Today’s economy requires the constant acquisition of new skills. But some people apparently stick to what they know, including the man being sought in connection with what the FBI said Friday was his fifth Northern Virginia bank robbery.

The unarmed robberies were all reported since June 2014 in the Arlington and Fairfax County areas. The latest was reported Friday at the Capitol One bank branch in the 3500 block of Columbia Pike in Arlington, according to the FBI. Another was carried out Oct. 30.

To gain greater attention from the public, the FBI has endowed certain serial bank robbery suspects throughout the country with nicknames based on habits, clothing or physical appearance.

The still-unidentified suspect in Friday’s robbery is being called the “Forever Loyal Bandit.”

This was not in tribute to any fidelity to his illicit occupation, but stemmed instead from robberies in June and July 2014 in which his T-shirt bore the words: “Forever Loyal.”

In a recent series of robberies in the Washington area, the suspects were known as the “black hat” bandits, referring to headgear.

Over the years, robbers elsewhere have been given names such as the “Bad Breath Bandit” and the “Bad Rug Bandit.’’ One was named the “Hobo Bandit,” and another the “Drifter Bandit.”

Those names appeared unlikely to evoke much respect for the bearers. But it was unclear whether unintended sympathy might be afforded a suspect known by a characteristic generally deemed laudable: “Forever Loyal.”