Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Aster Rd., 12204-Brookfield Vint Hill Corp. to Thomas Dawson, $578,234.

Big Springs Loop, 9136-Donald Mauney to Saeid and Paula Chehreh, $605,000.

Catapult Lane, 13428-Christopher and Sarah Plourde to Juana Maria Ayala, $358,000.

Crabtree Falls Dr., 12605-Charles Jason and Darlene Thornburg to Lyle S. Jackson and Martha Lou Sinclair, $762,500.

Drum Salute Pl., 12170-Amanda and Steven McCarthy to Deepesh Kharel, $359,000.

Falcon Glen Ct., 9013-Jeremy R. Johnson to Erika V. Sanjines, $341,000.

Jarrow Lane, 12312-Daniel P. and Jill Z. Archer to Jessica D. Webb, $350,000.

Rainbow Falls Dr., 9209-Adam Lyle Hicks Signora and Nicole Naum to Michael Andrew and Elizabeth Ann Dinuzzo, $525,000.

Scottish Hunt Lane, 13217-Lawrence A. and Catherine R. Supernaw to Daniel Vance Moore, $465,000.

Weathersfield Dr., 9301-Eugene G. and Audrey L. Wilcox Genova to John M. and Kaitlyn M. Teachout, $490,000.


Aerial View Rd., 15813-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Ximena Gabriela, Ernesto and Jacqueline Velasquez, $658,111.

Ashdale Ave., 14816-Denis Nunez Villatoro and Rudy Nunez to Salvatore Prisinzano, $325,000.

Binder Ct., 15417-Adil and Younes Moutanabi to Mariam Loynab and Belal Hashimi, $316,000.

Brazil Cir., 15174-Sage Superior Investments Corp. to Stiven Argenis Almonte and Alejandra Virgen, $314,900.

Charlton Ct., 4606-Saeed Murad and Samia Rahi to Juana, Narciso and Karina Varela, $266,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 15284-Baron Investment Group Corp. to John Reid, $235,000.

Dale Blvd., 4471-Maria Sofia Machado Soto and Jaime Jimenez to Jose M. and Ana M. Ventura, $310,000.

Decatur Dr., 4349-Tiffany Blackshear to Jeremiah William and Kimberley Beth Daly, $470,000.

Eastlawn Ave., 4503-Rosa Hernandez Hernandez and Jonathan E. Escobar Hernandez to Meryem Essafy, $318,000.

Esquarre Ct., 3321-Erica Williams Taylor to Nestor F. Cruz, $299,900.

Frishman Ct., 4896-Jong Bae Lim to Richard Wilson and Samantha Kay Lyons Weiss, $435,000.

Greenmount Dr., 15058-Gary F. and Virginia A. Svatek to Gareth J. and Reagan M. Robinson, $525,000.

Honor Ct., 14831-Ryan J. and Keli Orlowski to Matthew D. and Grace Burningham, $421,225.

Kendall Dr., 4543-Steven McCoy to Juber J. Crespin, $307,000.

Kirkdale Dr., 4711-Galprop Corp. to Isaias and Esperanza Chuquillanqui, $355,000.

Lindendale Rd., 14113-Karen D. and Derrick A. Cauthorne to Ayaz Sheikh, $210,000.

Quaint Dr., 5429-Rodrigo and Patricia C. Vasquez to Cathrine Machiri, $515,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5673-Leon D. and Donna J. Wiese to James Christopher and Aimee Rochelle Biles, $360,000.

Savannah Dr., 14209-Jose Ulices Turcio Reyes to Lorena Aristela Navarro and Jose Turcios, $230,000.


Alder Lane, 2055-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Elizabeth Caroline McNally, $500,000.

Branched Oak Rd., 17101-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Jason M. Wynkoop, $618,750.

Cusack Lane, 17401-Joann E. Meade to Rodrigo Isai Escobar and Cecilia Alejandra Montes, $300,000.

Glouster Pointe Dr., 2436-Quentin S. O’Bryan and Kenneth J. Simpson to Stephen J. Malloy, $550,000.

Greenbrier Hall Rd., 1909-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Mitchell Richard Dean and Kristina Secinaro Metzler, $483,329.

