Chris Videll of Bethesda, Maryland ventured out to the Potomac overlook at Great Falls, Maryland to get some photos of the roaring river. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

Rescuers searched the Potomac River near Great Falls Park on Saturday, after a kayaker was reported in distress. But they found nothing, and they concluded, according to a Montgomery County rescue spokesman, that there was “no one in distress.”

That seemed to symbolize Saturday, perhaps the first fall-like day of fall, and certainly our first fall-like weekend day. It seemed a day for vitality, alertness and the touch and tingle of autumn, but not for gloomy distress.

In Washington, the temperature reached no higher than 62 degrees at the official measuring station at Reagan National Airport. It had been weeks since the mercury had been held to so low a level. Not since April 20, when the top temperature was 61.

In orderly ranks and rows, clouds sailed across the sky, fleecy white at their tops, gray beneath. But plenty of blue could also be seen, and trees and leaves often glowed in mid-October sunshine.

Complaints seemed few. After all, Saturday was the first day this month with a temperature that was below normal.

In fact, it was the first day of below normal temperatures since Sept. 24. Even if the previous season is known in song as the “good old summer time,” people seemed to be tiring of it.