David Bright is scheduled to be sentenced in the 2016 killings on May 11.

The fleeing suspect was shot dead by police, who say he had a history of domestic incidents and open assault warrants.

D.C. police recommended the officer be fired after internal investigation into the 2016 shooting of Terrence Sterling.

The new tool will allow residents to send emergency text messages of up to 160 characters.

Authorities said an officer’s firearm “unintentionally discharged” as police searched a home.

Part of 17th Street NW was closed for about an hour as Secret Service team checked vehicle for explosives.

A leader in the violent Salvadoran gang testified about ordering a group murder.

Stun gun is used against swords.

Police say one arrest made.

Student allegedly compiled ‘list of grievances’ against other students in Montgomery County.

Legal experts voiced concerns that restrictions on government-funded lawyers threatened the role of attorneys as independent advocates.

Trial starts for Michael Vaughn, 60, who is accused of selling votes for cash in liquor board scandal.

Most of the damaged cameras were in Northeast Washington.

Alex van der Zwaan admitted he lied about communications with Rick Gates in connection with work for the Ukrainian government.

A teenager also suffered gunshot wounds, but survived, police said.

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