Prince William County

These sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Benchmark Lane, 8877-Marco V. and Hanane Paredes to Lahiruni Lakshika Daluwatte, Dudley Susantha Daluwatte and Udayanga Ishara Delpagoda, $325,000.

Caithness Cir., 12156-Debra J. Tobin to Kelvin Omar Lopez, $300,000.

Columbia Springs Way, 12334-Wylie R. and Lisa Burge to Brendan Anderson Zinn, $560,000.

Elliots Oak Pl., 12043-Ann E. Rychlicki to Fakhry Mikhaeil and Shahiera Shalpry, $360,000.

Innerwick Pl., 9645-Nolan Conniff and Maria Zurita to Matthew Julian Stettler, $372,000.

Loma Dr., 9511-Ryan Wallace to Edwin J. Bustillo and Alexander Arce, $400,000.

Robert E Lee Dr., 11712-Victor M. and C. Simone Rivers to Bryan Anthony and Amber Colon, $585,000.

Vixen Ct., 12929-Robert D. and Alice L. Mayer to Mark T. and Natalie C. Vershaw, $530,000.


Aldie Rd., 4315-John R. Lilley II to Jack Gabriel and Bruce Edward Rooney, $572,000.


Andy Ct., 4486-Stephen L. and Donna L. Dixon to Mouhamed A. and Kristina R. Gadiaga, $430,500.

Bell Tower Rd., 14758-Alberto and July A. Silva to Jeremy and Denise Perez, $564,000.

Bowes Lane, 2865-USA Dream Homes Corp. to Gaudencio A. Tabigay, Norma Gonzales and Nancy P. Angabo, $300,000.

Brightleaf Ct., 4941-Basilio S. and Josefina I. Saclolo to Christopher E. Hempel, $445,000.

Cardinal Crest Dr., 4066-Travis Stewart to Khoseraw and Yasamin Habibi, $475,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 15240-Daud Ahmad Chaudhry to Lynne T. Washington, $285,000.

Crossed Talons Rd., 16000-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Toni Lynnette Ragland and Mary C. Robinson, $599,416.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4928-Crissy Monique Baker and Universal American Mortgage Co. Corp. to Sherri L. Lee and Byong Jun Lim, $270,000.

Dunbar Lane, 14724-Javier B. Rivera to Akm Alauddin, $318,400.

Embassy Dr., 4242-RCMA Investments Inc. and ANHV Investments Corp. to Joshua I. and Jayna J. Rowley, $258,000.

Ferndale Rd., 14203-Jamil H. Niazi to Ryan N. and Natasha Evette Angeles, $321,800.

Gerry Lane, 4218-Surinder Singh to Nasira Jan Talib, $284,000.

Havering Way, 5168-Kamrun N. Begum to Sara Short, $325,000.

Kaiser Ct., 4506-Larry Wheeler to Jason J. Renteria, $302,000.

Keystone Dr., 13321-Keary M. Janet and Kimberly A. Gartrell to Lesbia Mayorga and Byron Lucas, $259,000.

Mapledale Ave., 14205-Julian Courtville Vieira to Luis Antonio Delcid and Roxanda Rosibel Delcid Canales, $299,900.

Princedale Dr., 13414-Donna Ray to Andrew and Nicole Dunn, $370,000.

Quixote Ct., 4933-Thomas Mill Corp. to Tiara Denise Parson and Lenard C. Mizelle, $556,083.

Saint Charles Dr., 5646-Paul E. Mittelstaedt Jr. to Robert P. Joslin, $329,900.

Slippery Elm Ct., 14928-Ramon A. and Caroline A. De Leon to Costel C. and Loredana Avram, $440,000.

Tarpon Lane, 4073-Gabriel and Emily Marie Ortiz to Cameron Sarik and Christina M. Campbell, $350,000.

Widebranch Lane, 4136-Michelle Wanda Boyd and Michelle W. Bienia to Mian M., Zilehuma, Gulrukh and Kanetta Younas, $474,999.


Barrley Dr., 2860-Joseph M. and Myra M. Rakosky to Fatima Abbasi, $443,000.

Cape May Ct., 3337-James Michael Sproesser to Clementine Mugop, $305,000.

