A professional boxer’s uncle, captured on camera punching the opponent after a fight at MGM National Harbor, is scheduled to appear in a Maryland court in August.

Leon Lawson Jr. received the trial date at a hearing in Prince George’s County District Court on Friday, when a bench warrant in the case was recalled.

Lawson is the uncle of Andre Dirrell, who was facing José Uzcátegui for the International Boxing Federation’s interim super middleweight title last month. The fight, aired live on Showtime, ended with Dirrell as the victor by disqualification. Uzcátegui had landed several punches that took Dirrell down, but the last punch hit Dirrell after the bell, the referee ruled. A doctor said that Dirrell was unable to keep fighting, and Dirrell was declared the winner by disqualification.

Video of the event shows Lawson, who is also one of Dirrell’s trainers, marching across the ring toward Uzcátegui and punching the fighter in the face.

“As Uzcátegui was standing in his corner, Leon Lawson walked across the ring and barefisted struck Uzcátegui in the face with his left fist,” according to a statement of charges filed by Uzcát­egui’s manager, Sean Gibbons.

Gibbons said the punch injured Uzcátegui’s head and neck.

Lawson has been suspended by boxing organizations and the Maryland State Athletic Commission, according to several sports news outlets.

The bench warrant was out against Lawson because he lives in Michigan and could not be formally served, said Thomas C. Mooney, an attorney for Lawson. Lawson did not need to formally appear in court Friday, Mooney said.

“Mr. Lawson secured counsel to ensure that the matter is handled promptly and properly,” Mooney said. “As his lawyer, I intend to do just that.”