Firefighters rappel down from Calvert Street.

  • Martin Weil and Clarence Williams
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  • 8 hours ago
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Officials said it is the first fatality in the city involving a shared scooter service.

Policy is for those eligible, mayor, police chief say.

A Maryland woman shot herself twice in the head after killing three co-workers and wounding three others, authorities said.

Additional U.S. marshals were called to the courtroom for Michael Hight’s hearing.

Wendy Martinez was slain Tuesday night in what police believe was a random attack.

Ruslan Bondars, a 37-year-old Latvian citizen, was convicted in Alexandria federal court.

Yong Kim shot 4 family members in his home, killing 3, police said.

Police said four others, including a pregnant woman, were wounded in separate shootings.

Resident shot and wounded two officers thinking police were home invaders; police chief apologizes and freezes executing search warrants.

Snochia Moseley shot outside and inside the facility, law enforcement officials said, and a motive is not yet known

Attack on police servers exposed Romanian financial and computer fraud ring

Marvin Dewitt Dutton drove a Cadillac off the road, police said.

Police said the woman from New York yelled at Social Security Administration workers in the agency’s Northern Virginia office.

The blaze was sending smoke rising from the roof of Arthur Capper Senior Public Housing in Southeast Washington; several people report hearing no alarm.

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