Montgomery County police are investigating the incident involving the CSX train.

Fire medics are treating patients for symptoms related to K2 or similar synthetic drugs.

Federal prosecutors said she was linked to oligarch with ties to the Putin administration and appeared ready to flee.

Victim suffered a 2-inch deep, 8-inch long cut

Prosecutors say stabbing occurred after incident, in which assailants demanded drugs, money.

The vehicle was found in Prince George’s County; police were still looking for the shooters.

He is not entitled to a politically sympathetic jury, the judge ruled.

Oaks took cash in exchange for helping a developer secure government funding for projects.

Christopher Speights sexually abused as many as 59 children, prosecutors say.

The girl was identified by police as Makiyah Wilson of the District. She was killed Monday night in the Grant Park neighborhood.

Gunfire breaks out on 53rd Street.

But, authorities say, no injuries occurred.

An arrest was made in the Friday killing of Bradford Jackson, 65, at a window store where he worked.

Butina, 29, is accused of trying to establish “back channel” communications and was arrested Sunday in Washington, D.C.

Concord Management and Consulting argued that the Mueller case should be thrown out.

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