The same Maryland woman was arrested twice on the same day by the same state trooper on the same charge: driving under the influence, the Maryland state police said.

In fact, the state police said both arrests were made within 20 minutes on Saturday morning.

Matters began shortly after midnight, according to a statement issued Tuesday by the state police, as the trooper was on patrol in the area of Route 40 in Rosedale, Md. The area is just east of Baltimore City. The trooper saw a vehicle exceeding the speed limit and passing on a shoulder, the police said.

The vehicle was stopped. Its driver was taken into custody, and brought to a Baltimore County police station, the police said. After processing, the police said, she was released to another driver.

Less than 20 minutes later, the police said, the trooper was back on patrol. The police said he saw the driver of the car he had stopped return to the vehicle. She got in, police said, and drove away.

Police said the woman had been told she was prohibited from driving for 12 hours after the first arrest The vehicle was again stopped and signs of impairment were again observed, the police said.

They said the driver was again arrested and taken to a police station.

Police said Stephanie Ringgold, 33, of Baltimore was charged twice with DUI. She was also charged with driving within 12 hours after an arrest on a DUI charge, they said. The trooper was not named.