The question often arises: What happens to crime in a city like Washington when so much police and public attention is devoted to events such as the presidential inauguration and to associated demonst...

Police reported arrests of 217 protesters and said six officers are injured during a day of turmoil.

Police: Driver southbound in northbound lane, survived head-on collision with tractor-trailer

Police said the Mercedes-Benz struck a bridge guardrail.

D.C. police closed the 1300 block of F Street NW to motorized traffic after hundreds of demonstrators filled the roadway to denounce the president-elect.

Man was charged with assault, fleeing and drug possession, police said.

Va. prisoner was put to death Wednesday night with a controversial drug in a procedure his lawyers say was not fully visible to observers.

Lawyers’ groups will offer legal help to any demonstrators who are arrested.

Lawyer groups have established a hotline for those arrested, their families for legal aid

The victim fought back but suffered a concussion, police said.

Intruders took keys one week, then used the keys to run heavy equipment the next week, police said.

The convicted murderer is the first to be killed in Virginia with a controversial drug.

Richard Lewis’s life started in luxury and ended in a brutal attack outside Union Station.

He apparently choked on a meatball during lunch at a facility in the Labor Department.

Officer in good condition; incident occurred inside a traffic control booth.

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