Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in August were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Bedder Stone Pl., 9690-David Fuentes and Flor Martinez to Sarah Sivers, $359,910.

Crider Ct., 10909-Takako Walker to Adel Fakious, $536,500.

Pentland Hills Way, 10008-Kristofer C. and Kristin Kasselder to Adam G. and Emily Hendrickson, $431,000.

Shardlow Ct., 13550-Kevin J. and Jessica Moreau to Vanessa Sandin, $510,000.

Warren Falls Lane, 9308-Abby and Dominick J. Izzo to Vonetta M. Christian, $430,000.


Barksdale St., 14761-Ethan Properties Corp. to Henry De Los Reyes and Martha G. Castillo De Gomez, $268,000.

Crotona Ct., 14842-Cinde L. Wiser and Francis L. McVeigh II to Joshua M. Mackay, $475,000.

Grassy Knoll Ct., 14903-Victor M. and Jennifer L. Abelson to Abbrahim and Sadia Beg, $470,000.

Mapledale Ave., 14204-Beverly J. Revard to Johnny M. Clemons, $334,900.


Porters Inn Dr., 16912-Colton Donald Bednarski to Troy E. Miller III, $285,000.

Vidalia Ct., 3005-Simon and Juliet Rosa to Ifedolapo Oyetimehin and Paul O. Oni, $487,000.


Brunson Cir., 7438-Darlene P. Cosby to Mark James and Kimberly A. Capriani, $346,000.

Chancellorsville Dr., 6210-Toll VIII Partnership to Warren James and Ellen M. Eisenhower, $607,934.

Crescent Park Dr., 7991-David L. and Robin A. Conboy to Jose Fernandes, $314,000.

Indigo Bunting Ct., 14057-P.J. Adjei Prempeh to Darren R. and Vida C. Cyrus, $402,500.

Screech Owl Ct., 8845-Stephen Bashore to Shahid and Shahreen Paracha, $459,000.


Armour Ct., 5242-Paula M. and Michael H. Olejarz Jr. to Kenneth R. and Joan Lee Weller, $465,000.

Donna Marie Ct., 4301-Patrick and Renee Yocum to Stephanie and Harold Schmidt, $740,000.

Monte Vista Lane, 15960-Edward Charles Elliott to Warren and Karen Welbourn, $430,000.


Black Horse Ct., 7767-JLG Investments Corp. to Sandra I. Aguilar, $350,000.

Caraway Cir., 10856-Shane and Luisa Mowery to Davronbek and Kamola Mukhamedjanova, $380,625.

Hume School Ct., 15588-Paul Edward and Sherri Lynn Mason to Darren T. and Yolanda A. Burnett, $590,000.

Meadowgate Dr., 7900-Muquarrab and Raana Ahmed Qureshi to Saira R. Saghir and Muhammad Ibrahim, $490,000.

Stone Hill Lane, 10808-Heather R. Schiermeyer to Alex Valle and Paige Mendiola, $300,000.

Visionary Ct., 7702-Mark Moore to Katherina and Todd E. Kirby, $586,000.


Cold Harbor Loop, 8587-Thu and Mung Thi Nguyen to Madan and Pratima Koirola Acharya, $313,000.

Towering Oak Way, 8078-Andrew Adjei Koduah and Felicity Asare to Christopher and Camio L. Cadwell, $515,000.


Golf Club Dr., 15483-Patricia A. Zechman to Kimberly Closs, $339,900.

Marbury Heights Way, 15735-Darren T. and Yolanda Burnett to Christina C. and Christopher M. Simpson, $525,000.

Taconic Cir., 16167-Daryl R. Patrick to Dora Roxana Rivera Claros, $294,990.

Timber Ridge Dr., 4680-Benedict O. and Joann Acosta to Jacqueline Claudette Smith and Jonathan Francis, $595,000.


Greenwich Rd., 7603-Donald L. Wallace and estate of Beverly Ann Wallace to Timothy Craig Phillips, $364,900.


Washington St., 86-Manpreet and Manjot K. Singh to Brianne Krenicky, $460,000.


Admiral Dr., 1413-Helen Stevens to Truc D. Mai, $330,000.

Barrows Lane, 11747-Sam and Hanna Yacoub to Mohamed Elamin Elmadani and Seble Nadew Mekonen, $385,000.