Gibson Mill Rd., 17045-Antayah O. Abraham to Erick Rodas, $310,000.

Greenbrier Hall Rd., 1905-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Andrew Enriquez and Tuesday Graff, $477,318.

Hampstead Ridge Ct., 17621-Shannon E. Broadus to Alex Diawuo, $410,000.

Mountain Laurel Loop, 3277-Sook Nam and Clinton Spencer Kinley to Terrance Eberhardt, $340,000.

Red Cedar Rd., 18056-NVR Inc. to Phillippa M. Bradley, $387,770.

Red Cedar Rd., 18090-NVR Inc. to Takieya S. Rouse and Torrin T. Cummings, $447,555.

River Heritage Blvd., 2093-NVR Inc. to Tiara S. and Craig O. Hilliard, $594,480.

Steele Ct., 2705-Phuong Dinh Khac Phan and Tuyen Thi Thanh Nguyen to Kendalle Tucker and Bennie McCoy Jenkins, $233,000.


Affirmed Pl., 5912-Joanne McKee to Patrick B. and Jane Q. Gurganus, $405,000.

Brightview Way, 13501-Michael John Munn and estate of Sue Munn to Paul Douglass Pfeiffer, Deborah Mastbrook Pfeiffer and Margaret Snyder Mastbrook, $659,900.

Cannondale Way, 14106-Hea W. Kim to Christopher Petrillo, $307,000.

Charismatic Way, 13736-Frank N. and Dianna M. DiPasquale to Charles Gene and Janet Hassanpour Hilborn, $595,000.

Deacons Way, 13771-Aaron U. and Wendy Molletti to Eric Lee Osorio and Miguel O. Marcia Miranda, $540,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13393-David L. Mundt to Susan Lynn and Eugene Kaczmarek, $555,000.

Haddonfield Lane, 13071-George M. and Linda L. Christensen to Gary L. and Lynn S. Van Horn, $945,000.

Hunters Run Way, 14133-Steven R. Tye and Thomas J. Julkowski to Noor Ahmed and Farida R. Yusufzai, $485,000.

Milton Cir., 7770-Mark and Kristina Mitchell to Patrick and Natsuki Yogi Fleurestant, $460,000.

Roderick Loop, 6664-Samual Edward Geggus and Angie Daniela Rivas to Heidi Marie Capman and Corey Michael Kulp, $368,500.

Screech Owl Ct., 8966-Joel M. and Vonda A. Fredette to Margaret P.M. Humphries, $443,900.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15819-Edward H. Jackson to Kevin Edward and Christina Kelly Jackson, $900,000.

Traphill Way, 7247-Jose M. and Amy Lardizabal to Christian M. Tshabola, $343,000.

Wyngate Dr., 14182-Dwight Alexander Hamilton and Shirley Zebovitz to Kelly A. and Troy A. Thornton, $549,900.


Ashby Grove Loop, 6438-Richard J. and Michelle M. Kotas to Mohammad Ayaz, $465,000.

Bethpage Lane, 15805-Carson P. Turner and Michelle Roseanne Salcedo to Jeevan Reddy Voduru and Sinduri Deepti Tadakara, $662,000.

Championship Dr., 15487-Lawrence A. and Donna K. Gray to Steven R. and Lynn E. Criste, $495,000.

Dodds Mill Dr., 4442-Dominion Country Club to Theresa Ann and Nicholas Scott Roozen, $943,916.

Golf View Dr., 15145-Timothy John and Carlie Marie Emerick to Adam Lawrence and Jennifer Lyn Ashmun, $550,000.

Janneys Mill Cir., 5768-U.S. Bank National Association to James M. Pawlak, $686,000.

Paynes Farm Dr., 15926-Reginald Jay Lewis to Brian David and Brenda Dell Lewis, $710,000.

Rodriquez Lane, 5462-Frank and Helen Tsutras to Carol Ann and Jean Pierre Harry Sefczek, $475,000.

Solheim Cup Dr., 5770-Joseph E. and Teresa Ann Hammond to Scott and Kimberly Nickerson, $635,000.

