Yuvixa L. Telles Florian, $500,000.

Nimitz Ct., 9833-D.C. Experts Group Corp. to Aaron T. Walker, $385,000.

Pennycress St., 10915-Lisa Renee McGee Chambers to Irfan Haider, $449,900.

Rienzi Pl., 11200, No. 201-9-Sampson P. Zigah to April D. Vencill, $199,990.

Sam Keys Lane, 7770-Sheryl Keller to Tyson M. Montessi, $250,000.

Stagestone Way, 11125-Houzzbuyer Corp. to Beverly K. Clyburn, $269,000.

Sudley Manor Dr., 9517-Michael S. and Marissa A. Eanes to Josue Luis Baquerizo Cardenas and Maria A. Ovando Alfaro, $405,000.

Token Valley Rd., 7078-Xiaobao Dang and Ming Qing Shen to Yong Xing and Zhilin Huang, $247,659.

Van Doren Rd., 13663-Noah T. and Marla J. Flick to Chelsea Angeline and Flavio Cesar Garcia, $407,500.

Winged Elm Cir., 10237-Richard W. and Kimberly L. Early to Chris and Lori Haskell, $459,000.

Yuma Ct., 10218-Shahin Tadayon to Christopher and Ashley Castellano, $254,000.


Amherst Dr., 7712-Paramount Investments Corp. to Jose Francisco Hernandez Orellana and Gladis Dominga Hernandez, $349,900.

Carrie Lane, 7915-Kip and Ronda S. Anderson to Jennifer Leigh Harp, $336,000.

Frog Hollow Ct., 8202-Paula A. Kimber-Rath to Dallas and Tabitha Zocher Hood, $355,000.

Manassas Forge Dr., 9719-Michael and Katherine Lyons Williamson to Huu Dhung Bui and Hue Le, $464,900.

Rugby Rd., 8091-Matthew Jason and Jessica Marie Cernoch to Juan Espinoza-Lopez and Leslie Karin Suarez, $385,000.

Yorkshire Lane, 9007-Beulah Jean Randal to Carlos Ariel Rivera Juarez, $320,000.


Autumn Lane, 15396-Kara and Brenda Pendergast to Mark A. and Rachael L. Carpenter, $370,000.

Buena Vista Dr., 5013-Grant C. Hayes II and Jessica Peace to Ronald Josh and Michelle Bowers, $300,500.

Devonald Pl., 15794-Stanley J. and Sharyn G. Jarzombek to Timothy E. and Amanda L. Long, $690,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17596-Russell E. and Judith L. Powell to Rene S. and Sheri L. Lehman, $420,500.

Holleyside Dr., 15043-Steven D. and Mary Pat Mabeus to Patricia McMillan, $450,000.

La Mauricie Loop, 4172-Vicki M. Kinney to Ashleigh Keele, $310,000.

Moncure Dr., 15812-Valerie B. Byrd to Christine Ann Fewell, $439,000.

Rising Fawn Terr., 16235-William J. and Carolyn M. Daly to John E. and Renee P. Leavens, $535,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5242-James R. and Rosalie M. Garcia to Naomi Williams, $295,000.

Timber Ridge Dr., 4736-Celeste J. Cistaro to Andre Jamal and Raven Bowden, $459,900.

Whisperwood Ct., 14496-James and April Shpil to Malcolm H. and Kathryn G. Squires, $292,000.


Foster Lane, 7243-Melissa M. Phillips to Jeffrey C. and Tabitha J. Norton, $698,000.

Keyser Rd., 9103-Mirza Javed Iqbal Baig to Justin M. and Cienna C. McCauley, $362,000.

Vint Hill Rd., 12868-Sally W. and Michael G. Richa to Ana Carcani and Clifford Lee Rold, $675,000.


Washington St., 160-Jordan A. and Jessica D. Stone to Han Sol Kim and Hyunjeong Shin, $400,000.


