Foot is partly decomposed.

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Victim is hit on Benning Road.

Union Station was also evacuated during the demonstration after a fire alarm went off.

The youth was arrested after a pursuit that ended in Southeast Washington.

Apparent recording in store is alleged.

Police said Rene Boucher tackled the Kentucky politician on his property in November.

The mayor wants a clean start as homicides continue at a troubling pace.

The couple had concerns that the 17-year-old was a neo-Nazi, friends and relatives have said.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill was killed while trying to serve a warrant in Harrisburg.

One warning posted to social media prompted an evacuation at Hammond Middle School; a similar threat was made to George Washington Middle School.

Investigators think the woman was assaulted by an acquaintance before her arrest.

Fielding Daniel, 53, said he didn’t know minors used the website.

Police say a stolen blue pickup truck was used in the theft.

Loosening of the law marks cultural shift in a city where most residents could not legally keep handguns in their homes a decade ago.

He is the second person charged in the slaying.

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