Prince William County

This sales data recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office in March was provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


America Dr., 13621-Michael and Erin Loos to Joshua and Megan Parkhurst, $555,000.

Bedder Stone Pl., 9704-Devyn L. Wilcox and Casey W. Grimes to Bryan G. Hoeft and Kenia E. Sorto, $361,000.

Correen Hills Dr., 12902-Laurie F. Spector to Sebastian and Rebecca L. Aste, $385,000.

Garry Glen Dr., 12590-Mark A. and Jennifer W. Emerman to Hoimonty S. Mozumder, $494,900.

Laurencekirk Pl., 9625-Alexander J. and Justina Musel to Hilsy Z. Strickland and Matthew J. Altimus, $522,000.

Mayapple Ct., 10267-Brookfield Vint Hill to Carlos Buhay Sanchez III and Maria Cynthia Martinez Sanchez, $641,344.

Selkirk Cir., 12519-William Charles and Emilee June McHugh to Rada Mamon El Hakawati, $326,000.

Three Sisters Ct., 10039-Law Investments & Property Management to Cory Matthew and Rebecca Leann Lizarraga, $650,000.

Worthington Dr., 9120-Jonathan David and Christina Marie Brown to Thomas J. Dailey III and Kayla Marie Huber, $510,000.


Aerial View Rd., 15863-K. Hovnanian Virginia Operations to Richard Osei Owusu and Magdalene Badu Prah, $545,646.

Ashdale Cir., 15010-Patricia D. Boglin to Zia Jawad Dar and Asil A. Shat, $240,000.

Barnes Meadows Ct., 15058-Gerardo E. Lopez and Zahilys M. Hernandez to Warren James Lopez and Mary Lou Ojeda, $580,000.

Bremerton Dr., 14216-Jose R. Benitez Mejia to Jose M. and Virginia J. Benitez, $270,000.

Castle Hill Dr., 3413-Jose L. Alvarado to John A. Strid, $260,000.

Chrysler Ct., 14821-Adewale and Moboluwade C. Odunlami to Jessica Washington, $339,900.

Crossed Talons Rd., 16009-K. Hovnanian Virginia Operations to Eric Steven and Amanda Jeanne Vanderveen, $562,439.

Diehl Ct., 4561-Gerald G. Campbell to Jason Matthew Gish and Lydia Haley, $405,000.

El Rio Ct., 14509-Todd Y. Fontaine to Daniel Alan and Crystal Claudett Moore, $374,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4411-Jose Luis Pena Flores and Alvarenga Fuentes to Henry and Beatriz Sejas, $306,000.

Filarete St., 14495-Elio Gonzalez to Birkan Ustaavci, $245,000.

Hyannis Lane, 12890-Karen J. Lopez and Donald K. Lynn to Jordan Lynn and Kenneth C. Lively, $315,000.

Kempair Dr., 4823-Thomas W. and Meredith Kelly to Jasmine Evans, $353,000.

Lindendale Rd., 14326-Michelle McConnaughey to John Peter and Gladis Benotti, $345,000.

Moonbeam Dr., 5734-Rebecca and Teodulo Garcia to David and Sonja Kline, $420,000.

Nickleson Dr., 13235-Ryan T. and Eva Maria Kehling to Erwin A. Cortez Ramirez and Irma Rodriguez Castro, $340,000.

Pearson Dr., 4671-Reginald and Jody L. Ramsey to Juan Zapata and Gabriela Victoria Hernandez, $485,000.

Raptor Crest Lane, 16158-Relo Direct Government Services to Daniel P. and Chun Nam Haley, $535,000.

Sparrow Ct., 4521-Priscilla Ann Garner and Joshua Logan Floyd to Gagandeep Sharma and Amarpreet Kaur, $265,000.

Terminal Way, 13007-Magne Investment Group to Monica Marie Arrington, $320,000.

Traverser Ct., 15592-Loretta D. Bellamy to Katherine Changes, $252,000.


Antrim Cir., 3075-Paramount Investments to Furqan Mahmood and Nagina Malik, $320,000.

Cottonwood Grove Rd., 1763-Pulte Home to James A. and Taryn Y. Cabase, $558,114.

Curtis Dr., 17926-Richard S. Hemsley to George Galo, $293,000.

Greenbrier Hall Rd., 1932-Pulte Home to Maurice Cavers and Swinda Carcamo, $470,992.

Morgans Point Dr., 2425-Brookfield Washington to Thomas and Rebecca A. Barsalou, $643,109.

Potomac River Blvd., 2192-Lexicon Government Services to Travaris and Michelle Hicks, $714,000.

