That a teenager grabbed a woman’s handbag seemed bad enough. The woman fought back, and police said she was dragged across a sidewalk, bruising her leg.

But it was the actions of two teens who police said were with the robber in Woodley Park on Thursday night that turned a street robbery into something more heinous.

Police said in a report that the teens stood across the street “and laughed the entire time before fleeing on foot.”

Authorities are still searching for the robber and his friends and had no detailed description, other than they were between 14 and 18 years old. The woman who was attacked declined to discuss the incident, which occurred about 9:30 p.m. in a neighborhood among those with the fewest crimes in the District.

The attack occurred as the woman walked along the 2700 block of Woodley Place NW, about two blocks east of Connecticut Avenue and just south of the National Zoo. Police said that the robber approached the woman from behind and snatched her H&M handbag from her left arm.

The woman told police that “she held on to her bag and was dragged to the ground.” The attacker was able to get her bag, which contained a wallet, a driver’s license, a bank card, keys, a phone charger and makeup.

The neighborhood has recorded 10 robberies this year, three of them armed, according to D.C. police statistics. Three of the robberies occurred near where the woman was attacked Thursday night, but Cmdr. Melvin Gresham of the 2nd District station said those occurred earlier in the year and do not appear related to the most recent incident.

“These things come in cycles,” Gresham said. “We’ll go months without anything, and then all of sudden we’ll have one or two.”

Of the laughter, Gresham said, “I hate to say it, but in today’s society it’s not unusual.”