Laurel St., 3986-Michael Denardo and Solaiman Aman to Manuel Carranza, $238,000.

Oyster Bay Ct., 17833-Lillian R. Taylor to Mustafiz Ahmed, $488,500.

Red Cedar Rd., 18060-NVR Inc. to Angelia M. Martin, $401,301.

Red Mulberry Rd., 18019-NVR Inc. to Ebunola M. Ayoola, $480,772.

Wayside Dr., 17570-Christian T. and Lydia L. Teutsch to Chad Thomas and Veronica Irene Merchant, $410,000.


Avington Pl., 6372-Claudia A. Hickey to Robert A. and Karen Bohn, $585,500.

Buglecall Pl., 6725-Patrick Joseph Leonard and Kelly Ann Darst to Chung Hee Jeon, $440,000.

Catbird Dr., 14187-Christopher F. Kelley and Olgia Abache to John G. and Lisa Marlene Doran, $415,000.

Cheney Way, 6611-Steven T. and Vanessa M. Vavra to Annie Pratt, $595,000.

Ellis Mill Dr., 8753-Ahmadd R. and Daneena A. Santos to Jesse Herrmann and Hannah Porteous, $585,000.

Glass Ridge Pl., 17655-Michael D. and Aurelia N. Shaughney to Joseph Leon and Mary Ann Cunningham, $415,000.

Heritage Hunt Dr., 7065, No. 101-Christine L. King to Lucretia Pace Pinnock, $290,000.

Lick River Lane, 5426-Kathy L. and Brian L. Stora to Gaetano Alexander Guiffre, $600,000.

Netherstone Ct., 6927-Kerstin G. Schweizer to Richard Lattimer and Arden Anderson, $525,000.

Rockingham Lane, 13659-Patrick D. and Leticia F. McKenna to Christopher J. and Michelle Haberman, $465,000.

Rogue Forest Lane, 7010-Phyllis J. Clark to Eun Joo and Richard Fenton, $350,000.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14460-James and Monique Buchanan to Jeff Mayer and Juliana Almeida, $429,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15866-Dennis W. and Ann M. Tuza to Kevin R. and Sehei T. Redinger, $1.16 million.

Virginia Oaks Dr., 7858-Eleanor C. Clark to Dennis E. Pryba II, $640,000.


Alexandras Keep Lane, 14705-Abdelkebir Y. Elmzoudi and Ilham Randour to Hemanta Rai, $406,000.

Bartrams Forest Lane, 6640-Ryan and Jenna Lloyd to Win and Mi Wha Lwin, $434,500.

Bonnie Brae Farm Dr., 5170-Dominion Country Club to Allen and Maritza Juno, $1.12 million.

Cullen Pl., 6338-Deborah R. Best Long to Alexander J. Reynolds and Alaina N. Gallucci, $390,000.

Dowden Downs Dr., 14380-William Ronald and Yasmina Isabel Turner to Kimberly Allison and Jesse Hailey, $874,999.

Golf View Dr., 15315-Joseph J. and Deborah J. Pow to Daniel and Caroline Salgado, $657,500.

High Ridge Rd., 4361-Robert B. and Deborah C. Gretz to Kenneth W. Mayo, $765,000.

Mackenzie Manor Dr., 15886-Paul Gerard and Anne Marie Gillen to Juan Beltran Jr., $365,000.

Popes Creek Pl., 6025-Pamela D. Brown to Abraham and Jilla Chehreh, $410,000.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15361-Alexandra Sofia Dores and Lisette Johanna Hendriksen to Zachary Graber, $300,000.

Trevino Dr., 5470-Suzanne K. Murphy to Arthur and Jeanne Pencek, $507,000.

Weiskopf Ct., 15241-Sara Margaret Larch to Philip F. and Mary H. Scallon, $495,000.


Bayonet Way, 8124, No. 204-K-Mary F. Wright Messier to Kristen L. Lindstrom, $185,000.

Big Oak Cir., 10653-A&E Properties and Restoration Corp. to Rick Louis and Jeri Lynn Mower, $525,000.

Brenmill Lane, 12531-Phillip E. and Marianne S. Gesotti to Phillip and Elizabeth Smith, $600,000.