Walkerton Ct., 5350-Jeff Scott and Lisa Hoagland to Venkatesh Muthukrishnan and Sharmila Varadarajan, $855,000.


Ambrose Ct., 8647-Dianne E. Gaddis to Alfred Joseph Manfredonio III and Kathryn Alt, $418,000.

Boar Run Ct., 15524-Dennis M. and Kristina A. Mangan to Michael A. and Bonnie J. McFadden, $458,000.

Brierly Forest Ct., 13016-Brian D. and Wendy L. Kilgore to Joseph J. and Alexandria J. Martinez, $585,000.

Cedarwood Grove Lane, 7423-DFH Blackburn Corp. to Azharul Islam, $474,402.

Copeland Dr., 9696-Steven L. and Hope M. Segar to Yeimy M. Villavicencio and Ana Rivas, $375,000.

Damascus Dr., 9534-Ricardo Giron to Mercedes H. Amaya and Yasmin Santos Melendez, $300,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11934-Norman S. and Nancy E. Fearson to William R. and Monique A. Schmeling, $569,900.

General Longstreets Line, 6811-Harry Fulwiler IV to John Thomas and Jill Milauckas Halter, $603,000.

Heather Green Dr., 9620-Eleanor L. and Susan P. Willig to Patrick Timothy Decoste, $485,000.

Holly Trace Lane, 15031-Neighborhoods V Corp. to Eric and Katrina G. Flowers, $864,330.

Humphrey Lane, 8250-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hannah Kallay, $371,134.

Kessler Pl., 11249-Mohamed Ali to Rabindra and Sushama Sharma Acharya Nepal, $340,000.

Lafayette Ave., 9433-Aaron Shawn Adkins to Anibal Diego Alvarez and Jannely Gomez Hernandez, $293,000.

Michelle Ct., 7639-Calin Nelu and Sorina Maria Cret to Kara Duty and Georgie Ann Bahler, $436,000.

Nimitz Ct., 9864-Donald Mark Eskridge to Jose Alfredo Quintanilla, $245,000.

Provincial Dr., 10618, No. 42-Frantisek Rybka to Mohammad Hosein Nahidian and Pegah Ghavamizadeh, $147,000.

Running Cedar Lane, 6525-Neighborhoods V Corp. to Alex A. Mensah, $960,875.

Shadewell Spring Way, 10716-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Gabriel Andre Ortiz and Lilian Guillermina Cuba Castillo, $425,140.

Shadewell Spring Way, 10726-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Virgilio Siao Carreon Jr. and Nancy J. Diaz, $412,335.

Statesboro Ct., 10119-Deborah M. Vasquez and Mark A. Watterson to Brandi Lynn Welsh, $269,000.

Toddsbury Lane, 15585-Lesa K. and John M. Toler to Martine E. Gidoni, $515,000.

Victory Ridge Pl., 13001-Krishna K. and Ada Linda Verma to Shahidul Islam and Shaheenur Parveen, $632,000.

Whitemoss Dr., 9918-Bryan Garcia to Luis E. Santa Maria Aguilera and Alejandra S. Arevalo Pineda, $383,000.

Willow Green Cir., 11367-NVR Inc. to Emily H. Chon Parish, $404,375.

Willow Green Cir., 11398-NVR Inc. to Wilfredo Colato Paniagua and Araceli Eunice Flores, $396,340.


Ambervale Lane, 9308-MS Signal Hill Corp. to Raymond L. Stasi, $579,440.

Boundary Ave., 7449-Barbara A. McCombie to Pablo R. Tapia Sejas and Nancy B. Arze, $375,000.

Hard Shale Rd., 8101-Mohammad Rafio to Usman Fayyaz, $360,000.

Mockingbird Lane, 6501-Sara and Brian Snyder to Aaron and Jennifer Benzel, $427,000.

Skystone Loop, 8102-MS Signal Hill Corp. to Huy Tan and Helen Lam Thai, $544,230.

Towering Oak Way, 8024-Peter B. and Claudia C. Brawley to Freddy Cesar Garcia Herrera and Adriana Garcia Llanos, $456,750.


Cranberry Ct., 15700-Barbara A. Moore to Tyler R. Ahern, $387,500.

