Incident on inner loop in Silver Spring area.

Incident at Labor Department HQ.

The incident occurred in the roadway just outside the hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Six shots heard in Hayes Street NE killing.

Activists wanted to demonstrate in front of Trump hotel and at Freedom Plaza.

The man allegedly shot two other men and took a third hostage before he was killed.

Will people be able to sue top U.S. government officials for constitutional violations?

Michael Hilliard has been charged with three counts of misdemeanor sex abuse in latest incidents.

Firefighters were “rooting for Cesare’s successful recovery” after the blaze in NW Washington.

Investigators are pleading for witnesses to help solve Monday’s fatal shooting of a woman fondly known as the Candy Lady.

D.C. police said the gunman opened fire on a vehicle Tuesday, killing Ronnell Tye Reaves.

The name of the compounding pharmacy that supplies midazolam is secret because of a law to shied it from public identity.

Police believe Khalil Wiggins, 44, was killed during a robbery at his Capitol Heights house.

Robert Law had no pulse for at least one minute until D.C. Fire and EMS personnel saved him. He thanked them in a ceremony Monday.

Driver was taken to hospital for treatment.

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