Dondis Creek Dr., 3349-Revon Antonio and Latrease Denise Limbrick to Muhammad U. Naveed and Muhammad S. Iqbal, $545,000.

Stonewall Manor Dr., 3713-Elbert Woodall III to Eliscia S. Singleton, $520,000.


Abbey Knoll Ct., 12420-Kevin P. Browning to Zachary and Faith Nicole McDonald, $350,000.

Antietam Rd., 11809-Robert L. and Tristan J. Murray to Garret J. Woo and Brian J. Shields, $530,000.

Balsam St., 14635-Daniel W. Snyder to Sikandar Zaman, $263,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 104-Earnest L. Baucom and Viola J. Jarmillo to Kevin L. Brown and Susan A. Ford, $495,000.

Berwick Pl., 4317-Edward T. and Ines G. Cuneo to Juan Carlos Chavez Perdomo and Brenda Y. Chavez, $470,000.

Bramblewood Lane, 16549-Kenneth A. Luciani to Desserrae L. Stephens, $367,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2441, No. 493A-Wanda D. Chandler to Maurice Roberts and Michelle Ann Diggs, $368,000.

Cast Off Loop, 2700-James and Ladonna Lenzini to Elizabeth L. Jalloh and Mohamed Kpaka, $539,900.

Chetham Way, 4020-Carlos A. La Costa II to Peyton Lamar and Atiya Tobe, $260,000.

Colchester Ferry Pl., 13340-Franklin F. and Sally J. Ballinger to Kimberly Renee Menius, $445,000.

Cressida Pl., 4054, No. 74-Rebecca Lynn Vaught to Marisol Tamariz, $275,000.

D St., 1426-Linda M. Miner to James Roy and Hannah Elise Isabella, $333,000.

Deerfield Lane, 1400-Christine Austin to Jarrin A. and Danielle G. Moore, $301,100.

Eastbourne Dr., 2611, No. 279-Carl W. and Josette L. Sandvik to Harvinder Singh and Navneet Kaur, $298,000.

Essex Dr., 14110-Maria A. and Jose Fermin Rodriguez to Hevert A. and Santos R. Rodriguez Marquina, $375,800.

Fennegan Ct., 3084-Joseph J. and Dianne L. Werner to Pamela E. Hairston, $390,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1055, No. 303-6B-Warren McGee Sr. to Rayisha Smith, $205,000.

Glenriver Way, 2646-Fariba Naim to Zabah and Sajad Ahmad Fahim, $369,900.

Gullane Dr., 13881, No. 98-Tara Pineno Wilson to Barbara L. Riley, $356,000.

Hill Meade Lane, 11537-Leslie H. Garber to Abraham Murillo Rodriguez and Katia D. Barragan Jimenez, $332,000.

Imperial Eagle Ct., 16036-Felicia A. Trovato to Erin Masly, $490,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15713, No. 116-Philip Sai Chi Ho and Kong Mai Yang to Yave Guillermo Moya, $301,500.

King Elm Ct., 2816-Jeffrey J. and Jean M. Cox to Jordon Timothy and Susan Sang Ewers, $480,000.

Leicestershire St., 15257, No. 140-Maria Reyle Krupinski to Jason A. Canady, $345,000.

Lockleven Lane, 12906-Janet Mescus to German Morales, $304,777.

Madeira Ct., 2831, No. 15-1-Lataiasha Nicole Tayeh to Joseph Alexander Cruz Diaz, $205,000.

Marsala Ct., 2945-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Nikki Redfearn, $320,000.

Mayflower Dr., 2062-Afroza Hossain to Korls Sobhy and Tahany Attia, $326,000.

Melcombe Ct., 11680-Carol Ann Thompson to Russell J. and Patricia M. Kozerski, $390,000.

Michigan Rd., 15210-DHF Investment Corp. to Lisbeth I. Delcid Solis and Maria A. Marquez, $325,000.

