A little rain cannot stop the District’s annual Funk Parade, it was revealed on Saturday.

In proving this proposition, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D), in a red baseball cap with a curly “W” on it, waved, strolled and sauntered along the U Street NW corridor at the head of a contingent of marchers.

Disappointing as the weather may have seemed to parade-fanciers, it was nothing compared to Friday, when Washington had its rainiest day of the year. That determination was based on the 1.75 inches measured at Reagan National Airport.

Friday also saw a tornado touchdown in Dahlgren, Va., where cars were flipped on a Navy installation about 50 miles south of Washington.

Skies were gray Saturday, and the afternoon a bit chilly, but conditions were far better than Friday for those at the Funk Parade.

‘‘I thought it was a fun time,” said Matt Farrauto. Yes, he said, he did “wish the weather had been more cooperative.”

But he added, “there was a convivial spirit and sense of camaraderie.”

Christina Davidson, who lives in Adams Morgan, had also worried about the rain.

But she said, the Funk event was perfect. The “turnout was amazing,” she said and the “energy was incredible.”

To those who may have decided that conditions were ripe for an indoor afternoon, the mayor offered a kind of challenge.

“We’re out here,” the mayor tweeted, to any stay-at-home constituents. “Are you?”