Cedarwood Grove Lane, 7415-DFH Blackburn Corp. to George Edward and Lillian Wright Pope, $462,195.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9808-Candace Garcia Medina to Jessica Guyton, $360,000.

Creek Ford Terr., 11231-NVR Inc. to Christopher Icksoo Kim and Hee Jin Jun, $466,850.

Elsinore Dr., 7833-Leif E. Henecke to Tanzania Z. Alexander and James A. Noel, $620,000.

Fence Post Ct., 10640-Larner W. and Rose Kelpy to Juan A. Flores and Sindi Maribi Sandoval De Flores, $499,900.

Gracie Dr., 8085-Paramount Investments Corp. to Juan C. Lee Palma, $390,000.

Hinton Way, 10620-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Brian Michael Roof, $457,828.

Holly Trace Lane, 15036-Neighborhoods V. Corp. to Rhonda P. and Thomas L. Lancaster, $807,795.

Irongate Way, 8378-Rodney F. Rodriguez and Andrea Peralta Morales to Peng Liu, $229,900.

Kurt Kahn Trail, 7320-Walter N. and Colleen G. Munster to Jeremy R. Johnson and Amanda S. McCulla, $545,000.

Lomond Dr., 10303-Abigail L. and Joseph D. Hall to Victor M. Vadillo Garcia and Blanca E. Romero Portillo, $365,000.

Middleburg Ct., 8830-Jose Edgardo Mercado and Ligia Karina Flores Baide to Juan E. Polio Bonilla and Antonia E. Polio, $272,000.

Oak Hollow Ct., 8833-Reyes Barahona to Jose A. Alvarez Rodriguez, $262,000.

Purdue Ct., 7521-Aaron Madzima to Lidia Vasile, $155,000.

Round Top Rd., 8973-Bernadette Toner Whitney to Angela Pauline Oliver, $370,000.

Shadewell Spring Way, 10720-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Priscilla Ann Ortega, $396,270.

Sinclair Mill Rd., 8585-Rhett D. and Angie V. Michaelman to Andrew Weidenhame and Yahaira Muniz Sanchez, $700,000.

Sudley Manor Dr., 9429-F.S. Investments Corp. to Faustino Urbina and Aracely Colom, $380,000.

Token Valley Rd., 7287-Juan Roberto Parada Flores and Catarina A. Chaclan Hernandez to Luis Aaron Cardenas, $363,725.

Westchester Dr., 9033-Gary D. and Cheryl A. Robinson to Jonathan Ty and Kelsey Lang, $425,000.

Willow Green Cir., 11327-NVR Inc. to Brandon Lee and Shawna Irene Ecker, $372,250.

Willow Green Cir., 11371-NVR Inc. to Zachary G. Berkowitz and Desirae D. Bruce, $374,535.

Wortham Crest Cir., 11118-Department of Veterans Affairs to Dockell D. Yarbrough, $255,000.


Beckham Ct., 7736-Zeng Fa and Xiu Hua Liu to Rochelle and Noal Roos, $489,000.

Lake Dr., 7523-Inaki N. and Grisel Echenique to Jess H. and Larissa D. Procter, $400,000.

Newton Pl., 8626-Real Estate USA Corp. to Ever I. Ochoa Gomez and Manuel De Jesus Ochoa Castro, $275,000.

Skystone Loop, 8138-MS Signal Hill Corp. to Tiffany D. Blakey and Anthony L. Lucas, $631,290.


Ashmere Cir., 4212-Navy Federal Credit Union to Joseph C. Cardinale and Jessica Coe, $250,000.

Edgehill Dr., 15337-Brian Bishop to Elmer Francisco Reyes, $350,000.

Holly Hill Dr., 15302-Susan Leslie Lansbury and Susan L. Mulvehill to Devin Thomas and Adrienne Burda, $407,000.

Lindenberry Lane, 15061-Warner and Michelle Wong to Joseph David and Millie Elizabeth Holt, $399,500.

Ridgecrest Dr., 15515-Robert and Heather Jones to Miriam Weathersby, $424,900.

