Large crowds gathered in Richmond and Manassas on Saturday night, joining the growing list of demonstrations across the nation over the killing of George Floyd.

Hundreds marched toward the Capitol chanting “Black Lives Matter,” while others splintered off to set fires, break into a store and cause damage. Some protesters crashed into a Boost Mobile store. A fire started in a dumpster quickly spread to a high-rise building on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. It was unclear if the building was occupied.

Smoke filled the area outside Capitol Square throughout the evening. At one point as the crowd began moving away from the Capitol and down Grace Street, someone tipped over a metal sign and some demonstrators began smashing store windows as others yelled at them to stop their violence. As the evening turned into night, a shoe store, a local ABC store as well as the nonprofit Comfort restaurant, were looted.

Some of the demonstrators ripped down a wire fence at the Grace Street entrance to the State Capitol and confronted police.

About two dozen officers stood in tight formation, holding shields as the crowd threw water bottles and fireworks. Some protesters threw plastic barriers at them; one protester hurled a yellow barrier at an officer who stayed in formation.

Protests continued into early Saturday morning, and so did the destruction and looting of many downtown businesses. Officers used tear gas to try to disperse the crowd.

In Manassas, a Virginia state trooper was struck in the head with a brick and another hit in the leg with a rock when they were called to help Prince William County police with traffic and a crowd of protesters near Sudley Manor Road. Protesters were throwing bricks, rocks and bottles at passing vehicles.

Protesters clash with police in Minneapolis after death of George Floyd


Protesters began gathering there Saturday afternoon, and police shut down the exit from Interstate 66 to the heavily traveled road, lined with restaurants and stores. Shortly after 8 p.m., Prince William police declared an “unlawful assembly,” ordered all people to leave the area near the Bull Run Plaza shopping center, and residents were advised to shelter in place until the assembly order was ended.

Police said objects were being thrown at officers, and the state police and Fairfax County police were called in to assist the Prince William force. Video on Twitter showed smoke from near one restaurant, and scanner traffic indicated that police were still seeking to control the crowds shortly before 11 p.m.

Virginia State Del. Lee Carter (D-Manassas said on Twitter that he was tear gassed by police after identifying himself as a member of the House of Delegates. He also said he had a flashbang deployed at his feet and tweeted a photo of himself holding a canister of a flashbang.