Scarlet Pine Rd., 2012-NVR to Larry and Angela Francine Robinson, $596,215.

Vineland Pl., 3391-Barry Toney Wells to Aminul Islam Chowdhury and Sumana Akther, $299,000.


Amsterdam Ct., 8020-Christine A. Slattery to Daniel K. and Morgan A. Foss, $605,000.

Cannondale Way, 14050-Stephanie D. Benson to Anna M. Baker, $315,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 13890, No. B108-Theresa A. Blake and Vera A. Heise to Ralph J. Marco, $275,000.

Currant Loop, 13719-George A. and L. Carole Alcorn to Donald C. Eaton, $405,000.

Double Eagle St., 8302-Sean P. and Lisa F. Kelly to Melad Beshara Farag Girgis, $515,000.

Heythorpe Ct., 13669-David Edward and Martha Knecht Jackson to John Charles and Elizabeth Martorana, $515,000.

Jansbury St., 14562-James R. and Amanda B. Mulhern to Kyle C. and Leslie P. Howard, $575,000.

Lawnvale Dr., 4201-Jonathan Leroy and Maryam Ahrary Jeffrey to David L. and Casey R. Thompson, $607,500.

Marlow St., 14569-Travis Wright to Vernon and Mary Pringle, $275,000.

Roxborough Loop, 8330-Michael Dalton Cadice to Bradley and Ferial K. Salter, $980,000.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14456-Dennis and Shirley A. Neuhart to Timothy and Katie Kirkpatrick, $405,000.

Stanwick Sq., 6900-Paula M. Key to Erik Mitchel Gustafson, $430,000.

Triple Crown Loop, 13229-Robert M. and Lois C. Acker to William T. and Catherine M. Cunnane, $535,000.

Walnut Hill Dr., 6897-U.S. Bank to Rachel Eunsil Park, $372,000.


Aster Haven Cir., 6105-Mary Elizabetyh and Ryan Stuart Brown to Yu Chun Chang, $314,000.

Cranswick Ct., 5802-Thomas M. and Susan B. Hedges to Jonathan and Karyn Bonner, $624,900.

Golf View Dr., 15157-Nicholas Theodore and Amanda A. Johns to Sean P. and Lisa F. Kelly, $649,999.

Jefferson St., 6740-Christopher M. and Kathryn A. Fisher to James Lucas Blunt, $479,000.

Londons Bridge Rd., 15213-Eric and Camille Sarandrea to Charles Andrew and Kathleen Grandfield, $565,000.

Martin Terr., 2915-Dennis Wayne and Eleanor Jean Potts to Matthew Patrick and Jessica Hope Merrick, $560,000.

Rising Sun Lane, 14805-Amber Gallmetzer and Dale R. Roininen to Mandeep Dhillon, $310,000.

Sky Valley Dr., 15144-Prince William Land to David and Kimberly Ramos, $1.07 million.

Tinley Mill Dr., 6088-Joel R. and Jennifer L. Phillips to Peter and Lynn Reilly, $675,000.

Wheelwright Way, 5642-Michele C. Lyons to Donald B. and Maria L. Franklin, $430,000.


Blackburn Cove Lane, 11009-DFH Blackburn to Brandon Michael Ostradick, $445,184.

Boundbrook Terr., 8600-Jaime E. Escobar and Christina Hope Justice to Awat M. Rahim, Derin Mustafa Faraj and Mastan Awat Mahmud, $430,000.

Cedarwood Grove Lane, 7405-Dream Finders Homes to Dong Park and Jae Lee, $467,583.

Coral Berry Dr., 10456-Walter M. and Lissette D. Rodriguez to Walter A. and Ana Gilma Rodriguez, $450,000.

Daisy Ct., 10820-Devang C. Kinariwalla to Kadier Abuliken and Ayiguli Saifuding, $265,000.

Fincastle Dr., 5758-Harry C. and Payton E. Marshall to Craig and Miranda Desmarais, $450,000.

Graves Lane, 9108-Miller & Smith at Richmond Station to Mahmoud Abukoush, $425,970.

Irongate Way, 10237-Armando Barahona to Jianhua Deng, $245,000.

Lucasville Rd., 11307-Raymond E. and Denise Lorraine Sheffield to Julie G. Phillips, $423,000.

Mayfield Trace Pl., 10828-William E. and Angela W. Lee to Adam Andrew Nowinowski, $575,000.

Mint Springs Ct., 7513-NVR to Tonya R. Fuentes, $587,960.

