A former police officer in the town of Fairmount Heights, Md., is accused of forcing a woman he detained in a traffic stop to have sex with him in a police station, according to court charging documents.

Martique Vanderpool, 30, of Capitol Heights, Md., has been charged in Prince George’s County with two counts of rape and being a law enforcement officer engaging in a sex act with a person in custody, charging documents state. Fairmount Heights is in the county on the D.C. border.

The charges stem from a Sept. 6 encounter in which Vanderpool stopped a woman in a blue Ford Mustang about 11:20 p.m. near Sheriff Road and Cabin Branch Drive in Capitol Heights, not far from the Fairmount Heights town limits, police said. Prince George’s County police, who are investigating the case, said the reason given for the stop was speeding, but they have not yet determined whether it was a “valid traffic stop.”

Vanderpool asked the woman to get out of the car because she did not have her driver’s license, the charging papers state. The papers say that the woman became upset and said she wanted to leave and that Vanderpool told her he was going to have her car impounded. An officer with Vanderpool put the woman in handcuffs while Vanderpool called a towing company.

Vanderpool had noticed condoms in the car’s armrest and asked the woman whether she was a prostitute, charging documents said.

The woman continued to ask to leave and avoid having her car towed, police said.

“I’ll see what we can do,” Vanderpool told her, according to the woman’s account in police charging documents.

“The Defendant stated that maybe we could work something out,” the charging documents said. “The Victim replied, ‘Why do we have to see; the car is right here now, the tow truck driver is right here now.’ ”

The woman’s car was towed and Vanderpool took her to the Fairmount Heights police station.

“So what are we going to do about this,” Vanderpool said to the woman while at the police station, the charging documents allege. Vanderpool then told her to have sex with him or be arrested and go to jail, the documents said.

The woman said she unwillingly complied because she feared for her safety and was unable to leave the station, police said. Afterward, Vanderpool went to a back office and gave the woman citations, leaving her “confused and crying,” charging documents said.

She then got her car back from the tow truck driver, who released it without cost.

Jennifer Donelan, a spokeswoman for Prince George’s County police, did not detail whether authorities were investigating the second police officer and the tow truck driver, neither of whom was named in court papers.

“We have an ongoing investigation,” Donelan said. “We are looking at the totality of the circumstances.”

Fairmount Heights Police Chief Stephen R. Watkins said department officers can ticket and impound outside of the town if the initial violation occurred inside the town jurisdiction. He did not indicate whether that was the case in this incident.

Vanderpool could not immediately be reached for comment. Online court records did not list an attorney for him in the case.

Online court records show Vanderpool filed a lawsuit against Fairmount Heights in October regarding an “emergency suspension action.” The lawyer representing Vanderpool in the civil case could not immediately be reached.

Vanderpool started working for Fairmount Heights in December 2017, and resigned in November, Watkins said in a statement.

“An exhaustive, nearly two-month investigation was launched based on a question we received concerning a traffic stop procedure and the arrest of a motorist that raised our suspicions of wrongdoing,” Watkins said. “This department then sought out the individual arrested in order to gather more facts surrounding the incident.”

Immediately after learning that a crime may have been committed at the police station, Watkins said, the chief handed the case to Prince George’s County police to be investigated.

Vanderpool is being held in jail in Prince George’s County without bond, according to online court records.