Lafayette Square temporarily closed

FBI searches for a man in connection with 12 bank robberies; teenager charged in 11 street robberies.

Police credit focus on robberies, guns as one reason for decline.

Va. man will be jailed pending trial in incident that injured two officers and transportation worker.

He stabbed a woman in Southeast while wearing a mask.

Court papers allege the 62-year-old software expert shared graphic videos over the Internet.

Trinity Jabore, who died on Christmas Day, had 13 fractured ribs.

The two men had an ongoing dispute, Prince George’s police said.

Eulalio Tordil, 63, shot his estranged wife before killing two strangers.

The Shot Spotter device detected 29 sounds of gunshots fired along Southern Avenue in Southeast Washington.

Leonard Schultz, coach at James Madison High School, was killed and his nephew was critically injured when a box truck drifted into a median area where the two men were fastening a boat to a trailer, police said.

Kitchen fire at Westin on Thomas Circle quickly put out.

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Person shot while lying on the floor in Northeast Washington incident on Friday.

A plea to Virginia’s governor for a life term has come amid a drive to end capital punishment for the severely mentally ill.

There was no clear motivation for the attack

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