The convicted murderer is the first to be killed in Virginia with a controversial drug.

Richard Lewis’s life started in luxury and ended in a brutal attack outside Union Station.

He apparently choked on a meatball during lunch at a facility in the Labor Department.

Officer in good condition; incident occurred inside a traffic control booth.

The incident led to a chase and two arrests, but no shooting injuries.

Police are still investigating the fatal shooting of Vivian Marrow, a beloved fixture in her Southeast D.C. neighborhood.

Police said the 44-year-old victim was killed in the block where he lived.

A trooper tried to pull over the vehicle but the driver would not stop, authorities say.

Incident on inner loop in Silver Spring area.

Incident at Labor Department HQ.

The incident occurred in the roadway just outside the hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Six shots heard in Hayes Street NE killing.

Activists wanted to demonstrate in front of Trump hotel and at Freedom Plaza.

The man allegedly shot two other men and took a third hostage before he was killed.

Will people be able to sue top U.S. government officials for constitutional violations?

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