A D.C. police officer who fatally shot a man wielding a knife and brass knuckles last year will not face criminal charges, federal prosecutors said.

The incident occurred on Nov. 19 about 1:50 p.m., when Darick Napper, 34, of Southeast Washington approached an officer at Clay Terrace and 53rd Street NE, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia said in a statement.

The officer was sitting in her cruiser finishing some paperwork before the end of her shift when Napper — who was carrying a knife with a nine-inch blade and wearing camouflaged brass knuckles with serrated knives over each knuckle of his left hand — leaned down and put his face near her partially opened driver-side window, the statement said.

The officer, who was not named by prosecutors, reported to the dispatcher that she had a “man standing in front of me with a knife” and told the dispatcher to send backup, according to the statement. The officer slowly reversed her cruiser to put space between her and Napper, then got out and stood behind her open car door, the statement said.

Prosecutors said the officer repeatedly ordered Napper to “drop the knife,” a command heard over the radio by responding officers. Napper ignored the command and started banging on the hood of the cruiser, damaging the vehicle, the statement said.

The officer took out her weapon and again told Napper to drop the knife, according to the statement. Napper replied “I will kill you out here” and moved quickly toward her before the officer fired one shot that fatally wounded Napper in the upper left chest area, the statement said.

Multiple civilian witnesses also reported seeing Napper threatening several civilians outside a nearby community center before the encounter, according to prosecutors, who said they found insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer used excessive force under the circumstances.