Wilmer Lara Garcia, 23, of Falls Church, is accused of stealing a car left to warm up on the street. (N/A/Fairfax County Police Department)

A man in a "Trust Me" shirt and an accomplice stole an unlocked car in Fairfax County last weekend, police say.

About 6:30 a.m. Saturday, a resident of the 7500 block of Parkwood Court left her Honda Civic on the street to warm up, police said, despite unseasonably warm weather. When she returned, the car was gone.

Police found and stopped the car on the road not long after. Inside they found Wilmer Lara Garcia, 23, and Orlen Nunez, 24, both of Falls Church, as well as several altered and forged checks.

Garcia, who was wearing a shirt that said "Trust Me," was charged with auto theft and two counts of forgery. Nunez was charged with auto theft.

Police often warn against leaving cars to warm unattended — even going so far as to fine drivers for doing it.