Misty Lane, 12828-Eric D. Zickafoose to Michael Stephen and Marcella Louise Spivey, $325,000.

Montreal Ct., 11970-Anthony and Ashley Wiest to Elaine H. Christophe, $430,000.

Mulberry Ct., 12325-Link Customs Corp. to Benjamin Nils Westling and Corrie Rachel Heisey, $451,000.

Oak Valley Dr., 2624-Bradley L. and Lisa R. Knox to Felicia Amanning, $335,000.

Old Marsh Rd., 1518-Pat O. and Mildred Carter to Milton J. Rocha Encinas and Emilse M. Guzman, $665,000.

Palomino Pl., 12493-Timothy M. and Susan H. McKenzie to Joseph I. and Courtney Siegenthaler, $515,000.

Periwinkle Lane, 4307-James B. and Angela L. McCluskey to Shawn and Jodie Elizabeth McMillen, $736,900.

Potomac Path Dr., 13394-Dennis A. and Tamera L. Wischmeier to Ricardo E. and Christine Renee Mediano, $643,000.

Princeton St., 12240-Nancy E. Navarro to Rheda T. Waring, $285,000.

Radburn St., 16246-Jose and Deborah Mercado to Habtu Zemech, $452,500.

Russell Rd., 3721-Neil F. and Nancy G. Mitchell to Klever Paul Almeida and Heather Clark, $550,000.

Sidney Way, 12766-Kulwant Singh Mathadroo to Shimkeya Parveen, $357,500.

Steerage Cir., 16496-Rickey L. and Mishenda S. Siggal to Nica Smith, $410,000.

Sturbridge Rd., 13229-John and Shelly Coppock to Javier Amador, $349,900.

Tolson Pl., 11708, No. 7-Colin J. Heath to Timothy J. and Deborah R. Lemont, $199,000.

Tory Loop, 13145-Stephen P. Prescott to Farhad Hashemi, $337,000.

Wetherburn Ct., 2918-Harry Bol Corp. to Omar Daniel Camacho, $235,000.

Woodfern Ct., 2607-Steven George and Michelle Erin Gill to Irina V. Vasilyeva and Josue Montelongo, $489,900.


These were among homes sold in July in Manassas.

Ariel Ct., 8730-Clinton E. and Dorothy McKinney to Mohan Chandra and Lila Gautam Acharya, $320,000.

Cannon Ridge Dr., 8959-Mohammad and Ferdous A. Alam to Nezamuddin and Gulsoma Sayed, $303,000.

Chancellorsville Lane, 9540-Matthew David and Theresa Marie Kitchen to Jill Marie Cronin, $305,000.

Easton Ct., 9214-Gregory D. and Judy A. Manges to Robert Monroe Browning III, $310,000.

Garst Dr., 9316-Vincent Gerard Breckley to Fabian K. and Marshalee Veronica Brown, $320,000.

Grapewood Ct., 9944-Christopher Colgan to Sandra Leigh Givens, $189,900.

Ivy Glen Ct., 8473-Douglas N. Marquez to Brandon Keely Hetu and Jennifer Lee Schaaf, $275,000.

Lee Ct., 9520-Samuel Santiago-Rodriguez and Marilu Sanchez Bonilla to Rodney Bryant Jr. and Walter L. Ambrose III, $305,000.

McClellan Cmn., 9077-David Lee and Meredith Ann Short to Robert M. Ames, $250,000.

Portner Ave., 9047-Bruce A. Velez and Juanita M. Salinas to Mauro Martinez-Quinteros and Ana Myriam Ulloa Miranda, $185,000.

Racquet Cir., 10270-Daniel and Sunisa Yorgason to Maria M. Hernandez and Jose E. Hernandez Pineda, $399,000.

Sandalwood Dr., 9006, No. A-Eric M. Lancaster and Brittany K. Edwards to Elizabeth Joanna Salinas, $204,425.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9460-Davis P. Nzabanita to Mostafa M. and Esmet E. Talaat, $170,000.