Natick Dr., 13450-Karstin A. Pfister to Jon J. and Amanda L. Carlson, $564,000.

Purcell Rd., 12515-Michael and Donna Mischou to Patrick and Sabrina Crane Rivera, $485,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 7255-Bradley Wolford to Robert and Linda Killian, $425,000.

Scotland Loop, 8379-Leonard David and Ashley Nicole Wright to William Tyler Brooks, $320,000.

Stagestone Way, 11165-Sameer S. Elkhatib and Hadil N. Elhaj to Kimberlin N. Morales Contreras, $259,000.

Trinidad Ct., 10493-Jian Ping Ye and Dan Yi to Carlos F. Miranda Bardales, $319,000.

Whitting Dr., 8112-Michael Rodion and Chantharaphon V. Wyatt to Joseph and Marina Walls, $442,500.

Willow Green Cir., 11344-NVR to Nelson A. Negron Alvarez and Martha I. Jimenez Martinez, $402,785.


Ancient Oak Ct., 8213-William Keith Price and Amy Elizabeth Jones to Bradley James Cooper, $470,000.

Janet Rose Ct., 9633-Clifford R. and Mia D. Ruggles to Jordan and Melanie C. Bushrod, $512,500.

Oak St., 7810-Malkit Singh Sarai and Dewinder Kaur Lehal to Sron and Sivilay Sengmany, $485,000.

Scully Ct., 7899-Tulio and Romina Torres to Byeong Woon Yoon and Namsoon Noh, $470,000.

Skystone Loop, 8070-MS Signal Hill to Kristen Lynn Wigglesworth, $588,200.


Avon Dr., 4222-Miranda Pelham to Francesca Angela Maniglia, $435,000.

Cranberry Ct., 15711-Jacob H. and Melissa A. Rapp to Martin A. Melara Torres, Maria Melara, Cristina Torres and Martin A. Melara, $429,999.

Fallstone Pl., 4326-Justin K. and Heather L. Smalling to Brian Sergio Bencomo and Elizabeth Pearl McNeely, $540,000.

Mill Station Way, 16750-NVP to Karl D. and Jennifer R. Louhisdon, $666,584.

Peppermill Ct., 4500-Terry Lee and Margaret Ann Bruning to Sheila Mae Urbano and Hannah Basilio, $460,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5159-Jonathan K. and Andrea C. Shaffner to Donghong Li and Xiaoxia Chen, $325,000.


Brenttown Ct., 12821-Thomas G. and Lisa W. Richards to Ryan Dennis and Jenna Elizabeth Sullivan, $619,500.

Justabout Farms Lane, 10830-K. Hovnanian at Alexander Lakes to Nina Kay and James Kevin Shaffer, $751,693.

Rosenwald Lane, 7617-Mason Gene Baughan and Gary Q. Solom to Casey Wayne Grimes and Devyn Leigh Wilcox, $460,000.


Occoquan Heights Ct., 1406-Christopher M. Palmer to Kevin Ronald Wilkinson, $470,000.


Dondis Creek Dr., 3308-Jason and Allison Strickland to Mark Melsen, $575,000.

Inn St., 4240-Truist Bank to Anise Rahman Khan, $120,485.

Meyers Rd., 4274-Dewanda Samuel to Paramount Investments Corp., $418,000.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4312-Nickcora D. Reed to Jeffrey Lloyd Sibert Jr., $307,000.


American Eagle Blvd., 3048-Khurram A. Chaudhary to Zahir Ahmad and Firdous Bibi, $545,000.

Arum Pl., 15098-Christopher and Amber Lavery to Nadya Malago Blackburn, $236,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 493-John A. and Deborah A. Sita to Lisa Anastasio, $505,000.

Blacksmith Terr., 15351-Dedei K. Hammond to Bessy Nohemy Ortiz Meza, $295,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2404-Darren D. Foster to Rodolfo Javier Rodriguez Schutt, $295,000.

Castile Ct., 12655-Walter E. and Valeriya Aleksandrovna Alvarez to Shequita Sheffield, $297,000.

Charter Ct., 4759-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Marcus and Nancy Glasgow, $709,000.

Colonial Dr., 1541, No. 102-Mabel Edith Hayes to Serap Rogers, $193,000.

Culpeper Dr., 2106-Sang Hwang Han to Adrian Fernandez, $350,000.

Devils Reach Rd., 1411-Mark Edward Rigney to Roberty W. Claros Zapata, $549,000.

Eagle Roost Ct., 16040-K. Hovnanian Virginia Operations to Juan Angel Arevalo and Keylin Yassury Mejia Arevalo, $593,074.

