This bobcat was struck by a car on Thanksgiving and lodged in the grille. It was sedated, removed and brought to the Wildlife Center of Virginia to be treated and released.

While driving to work in Virginia on Thanksgiving, a woman struck something with her car, and when she parked in Richmond, according to animal control officials there, she found something stuck in the grille: a bobcat.

Richmond Animal Care and Control said its staff members sedated and then freed "the beautiful cat." It was then taken to a wildlife center to be treated and released, animal care said.

The bobcat was encountered during the motorist's 60-mile drive from Gloucester, Va., to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, authorities said.

Apparently the impact was enough to lodge the cat in the front of the car. But on the other hand, it seemed not strong enough to injure the animal.

"None of us can believe that this happened" and that the bobcat "only suffered from a small scrape on his back," the animal care agency said on Facebook.