Sequestration’s effect on Prince William Forest Park

Prince William Forest Park has had to reduce its annual budget by 5 percent because of sequestration. The park will remain open but will offer fewer programs and amenities.

With the budget cuts, the park will not hire an interpretive park ranger, park automotive worker or park custodial worker. According to park officials, the elimination of these positions will have the following effects:

→No special events, such as Paws in the Park, Petrified Campground and National Trails Day. The annual Heritage Festival will be smaller.

→Elimination of visitor education programs, including the weekly campfire talks. Spring bird and wildflower hikes have been canceled. The park plans to have one ranger program Friday evenings and Sundays throughout the summer.

→Reduction in curriculum-based education programs, including the attendance of rangers at school career days and science fairs.

→Reduction in group service projects, including Boy and Girl Scout projects.

→Closing of the Pine Grove Picnic Area restroom and the C-Loop Oak Ridge Campground restroom. Visitors may use the restrooms at the A/B-Loop Campground and visitor center.

→Reduction in cleanliness of open restrooms, especially during heavy visitor weekends and special events.

→Reduction in mowing and leaf/debris blowing of public areas, including the park entrance road, picnic areas, cabin camp ballfields and Scenic Drive roadside.

→Reduction in overall operations as equipment and vehicles are not repaired when they malfunction or break.

— Compiled by Sarah Lane