Taney Rd., 9412-Miles M. Simpson and Wade W. Franklin to Nadia Zainy, $249,900.

Wax Myrtle Way, 9337-Jose A. Quintanilla to Faheem Chaudhry and Iqra Mahmood, $255,000.

Witch Hazel Way, 9327-Regina S. Evans to Trinidad Nolasco and Jose A. Arevalo, $233,900.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in July in Manassas Park.

Cougar Ct., 9308-Robert M. and Eileen M. Moseley to Deepak Gyan and Monica Dev, $430,000.

Kent Dr., 247-Brush & Book Corp. to Jennifer Villatoro, $235,000.

Pierce St., 110-Stuart M. and Dorothy M. Wampler to Manuel Serrano, $293,000.

Wilcoxen Dr., 9400-David O. and Donna A. Dixon to Christopher Webster Hunt, $325,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Ambrose Lane, 113-Vincent L. and Pamela A. Wilkerson to Leslie Elizabeth Clark, $299,850.

Apricot St., 204-Patricia Li Hooks to Robert Blasetti, $373,500.

Aquia Dr., 1429-Joseph W. and Patricia A. Hoyt to Goerge Clinton Snider, $539,900.

Atlantic Dr., 1003-Liston H. and Kristine S. Pennington to Michelle Renee Williams, $360,000.

Berkshire Dr., 52-Venancio and Evelyn Maysonet to Nadia and Jordan Northrup, $298,000.

Blossom Tree Ct., 30-Scott and Michele Lamberson to Stephanie and Mary Starkey, $440,000.

Bradbury Way, 8-Sean E. and Yuki T. Moore to Amie W. Hickerson, $490,000.

Brentwood Lane, 12-Shawn M. Kirk to Nilson Yadir Lopez Ramos and Erika K. Hernandez, $270,000.

Bryant Blvd., 33-William Philip and Donna Marie Clark to Kelly Alice Brown, $310,900.

Charter Gate Dr., 47-Joseph and Brooke Gaffney to Amanda Sue and William Thomas Morris, $382,000.

Choptank Rd., 271-Shannon Gallagher to Ali Almeheady, $310,000.

Colyer Rd., 8-Paramount Investments Corp. to Lindsey D. Keen, $277,900.

Cookson Dr., 59-Christopher M. and Jennifer Lynn Flood to Penny Lynn Woodall, $378,000.

Crossridge Ct., 101-Alejandro and Veronica Deleon to Rosa Hernandez, $243,000.

Denison St., 142-Dallas A. and Catherine M. Bisignano to Thomas E. Cottrell Jr., $316,000.

Donovan Lane, 122-Stephen and Ashley Antley to Brett M. Lane and Melissa M. Neuman, $710,000.

Ebony Ct., 7-William J. and Angela A. Szuminski to Kaitlyn Rachele Isaac Barbee and Lawrence Charles Hunter, $289,900.

Freesia Lane, 117-Brian and Claire Townsend to Kenneth Marshall Jr., $515,000.

Garrisonville Rd., 2841-Patrick H. Holland to Lidia Natali Damas and Conce Sorto Amaya, $292,000.

Harpoon Dr., 2417-Eric Joseph and April Lynn Saulsgiver to Matthew Allen and Lori Amato Knopp, $354,000.

Hatchers Run Ct., 611-Gerald J. and Nadia L. Caron to Boris A. Rodrigeuz, $260,000.

Holly Ct., 16-William J. and Sharon Hunt Tanner to Roberto Waldy Gonzalez, $505,000.

Iris Lane, 29-Michael A. and Jane T. Sotelo to Scott Daniel Kenney and Jennifer Ann Berrios Vasquez, $455,000.

Jett St., 613-Becky S. Croom to Tammy Lee Mintler, $349,900.

