A 50-year-old California man who had just recently been extradited to Fairfax County on drug charges died Friday, hours after collapsing in the Fairfax jail for the second time in a week. Police do not suspect foul play, and sheriff’s officials said he had not had any physical contact with deputies or other inmates.

Monty Roy Saito, of Santa Clara, Calif., is the third Fairfax jail inmate to die this year. In February, Natasha McKenna died after struggling with deputies and receiving four jolts from a Taser, a death which the medical examiner attributed to “excited delirium.” Last month, 68-year-old Paul Guida collapsed and died in the jail. He was reported to have a serious medical condition and also had not been physically contacted by anyone, though police said Friday they still have not received a ruling from the medical examiner on Guida’s cause of death.

Saito arrived at the Fairfax jail on Nov. 10 after serving a sentence in California, Fairfax Sheriff’s Capt. Tyler Corey said. He was facing six felony drug charges for offenses that allegedly occurred in 2014, Fairfax court records show.

Saito was not classified as a security risk and was housed in a minimum-security wing with his own cell, Corey said.

On Monday, a deputy heard a noise and found Saito lying on the floor outside his cell. The deputy believe Saito was having a seizure, Corey said. Saito was taken to Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, then to Inova Fairfax Hospital. He was treated and released by the hospital Wednesday afternoon, the sheriff’s office said. Saito was placed in the jail infirmary.

Early Thursday morning, a deputy performing a routine cell check found Saito on the floor of his cell in the infirmary, unresponsive but breathing, Corey said. Paramedics were called, and Saito was taken back to Inova Fairfax Hospital.

Later Thursday, Saito’s family was notified that he was on life support. Early Friday morning, Saito was removed from life support and pronounced dead.

The Fairfax County police homicide unit will investigate the death.