Bombay Way, 12737-Dorothy S. Reeves to Memunatu S. Deen, $369,900.

Burgundy Pl., 2849-Jameson M. Willoughby and Jensue M. Ferrell to Dmitry Novak, $198,900.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 3023-Mary Miller Van De Steeg to Antoinette Josephine Padmore and Wesley Sprinkle, $282,500.

Corinthia Ct., 11490-Mary L. Oliver to Seth A. and Natalie Guin, $234,200.

Eastbourne Dr., 2450-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Sharon Grand, $281,900.

Freestone Ct., 12923-Errol E. Ekener to Lisa Ann Davis, $320,000.

Leatherwood Lane, 12910-Derris P. and Nakia S. O’Bryant to Weilin Yan and Haiyan Liu, $407,500.

Maple Leaf Lane, 13328-Deborah A. and Donald W. Masching to Jennifer Dubina, $303,200.

Montpelier Ct., 13010-Thomas J. and Consuela T. Aubin to Priamo J. Compres and Josephine A. Pichardo, $560,000.

Norwood Lane, 819-Mark F. and Barbara S. Frazier to Herber A. and Maria L. Aquino, $365,000.

Penfold Ct., 1985-Timothy Hannaway and estate of Cecile Hannaway to Irene F. Dennis, $375,000.

Sea Lawn Pl., 16881-Jevette Worthy to Eugene Agyekum and Ellen K. Osei, $320,000.


These were among homes sold in August in Manassas.

Artillery Rd., 8516-Jose Manuel Delgado to Samuel E. Escobar and Aroni Velasquez Rodriguez, $360,000.

Branchview Lane, 9647-Shaun and Lauren Barrett to Peter Andrew and Samantha A. Lopez, $435,000.

Gregorys Grove Ct., 10241-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Julio Castellanos Pena and Edgar Rocael Salguero, $469,900.

New Britain Cir., 9140-Billy Jean Hogan to Ingrid Magali Castro Garcia, $255,000.

Tyler Ct., 9012-Elmer A. Figueroa and Santiago Bonilla to Sandra Yaneth and Taylor Marie Herrera, $272,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in August in Manassas Park.

Brandon St., 9333-Eduardo R. and Naomi R. Macapagal to Phuong V. Do, $475,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in August were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Acadia St., 66-Jonathan and Jodi Lindley to Shannon P. Keenan, $369,000.

Alvin Ct., 2-Adam and Jessica Gooden to Alyssa and Domnick Virgillo, $349,000.

Aquia Dr., 1119-Michael R. and Madalyn M. Sandstrom to Walter Kaplan and Sandra Alvarez, $270,000.

Aster Lane, 14-Erma A. and Sarah J. Cardona to Daniel E. Cardona, $412,000.

Basalt Dr., 28-Jason and Jackie Berry to Heather A. Bianchi, $425,000.

Beech Tree Ct., 7-Brittany Lynn and Ryan Scott Smith to Carlos A. Romero Reyes and Tathiana R. Palomares Sosa, $359,900.

Booth Ct., 4-Craig and Veronica Johnson to Brent A. and Jennifer B. Gragg, $500,000.

Brenton Rd., 306-Cherno Kebbeh and Jalika Hydara to Joseph and Edith Moore, $269,900.

Bristol Ct., 24-Richard Kwasi and Noami A. Oforiwaa Appietu to Akem Ahmed Sharif and Mukta Nassrin, $203,000.

Brown Cir., 5-Deborah L. Sorby to Cynthia Diane and Aditya Sharma, $367,000.

Choptank Rd., 155-Ryan S. and Kelsie Mullins Dominguez to Nicholas A. and Kelsie M. McKenzie, $300,000.

Columbus Dr., 1120-Michael J. Roth to Nicholas Rocco and Leah Cheryl Esposito, $299,900.

Cottage Oak Dr., 198-Courtney Lynn Cooper and John Patrick Curtin to Damon Caroll and Stacy Gilliam, $579,900.

Cruiser Dr., 3002-George Keidel to Rose M. Gaines, $315,000.

Denison St., 129-Eleanor G. Martin and Roger D. McDonald to Wendi May Anderson and James Duffy, $398,500.