Great Harvest Ct., 4044-Mae L. Avery to Haywood James and Annie J. Washington, $509,999.

Jonathan Ct., 4338-Lindsay Catherine and Stephanie Raye Pitts to John C. Mutarelli, $280,000.

Mine Rd., 17001-J & J Enterprises to Nicholas Parker, $170,000.

Stone Mountain Ct., 4308-Anthony S. Lance to Joseph Adolfo and Josie Anne Torres, $360,000.

Timber Ridge Dr., 4665-Perry Croney to Gerald Phillip and Erica Smith, $515,000.


Alydar Ct., 10101-JSRT Properties Corp. to Luis A. and Brenda L. Amster Parada, $850,000.

Leary St., 14575-Franklin R. and Colleen M. Gillman to Wayne and Elizabeth A. Bean, $460,000.

Slate View Ct., 11221-Atlantic Builders LTD to Michael Joseph, Amanda Marie and Brenda Lee Furr, $824,169.


Beaten Path Ct., 18846-Cecil S. and Veronica S. Anderson to Elwood T. and Kammie Romane Stubblefield, $402,000.

Orange St., 3988-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Caroline Jackson, $510,000.

Wharf Lane, 3652-Vilanaha Home Corp. to Erica Y. Pozo, $225,000.


Alabama Ave., 14823-Shahrukh Khan to Erika Y. Maravilla, Evelyn Castro Sandoval and Estephani Romero, $334,900.

Battery Hill Cir., 2315-Dat T. Bui and Lan N. Nguyen to Emmanuel and Selina Bonney, $420,000.

Beechtree Lane, 2836-Dao Tien and Seda Tip Ha to Jarin Kashfi Eva, $244,000.

Bentley Cir., 13554-Catherina Gross to Zelalem Dejen, $275,000.

Bramblewood Lane, 16569-Naeem Shah and Adeela Ashraf Awan to Mary Akuetteh, $365,000.

Brussels Way, 3981-Nguyen Tran to Amar Tamang and Samina Moktan, $371,000.

Castile Ct., 12694-Kevin and Rachael Miner to Mayra C. Cardenas, $282,000.

Chetham Way, 4029-Ernesto and Hilda Molina to Hilary Patel, $265,000.

Colgate Ct., 12572-Steven M. and Andrea D.B. McKennon to Stephanie and Aaron Kasza, $565,000.

Covered Bridge Lane, 3511-Patricia A. Futrell to Priscilla M. Cortez, $347,000.

Cressida Pl., 4117-Peter B. Sperry to Benson and Williette Parker, $309,990.

Diloreta Dr., 2219-Lakisha D. Honore Buckner to Mohammad Ahmed Rana, $353,000.

Emil Ct., 2833-Phillip G. and Deborah A. Cyr to Noor Agha Satari, $430,000.

Flagship Dr., 1425-Marie H. Harrington to Norma G. Pena and Ana A. Hernandez, $335,000.

Gorham Way, 13004-Sreeram Medavarapu and Radha Kotagiri to Hinda A. Mohamed and Bashir A. Abdullahi, $495,000.

Harvard St., 3198-Amra Corp. to Jared Simon, $344,900.

Inverness Way, 12737-Jamal A. Carnette to Donna Cook and Aaron Stamps, $324,000.

Kings Mountain Rd., 16025-Cornel A. and Stephanie L. Holder to Heather D. and Joseph V. Messina, $599,000.

Leatherwood Lane, 12901-Afshin Olamai to Timothy Shaun Cronin, $385,000.

Maryland Ave., 1444-Elvineide and Nareiza Gomes Da Silva to Rafael A. Aleman, $300,000.

Merrywood Ct., 2591-Carolynn A. Matras to Richard Guzman and Teresa Vasquez, $188,000.

Mountain Eagle Ct., 16129-Amanda Alexis and Robert Winston Robinson to Marion Anthony Salters, $542,000.

Noble Fir Ct., 2835-Susan M. Cooper to Edward James and Jennifer Athena Donnarumma, $526,000.

Pinetree Dr., 13426-David M. Phillips to Denny Ayard, $370,000.

Renate Dr., 1550, No. 1-Tichi Property Corp. to Rahsaan Demond Pringle, $149,000.