Taconic Cir., 16124-Robby W. Kennon and Anita L. Kennedy to Evan Curtis Clark, $284,999.

Whisperwood Ct., 14454-Robert C. Sichau to Jason Nathaniel and Juliet Anderson Mayers, $252,500.


Daniel Ct., 9758-Thomas and Kelly Bailey to Nathan Jon and Brittany Alexandra Scott, $375,000.

Nokesville Rd., 12411-Judy T. Boyce to Omar Martinez, $390,000.


Poplar Lane, 102-Ernest Jason Fore to Adam Lynn McBride, $580,000.


Clinton Ross Ct., 3582-N.V.P. Inc. to Kenneth T. Lartey and Cecilia Badu, $535,000.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4306-Lawrence Donnell Williams to Nicholas Erik and Shalinda W. Castaneda, $300,000.


Abbottsbury Way, 2161-Neil J. Rapalee to Quentel Lamar Penn and Charde R. Hunt Jeanty, $289,900.

Anchorstone Dr., 5000-Andrew Garza and Katrina Halton to Christian Martinez, $435,000.

Bald Eagle Lane, 15379-Kurt A. and Debbi S. Weaver to Emmanuel Appiah, $525,000.

Baxter St., 13306-Edis Orlando and Teresa J. Nunez to Brayan K. Leiva Martinez, $335,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 433-Albert and Joyce R. Pasquali to Trudy Laurine Turcotte and Arkadiusz Michal Turek, $528,000.

Bentley Cir., 13584-Mohammad H. Rahman to Rubis Carbajal Palacios and Belbis Carbajal, $255,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2388-Scott C. and Rachel D. Ward to Robert L. and Michelle Malipsey Rodriguez, $272,500.

Cardamom Dr., 12190-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Hanadi Salih and Yasser Abdalmonim, $190,000.

Chanceford Dr., 11752-Warren E. and Nancy C. Aldrich to Kiyanda N. Baldwin and Benjamin E. Young II, $1.06 million.

Clarke Farm Pl., 3817-Ewan C. and Kara E. Watt to Sooria Yasini and Abdul W. Qayumi, $635,000.

Cornice Pl., 3451-John Marshall and Lana D. Turner to Hasib Azim and Shumyla Hasib, $509,000.

Cranford Dr., 12286-Christopher B. and Lyindia S. James to Brian and Nicole Legaspi, $720,000.

Crossfield Way, 14656-Karl J. Kronlage and Monica Camazon Mediavilla to Germain Gidi Kumah, $375,000.

Dulcinea Pl., 12672-Jeremy T. Morehead to Kacem Mounir Osmani and Djedjiga Oukil, $255,000.

Fennegan Ct., 3096-Moses Kang and Susana H. Kim to Shirin Bukhari and Rinat Iskhakov, $405,000.

Fox Ridge Ct., 2536-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose Ernesto Ponce, $165,000.

Glenriver Way, 2627-Shemika L. Abraham to Khoi Dinh Dao and My Linh Hoang Pham, $365,000.

Grady Lane, 3270-Mark Jerome and Leann Irene Redlinger to James Couch and Samantha Kasprzak, $550,000.

Gullane Dr., 13925-Ephriam and Jennifer Dickson to Keith Gasser, $360,000.

Hayes Lane, 16510-Nilo Maniquis to Terrence Tyon and Stacey Marie King, $581,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15689-Annie Daries Barnes to Adeel Afzal, $301,500.

La Harve Pl., 3661-Jacqueline R. Leombruno to Selam Tekola Ali and Bethel Kifle Teferra, $396,000.

Mapleton St., 1104-Steven W. and Deborah W. Kersse to Julie Marie Rubi, $423,000.

Maurice Dr., 1606-GMC Investments Corp. to Manuel Antonio Cruz, $349,000.

Milbank Rd., 1412-Mary Peggy Watson and Julianne J. Green to Nasser Termeh Zonoozi, $260,000.

Newbold Ct., 4284-Matthew P. and Sara R. Hans to Anthony E. and Christine Shepard, $710,000.

Pheasant Lane, 2917-Alma Acosta to Timothy Pham and Nhi Ngoc Huynh, $262,500.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14707-Patrick James and Novy Grace Morgan to Erica L.H. Williams Taylor, $385,000.