Fort Lyon Dr., 3417-William Alexander and Ruby Eliason to Justin D. and Brittany N. Zaelke, $390,000.

Gloucester Ct., 2859-Shauntel N. Williams to Karin Boukkari, $227,000.

Greendale Dr., 13836-James B. and Melissa Payne to Joclla Lawrence Cain, $355,000.

Harbor Side St., 486-Jeffrey F. and Rebecca S. Hyatt to Lloyd B. and Charise L. Terry, $570,000.

Imperial Eagle Ct., 16028-Wesley and Marlene McClellan to Junaid Sattar and Shamila Mirza, $569,999.

John Diskin Cir., 15603-Gentry K. and Nina Rushin Seely to Somphaphone Sophia Thay, $305,000.

Kenilworth Ct., 16005-David Long to Humberto D. and Tatyana Barrett, $450,000.

Leaf Lawn Lane, 3904-A. Rudy Archer to Carlos Alberto Zelaya Sr., $482,000.

Lotte Dr., 12701, No. 303-Jose and Maria R. Sorto to Leslie Sorto, $175,000.

Mariner Lane, 1925-Robert L. and Jessica M. Gregory to Jose Gabriel Quinteros, Dannah Francine Cuizon and Ana Julia Quinteros, $316,000.

Millwood Dr., 13389-Noelia Morris and Noelia Y. Castillo to Jose Manuel and Isabella Irene Chang, $290,000.

Mosser Mill Ct., 4524-Sheri Lea Gordon and Richard M. Retta to Kidest Moges and Moges K. Tekle, $650,000.

Paxton St., 2519-Theresa A. and James W. Harris to Abie Sanu Sesay, $385,000.

Radburn St., 16282-Sharif Shafik to Anthony and Meecsha F. Harris, $550,000.

Seminole Rd., 3018-Thomas E. and Jutta M. Butler to Amy Joy Long, $415,000.

Silent Tree Pl., 15756-Samuel Amoako Annor to Mohammad Jafar and Bibi Shafiqa Jafar, $375,000.

Space More Cir., 16607-Ron L. and Erica N. Blanch to Habib Rehman and Ahmadullah Osmani, $575,000.

Sweeney Lane, 16740-Kristina Dickinson to Crystal Prima and Calvin Glen Karim, $355,000.

Tumbling Brook Lane, 12826-Douglas F. Graham to Mohamed Mokhtari and Fatna Kali, $320,000.

Vineyard Way, 13121-Janel C. Wallace to Laura and Andrew Miller, $305,000.

Wetherburn Ct., 2922-Nancy Ahn to Mabel Edith Hayes, $250,000.

Winslow Ct., 1936-Ashley Shrader to Brenda Bailey, $290,000.


These were among homes sold in March in Manassas.

Amberleigh Ct., 10323-Christopher H. Hall to Courtney and Luis Daniel Salazar, $378,000.

Bragg Lane, 9777-Resource Investments to Sammy Santiago and Natalia Marie Rodriguez Santos, $258,250.

Candy Ct., 10126-Paramount Investments to Shawn and Laura Feldman, $425,000.

Center St., 8942-Kelly Jean Waite to Nicole R. Smith, $399,000.

Corydalis Ct., 10166-Thomas J. and Mary Jennifer Joyce to Gregory Ray and Allison Ann Holloway, $440,000.

Gaither St., 8363-Gregory S. Patrick and Jessica Bertrand to Prabhakar KC, $495,000.

Hopkins Loop, 9922-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Jesus Edwardo Castro, $455,990.

Hutchison Lane, 9805-Richard John and Janet Eileen Callahan to Joseph R. and Sarah E. Kenna, $367,000.

Magnolia Grove Dr., 10235-Freddy A. Boggs to Ricardo H. Reyes and Sandra P. Montoya Estela, $343,400.

Sandalwood Dr., 9016, No. D-Felipe W. Arevalo and Krissia Arevalo Vasquez to Thanh Tam Nguyen, $230,000.

Sweetbriar St., 8875-Michael and Crystal M. Levine to Candace and Marsel Wells, $445,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in March in Manassas Park.

Brian Ct., 8607-Oscar Cuellar to Radouan Salim and Zeneb Elouazzani, $247,000.

Jan St., 9306-Anthony M. and Karen G. Smith to Kyunghwa, Chungman and Eunhye Kim, $500,000.

Manassas Dr., 139-Juan Manuel Reyes Nunez to Carlos and Delia Ramirez, $315,000.

Reinecke Ct., 8636-John R. Abramson and Kelly M. Roberts to Ricardo A. and Carla R. Miranda, $255,000.