Tiger Lily Cir., 1780-Christian M. and Megan A. Maley to Lauren N. Gray, $250,000.

Tory Loop, 13176-Najia Aijaz Kazilbash Ahmadi to Jose Marvin Ivan Menjivar Recinos and Andrea Maria Ortiz Rivas, $320,000.

Vineyard Way, 13101-Daniel Hill to Karen A. Tillerson, $306,300.

Wigeon Way, 15524-Phyllis W. Lewis and Pauline M. Woolfolk to Hallie M. Williams, $489,900.


These were among homes sold in September in Manassas.

Braxted Lane, 8442-Harold L. and Gabriele Hannickel to Jessica L. Whaley, $239,500.

Burlington Ct., 8502-David P. Curley to Roberto Jose Andrado Amaya, $271,000.

Cedar Ridge Dr., 10252-Brendan Thomas and Lauren K. Dowd to Raymond and Illona Marie Dejesus, $430,000.

Fitzgerald Farms Ct., 8593-Johnny B. and Teresa Wiggins Murray to Talieh Adibi and Babak Garakani, $524,900.

Piney Point Ct., 8519-Desislava S. and Ivaylo K. Radusheva to Christopher Craig Senatro, $300,000.

Sumner Lake Blvd., 9273-John Jeffrey and Karen L. Jansen to Gregory Chad and Danielle R. Grosso, $590,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in September in Manassas Park.

Cabbel Dr., 242-Linda S. Handler to Jennifer Voss, $235,000.

Cougar Ct., 9325-Manuel and Margarita Oliverez to Ephraim Nwabuokei, $410,000.

Holmes Pl., 9724, No. 406-Ethan Morris to John D. and Beverly E. Humphreys, $240,000.

Lanae Lane, 9449-Robert E. Luskey to Sherilyn Singson, $324,900.

Pickens Pl., 9844-Renita Hampton and Russell Wright to Mohamed and Mabinty Sawi, $384,700.

Walker Way, 9532-Steve G. and Gene S. Russell to Charlesa Young, $247,500.

Stafford County

These sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Appalachian Dr., 301-Peggy S. Cornwell to Lindsi E. Smith, $200,000.

Aquia Dr., 3409-Joseph M. and Heidi L. Harrison to Christian M. and Melisa Velasquez, $375,000.

Arboretum Lane, 203-GTIS-HOV Leeland Station Corp. to Callie L. Ortiz and Ricardo Ortiz De Las Casas Jr., $351,045.

Bannon Lane, 3-Amy M. and Eric D. Lazerson to Ronald and Angela M. Kim, $400,000.

Bayview Overlook, 1001-Nancy Ann and Joseph Garland Powell to Jacobus C. Schoeman, $352,500.

Betty Lewis Dr., 241-Allison Schwartz to Barbara and Sara A. Wengstrom, $279,000.

Brooke Village Dr., 126-NVR Inc. to Glen Edmund and Breanna Joy Miller, $381,695.

Burwell Pl., 4-Anton Draganov to Isaiah and Rosa Riley, $390,000.

Carissa Ct., 2-Joshua David and Lauren Ashley Hill to Roger Pena Capriles, $340,000.

Choptank Rd., 104-James Lynwood Younger to Oscar Martin Alvarenga, $280,000.

Clippership Dr., 3004-Peter P. and Nancy E. Stalik to Christopher and Amber Leigh Misener, $275,000.

Coastal Ave., 717-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Austin and Jinky Holland, $486,770.

Commander Cv., 203-John E. and Angela V. Berry to David A. and Tonya R. Eaton, $389,900.

Crab Apple Dr., 637-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill IV Corp. to Tania Copper, $445,950.

Dallhan Ct., 10-Neil Christian and Christine Marie Rogers to Ignacio J. and Lisdora Esteban, $619,000.

Denali Dr., 50-Regina L. Griffin to Miguel A. Munayco Loyala and Ines E. Tenorio Medrano, $350,000.

Doe Way, 92-Premier Homes DMV Corp. to Dwayne E. Bailey Jr., $425,000.

