The mother faces a felony murder charge as D.C. police continue to search for missing 2-month-old.

Jean Paul Kearney was charged with second-degree murder in death of Temple Hills man.

The shooting ocurred just after 11:30 a.m. in the 200 block of 37th Place, police said.

Beginning June 11, inmates will be released from cells for about 5½ hours each day, mirroring pre-pandemic levels, officials said.

The group Babuk said that negotiations with the District broke down; city officials have said little about data theft.

A controversial District law allowed Darrell Moore to go free decades before his parole eligibility.

Patricia Duckett, a Prince George’s school aide, was evicted in 2019.

Jazmine Moawad-Barrientos, 45, of Gainesville, Va., allegedly charged victims for work she never performed and threatened to turn some in to immigration authorities, police said.

Police, who are searching landfills, said they have not been able to verify that recorded account.

The incident occurred on Allentown Road, according to police.

Arrest made after a chase, according to Arlington police.

The group Babuk is threatening to make more information public if D.C. refuses to pay.

The ACLU of D.C. and the D.C. public defender’s office filed a lawsuit on behalf of Sunday Hinton, who has been detained since April 26.

The victim was identified as a 43-year-old Maryland man.

A case is pending against a 13-year-old girl also charged in the incident.

Shawn Maurice Price called out for his former girlfriend before he opened fire, police said.

The incident occurred on I-270 in Montgomery County, according to state police.

Investigators have released little information about Kyon Jones, who was last seen Wednesday.

In a slightly cool month, another slightly cool day for Washington.

Officers in two cruisers raced along a street in Northeast Washington, according to court documents.

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