An armed bystander fired shots that apparently thwarted a robbery attempt in Loudoun County, the sheriff’s office said. (iStock/iStock)

It is unclear whether figures are kept on how often an armed bystander interrupts or foils a crime, but according to authorities in Loudoun County, such an incident occurred there on Saturday.

It happened about 9:20 a.m. in the Sterling area, and, according to the county sheriff’s office, in the course of the incident, the bystander fired three shots.

The victim told the sheriff’s office that he and his mother-in-law were confronted on Holiday Park Drive by someone who tried to rob him.

As recounted by the sheriff’s office, someone else in the area displayed a firearm.

The bystander, according to the sheriff’s office, fired the shots and detained someone until deputies arrived.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said Jeremiah Bradley, 24, was taken into custody and charged with attempted robbery and two counts of assault and battery. The statement said only that Bradley was from Ohio.

Bradley was being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, the sheriff’s office said Sunday.

Authorities said no one was hit by gunfire.

The bystander who fired the shots was not identified.

It was not clear whether the attempted robbery involved the use of a firearm.

An investigation of the circumstances surrounding the incident is continuing, the sheriff’s office said.

Holiday Park Drive is a short street that has three hotels. It is southeast of South Sterling Boulevard and Sully Road.