Edwards Dr., 408-Stacy Drakeford to Francisco Xavier Vazquez, $247,900.

Farragut Dr., 2004-Charles T. and Melanie G. Bolin to James Allen Ture Kruse Jr., $330,000.

Fox Run Lane, 39-Garrett Alan and Jennifer Lynn Taylor to Kathryn Wagner, $360,000.

Galveston Rd., 606-William A. Riddle and Kristine B. Noel to Christopher Michael and Stephanie Lynn Gibson, $380,000.

Glen Oak Rd., 19-Anthony H. and Jessica C. Massey to Michael S. and Melissa A. Jeffers, $367,000.

Greenland Ct., 10-Ronald Owen and Blanca Elia Marcell to Jordan K. and Carlee B. Leach, $322,000.

Harpoon Dr., 2147-David A. Eaton II and Tonya R. Baldwin to Vincente R. and Petra Matute, $320,000.

Hay Barn Rd., 9-Jeffrey Allan and Dawn K. Weaver to Shirley T. Van Ess, $289,000.

Janney Lane, 26-Daniel M. and Marceline J. Glavach to Jeffrey S. and Danielle Erica Davis, $560,000.

Lady Jane Lane, 120-Louis W. and Suzanne Berry to Danielle Joe Johnston and Benjamin Bryan Palmer, $599,000.

Lendall Lane, 612-Dennis and Cheryl A. Ryan to Tyrone R. and Andrea M. Brown, $450,000.

Main St., 87-New Boundaries Corp. to Verna Wallizer, $247,000.

McQuarie Dr., 17-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Michael T. and Linda Crossley Elliott, $390,090.

Mount Olive Rd., 452-David S. and Deanna L. Berreth to Arthur M. and Tina Louise Duvall, $615,000.

Nautical Cv., 117-Valerie Ann Payne to Nathaniel C. and Lauren P. Horner, $595,000.

Nugent Dr., 48-Jonathan Wayne and Angela Marie Oakes to Perry A. and Janet Gresham, $520,000.

Park Dr. W., 113-Michael S. and Stephanie M. Cobb to Lizbeth King, $282,000.

Park Cove Dr., 413-Jeannette Tuoma to Ricardo E. and Andrea M. Vega Mendez, $290,000.

Pebble Pl., 11-Joe L. and Alicia E. Bradley to Joel L. Wright, $378,000.

Pinnacle Dr., 908-Joseph N. Carter to Sandy Troiano, $245,000.

Queen Laurens Ct., 75-Judas Recendez to James Hubert, $405,000.

Ripley Rd., 18-Steven W. and Yvette G. Hull to Daniel Oppenheim and Emilija Tushevska, $414,900.

Saint Charles Ct., 22-Alfonso McNeill to Omar Ezzaidi, $459,500.

Saint Roberts Dr., 57-William J. and Nancy S. Carlson to Renee D. and Gerlad G. Kean, $362,500.

Shady Creek Lane, 139-Richard Beach to Clarence R. Demerle and Alison Sullivan, $400,000.

Short Branch Rd., 148-Matthew D. and Erin F. Ingold to Grace E. Onyemachi, $330,000.

Stafford Glen Ct., 311-Francisco and Chong Hui Delgado to Josette C. Tate, $275,000.

Summer Breeze Lane, 255-William W. and Kimberly K. Lett to Sarah Almadani, $543,000.

Tenola Ct., 18-Matthew B. Robertie to John D. and Christina M. Chapman, $484,000.

Turner Dr., 20-James A. and Vivian R. Lauer to Jared C. and Sarah I. Hernandez, $319,900.

Victoria Dr., 2019-Marvin D. and Catherine S. Williams to Christopher J. and Kimberly M. Steele, $367,500.

Wall St., 7-Robert B. and Kathleen N. Goodall to Jeremy Wayne and Brittany Stansberry Carper, $400,000.

Williamsburg Lane, 38-Jeffrey Ryan and Angela Brooke Bowers to Amanda and Taylor McCarthy, $485,000.

Winding Creek Rd., 176-R. J. and Shirley T. Schweitzer to Juan Carlos Majano Guevara and Victoria Maria Majano, $345,000.

Worsham Lane, 8-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Stephen A. and Vivian McLaren, $332,734.