What appeared to be swastikas have been found at three separate locations in northern Virginia in the past week under conditions that suggested that each may have been produced by a different person.

The first incident was near a home in Loudoun County, another was reported in western Fairfax County, and the third was reported Monday at a school in the city of Falls Church.

In the Falls Church incident, a teacher discovered that a shade canopy was cut “in the shape of a swastika,” said a letter sent by the city’s school superintendent.

The superintendent, Peter J. Noonan, said in the letter to the city schools community that the cut was one of a series of slashes made in the canopy at the Mount Daniel Elementary School.

On Saturday, the Fairfax County police said a woman reported that swastikas had been spray painted onto a drainage tunnel. The tunnel was at McLearan and West Ox Roads, the police said.

They said the state’s Department of Transportation was “in the process of fixing the damage.”

A swastika and racial slurse were drawn into the snow of a yard in the Aldie area of Loudoun County last week, the county sheriff’s office said. A resident of the 24600 block of Black Willow Dive reported the symbols on Thursday, the sheriff’s office said.

Swastikas have been reported in the Washington region from time to time, but three separate, and seemingly unconnected swastika incidents in so brief a period appears unusual.