An armored military vehicle, looking like a tank but without the weaponry, was taken Tuesday night from a military installation in Virginia and pursued over main roads to Richmond.

The vehicle, known as an armored personnel carrier and equipped with treads reminiscent of a tank, came to a halt about 9:40 p.m. in a Richmond intersection near the state capitol.

It was not immediately known why it stopped or why it stopped where it did, at East Broad and 11th streets.

No shots or injuries were reported.

Matters began, according to the state police, about 7:50 p.m., when the vehicle was driven away from Fort Pickett, in Nottoway County, Va., southwest of Richmond.

The base is used for National Guard training. It was not immediately known whether whoever drove it from the base was connected to the Guard.

State police said the vehicle was driven east on Route 460, and then north on Interstate 95. The distance over that route is about 60 miles. The vehicle’s maximum speed during the trip was about 40 mph, the police said.

The police began to pursue after they learned that it had been driven from the military base, a police spokeswoman said.

The police said they “traveled along with it” to Richmond.

Video shows the personnel carrier, painted a desert sand color, rolling down a Richmond street with one police car ahead of it and others following, sirens blaring.

It was a sufficiently uncommon sight to lead one witness to summarize its seeming incongruity on social media. “This is INSANE!” he said.

The vehicle appeared to be a model that was once used in front-line combat but has since been replaced and employed mainly in support roles.

Police said no crashes or injuries occurred as a result of the incident.

State police said a man was taken into custody. The incident remained under investigation late Tuesday and no charges had been filed.