Lake Shore Dr., 122-Medford J. and Mary-Gordon B. Brown to John Jesse and Veronica Salinas Gutierrez, $443,000.

Leeland Rd., 807-Dennis R. and Elaine R. Ottley to Shane Edwin Hollar, $410,000.

Linden Ct., 11-Marianne Kasmer to Glenda Binns Brown, $350,000.

London Way, 16-Carlos D. Rojas-Rodriquez to Jeremiah Ming and Jocelyn A. Moore, $450,000.

Manning Dr., 1040-Eric D. and Amanda Lewis to Jonathan Morton, $253,000.

Mews Ct., 505-Michael D. and Evangelina Wise to Nelson A. Portillo, $224,000.

Montpelier Dr., 306-Ray A. Cooper to Juan A. and Angela D. Hernandez, $399,900.

Mt Hope Church Rd., 231-Sona Inc. to Joab and Ashley Congrains, $552,000.

Nugent Dr., 44-Zachary T. and Jennifer D. Lowe to Stephen S. and Karrie L. Jaster, $495,000.

Ocala Way, 4-Charlene M. Abbatoy to Robert Jervon Brown, $320,000.

Palladio Dr., 22-Michael J. and Joy C. Fazio to Zachary Starnes and Kari Lynn Ramage, $474,900.

Pinnacle Dr., 500-Nina K. Hambrick and Corey L. Lewis to Ashley S. Robinson and Darrin T. Baker, $255,000.

Powhatan Ct., 307-Mashal Amarkhel to Bersabe Sandoval Zelaya, $170,000.

Puritan Pl., 35-John C. and Elsbeth M. Flippen to Carlton M. Carter, $409,000.

Richards Ferry Rd., 512-Nathaniel and Cynthia Guy to Joseph and Brooke Gaffney, $519,000.

River Ridge Lane, 51-Mark Uzzell to Joseph Van Sickle and Morgan Carpenter, $520,000.

Rosepetal St., 15-Safah Inc. to Angela Therese Austin, $389,000.

Royce Ct., 309-Duaine and Heidi Moreau to Sonya Gonzalez, $275,000.

Saint Charles Ct., 15-Bruce and Gemma Kong to Andrew Dixon and Lynn Bradshaw, $440,000.

Shadwell Ct., 21-Estate of Gail D. Russell and Dawn Marie Miller to Treva Reid, $364,900.

Short Branch Rd., 110-Cameron R. Jacks to Joseph Tung Pham, $315,000.

Stafford Glen Ct., 200-Virginia Bolton to Simone E. Gentles, $255,000.

Sunrise Valley Ct., 4-Nathaniel D. and Lauren L. Huttner to Eric Arthur and Jennifer Lynn Kubilus, $410,000.

Tavern Rd., 21-Joseph and Teri A. Nellis to Shannon and Brian Gallagher, $470,000.

Townes Pl., 49-Lashawan D. Bogues to Jacob and Rachel Dellinger, $249,800.

Tudor Ct., 7-Salim M. and Mastora Ayub to Walter A. Rivera Lopez and Jennifer M. Gonzalez Argueta, $455,000.

Via De Rosa Dr., 326-U.S. Bank and Rmac Trust to Christopher William and Alissa L. Savage Paul, $324,900.

Wateredge Lane, 121-Joseph R. Moulton to Richard W. and Linda Coleman, $690,000.

Wesberry Ct., 89-Susan U. Ritter to Douglas S. and Connie S. Schroeder, $570,000.

Wheelwright Lane, 14-Angelo Robert and Jaymie Elissette Pompeo to Tasheena Marie and Gregory Louis Walker, $500,000.

Winding Creek Rd., 97-Jeffrey B. and Mary A. Avery to Ines Rosarion and Luis Nino De Guzman, $320,000.

Winning Colors Rd., 21-John Walter and James Alderman Wolfe to Melissa Amber Leeah, $579,900.