A U.S. Agency for International Development deputy director pleaded guilty Friday to steering a $22,480 consultant contract to a close friend and to falsely stating to investigators that she had repaid a $7,100 loan from the friend, prosecutors said.

BethAnne Moskov, 53, of Silver Spring, faces up to a year and a day in prison at sentencing Aug. 28 before U.S. District Judge Christopher R. “Casey” Cooper of the District under a nonbinding plea deal.

“By engaging in cronyism and contract-steering, this defendant chose to reward a friend with federal money instead of actively seeking the most qualified and cost-effective bidder,” U.S. attorney Channing D. Phillips of the District said in a statement.

Moskov was deputy director for the USAID office of health, infectious disease and nutrition from 2012 to 2016 when she did the transaction with the unnamed friend, a travel partner and man of honor at her wedding, according to court filings.

Prosecutors say she gave the friend internal government templates needed for the consultant contract and in an email said “we need to jump thru a few hoops and will go through the motions” but that the friend would be selected.