Dover Pl., 105-Patrick Lofoli to Nabunyi Mwamizinzi, $210,000.

Dunkirk Lane, 9-M. H. and Carolyn S. O’Connor to Joseph W. and Kristen M. Anderson, $414,000.

Fireberry Blvd., 19-Christopher Yates Wemple III and Sheri Ann Robinson to Richard Cardona Rosario and Marianella M. Cardona, $416,150.

Forsythia Lane, 1059-Atlantic Builders to Matthew and Sara Pruitt, $427,600.

Garnet Way, 21-Christopher G. and Adelina Smith to Joseph Boltz and Qing Zhao, $432,800.

Greenhill Lane, 50-Alexander W. and Anne C. Barlas to Keith P. and Michelle A. Benke, $408,000.

Hatchers Run Ct., 308-John Y. and Helen J. Choi to Joseph Clint and Scott Allen Brown, $250,000.

Holly Berry Rd., 193-William Walter and Deborah A. George to Jon A. and Mary K. Bergmann, $580,000.

Knob Creek Ct., 10-NVR Inc. to Karis T. and Pamela Gutter, $643,357.

Little Whim Rd., 144-Alexander and Genevieve Henderson to William Brian McClure, $299,990.

Macon Dr., 102-Misas Invest Corp. to Jordan and Katie Fisher, $291,000.

Mediterranean Dr., 3011-Masako Goodwine to Douglas Alexander Abarca-Ramirez and Nicola Eva Abdul, $335,000.

Mendota Way, 5-Kevin N. and Ann G. Mulcahy to Warren and Courtney French, $415,000.

Montera Ave., 103-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Paul Sherman Carr IV and Patti Kay Norman, $336,755.

Montpelier Dr., 406-Janice Martz to Dorian M. and Kimberly Owens, $378,000.

Mountain Ave., 115-Nestor Oswaldo Cabrera Vasquez to Lauren Michelle McDonald, $175,000.

Old Oaks Ct., 113-D.R. Horton Inc. to Justin Patrick and Kathleen Ann Hitz, $495,160.

Park Brook Ct., 115-BRGS Relocation Inc. to Lance and Jennifer Cain, $270,000.

Pergola Dr., 3-Joe E. and Tammy R. McDowell to John Henry and Brenda Collier, $400,000.

Plowshare Ct., 4-Jose L. Sanchez and Yeritza Segui to Roman and Rochelle Reyes Morales, $510,000.

Portugal Dr., 1055-Gregory F. and Michelle Lori Dunphy to Frank and Carol Bachelder Oros, $370,000.

Ramsey Dr., 10-Melissa A. Leeah to Mohammad Tayyab and Humaira Riaz, $318,000.

Richmond Dr., 1116-Tonia L. Wind to Jacob Allen and Myriam Brown, $375,000.

Ripley Rd., 70-Martinez Alexander to Curtis E. and Lynette L. Johnson, $419,900.

Rocky Way Dr., 64-Alexander and Margaret Ann Deridder to James and Kathleen Kumpas, $265,000.

Rolling Valley Dr., 519-NVR Inc. to Bethany Amanda McBride, $254,130.

Saint Claires Ct., 15-Antoine W. and Taryn N. White to Rubeel Iqbal, $460,000.

Sebastian Rd., 2111-Deborah A. Little to Brian E. Woods, $285,000.

Snowy Egret Way, 85-Katherine A. Brown to Jason A. and Jeanna Ott, $720,000.

Sweet William Dr., 20-Augustine Homes Corp. to Dwain Morris and Tonja Lavell Outlaw, $716,530.

Tolson Lane, 2-Jessica R. Brinkmann to Cameron K. and Laura E. Miller, $296,000.

Twin Lake Ct., 5-Richard A. and Cynthia H. Sypolt to Nathan Gardner, $300,000.

Wet Rock Lane, 53-Theresa L. and Wilfredo Reyes to John A. Whiteside and Judith A. Hemingway, $300,000.

Wiltshire Dr., 3-Jason and Tracy Hasley to Senovia L. and Timothy L. Catron, $399,900.

Woodbourne Lane, 26-Dale R. and Sandra J. Carpenter to Dani and Master K. Brown, $341,900.