A woman who heard a late-night noise in her Arlington home last week found a 60-year-old man hiding in her attic.

She heard the footsteps a little before 1:30 a.m. on June 21, coming from above in the house she rents on 22nd Street South near South Hayes Street. The woman called her landlord, who called police, spokeswoman Ashley Savage said.

Officers approached the attic of the home from the back staircase, calling out as they did so that anyone upstairs would come down, Savage said. Anthony Jones, 60, revealed himself, the spokeswoman said, and was arrested without incident.

Police found a backpack, bedding and some clothing in the attic. They do not know how long Jones had been staying there, Savage said, because he would not speak to police. He has been charged with unlawful entry.

It’s not the first time an apparently homeless person has been found trying to sleep in an Arlington attic. In 2015, employees of St. Ann Roman Catholic Church discovered that a man had been living in the church’s attic for three years.

The podcast “Criminal” recently profiled a woman who, when she was 20, moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Washington state and for months wondered about strange noises and missing items. She finally realized that someone was living in her attic when she came out of the bathtub to find the door to the crawl space open. She moved out of the apartment, without ever seeing the trespasser.