Wilcoxen Dr., 9405-Dilraj S. Goraya to Nicholas Ethan Casella Ramser, $340,000.

Stafford County

This sales data recorded by the Stafford County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in March was provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Aquia Dr., 2242-Pierre F. and Valerie L. Richter to William Alejandro Lopez and Valeria Soledad Blengio, $360,000.

Baldwin Dr., 29-David C. and Joy A. Slattery to Marcel R. and Amy R. Scott, $405,000.

Blossom Wood Ct., 52-Raymond E. and Glenna K. Quesenberry to Ester Venitza Ortiz-Sanchez and Ramon Andres Sanchez, $425,000.

Brittany Lane, 64-Leslie Karen Laposka to Hammad Shafique and Saima Hammad, $387,000.

Calvert Ct., 10-Paul J. and Teresa L. Ovalle to Richard Garrett, $405,000.

Chatham Heights Rd., 461-Joshua Abraham Goldsmith and Matthew Fred Lichtenfels to Erlindo and Miriam Lazo, $300,000.

Colemans Mill Dr., 7-Melissa Delaguila to Judd Andrew Leinum, $392,000.

Crescent Valley Dr., 24-Tanya A. Ross to Larry Green and Tatyana Claire Jorgensen, $400,000.

Embrey Mill Rd., 176-Zachary and Morgan Brady to Brian P. Jensen, $499,900.

Feldspar Way, 14-Richard William Thomas II and Ashley Elizabeth Thacker to Victoria Denise Kennedy, $348,800.

Garfield St., 19-Mark A. and Tamara S. Balas to Vidal Rojas Giron and Florina Morales, $390,000.

Glacier Way, 24-Hassen C. and Michie H. Beckford to Mauro Castro Castro, $370,000.

Glenview Ct., 19-Michael A. and Margarita Mendoza to Gerard and Stacy Cribb, $835,000.

Harpoon Dr., 2177-Carl and Michelle Ciccarello to Jonathan D. and Brenna K. Olson, $382,200.

Ingleside Dr., 219-Donald R. Skinker and estate of Gabriella H. Pribble to Landon C. Davis III, $251,750.

Kingsland Dr., 317-Donald Shifflett to Rodiz I. Barrera and Kelyn Melissa Andino Gonzalez, $290,000.

Larkwood Ct., 17-Stephen M. and Emily J. Wetzel to Christopher William Fox, $380,000.

Long Point Dr., 208-Michael and Jeanne Beno Byrne to Robert Floyd King and Gail Cafardi, $285,000.

Marlborough Point Rd., 94-Walter Scott and Cynthia Nall to Travis Harris, $370,000.

Mica Way, 6-Justin O. and Charlisa K. Holmes to Richard Lorne Sessions and Robin Lynn Howard, $395,000.

Mount Olive Rd., 391-Christina J. Stephan to Devon Leigh Dye and Andre E. McBeath, $425,000.

Newbury Dr., 29-James W. and Avis D. Bess to Jared Tyler Halvorsen, $420,000.

Overlook Ct., 221-WEK to Alison Mathwin, $219,900.

Pegs Lane, 75-Hermis Anibal Arias Ortega to Tomaso Passagaluppi and Andrea J. Hampton, $240,000.

Pinnacle Dr., 1309-Michael Edwards and Reagan Marie Carroll to Kervis J. Chavez and Alicia Chavez Magana, $259,000.

Quarry Oaks Rd., 57-Bryan G. and Tami L. Hayden to Lincoln A. Hamilton, $249,591.

Renegade Dr., 163-Wilmer Rodolfo and Anica Victoria Castillo to Jeffrey L. and Michelle Nelson, $530,000.

Ripley Rd., 56-Steven G. and Kris Ann Riley to Lauren Rachelle and Alejandro Tinoco, $325,000.

Saint Elizabeths Ct., 15-Aaron and Annie Dowdell to Sule T. and Oluwafemi C. Tijani, $460,000.

Sebastian Rd., 62-Charles A. and Brenda E. Bowling to Tracey L. Farrar, $285,000.

Smithfield Way, 59-John A. and Lillian Frisch to Rak and Miae Kang, $325,000.

Sterling Ct., 302-John C. and Anne E. Petty to Estina Faith Cole, $268,000.

Tree Line Dr., 120-Arthur Zarone to James Linder, $285,000.

Wayside Ct., 13-Jose M. Alvarez and Christina A. Mercado to Ricardo Santillan Cruz and Yvette Valencia Tovar, $180,000.