Renate Dr., 1600, No. 301-Reza Haririnia and Nahid Shirazisiriavval to Mohammad Khalid Saleem, $125,000.

Seminole Rd., 2847-Richard W. and Samantha K. Lyons Weiss to Bryan and Erin Arroyo, $345,000.

Stockholm Way, 3000-Miguel and Jennifer A. Fernandez to Baksho Rani, $340,000.

Tiger Lily Cir., 1862-Anna Lucia A. Moura to Samantha Burleigh, $244,000.

Trotter Ct., 12538-Lawrence J. and Michele S. Yates to Matthew Vincent and April Minkoff, $469,900.

Weathervane Trail, 15626-Tiera N. Jackson to Misti Dawn Mason, $175,000.

William Bayliss Ct., 15687-Joseph R. Green to Ahmad and Hafizah Setayesh Amini, $397,000.

Wythe Ct., 2918-Jose Lopez and Alba Buruca to Tyana Sherese Davis, $250,000.


These were among homes sold in September in Manassas.

Battle Ct., 8466-Edward L. and Emily R. Milham to Scott A. Herndon, $320,000.

Calypso Dr., 10205-Julia Marie Jordano to Christine A. Graf and Ernest James Rutherford III, $314,900.

Coggs Bill Dr., 9567, No. 202-Robert and Patricia Smith to Yanhao Qiu, $175,000.

Grant Ave., 8806-Michael C. Linville to Lucia V. Ochoa Pulla and John Moran Hernandez, $415,000.

Kamlea Dr., 8937-Christopher L. and Jamie Crossett to Chelsea Teschke, $410,000.

Mosby St., 9258-Richard Francis and Nancy Smith Sappington to Virginia P. and Samuel Martinez, $425,000.

Portner Ave., 9231-Donald E. and Mary Goddard to Eric J. and Sara J. Brescia, $425,000.

Timberwood Ct., 9213-Jeremiah C. and Lynda M. Long to Leydy Marisol Alejandro Ordonez, $399,900.

Woodbrooke Ct., 9505-William Omar Cruz to Beshoy S. Ibrahim, $389,900.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in September in Manassas Park.

Cabbel Dr., 134-Jesus Armando Mejia to Walter A. Lopez and Tatiana S. Aguilar, $305,000.

Englewood Ct., 8504-Xiaoying Xiong to Karla A. Canedo, $224,000.

Jenna Ct., 9403-Dale W. Deimler to Julio Cesar Galarza, $390,000.

Martin Dr., 109-Olen C. and Darlene M. Owens to Guadalupe Gutierrez and Rosa Consuelo Benitez Alvarez, $262,000.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alderwood Dr., 90-Hermitage Homes Inc. to Gee-Gee K. Bean and Dana C. Sawyer, $600,499.

Anderson Dr., 290-Westbrooke Homes Corp. to Daniel F. and Virginia M. Krueger, $509,430.

Apricot St., 406-Ryan and Rebecca Devlin to Sarah Frances and Brett Andrew Smith, $440,000.

Arboretum Lane, 108-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Carolyn Massenburg, $454,840.

Arla Ct., 144-Ronald and Cheryl Vernon to Robert Kilgore, $305,000.

Azalea St., 22-Senanikone N. Pesino to Evan and Christina Dixon, $320,000.

Basswood Dr., 981-IHMW Embrey Mill II Corp. to Stephen and Ashley Marie Antley, $580,958.

Bentley Ct., 301-Daniel and Maryann G. Rodriguez to Felipe O. Alves, $266,000.

Bridlewood Lane, 63-Jakob C. and Amanda J. Schutz to Elvis and Dana Xhaferi, $736,000.

Bruce St., 11-Barry and Sheila Hogues to Aklilu Lulu Zerihun and Zenaye Abera Kebede, $545,000.

Candlestick Dr., 127-Nancy Buckles to Tommy D. Rubio-Hernandez, $300,000.

Chaps Lane, 71-Meghan E. Blasi to Erick John P. Fandialan, $360,500.

Coast Guard Dr., 2038-Kimberly J. Dietzman to Francisco Martinez Garcia, $350,000.

