The kidnapper was sentenced in Alexandria federal court. (Bigstock)

Yvroseline Fergile was taken from outside her family’s home in Carrefour, Haiti, and brutally beaten. She was held for a week with threats of assault, rape and death before escaping.

A day after Fergile escaped, Joseph and Ariante Marcelin were asleep at their home in the same city when they were awakened by men with guns. One man held a gun to Joseph Marcelin’s face while his wife was taken. She was rescued by Haitian authorities after four days.

On Friday, nearly five years later, the last of their three kidnappers was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Because the two women are American citizens who live primarily in the United States, the hostage-takers were prosecuted in Alexandria, Va., federal court.

The kidnappers were looking for Americans, according to court documents, in hopes of getting substantial ransoms.

“I’m so happy,” said Ariante Marcelin, 77. “If it wasn’t for God and America, I would be dead.”

Ulriste Tulin, 40, has maintained his innocence but asked the court for “mercy.” Monclaire Saint Louis, 29, has also been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Both will be removed from the United States upon release.

A third co-conspirator, Samson Jolibois, pleaded guilty to his role in the abductions and testified against the other two.