Haymarket couple raises $60,000 for Haitian orphans

During a missionary trip to Haiti in 2008, Bill and Debbie Harvey visited an abandoned building where they found 35 orphans ill and starving.

The Haymarket couple then founded the nonprofit Christian organization Helping Haitian Angels and began fundraising to build a community for Haitian orphans.

Three years after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the group has raised $60,000 to acquire 40 acres in Limonade, Haiti. The organization is focused on raising $750,000 to build the Kay Anj Village. The four-phase project will include family homes, a school, a church, a medical clinic and a farm. They plan to break ground this year.

For information, call 703-298-3183 or visit www.helpinghaitianangels.org.

Grant aims to protect Manassas airport against vandalism, theft

The Manassas Risk Management Department recently received a $3,286 grant from the Virginia Municipal League Insurance Program for an electronic security guard system to be used at the Manassas Regional Airport.

This is the third grant the department has received in the past five years. The system is geared to protect against vandalism and theft.

Manassas receives high marks from Open Government Coalition

Manassas received an A on a recent survey conducted by the Virginia Coalition for Open Government.

The survey assessed all the commonwealth’s counties and independent cities in how easy it was to access the government’s annual budget online.

“The City of Manassas is working toward transparency and information sharing that is easy to access and easy to understand,” City Manager John Budesky said. “In February, the city will launch a new Web site, which will help to better keep our residents informed.”

For information on the survey, visit www.opengovva.org.

— Compiled by Sarah Lane