Coastal Ave., 1212-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Jeffery Alan and Amanda Jean Naylor, $703,363.

Coral Ct., 8-Khristine L. Breeding to Adaobi I. Ibe, $390,000.

Cresthill Rd., 903-Keith Benke to Charles A. and Josefina D. Haskell, $305,000.

Debra Dr., 114-Sojo Development Corp. to Carla M. Lalota, $345,000.

Denison St., 129-Eleanor G. Martin and Roger D. McDonald to James F. Duffy and Wendi M. Anderson, $398,500.

Donelson Loop, 207-Unchul and Sunyoung Lee to Iris Elizabeth Franklin, $265,000.

Dunbar Dr., 149-Victoria J. Crissman to Jonathan Frederick and Leslie Rebecca Gordon, $285,000.

Falling Water Ct., 15-Dale S. Sihrer to Natalie Marie and Justin Matthew Newton, $415,000.

Fenwick Dr., 25-Pulte Home Co. to Gary E. and Carol A. Holley, $321,774.

Gladiola Way, 432-K. Hovnanian at Embrey Mill Village Corp. to Jeremy Denzel Love, $461,223.

High Water Pl., 16-Shirley and Brendan White to Shawn and Dawn Chapman, $392,500.

Hunting Creek Lane, 118-Jaime E. Garcia to Quentin F. and Lyudmyla Natasha Koelkebeck, $357,000.

Jib Dr., 121-Queenie E. Davis to Jessica Solano and Chastine Sincere Lewis, $300,000.

Laconia Dr., 115-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Kimberly and James Decker, $592,057.

Long Point Dr., 203-Regina T. Cober to Jodie Ann Edwards, $300,000.

Melbourne Dr., 22-D.R. Horton Inc. to Regina L. Griffin, $429,590.

Meridan Lane, 27-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Jakob C. and Amanda J. Schutz, $815,000.

Montera Ave., 109-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Cynthia Louise Diaz and Shirley Frances Costanzo, $466,867.

Morrissey Stone Ct., 17-William M. and Edith D. Rader to Richard S. and Latasha M. Johnson, $495,000.

Nottingham Dr., 48-John J. Hennessy and Sara Kate Poore to Jake and Christy Redmond, $385,000.

Ontell Ct., 15-Gilbert D. and Linda L. Jaramillo to Steven Jaslar, $370,000.

Pendleton Rd., 15-Kathleen Rae Farris to Joshua Lewis, $216,000.

Pinta Cv., 111-Joseph R. and Emily P. Rodriguez to Miguel A. Gonzalez, $349,900.

Plumosa Dr., 26-Brandon M. and Stephanie A. George to Eric Karl Strott, $285,000.

Raft Cv., 303-Michael S. and Laura J. Spear to Jai Chauhan, $275,000.

Ridgemore St., 201-Edwin C. and Erin K. Wetzel to Bryan R. Pitts and Monica D. Marcano, $280,000.

Rising Sun Rd., 205-NVR Inc. to Jerrell Collins Wright, $303,000.

Rolling Valley Dr., 402-NVR Inc. to Samuele Sanders, $289,000.

Royal Crescent Way, 6-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Joseph Andrew and Suneewan Intalerk Creech, $370,000.

Saint Roberts Dr., 57-William J. and Nancy S. Carlson to Renee D. and Gerald Kean, $362,500.

Shermans Ridge Rd., 46-U.S. Home Corp. to Joseph Amoo and Aisha Decardi-Nelson, $580,000.

Spring Park Lane, 207-Brandon and Donna Johnson to Michael A. Keens, $264,900.

Stony Hill Rd., 399-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Curtis M. and Erin A. Keith, $308,000.

Town And Country Dr., 85-Richard R. and Karen P. Laroche to Lucy Lynn McCabe, $453,000.

Walker Way, 48-George Lockwood to Victor A. Salmon and Aracely Granda Urbano, $381,500.

Wild Rose Dr., 6-Nike Ladeji to Claudia Mejia and Milagro Benitez Vasquez, $325,000.

Worsham Lane, 18-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Christian J. Kinsley, $400,568.