The video starts with a child running across a Southeast Washington playground, lithely cartwheeling and then vaulting into a backflip that he sticks perfectly. Cool, but nothing that would go viral on social media.

That would take D.C. police officer Arthur Brown Jr.

Brown steps into the frame in his starched blue uniform and flak vest. He stretches his arms toward the sky, does some high-knee kicks and backs up, getting ready to try to match the kid’s moves.

“I want to see this!” someone shouts off camera. “ You recording, right?”

Fortunately, someone was.

Brown lopes across the playground as a police radio crackles and a gaggle of kids watch, probably expecting the tall officer to land in a heap in the playground’s mulch. But Brown gracefully twists in a cartwheel and then rounds into a backflip — a perfect copy of the kid.

He lands softly, kicking up a cloud of mulch.

“Oooh!” a kid yells as the video ends.

The 20-second clip, which Brown posted on his Facebook page on June 30, has been shared more than 3,100 times and viewed nearly 160,000. It also landed Brown on ABC’s “Nightline” on Monday.

“I pulled off some old school me stuff on Elvans Rd today!” Brown wrote on his Facebook page.