The collision occurred late Friday night along Connecticut Avenue.

Blaze broke out Friday night in three story building.

Victim is expected to survive, police say.

After threatening violence and demanding money, intruder was tackled by victim’s roommates.

Lillian Alvarado was ordered to remain at St. Elizabeths Hospital, the District’s mental health facility.

Authorities said Jeffrey Clark praised the accused mass killer who shot Pittsburgh synagogue.

Kellen Dwyer inadvertently exposed the fact that charges have been filed against Julian Assange

Nebiyu Ebrahim is charged in the slaying of 16-year-old Jholie Moussa.

The girl was shot in front of her apartment building in Northeast.

Hinckley, 63, doing well since his 2016 release from a government psychiatric hospital, a court finds.

New Trump administration rules allow some plants to operate at unsafe speeds, an animal rights group says.

The defense and the U.S. attorney’s office ask to postpone litigation until mid-December.

Christopher Chimera, 39, was accused in the incident, which occurred in December 2017 and was reported in October, police said.

The crash on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge sparked a massive blaze in June.

It takes ‘a village to raise a kid, now more than ever. They are our future,’ said Tyrone Mack.

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